Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Your survival in the desert will depend to a large extent on the tools you have at your disposal. Fortunately, today you have time to research and search to find the perfect equipment to store in case of an emergency. You do not want to stay with what’s left after a disaster. It would also be very risky for you to buy a tool, place it on the shelf in its nice packaging and never give it a chance. If you are not familiar with the way a tool feels and with the best way to use it, you will have to waste time and energy in a trial and error process.

You want to be fully prepared to face the challenges of living in a world that is in chaos due to a disaster or horrible event. You can not afford to practice at a time when every minute counts. If you are in desperate need of a fire and need to cut wood, you must do so quickly. Knowing how to use the tools you brought and their capabilities will mean the difference between getting the fire that saves lives or endangers your life.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

A tool you do not want to try and live is an ax. An ax is needed to do almost anything. You need it to build a shelter, light a fire, create a place to sleep and even be used to hunt. If you manage to harvest an animal, you will want an ax to help you with the cleaning process. Before heading out into the desert, you must be prepared with the best available camping ax.

How do you know what is going to be the best? What makes one ax better than another? All that will be made available to you right here.

Is it an ax or an ax?

People have been exchanging terms for decades, so it can be a bit confusing. Technically, an ax has a handle longer than an ax and the ax tends to have a heavier head. An ax is basically a smaller version of an ax. An ax usually requires the user to use both hands to hold the tool, while an ax can be turned with one hand. The shorter handle and the lighter head make it possible.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Now, there are a couple of other names that an ax can pass through. Some people call them hand axes, simply because it only requires you to use a hand to balance yourself. There is a variation of the ax that is known as a hatchet. The newest models on the market are a consequence of the old war axes used several centuries ago as the main weapon in combat. Tomahawks today are similar to a multi-purpose tool like the Leathermen.

An ax is much easier to transport, especially when you’re dating. When you are buying the right tool for your insect bag or to store it in your vehicle, you should make sure you are getting an ax and not a bulky ax. This list will help you choose the best ax to camp or survive.

Primary use

First, when you are thinking about the ax you will use, what will you use it for? Do you think bothering yourself? If so, you probably have an ax and a chainsaw, which means that your ax will be for smaller jobs and not so much for large jobs as building a shelter or cutting large branches.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

If you live in a wooded area and your plan is to get ahead, your ax will be a fundamental tool in your ability to survive. Maybe your ax will be used only to cut branches to make fire for a fire.

Think about where you live and what your emergency plan is. Your environment and the area where you live will play a factor in what will be the best ax for your survival needs. There are a number of different designs of axes. You want to make sure you get the right one. Your personal preference will also play a role in choosing the right ax.

Does the weight matter?

The average ax weighs a couple of pounds, which is really more than enough. You do not realize how heavy something is until you have to carry it for hours on a long walk or you have to swing it over and over again. Because this is a tool that you will use with one hand, it should be quite light. As you will discover in the reviews, there are axes that weigh one pound or less and weights that weigh several pounds.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

While a heavier ax may give you a bit more chopping power when you swing it, it could also be dangerous if you weaken. A heavy tool will be difficult to use when it is exhausted, possibly dehydrated and weak due to lack of food. It would be very clumsy and you would end up hurting yourself trying to throw an ax that is too heavy for you. Just because it is “right” for you today when you are in good physical shape does not mean that it will work for you when you have gone through a difficult situation.


The design is going to be very similar among all the axes. The main difference in design will be the type of head on the ax. You will have the option of a double head, which is basically two sharp sides on the head. The next one is a spiked head, which gives an ax and an ax in a tool. A single head is the most common and is sharp on the sides for purchases and flat on the other to be used for hitting.

The size of the head is also a factor, since sizes range from only 2.5 inches to a whopping 4 inches. The size of the head should be complementary to the length of the handle. For example, a large head and a short handle will make it difficult to get a good swing. On the other hand, a small head and a long handle will make you put a lot more energy and effort to do the job.

