Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

The key to having a good camp experience is to be comfortable. Many people decide to make camping trips during the summer when the weather is the best, but without air conditioning, you can start to suffocate very quickly, especially when you have been preparing your equipment or hiking all day. But you can change all that by having the best camping cooler at your disposal to keep your drinks cold, as well as pack some ingredients and foods that can heat up quickly.

Not all refrigerators are manufactured in the same way, so knowing what to buy can really help you fight the heat and make your food last longer.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

However, before buying one, you should ask yourself the question: do you really need a refrigerator in the first place? Unless you are planning to eat all your food in each session, then you probably do not need one. You may be better off with a smaller soft cooler that can keep your drinks cold and easier to store. But if you plan on staying away for longer, a larger and harder cooler would be more suitable for your needs.

Different types of refrigerators.

You probably did not know that there are several different types of refrigerators to choose from to make your camping experience more enjoyable. All have different purposes and are able to meet all your refrigeration needs, no matter what they are.

  • Traditional: You have probably seen them at your local supermarket or convenience store when summer arrives. These are equipped with foam insulation that is trapped between the plastic covers stuck together. The covers can be completely hinged or removed, depending on how it was constructed. These tend to be at the cheaper end of refrigerators, because they are very versatile.
    On a good day, these models are able to maintain food for at least five days, and are able to withstand rigorous treatment, even in nature. These are the most popular options for both beginners and experienced campers.
  • High-endIf price is not your main concern, you may want to invest in a high-end refrigerator that can outperform more traditional models. What differentiates them from the rest is that they use a rotomolding process that creates a single plastic shell that is injected with insulating foam. This not only makes the cooler more durable, it can also stay cooler for much longer.
    The walls are much thicker and the lids use rubber seals to maximize the insulation properties of this type of cooler. However, due to this design, the interior tends to be a bit smaller, so you should not plan to carry a ton of food on your trip. On the other hand, they can keep food cold for more than six days, so you do not have to worry about finishing all your meals before the food starts to spoil.
  • Electric: there are only a few electric models available in the market, but they could be exactly what you are looking for. Many of these can put out a cigarette lighter in your car, and do not require you to carry an ice pack or ice packs to keep your food cold. These are the best for those long trips on the road or camping trips where you do not play making many stops or purchases on the road.
  • Soft: they occupy much less space, but they are not very large. They are easy to hang over one shoulder, and once they are empty, they can be folded and fit inside another bag. They are best for small trips, like to the beach or a picnic, and work best to store cold drinks.
    In fact, when looking at these, you are likely to see manufacturers that boast about how many cans of soda can contain one of these.

Now that you know the different varieties of refrigerators on the market, there are some key features you should look for when comparing and contrasting the ones you are interested in buying.

Insulation performance

This is the most important factor when choosing the best camping cooler. It is a general rule that the more food you put in your container, the longer the ice will last, so it is better to have a more complete refrigerator than an empty one. What you should carry on your trip and how long you plan to be away are the main things you should consider when determining the insulating power you will need.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

If you plan to fish or hunt, then a high-end model will serve you better for your needs, since the meat you have tends to be hotter than the cooler’s and will cause most of the ice to melt. A high-end model will keep the meat much longer so you can take them home intact or have them ready for when you grab them over an open flame. Another benefit of a high-end chiller model is that they are capable of handling dry ice.

Dry ice can reach temperatures of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, turning your refrigerator into a real portable freezer. This is excellent for keeping your meats extremely cold, but it can cause an incredible amount of stress on the structural integrity of traditional refrigerators.

Traditional models tend to stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for at least two or three days before ice replacement is necessary. You can always buy a new ice bag (or several) on the way to your camp site if you are not interested in investing in a high-end model.


The durability depends on the frequency with which you plan to go camping each year. If you only go for a week or two during the summer, then a traditional refrigerator is probably your style, since it is economical and can withstand some bumps and bruises along the way. But if you plan to go for long periods of time several times a year, a traditional cooler simply is not going to cut it. Although a high-end model may have less space inside, it will not break as easily, no matter how many times you let go or push it.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

They were designed to withstand a lot of punishments, and their camping trips will definitely put them to the test. They cost much more, but they will be worth their price instead of having to replace one cooler after another throughout the year.


