Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

If you’re going to spend a lot of time camping this year, you’ll want to make sure you have the right supplies to keep you warm and dry. When it comes to your sleeping bag, this becomes even more important, after all, your sleeping bag will be where you will go when you are ready to end the day and rest a little.

As a result, you need a quality bag and, if you are camping somewhere cold (or at least cold at night) you need a better quality bag.

What to know

For people who like to spend time outdoors, there is some information you should know when you are looking to buy your next sleeping bag for cold weather. If you have never bought one before, this is even more important.

When you are camping

If you go camping in the summer, you do not need a sleeping bag for cold weather. It is likely that (unless you live in the mountains or in Antarctica) you just need something to provide a bit of shelter. These types of sleeping bags are generally classified as +35? or higher (that means they are rated to keep you warm when the temperature is at least 35 ° C).

However, if you are going to camp in the winter, you will want a bag that can withstand much colder temperatures. Do you want to make sure that you will be protected when the temperature starts to go down at night and that means you want a bag with a capacity of +10? and lower. This means that you will be hot even if the temperature drops below 10?

Is the basic rule to make sure that your luggage has a rating of at least 10? below the lowest temperature you expect to find. If you expect temperatures to be at least 45? every night and then a bag of 35? It will be OK. If temperatures can fall below 20? However, do you want a bag with a rating of at least 10?

Which shape is the best?

There are different forms of sleeping bags available when you start looking in specialized stores. If you have only gone to a store with a small section of sporting goods, you may have never seen anything more than the traditional rectangular sleeping bags, however, there are actually many more options that you should consider. Sleeping bags work by trapping dead air in the bag with you.

That air is heated by the heat of your body (which you lose while you sleep). Because the heat can not escape, a barrier forms between you and the cold outside. This is how you stay warm all night long.

A traditional rectangular bag is good for most situations because it gives you enough dead air to stay warm and comfortable all night. If you are camping in a warmer climate or even in a reasonably cool climate (but not too cold), these will generally be good enough (unless you are camping indoors with a sleeping bag, in which case it should be fine with this bag even in a colder climate). These are popular because they are also quite spacious and easy to feel comfortable and move around too.

A semi-rectangular sleeping bag narrows a bit more at the ends, but still has a loose style around the trunk of the bag. You can still feel comfortable and have plenty of room to move around and not feel restricted, which is definitely an important aspect for many people. Because it is sharp instead of rectangular, this bag actually provides even more heat than the traditional rectangular sleeping bag.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

A bag of mummies will be the best when it comes to heat, but they are definitely not the most comfortable for most people. A mummy bag looks a lot like what you would expect according to the name. This bag is very tight and sharp for your body, which makes it very uncomfortable for those who like to have room to move around.

If you are able to stay still and be comfortable while you sleep, you may like this bag because it traps much more heat and, as that heat stays closer to your body, it will actually keep you warmer. It is also much lighter to carry if you are hiking with a backpack or hiking.

What insulation do you use?

You also have to consider some different types of insulation and these will make a difference in whether the bag you choose will also keep you warmer. Different types of material have a better capacity to trap heat and, therefore, will better protect it from the elements. Some are also better with weather resistance, like rain.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

The synthetic insulation is of a decent quality and has a low price. Because they are inexpensive, they are usually the best option for parents looking for sleeping bags for their children or even for those who have more outdoor experience. These bags will dry quickly and even when wet they will be well insulated.

They are also quite durable (excellent when you have children) and are not allergenic. However, if you are looking for something that you can take with you on long trips (especially if you are traveling with a backpack), these types of suitcases will not be kept so small.

The isolation of goose feather is more expensive because it is made of all natural products. They are also more durable than traditional synthetic insulation because they are made with a product designed to protect geese from cold weather. The negative effect is very good to keep you warm regardless of the outside climate and it is also quite small so you do not have to worry about deforming or occupying much space.