The handle

There are some variable handle lengths to choose from. You will also have some options when it comes to the material with which the handle is made. As for the length, the handles range from 6 inches to 24 inches. The longer the handle, the less precision you will have. Be careful with the wording in the ads. For example, an ax handle that measures more than 16 inches or more is crossing into the territory of the ax. It will be too long to carry comfortably by your side and too heavy to carry in a package.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

The material for the handle should be a nice hard wood. Hickory is one of the most common woods used for mangoes. You want it durable. You can also choose handles that are made with synthetic materials or steel. Rubber, fiberglass and a combination of materials give you a lot of freedom to choose the perfect ax for you.

A full tang handle is a desirable quality. This eliminates the risk of an ax head falling off the handle while in use. A flying head could hit you or someone in your group and cause serious injury. Axes that have glued heads or a notch and groove attachment always risk breaking with heavy use.

Now that you know the specifics of choosing the best camping ax, let’s look at some of the options available to you.

The best products in the market.

Graintex CA1752 single-field drill ax with 14-inch fiberglass handle

This is a cheap hand ax that is nice and light. It weighs little more than a pound. It may not seem like a good choice because of the fiberglass handle, but it has been proven and proven to be very effective and durable. It is a good quality ax that fits very well in a package. It only costs around $ 15, which makes it an excellent business. You do not have to worry about getting a cheap manufacturing product.

Some of the best features of the Graintex Camp Ax are the following;

  • Heat treatment and tempering.
  • Epoxy in conditions of servitude
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Polished head

The Graintex has received many positive reviews from people who have put it to the test. When you see the price of the ax, it can be a bit suspicious because it is very cheap. Fortunately, this is of very good quality and will last you a while. You will have to sharpen the blade from time to time. For some, they have discovered that the blade does not live up to its standards of sharpness upon arrival and has taken it to the sharpening stone to make it a little sharper.

The hand ax has been in the market for several years and, in general, has a very high customer rating.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Fiskars X7 14 “Hatchet

Fiskars is famous for making high quality scissors, so an ax from the same manufacturer is promising. The X7 has a 14-inch long handle with a total weight of 1 pound 14 ounces. The head weighs little more than a pound. It is perfect for repetitive use when cutting firewood or small logs.

It has a carbon steel head, which makes it effective without being too heavy. It’s a nice ax for about $ 30. It comes with a case so you do not have to worry about finding one that fits it.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Some of the other notable features are the following;

  • The inseparable head molded by insert PermaHead ensures that the head never comes out while cutting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The non-slip grip on the handle is comfortable to use and is much safer than a slippery wooden handle
  • The DuraFrame handle is lightweight and absorbs shock when hitting, the material is very strong and does not break

This little ax is definitely a runner in the world of axes. The weight is well distributed so you can get a strong hit with each stroke. Unfortunately, the soft steel head that makes it nice and light will not keep its sharpness for long. If I had to choose this as your survival ax, I would definitely have to have a whetstone. A dull ax will not do you much good.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it on Amazon.

Estwing Mfg E24A Athlete’s ax

The Estwing is striking and functional. It is manufactured in the United States, which is important for some. Unlike many of the other affordable axes, this one has the upper part and the head of the handle forged in a piece of steel. This means that you do not have to worry about a head flying off while you’re chopping wood.

This ax will cost you between 30 and 40 dollars, which is not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive. It weighs about two pounds, which is too close to the weight, but the handle design makes it feel lighter and puts less strain on the muscles of the arms.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Some features of the Estwing E24A are as follows;

  • Leather grip
  • 1 piece of head and handle
  • Excellent balance between handle and head weight.
  • The case is included

This is a good ax for the young and old. It is one of the favorites among nature lovers who want something light, but durable and safe. One of the biggest drawbacks of this ax is that nice handle. It is bright and looks great, but the varnish does not take long to break. This allows moisture to reach the wood and cause swelling and cracking.