Once you have discovered the above characteristics, it is time to see what size you would be interested in taking with you. Greater storage capacity will help you store more food, but that means buying a lot more ice to keep the food from spoiling. Chillers come in quart sizes, with the most popular size being around 70 quarts.

These are more versatile and are able to maintain food and serve a family for a period of a few days, or for a hunter who seeks to transport a large amount of meat. The freshest models of approximately 25 quarts are perfect for carrying drinks for some people without taking up much space, or food for a person looking to camp alone at night.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

Internal storage is also good, but it is also important to consider the total size of your refrigerator. If you are going on a backpacking trip or a trip during the trip, transporting a huge refrigerator will make it difficult to help. Finding a balance will help you keep enough food, while you will not have to struggle to find a place to store your refrigerator and easily transport it to and from your camp.

Anything that is too difficult to carry for two people is usually too large a cooler. If your park offers bear boxes, you can choose coolers that are easier to place inside; Some high-end refrigerators are actually considered bear boxes by themselves because of the way they have been built.

Keep in mind that the size and performance of insulation go hand in hand: a smaller design will not hold the ice for as long as a larger model, and although the cooler will take longer for everything to cool, having it packed is more Efficient to have your unit cooling empty air. Fully charge your cooler at the beginning of your trip to maximize the efficiency of your cooler.


Many traditional and high-end refrigerators can be transported by one or two people, with handles specially designed to adapt to the different ways in which they can be transported. Having a fully charged cooler, on the other hand, may be that more than one person can deal with, especially if they are camping alone. Keep this in mind if you consider buying a larger model. However, if you do not plan to move much, you can plan for your refrigerator to stay in one place during your trip so you never have to worry about moving it until you are ready to leave.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

But many of the larger refrigerators come with wheels, so you can grab them by the handle as if you were carrying luggage at the airport. Make sure that the wheels are able to cross uneven terrain, since it will not be the same as using them on a flat floor. The worst case is that a wheel breaks and is stuck when loading a heavy cooler to or from your vehicle. That is the best way to recover the pain and vacations in ruins.

Easy to use

When it comes to how useful your refrigerator will be for your needs, there are two main characteristics you should consider: how easy it is to drain your refrigerator and how well you can get to the food you want.

Sewer system

Once the ice has melted, you should not have to unpack all your food and increase your cooler to get the water out. Instead, an efficient cooler will have a drain to allow runoff, so you can put more ice on top of your food and drinks. The process itself can be quick and simple, or a terrible disaster, depending on how your refrigerator was built. Some coolers have a drain that requires you to lift one end to remove all the water, which minimizes the tension in your already tired muscles.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

Other coolers have their drains higher up in the cooler body, which requires more manual effort to drain completely. Chillers with large drain holes can drain fairly quickly, but you may end up losing some ice cubes in the process if you are not anxious to use your hand to avoid loss.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the water has to go somewhere. It can be impressive to see how the water drains from your refrigerator, almost like an artistic fountain, but this can produce a wide variety of splashes that can make many of your belongings get wet. It’s okay if you’re draining outdoors, where the trees are probably grateful for the extra hydration, but draining from the trunk of your car can be a bigger problem, and can end up with a soggy trunk.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

Many models struggle with problems by creating a drain that is compatible with hoses, allowing you to drain more easily without the risk of splashing. However, this only works before water has been created in the bottom of your cooler, since removing the plug to connect the hose avoids the point of reducing splashing.

High-end chillers also tend to use rubber gaskets around the drain hole, which prevents leakage. But this means that you can not open the cooler until all the water has been drained, and that may take some time until it dries completely.

Gaining access

When you are anxious to have a refreshing and cold drink, you should not have to fight to open your fridge. The design of the latch is what determines how easy it is to open your cooler, and it could be a benefit or an obstacle.

Traditional models use an internal closure system, while, works efficiently, hinders opening when the cooler is empty, since there is no counterweight to facilitate the opening of the top. The high-end models tend to use an external latch that varies, but in reality they do not surpass each other in any way. What you choose is mostly preferential.

Other features

Additional features are what can make or break a deal, depending on the person making the purchase. You do not want a cooler that has so many bits and sparkles that you will never use them all, but having some useful additions can make your camping experience even more enjoyable. These are more a personal preference for their own needs rather than a difficult choice.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

Some refrigerators have rules engraved on the eyelids so you can compare the size of your catch with your friends, while others have cup holders so you do not have to worry about them falling and spilling. You could buy a refrigerator with a wire basket that keeps certain foods out of the ice and water, while some have a safety cord in the drain plug so you do not lose them. The features you choose should be conducive to your needs, as well as being a fun addition during your camping trip.