If you really want protection against rain, however, you may want to look down, resistant to water, which has been treated to better protect yourself from moisture and also to improve insulation.

What’s with the extras?

There are different extras that you can also find or want in your sleeping bag. This can make it easier for you to get the results you want with your bag or it can simply be a small advantage depending on what you really need.

Shell and lining is one of the first things to consider. The cover of your bag should be treated with some kind of durable water repellent so it does not get wet in the middle of the night if it starts to rain. No one wants their sleeping bag to escape. Not all sleeping bags will have this type of treatment or they will list it in any way, so be sure to try the bag before using it on a camping trip. You can do this by rubbing a damp cloth over the top. If it is treated, the water should form a drop and roll.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

If you’re looking to go camping in cold weather, another aspect you should consider is your head. You’ve probably heard that you lose most of your heat in your head and that’s why it’s important to protect your head even when you’re sleeping. Some sleeping bags may come with a hood that attaches to the top of the bag and protects it in case it gets very cold.

The hood gives you a place to recline your head and you can even have a cord to close the top around your face and keep it even more protected. This is a personal preference, although it can be beneficial when it is very cold (also, you do not have to worry about losing your pillow).

Some of the sleeping bags that have attached hoods also come with a special bag that can be used as a pillow. These bags are located on the back of the hood and allow you to put everything you want in them so you do not need a pillow. You can fill this back with anything you want to create a cushion on which you can rest. This may not necessarily be more comfortable than your pillow, but it will probably be much easier to take with you.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

You can also find a sleeping bag with a special sleeping bag. Many people who spend a lot of time sleeping outside do not really want to sleep on the hard floor, so they put their sleeping bag on some kind of pad to make it more comfortable, but how often do you move while you sleep and finish? above the sleeping pad? This bag allows you to put the sleeping pad in the sleeping bag so that it does not fall over.

Finally, some sleeping bags will come with a small pocket built into the side. It can be inside or outside of the sleeping bag (although the safest are inside). These pockets are able to store smaller things, such as an mp3 player or lenses, which you may want to keep close to you throughout the night.

The best of the best

TETON Sports Celsius XL – sleeping bag lined with flannel at 32 degrees C / -25 degrees F


This sleeping bag is available in three different colors and can also be purchased with any orientation of the hand. It is made of polyester and has a 100% brushed cotton flannel on the inside to provide warmth and comfort, in addition to having a hood. Rated at -25 degrees, this bag is warm enough for most outdoor trips and weighs an average of 9.5 pounds.

It is also too large, which means that it can accommodate two people (although a little snug) and can also be placed in another sleeping bag. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee for all its products, which covers any defect in materials or workmanship.


As advertised this is a pretty big bag. When you take it, it will take up a decent amount of space, which means you’ll have to take it into account when packing your bags. When it is unrolled, it is also extremely large and will take up more space in your camp. Due to the high heat rating, it is better to use this bag only in colder temperatures. The bag will keep you extremely warm when the weather is warm and you probably do not feel comfortable.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

You will want to have a second bag for warm weather travel or camping, but if you are going to be outside in a very cold climate, this bag will work very well to make you feel comfortable no matter what happens outdoors (or at least). Some have also had some difficulty closing the bag from the inside, although this is possible to overcome.

User opinion

The positive ratings of this bag are definitely overwhelming. The vast majority of people who have used this bag have loved it absolutely and have discovered that not only is it more than comfortable due to the oversized bag size, but also that it is warm enough for normal camping trips. For the price, around $ 90, it is believed that this bag is a good offer, especially with the levels from which you can protect it.

The company also notes that the classification of this bag is based on survival and not on comfort. This means that you can survive with this bag up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, however, you probably do not feel comfortable with that low temperature. To be as warm as possible with this sleeping bag, you probably only want to use it about 30 degrees more than this (although, according to many comments, it is likely to be very hot even more than that, as this bag keeps it very hot) in any weather

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

US Military MSS Black Cold weather mummy style sleeping bag


This bag comes in a single color, but it is also an economical bag if you are not going to spend many nights outside when it is very cold. It has a rating of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, which is acceptable for most camping trips that the average person does (but if you’re looking to go deep into the mountains or during the middle of winter, you might want something a little heavier) .

