Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

When you go hiking to your next field trip or camping trip, do not just pack some food, clothes and a sleeping bag. Hikers and campers almost always need to boil water or cook some easy food. This means that they need a camping stove or backpack. In general, they are small, compact and light, and take up little space in your backpack. These are the benefits. When it comes to the disadvantages, there are several as well.

After all, manufacturers have to sacrifice this or that to achieve compact form and low weight. Generally, backpacking stoves do not have the capacity for more than 10 to 20 rounds of cooking, and you need to pack a spare container if you are going to walk for days. Also, it is a bit difficult to balance large pots on a small stove.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

In general, these negative sides are too insignificant for the positive effects of packing such a stove. You will enjoy more of the benefits and ignore the discomfort of the small stove. In this article, we will introduce you to the best backpacking kitchens that you can find on the market today and in which many experienced hikers have successfully relied.

List of the best backpacking stoves.

In the following list you can find the best stoves currently available. The price, quality and features are different so you can find the best for your own needs.

Optimus Crux Lite

This small compact stove can become one of your favorites: it is light, small and compact and does not cost as much as the Optimus Nova +. The Crux Lite is, as the name implies, lighter than the original Crux model. To make sure it will be lighter, Optimus has kept the head non-collapsible, allowing you to save weight and space. However, the stove does fold, which is ideal for compact backpackers. Among all available stoves, Crux Lite is the best folding stove you can find.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

If you use Optimus’ own 220g containers, it will take you up to 60 minutes of cooking time until you run out of gas. To boil 1 liter of water, you need about 3 minutes. The duration will vary according to the climate, the temperature and the altitude in which you are. The stove needs propane / butane as fuel. The entire stove is made of sturdy aluminum and steel. The flames, according to most reviews, are very well extended so you can use pots or pans narrow and wide.

Of course, there is the option to regulate the flame, although each time you want to raise or lower it, the valve closes and opens each time it does, so you must devote a few minutes to get the right flame. This could be the only drawback of this stove. In general, it is a perfect balance for the money you pay and the quality you get.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Snow Peak LiteMax titanium stove

Thanks to the titanium and aluminum used for the construction of this stove, the weight is negligibly low, approximately 2 oz. You should buy the container separately as it does not automatically come with the stove. For the fuel you need to use propane isobutane, which is what Snow Peak offers.

When it comes to weight, a customer believes that the storage bag is heavier than the stove. This can be an invaluable feature for hikers and backpackers, especially when you have to rely on carrying heavier items such as sleeping bags, water and food.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

According to some other customers, the wind does not affect the flame, due to the windshield, which works very well. It is also very easy to adjust and control the flame. It is not as complicated as with the Optimus Crux Lite. Other customers have experienced difficulties in keeping the flames. Also, they are very widespread and, therefore, you can not use smaller pots or pans, as they do not hold up. That is something that you must take into account before buying it. In general, the main characteristic of this stove is that it is extremely light and this is its greatest strength.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Pocket rocket stove MSR

This incredibly small and compact stove is almost as big as a man’s palm. It barely weighs 3 ounces and has the ability to boil 1 liter of water for no more than 3-4 minutes at sea level. Does not require special maintenance, pressurization or priming. Of course, there is an adjustable switch to handle the flame and control the simmering. The Windclip wind protectors are three sections and successfully protect the wind flames.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

The total combustion time is around 60 minutes, if you use an 8 oz / 220 gram container. When it comes to the capacity of the stove, a customer recommends boiling no more than 2 liters of water at a time, because the weight of the pot can overturn the stove. This is understandable, because we are talking about a small compact stove, but you may want to take that into account. In this sense, it can be inefficient if you want to cook meals that require longer cooking times, but if it is boiling water or snow, including heating water for dry foods, it is working perfectly.

In general, many customers have used this particular model for many years without reporting failures or problems with it. It can be used efficiently in sub-zero temperatures, and even if wet or wet. A customer even dipped it in cold water by mistake and yet managed to start the fire in a matter of minutes. Since this is an MSR product, you can make a better choice.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Optimus Nova + stove

This stove has a multiple fuel capacity, which makes it flexible for different uses. It has all the functions and is tough enough for tough conditions. It uses a fuel line, which is another reason why it is so flexible to use. You will also find a switch to stop the gas. The pump is made of aluminum.

The burner is very fast and easy to use. It is very easy to control the flame, since there is a green switch just where the hose is connected to the fuel container. Nova + is an update of the previous Optimus Nova model, which was much larger and heavier. This new model is a bit smaller and lighter, so it can be the ideal companion for your backpacking trip.