Unfortunately, there is not a super refrigerator that is capable of doing everything you need and still be comfortable. Large refrigerators will be heavy to carry, but will keep your food for most of the week. It’s about checks and balances to see which one is most comfortable for you on your trip, while enjoying all that it has to offer.

Camping coolers: Reviews of the best products.

Polar Bear Coolers Soft Cooler – $ 79.95

For a soft cooler, this was designed to be tough, using a nylon exterior to keep the whole assembly together, as well as to resist the elements of the rugged exterior. It comes in five colors (black, green, white, blue and red) and two camouflage prints, and also has dimensions of 18 inches L x 10 inches W x 12 inches H.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

It is leak proof and sweat proof, and it also comes in a variety of sizes, from 6 packages to 48 packages. High density open cell foam is designed to keep your drinks and small food items cool, and everything is stored well when not in use.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can check the price here.

Coleman steel refrigerator – $ 79.09

You can choose between seven fantastic colors (black, green, stainless, silver, red / black, red / white and turquoise) and all will keep your drinks and food as cold as the second you put them. You can keep up to at least 85 cans, so you know you have plenty of room to work.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

It is rust-proof and has a leak-resistant drain that does not require any tilting at all. That means you can store your back muscles to dry your refrigerator. The solid steel lock allows you to keep your belongings secure and can withstand up to ten pounds of pressure. It has an old style that many people will adore.

However, there have been some complaints that the lid does not hold as well as it should, and that the locking mechanism opens even when it is overturned.

If you think this product might be useful to you, then you can check its price on Amazon.

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler – $ 69.99 – $ 140.15

If you are interested in electric chillers, then this is one for you. The Igloo Iceless thermoelectric cooler is 28 quarts and can meet all your cooling needs, especially with its 8 foot long power cord. It plugs into any cigarette lighter, so you can continue with any vehicle you have brought to your campsite.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

The quiet engine will not bother you even when you’re asleep, and the curved back makes it easier to carry it against your side. Many customers have recommended having the cooler in operation before adding food, as it takes some time to lower the temperature. Another alternative is to have your food already chilled in your refrigerator before adding it to the refrigerator, and it is guaranteed that it will keep them cold.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Igloo Sportsman Cooler – $ 30.85

This 52 quart cooler is designed to contain a lot, at an affordable price. This traditional refrigerator comes in a cool hunter green color, and even comes with a fish measurement ruler on the lid so you can exercise your bragging rights to the rest of your friends. The lid can hold up to 300 pounds if you are interested in using it as a seat, and it has a built-in drain so that it does not fall accidentally when it passes.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

There have been some complaints on the hinges that are made of flimsy plastic, which causes the lid to fall off after sufficient use, so you may want to use this cooler with a little more care, especially when you are camping .

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it at Amazon.

Coleman 6201A748 100 Quart Xtreme 5 – $ 71.29

Do you want a heavy-duty cooler that is easy to carry? This 100-quart cooler will take care of all your needs, including those who hunt and want to keep a large amount of meat cold. If you want a good idea of ​​how much space this refrigerator has, it can hold up to 160 cans of drink, so there’s nothing to laugh about.

He boasts that he can keep ice cold for up to five days, even at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and has four cup holders on the lid so you can keep your drinks safe. It is leak proof and has a drainage channel that does not require any inclination.

Best Camping Cooler: Stay Cool and Enjoy A Fantastic Camping Experience

And if you think that this cooler is too bulky, it comes with two wheels and a large handle so you can promote this big boy behind you to and from your vehicle. Because of its size and easy portability, this cooler is definitely worth more than its price.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

Final thoughts

Always keep in mind the food safety guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration when you are considering whether to eat foods that have been in your refrigerator for a while.

Foods such as meat, cheese, eggs and milk should be stored at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have been at room temperature for at least two hours or for one hour at an ambient temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it would be better for your health to discard it.

Do not think that these types of foods are still good because there are no bacteria growing in them; Pathogenic bacteria have begun to develop long before the spoilage bacteria begin to grow. Getting sick during your camping trip, when you are far from civilization, is not the best way to spend your vacations.


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