Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

Composite bows are the latest invention of arches for outdoor shooting activities, such as hunting. The best composite arch is defined by the following: oblong cams, wheels, cables and limbs. When you operate, the energy is stored in the arc when you draw it back in a new curve, while its retention pattern usually decreases in the discharge (full drawing). So, in the end, the archer is able to keep the bow in full extraction due to the weight reduction.

There are several models of composite bows on the market characterized by different levels of complexity, colors, sizes and shapes. To be an expert in this type of sport to shoot arrows with these modern bows, you need to have detailed information about them. This article is specifically structured to provide you with the most informative details about the links.

Fundamentals and facts explained.

Generally, this bow has the following characteristics that distinguish it from other archery equipment in the market. It has a shorter end-to-end length and uses wheels and cams to drive the arc energy at all times. The most common release mechanism is mechanical release, but some archers may choose to use a finger tab instead.

Basic characteristics

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Basically, this is the force required to keep the rope in full extraction compared to the weight of the bow, which is expressed as a percentage. A sixty pound bow with 50% detachment will need a minimum of thirty pounds of force to hold the rope.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

As far as most of the arcs are concerned, they have adjustable starts, which are in the range of 45% to 65%. From the point of view of the experts, you must keep within the range mentioned above, to avoid the erratic flight of the arrow and release problems.


The arch has a more solid appearance together with the extremities that are always flexed. But, the design of the limb is quite inconsequential and can be parallel to each other. The variations in performance are usually negligible. The materials of the extremities are divided into laminates and solid compounds.

Draw length

This is the dimension of how far you can pull the bow in a stable and natural pattern, which is measured from the arrow of the arrow to the front of the handle of the bow. You should not risk the length of the draw, since it is an extremely important measure to be done in the place with a test arrow marked in inches.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

The length of the drawing is adjustable; however, if you are not sure of the adjustments to be made, just consult a professional.


They can be symmetrical or asymmetric according to the design. The symmetrical wheels are naturally round, but they are less efficient. An arc with this type of wheels will apply progressive force to the arrow and the shot will be calmer and smoother.

On the other hand, the asymmetric wheels (cam wheels) store additional energy in the limbs, which allows them to deliver a powerful arrow speed. However, they are not only noisier, but also less tolerant. Any bow with asymmetric wheels applies maximum force to the arrow when released. In general, the arc magnifies the error in case the release is imperfect.

Handle / Elevator

These are the parts to which the extremities are attached, which are mostly molded of metal; Although some are cut of laminated wood. It is known that metal handles are stronger and thinner compared to wooden handles. The difference between them does not really matter.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

However, the finer grips minimize any possibility of kinks or twists in your grip. On the other hand, the wooden handle feels nice and stylish.

What you need to know

A compound bow usually stores energy at the tip when drawing the bow. Once the stretch length is reached, the extraction weight is released, with the help of a rotating cam. The cams allow this piece to stop completely in the full draw. This simply means that the arc must fit correctly in terms of drawing length. One point of advantage with this archery equipment is the ease of retaining the bow for more time to aim.

In addition, to the ability to use accessories to balance, the lightest hold weight with the mass of the bow. Being able to set specific configurations on your own is extremely critical. This is so, since this shooting device comes with different settings for the length of the drawing and the weight of the drawing.

To be able to use it safely and accurately, you must match the arc with the length of your draw. This simply means that you must incorporate a part with specifications that are unique to you.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

When setting up your arrow, the first thing to consider is the nature of the arrows. For this type of bow to work properly, you must make sure that the arrows you use are well extended. You must choose the axles with respect to the length of traction and the weight of your equipment. Set the rudder of the limb accordingly, this is the distance between each limb and the bowstring. Depending on the majority of the pieces, the rudder is adjusted in such a way that the lower extremity is closer to the rope than the upper extremity or even to the upper extremity.

It is strongly recommended that you place the upper and lower stops at the same distance. Otherwise, you can force the cameras to turn at different speeds, causing an irregular flight. For the best tuning, you should consider using an arrow break that can be adjusted on the opposite page to align the arrow with the bow string (center plane). The alignment of the center shot ensures that the arrow is properly aligned with the power stroke of the string.

The most popular release used with this type of bow is the mechanical launch. There are several forms of mechanical release that you can use. They use some kind of trigger device that releases the chain. The contemporary form of mechanical release uses the thumb or finger to initiate the trigger and the releases that you put together in full extraction and then start when you use an additional recoil movement. The operation of the mechanical release is based mainly on the fact that a composite arc travels only the required distance and then stops.

You can have the perfect arc for compound shots, but a strong shot does not just depend on the nature of the arc you have. The following are the most important tips you should have at all times.