It is also large enough for an average person and weighs only 5 pounds. Due to the weight, you can easily carry it when you travel longer. It also has a quilted collar on the chest to keep drafts out and a hood to cover your head.


For the qualification that this bag has is actually a bit heavy compared to similar bags. As a mummy bag, it is also quite closed to sleep and this can be uncomfortable for some people. Another aspect is that this bag is considered a military surplus, which means that not all bags are new and unused.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

If you are looking for colder weather ratings or if you want to use it in the most recommended weather, you may want to buy the bivy cover that will protect you from more cold outside air.

User opinion

Most users are happy with this bag with a lot of positive reviews. The price, of only about $ 50, is one of the lowest you will find, especially for a stock classified like this. You may want to examine the bag for any type of damage before you start using it (remember it’s a surplus), although you have the option to buy specifically new merchandise. Make sure you pay attention to this when you buy.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

5-piece upgraded modular Goretex military sleeping bag system from the USA UU


Actually, this bag comes with five different pieces designed to help you feel more comfortable and warm when camping. With a moderate weight of 9 pounds, this bag has a rating of -30 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed to provide up to four hours of comfortable sleep at a temperature of -40 degrees (if used correctly). It contains two sacks of compression material, two mummy sleeping bags and a bivy sheath.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

You can place the different bags in different configurations so that you feel comfortable in different types of weather and different temperatures.


The whole system is a bit heavy if you take all the parts and this can be a problem if you go backpacking or have to carry your supplies in any way. If you take it apart to use only the parts you need, you should be able to carry it more comfortably. You should also bear in mind that this is a surplus product and that means that some may have excessive wear and some may not.

You will want to verify this before you start using the product to make sure you have a quality piece that will keep its warmth. This complete set is also more expensive than others for around $ 250. When you consider that you are getting 5 different pieces, it makes more sense to spend the money at the same time as in separate pieces.

User opinion

Most users are very happy with this whole set. There are very few reviewers who have found flaws in the system. In fact, many have never had to use the heaviest combination of bags in whatever climate they are in because even the lightest bags are able to keep them protected and quite warm when they camp.

In general, it is found that these bags are of high quality and even the used bags are in very good or excellent condition, in which almost not even (if they know) knew that they had been used previously. You will find that it is very well done and will last for a long time. Many have not tried it to the limits of the bag itself, but have discovered that it will work at any of the temperatures in which they have tried it.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: How to Choose It And Why

If you are looking for a high quality cold weather bag, be sure to consider all the features mentioned above. You want to make sure that your bag resists more than the temperature with which you are really going to camp so that you stay warm no matter what happens.

As mentioned in one of the reviews, these bags are usually classified according to the temperature that will allow the temperature of your body to remain high enough to survive and not for the temperature at which you will receive the most comfortable night’s sleep. By choosing bags with a much lower temperature than you really expect, you can stay warm and comfortable.

Keep in mind that camping in cold climates can be dangerous. Because you are outdoors in an uncertain climate at best, you want to make sure you stay protected and that means you probably want to use some kind of shelter or shelter along with your sleeping bag. It does not need to be a caravan or a full trailer, but it is definitely recommended that you use some type of tarpaulin or canopy over you to protect yourself from the wind.

Be sure to take all possible precautions to help keep you safe and warm during camping trips in cold climates. This happens when you are most at risk of hypothermia, so be sure to pay attention to your body’s needs when you sleep through the night. If you’re too cold, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking for some kind of warmer shelter.

Camping in cold climates can be very fun and when you link it with hiking or backpacking, it can be even better. Just make sure you’re taking care of yourself while you’re doing it.

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