The only thing that can discourage you from buying this stove is that it is a bit more expensive than other compact stoves for backpackers. In general, the stove ignites quickly and works as expected. You will still have to keep in mind that cleaning it will prolong its useful life and keep it in the best conditions (and it will not fail you while you are in the desert).

The wire brushes are the best, as recommended by most customers. Some customers believe that Optimus Nova + is much better than some MSR stoves because it offers great performance and durability. It is also more compact than other stoves that claim to be suitable for backpackers.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

Customer support will always be useful in case you need them. You can also order fuel cans from them. The final verdict is that this stove can be somewhat heavier and more expensive than other stoves, but offers incredible power, stability and total control over cooking / boiling.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove

This super light and compact stove uses whatever fuel you have on hand. You can use tinder, wood, branches, leaves and almost anything that is organic and can catch fire. It is so small that it can literally fit in your pocket (hence the name). It is made entirely of stainless steel, in Germany. It is also customizable for any type (small or large) of pots and pans, so they fit very well. There is no risk that a pot is too small and can not be balanced on this stove.

Customers are very happy with the speed with which they configured it (in seconds) and, however, with what durability and reliability it feels. There are no rough edges and it is definitely a quality workmanship behind this product. There is also little risk of it deforming over time. It cleans easily and with little effort.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

A rare and pleasant feature is the ashtray where you collect the ashes after burning a bit of wood or tinder, but it also acts as a protective earth: it prevents the earth from entering the stove.

Several clients share their experience in the use of this stove. Some went backpacking to the Arctic and use this stove in very low temperatures, below zero, in medium and high altitudes and claim that you can boil the water for about 12 minutes, using dead pine cones. While you have reserve fuel, you can have the fire almost any time you want. It is a small, reliable and folding stove, and if you have tinder to burn the fire, you will not be disappointed. The quality is exceptional.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Etekcity compact backpack stove

This small compact stove is not as good as the previous one, has an adjustable valve for flame control, retractable legs and an adjustable folding frame. Any type of individual boat with butane-propane and butane mixture is used. The stove is made of stainless steel, which guarantees that it will withstand some knocks or rough handling. If you do not like your stove to connect with a hose to the container, this Etekcity stove is just for you: you can plug the container directly to the side of the stove and you’re ready to start.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

This makes it compact and small enough. The stove weighs about 14 oz. To start the fire you have an electric ignition. It supports large pots up to 12 inches in diameter. What is also good is that it is made to be water resistant, so it is suitable for harder climates and wet conditions.

The stove itself is stable and whenever you put a pot it will not fall unless you push it. The legs also give a substantial support at the base, so there is really no risk of it turning due to a gust of wind, for example. In this sense, it is good to prepare shields against the wind to protect the flames, since otherwise they can be easily extinguished. But after all, this is nothing new, since most compact backpacking stoves require protection from the wind.

Most customers are satisfied with the service provided by this stove, as it delivers exactly what the manufacturer advertises. You will not be wrong to buy this stove for this affordable price. And you can use it for years.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Etekcity ultralight backpacker stove

Here is another Etekcity model, which is also a bestseller and highly preferred among hikers and backpackers. It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which gives it resistance. Therefore, it can withstand the high temperatures of the flames during cooking. You need individual butane / propane-butane containers with mixed fuel. It is very small and compact and is shipped with a protective case, where you can place it and then directly in your backpack. It can literally fit in your pocket. It does not weigh more than 3 ounces.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

When you set it up for cooking, you can place pots with a large bottom with a maximum diameter of 18 cm / 7 inches. It is ideal for boiling water and cooking light. The ignition system is integrated in the stove, so it is not necessary to carry an additional lighter. The flame is well concentrated in the middle, but be careful with the larger pots. Although it can support 7-inch pots, you can still flip it easily.

Also, as it is a compact stove, be careful with how much weight you have, since it is not as strong as other rugged stoves. However, for the modest price, it is a perfect fit. It is ideal for beginner hikers, for Boy Scouts, or simply to have a spare stove in care, your main stove breaks or does not turn on.

In addition, you can easily disassemble it if you need to clean it. This is especially useful if you accidentally spill some food on it. Disassemble it and simply rinse it well. It will be like new. In general, for this low and affordable price, you will only be surprised at how well this small stove works.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

MicroRocket MSR stove

This is another MSR backpacker stove that offers incredible compactness, ease of use and weighs just 73 grams / 2.6 oz. Thanks to the fact that the pot supports your pots or the kitchen plates will not fall at the slightest wind. The legs offer additional support at the base of the stove.