The ideal is to give up the beautiful and use sandpaper to remove the varnish. Apply a protective oil stain on the wooden handle and your ax will last much longer.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Gerry Bear Grylls survival ax

Bear Grylls is a well-known survivor who has put his knowledge and skills to the test in the world of survival in front of the cameras. His name is in a series of tools designed to help in survival, like this hatchet. This ax looks very different from the rest with its rubber handle.

It has a thin head, which makes it extremely sharp and excellent for chopping wood and small branches. Because it is quite thin, this is not the sheet you want to divide records or cut medium to large records. This ax is medium priced and will cost between 30 and 40 dollars.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

There are some notable features that should be mentioned;

  • Full tank, which means that the head and the handle are forged in a piece of steel
  • A rubber grip makes it comfortable to hold and reduces slippage
  • The total length is 9.45 inches (one of the shortest in the market)
  • Length of the blade 3.5 inches

This is a good ax to have as backup, but it is not all that light. In fact, it is almost two pounds which places him at the heaviest end of the survival axes. Another drawback is the thinness of the head of the ax. It will not do well by cutting logs that have a diameter of more than a few centimeters.

The back of the head is also thin and will not be suitable for hitting carp stakes or using it as a hammer. The case is made of nylon, which is not suitable for carrying it in a package or on its side. The blade is very sharp and will cut through the pod. You can always buy a better one.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price here.

Ax Schrade with fire start and rubber handle

This short ax, very short, is a good tool to have in the bag of errors. It’s a bit heavy, weighs almost two pounds, but it’s useful. This ax is different from the rest because it has a fire start built into the back of the head. If you lose everything in your bag of errors, but you manage to hold your ax, you can start a fire quite easily.

The handle is a little over five inches long, which is at the short end, but gives it better accuracy. In all, the ax is less than 12 inches long. This makes it perfect to wear on your belt. As for prices, this tool will cost between 30 and 40 dollars and is very comparable to many other hatchets in the market.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

Some other features:

  • Rubber handle with ergonomic design.
  • Coating of titanium nitride
  • Flat surface on the back of the head to hit
  • Includes fire starter

This is definitely one of the most functional hatchets you’ll find. It is a good size to carry in a bag to go out or in a belt. The cover that is included with this ax is of very poor quality. It is not difficult to buy a case. There has been a noticeable problem with the handle of the ax that breaks in two in the head when used in extreme cold or in heavy use.

It is important to remember that this is an ax better adapted for bushcraft and not an ax that you would use to cut trees or divide large trunks. Use it as was thought and you will be fine.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

Blades and special tools SOG F09N-CP Hand ax Straight edge

The hand ax has a unique look. It comes in just over 11 inches in total length. It is small, but powerful. The blade is a little less than 2.5 inches, which makes it one of the smallest on the market. It is thin, which lends its clarity. The handle is textured with G10 scales that give you a good grip. The ax weighs 18 ounces or barely more than a pound. This is an ideal weight to carry in your bag of bugs and make repeated movements.

Best Camping Hatchet: Tools You Might Need For Survival

These are some of the other features that will make it a good choice;

  • Full tang, reduces the possibility of the blade flying
  • Steel ax blade 420
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Includes cover

The thin head of the ax makes it super sharp and a useful tool for hunting and cutting firewood. Due to the thin head, the back part will not be very useful as a striking tool. It is important that you know how small this ax is. It is not the tool you would use to divide small to medium records.

It is very small, which gives you excellent precision when you need it, but not the tool you would use in a survival situation in the forest or in the deep forest. It can be compared with a high quality survival knife. The price is a little high for its functionality limited to $ 35. This is a good tool to store in your vehicle or save with your emergency supplies.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

You will definitely want to do some shopping and do a practical job with an ax before deciding if it is the right one for your insect bag. Everyone will have their own opinion about what feels better in their hands and how thin the sheet wants. Do your homework and ask your trusted friends and experts what they recommend. Not all axes are the same. You must find the one that will help you in your survival and not cause a serious injury or hinder your ability to do what is necessary to survive.

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