Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

Even if camping is a specifically outdoor activity, which is meant to put you in direct contact with Mother Nature, that does not mean you should not feel comfortable while enjoying your experiences in the desert.

On the contrary, having the best air mattress to camp with you will only improve your sleep, making you even more prepared for new adventures and explorations. Consequently, this article aims to give you an idea of ​​how and why you should choose an adequate air mattress among all the available options.

How do I choose a camping air mattress?

There are many criteria that you should take into account when choosing an option like this, since, obviously, the quality of sleep will be influenced by the mattress you choose, but you must take into account other factors, such as:

Can you take it with you?

Depending on the materials used for its manufacture, mattresses are for heavy weight or for light weight spectrum. It goes without saying that a heavier mattress is much more comfortable than the fact of seeing it, since it is made of a thicker fabric that also weighs more.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

However, if that fabric is thicker, it will provide you with all the spinal support you need for deep, pain-free sleep; Not to mention that it is also durable. These types of thick and heavy mattresses can work well for you if:

  • Using a larger car or a van for your luggage.
  • Camping closer to home, instead of walking a greater distance.
  • Carry children who like to jump in their bed.

On the other hand, if you can not carry a thick mattress, buying a lighter mattress is the best way to do it.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

In this case, you are more interested in portability than in durability, but that does not mean you have to settle for something extremely unfortunate, just something that allows you to:

  • Camping on foot or in a smaller car.
  • Walk as you want, without focusing too much on how you sleep at night.
  • Go without children

What type of pump should you buy?

There are different types of pumps for the different types of air mattresses you can find, and therefore it is important to choose a suitable pump for your mattress.

  • Hand / foot pump. Well if the place to camp is further from your car or other accommodation with electricity.
  • Electric bomb. Recommended if your camping place is within walking distance of your car.
  • Drums motorized. Some air mattresses have their own built-in built-in battery pump.

That said, there is always the option of self inflating the air mattresses, which are also very light, easy to handle and carry. All these characteristics make them an excellent option for people who are more interested in their daily activities during their nighttime hobby, such as hikers or hikers.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

On the other hand, these mattresses are not the most comfortable option in the market although they are much better than sleeping on the floor or in a blanket.

What is the size of your store?

Another criterion to consider before buying the mattress is where you plan to place it and if it will fit there. Remember that the tent is not only a place to sleep, but also a place to store your backpacks, store your food and other supplies. A good idea is to measure your tent in length, width and height before deciding which mattress to buy, and try to visualize how the interior will look.

In general, a larger luxury tent can easily accommodate a larger mattress, which can not be said about your common tent. However, if you are only going to take a short trip, you can deal with less space if that means better sleep. But a prolonged trip that might require you to spend more time indoors if it rains, for example, requires sacrificing comfort for space.

Can you pay it?

There are so many models in the market now that you can surely find something that fits your budget, without being afraid of sacrificing too much your comfort or quality.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

However, a lower retail price implies less durability and fewer additional features, although you may not find that inconvenience if:

  • You are not planning to use your mattress very often.
  • Your camping trip is short.
  • He does not have back pain or other problems related to bones.
  • You have no trouble sleeping
  • He already has extras like a bomb and does not want to pay more for a built-in one.

Conversely, if most of these claims are not true for you, investing in a more expensive mattress can actually be advantageous in the long term, because you would not have to buy a new one, or repair the old one. one – too often.

Have you done your research?

Basically, there are a ton of air mattress models that you can easily buy online, and many popular brands that focus on camping equipment have incredible offers that can be adapted to all the personalities and requirements of their customers. But even the best brands can disappoint sometimes, so you should also read the user’s reviews before making a final decision.

Most experienced campers will give you all the details you need and they will tell you the truth because they have nothing to lose or gain from their reviews. However, it is better to consider your own needs instead of yours: for example, the durability of a mattress can be judged differently by someone with children than by someone who does not take the children when camping.

Either way, doing your research carefully is a necessity, although sometimes you may need a little help, such as reviews of the following products that we find the best in your category.

What are the best options for me?

When it comes to choosing a good air mattress for your camping trip, you can opt for one of the following items.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This $ 119.95 mattress is definitely a high quality model. It uses ComfortCoil technology, which means it has a last-minute design to increase durability and support. Having 40 internal air coils allows the bed to remain flat and firm throughout the sleep, so you can rest well.

You do not even have to worry about the inflation and deflation process, since it has a built-in 1-click patented internal pump, which makes it very easy to configure. Actually, this mattress can be fully inflated in less than 4 minutes and can be recharged quickly.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

The Dream Series mattress is queen size, with inflated dimensions of 78 “x 58” x 19 “, with a double height high air bed with a double chamber construction, its size and thickness make it more suitable for a store luxury, or even for indoor use.

When you use it outdoors, you can be sure that it will not slip unnecessarily as it has a “Sure-Grip” background, and it will not get wet either, since it has a waterproof flocked top, and it is made of a material resistant to water. punctures .

A transport bag and a 1-year guarantee for the consumer are included, as well as free assistance at any time by email or telephone.

Do you like this product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Serta high air mattress

This $ 132.79 queen size item comes from a reliable brand and contains two pumps along with the patented never-FLAT pump system to ensure that this mattress remains inflated overnight. As such, the primary pump is designed to inflate and deflate the mattress quickly, in less than 4 minutes, while the secondary pump controls and maintains the air pressure at the desired level.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

In addition, this mattress has a function of automatic shutdown for the main pump, to turn off the whole system automatically.

Your dream will be more comfortable than ever thanks to its 35 circular coils that create a comfortable and comfortable resting surface, which does not let the sheets slide. In addition, the materials used are of high quality, resistant to water and punctures.