The WindClip protects the flame from the strongest winds. It can effectively carry 1 liter of boiling water for about 3.5 minutes at sea level. A piezo ignition along with the stove. They pack effortlessly in the storage bag provided.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

Some customers claim that flame control is easier to handle than with the Optimus Crux stove. The MicroRocket is definitely smaller and weighs less than the Pocket Rocket. Most customers are actually happier with this fact, since flame control is rarely manufactured so well with other products. The flame can be very modest and small, but if you start it to the maximum, you can have a big flame to cook a family meal. The fuel will burn quickly, of course, but that’s the downside of compact backpacking stoves.

The only thing that must be taken into account with this model is that the piezo igniter does not always work and some customers claim that it is not worth it. It is definitely an addition to the stove, so if you want a reliable ignition, prepare another one. In general, the stove itself will not disappoint you and will give you what it says: compact, ultra-light, reliable, boils the water in just two or three minutes and is strong enough to support your pots.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

MSR XGK-EX stove

This is another MSR stove, which has a multiple fuel function. Thanks to Shaker Jet, clean the stove with a single shake and without wasting time. MSR boasts of the speed with which this stove burns a liter of water: 2.8 minutes, which is impressive compared to the performance of other stoves. You will also be satisfied with the overall stability of the stove. It has retractable legs and the support for pots offers a stable ground for pots and pans of different bottom sizes.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

It can be a bit bulky and a bit heavy (but not annoying) (1.4 pounds / 635 grams), but it is still among the best and most reliable stoves on the market. Note that the fuel bottle is not shipped with the stove. It can be purchased separately. This stove can also break if it is too clogged to clean it, but that can only happen occasionally.

In general, Shaker Jet will be enough to clean the debris. The windshield is an aluminum foil, which is not something special (and some users do not consider it reliable enough). You may have to carry a security clip to join the ends.

The stove also produces a lot of noise, but that is to be expected since most of the multi-fuel stoves are noisy. And a little more on the negative side, the flame control is basically activated or deactivated, which could be a problem if you need precision when cooking a special meal or if you need to boil water / soup.

If we pay more attention to the positive sides, this stove is resistant and stable, in addition to boiling the water in an instant. If that’s all you need, you can go with this one. But if you need more control and precision when cooking or boiling, you may need another stove.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Dragonfly stove MSR

DragonFly is a step forward when it comes to backpacking stoves. It offers much more comfort and reliability, only sacrificing weight. Its weight is 14 oz, but still, it’s definitely worth the extra grams. It has a duel valve design, called the CoolFuel valve.

It is unmatched among other products and manufacturers. This means for you that you can control the flame much better and with greater precision than with any other stove. The pot holders are wide enough for large pots or even for pans, but you can even compress a coffee maker for your morning soda.

The stove is burned with white gas, kerosene and other unleaded fuels. In addition, thanks to the JetClean shaker, you can clean your stove with a simple movement of the hand; just shake the remains or the leftovers and they will disappear in seconds.

Best Backpacking Stove: The Best-Sellers on The Market

When it comes to cooking speed, it is as good as with most backpack stoves. The difference is that the flame is narrow, but that’s good because it will not burn your food or drink too much in the background. It is true that the size is somewhat large and can be a bit heavier compared to some ultralight stoves, but you can still make some space in your backpack and still call it a backpacker stove. Many customers tried this in hiking situations and are more than satisfied with the performance.

The only reduction is noise. It is a powerful stove and, therefore, you can be disturbed by the noise it makes. Also, if you are camping with other people nearby, you may feel embarrassed to bother them, so keep that in mind. Of course, if you prefer to walk alone and cook loudly it does not bother you, this will not be a problem for you.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

It is necessary to pressurize the fuel bottle and prime the stove. In addition, it is absolutely necessary that you always use the wind and heat screens to protect the stove and the flames from the wind. If you want to cook something, this stove is ideal for you. If you only plan to boil water, better opt for a lighter version.

The previous stoves are all excellent and have strong and weak sides, since there is no perfect product. Each stove satisfies particular needs, but all are ideal for backpackers. Regardless of what you decide to buy, we strongly recommend that you try it in your backyard, before leaving and trusting it for the first time in the desert.

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