Being a fairly thick 18 “high mattress with dimensions of 80” x 60 “x 18”, this item is more appropriate for a larger store as well.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

Rechargeable air bed for mountaineering ALPS

With a price range between $ 55.07 and $ 259.92, the lowest price is available in the selected option, this is a perfect mattress that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The good news is that, unlike the other two elements we have reviewed, it can easily fit into most tents, not just luxury ones.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

In addition, this price also includes a rechargeable pump so you can inflate and deflate the mattress when you need it. This means that you will also get two additional benefits: a car charger and a wall charger to use when you need to recharge the pump. It inflates quickly with its “button change”, and you can use your complimentary carry bag to store it and load it once it’s deflated.

You will sleep comfortably on this mattress because it has a soft flocking top to avoid aches and pains, in addition to sliding. Its coil system provides your spine with all the support you need to feel rested in the morning, and the thick and durable PVC, leader in the industry, is made of the guarantees of its resistance.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it at Amazon.

AeroBed classic inflatable mattress

This item comes in two sizes: Twin and Queen, the former costs $ 56.64 and the latter $ 81.99. Whatever size you can choose, consider that this mattress has a low profile design that makes it very light and compact. That makes it perfect for most campers who want to focus on other activities for which it is more appropriate to carry a lighter and smaller mattress.

However, even if the price is not very high, you can be sure that it is quite durable, well manufactured and very comfortable. This is because it has a flocked plush surface for comfort, its oval coil construction adds additional support and the material it is made of is a heavy-gauge perforation-resistant PVC vinyl.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

You will need an external pump to inflate and deflate this mattress, but fortunately for you, one is already included with the purchase. In addition, the entire configuration process takes no more than a few minutes according to the opinions of the users.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Intex pillow rest

This wonderful $ 41.49 mattress is an inflatable air mattress with built-in electric pump. Although it was originally made for home use, it can also be used outdoors if you are not camping in cold weather or if you set up your tent on uneven ground.

A great thing about this model is that, apart from its waterproof flocked top with an interior construction of double wave wave, it increases your comfort with built-in pillows that emphasize its special design.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

Elevated to 18 inches off the floor, this mattress has an amazing capacity of 600 pounds, which makes it especially convenient if more people have to sleep on it. Or if you have children who like to jump on things.

The extras included are a high-power built-in electric pump, which inflates the mattress in 4 minutes, which makes the deflation process also easy, as well as a handbag for convenient storage and transport.

If you think this product might be useful to you, then you can check its price on Amazon.

Rechargeable air bed Browning Camping 7635014

This $ 99.99 mattress is another excellent item when it comes to durability and comfort, as it has high-quality springs to make you sleep like a baby. In addition, it has a soft flocking top that will really give you a comfortable sleep without allowing the sheets to slip and crumple under you. The material made of thick and durable PVC makes this mattress really resistant for repeated use.

When you buy it, you will be offered a rechargeable external pump, which can be charged in your car or in a wall outlet, using the car charger or the wall charger that are included in the price.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

Its convenience when it comes to camping is further demonstrated because it is made especially for indoor and outdoor use, but if you use it outdoors and inflate and deflate constantly, you should know that this process does not take much time. Another advantage is that it easily fits into most tents, and you get a carrying bag to transport and store it.

Do you like this product? Then you can check its price here.

What is the conclusion?

Choosing an air mattress has advantages and disadvantages. There may be other options that are more suitable for you if you do not have the necessary space in your backpack or tent, or if you are taking a shorter trip. As such, many campers feel relatively well when placing their sleeping bags on a sleeping pad or on a blanket, which are easier to carry and pack.

Best Camping Air Mattress: Ensuring You A Comfortable Sleep Outdoors

However, if the quality of your sleep is not something that you can easily sacrifice, an air mattress is the best option for your camping trip. To paint a clearer final image, below are the pros and cons to consider:


  • You will have to invest time and money in replacing the pumps. If you have purchased a mattress with a built-in air pump that is damaged, you must repair it yourself or using the warranty. If the pump is external, the cost of a new one is not so great, but you will still have to buy one.
  • You will spend time inflating and deflating the mattress. If you do not have enough space in your car or in your home to keep the mattress inflated permanently, you should do so every time you travel. Even though it only takes a few minutes, some people may find this tedious.
  • You may not like to use the pump. A type of noisy pump is quite unpleasant to use, and if you do not have the budget to invest in a quiet one, you may find it difficult to deal with the noise.


  • You can establish your own firmness. Depending on the amount of air you pump, you can make your mattress softer or firmer to meet your rest needs.
  • It can reduce back pain. Sleeping on the floor or on a sleeping pad can cause you to wake up with joint pain or stiff neck, things that an air mattress can avoid.
  • You can bring your children to camp. Children are especially sensitive when it comes to their place to sleep, so an air mattress is certainly more comfortable for them.
  • You do not have to worry about flaccidity or wrinkles. Placing your sleeping bag on the ground or in a blanket can cause different inconveniences. A blanket may wrinkle and disturb your sleep, while sleeping on the floor in the same place for a prolonged period may cause sagging, which again is uncomfortable.
  • It is quite resistant. Air mattresses with first class quality and craftsmanship are durable and will accompany you on many exciting camping adventures.

In the end, we have to highlight the fact that a mattress of this type is quite versatile. Nobody says that buying an air mattress for camping means you can only use it outdoors. If an unexpected guest suddenly appears at your door, you can be a gracious host and offer him a comfortable place to sleep on his mattress.

Not to mention that placing it in the back seat of your car can make even sleeping in the car more comfortable when driving for days.

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