  1. Choosing a position: A perfect shot and a strong shot begins with the terrain where you stand and the way you lean on it. There are several postures you can use, including: square posture and open posture. As a beginner, you are advised to start with the square posture, as it will help you discover your own posture. A unique feature of this posture is that it automatically aligns your shoulders with the objective. The open posture is a good option for advanced archers, in which the rear leg is to some extent in front of the front leg.
  2. Positioning of the leg: You should distribute your weight evenly on your legs and make sure they are relaxed. The fact that your legs play an important role in terms of stability and balance in general makes strengthening the legs an important factor in archery. You can only be a good composite shooter, if you develop a good strengthening of the legs. You should also remember to relax your legs and not block them.
  3. Placement of hip and abdomen.: These are two important locations that you must master. Your hip position usually works to stabilize your body. You can find the correct position of the hip by taking your shooting position with your feet at a distance about the width of your shoulders, and making sure your buttocks are tilted up. Then squeeze your abdomen gently, but do not push your abdomen inward. Then relax every part of your body, except your abdomen and maintain a good body posture.

Other tips that are of great importance and that you can learn directly from a professional archer who shoots composite include: take the rope; positioning your hand bow; positioning your shoulders; positioning your bow arm; stabilizing your shoulder; aligning the shot; positioning your head finding your true anchor; And stabilizing your tie.

Compound bow reviews

Composite arch technology has come a long way in the last decade and so on. The current models are the best that have been manufactured and, if you want to buy your first bow or if you want to move to a newer and more efficient model, you must be objective. Concentrate primarily on those models that provide 65% weight loss.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

This simply means that when the bow is in the full draw, it will only retain one third of the actual weight of the draw weight. This will allow you to shoot a heavier weight arc with less muscle and, at the same time, allow you to keep the arrow in full draw until your game offers a window for the perfect shot. Basically, arcs with more starts are easy to use, since they allow you to shoot for long periods of time. The new archers should definitely commit to this type of models.

You must be comfortable with a bow that can reach a high level of competition with your piece. The grip of the model you choose should fit comfortably in your hand. However, the length of the draw must be correct and the weight of the draw must be within your ability to carry the entire bow without you using excessive force. If the grip is not perfect; Then it can be extremely challenging for you to shoot in cold weather. The following composite bow reviews will help you buy the best model.

Sergeant SAS 55 lbs. Arch composed of 29 “

If what you are looking for is precision shot, then this is the right model for you, as it is designed to meet the user’s shooting requirements. It will provide you with the highest quality equipment to achieve your goal with precision and confidence. It has a unique design in the sense that it has an end to end of 40.5 inches, a drawing length of twenty-nine inches and allows you to shoot at a speed of 235 FPS. You should not extend your search further, because this is a compact power.

This is the softest arc due to its twin CNC machined cams. You should expect a negligible drag when you are about to fire your first arrow, which is possible thanks to the twin cams. Unlike other models, this one in particular is designed to be used for a long time, since its design is composed of a strong layered limb that can generate fifty-five pounds of weight.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

The extremities are well secured by the rear pivoting pockets of the extremities. They form a heavy-duty connection that exhibits a remarkable tolerance for precision accuracy. This model covers it in what refers to the grip, since the grooves bubbled in the handle ensure a firm grip. The unit package comes with: a user manual, a cable protector, an arrow holder, an accurate view, a finger tongue, a tornado arrow break, two aluminum arrows, a quiver of 4 black arrows and a 3-pin aluminum arc.

Pros: It is a high quality archery equipment equipped with a stabilizer mounting hole and the camera is very impressive. With a draw length of 29 inches, a draw weight of 55 pounds, an arc length of 40.5 inches, a high reinforcement of 7.25 inches, a drop of 65% and a maximum speed of 235 FPS; Sergeant SAS is highly ingenious and versatile.

Cons: There are no instructions for assembly on the package, which can be quite challenging for inexperienced archers.

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Composite bow Crosman Elkhorn Jr.

This is the best compound bow for the money of the young beginner archers. Its general design is composed of durable, high-quality composite limbs, together with a central integrated integrated draft handle, equipped with large windows. Superior firing performance is guaranteed thanks to strong all-weather cables and cords accompanied by a cable protector.

This is the perfect piece for an inexperienced archer, due to its 33 inch shaft, which is perfect for beginners. The weight of the draw, which runs from 17 lbs. at 21 lbs., it’s better for new archers, especially young ones. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is the ideal archery equipment to buy for your twelve year old son. The compound mechanism is exceptionally useful for stability while preparing a shot.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

With its unique features and specifications, this is an arc that is undoubtedly a decent precision cable. It is also well equipped for smaller frames. It is precise enough so that an archer can advance amazingly until the moment of shooting accurately. The package is fully equipped with everything one may need, including: looks and rests arrows; tongue for fingers; arm protector; Quiver of 2 pieces; and 2 composite arrows.

Pros: In addition to its design, Crosman Elkhorn Jr. has the perfect weight range of 17 to 21 pounds which is ideal for young and inexperienced archers. It is a precision and precision cable.

Cons: This model is designed specifically for young beginner archers; therefore, it is not the best model for adult archers.

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SAS Rage 70 lbs. 30 “Composite Arc

Do you want to be the best archer that ever existed? Well, SAS Rage 70 lbs. 30 “is the best composite bow for money. This unit provides you with the correct equipment that shows quality and durability. Its basic features offer decent accuracy, including 270 FPS, 30 “stretch length and 35” axis to axis. The bow can be used for a long time, due to its tip of compressed ABS, which includes strength, weight and balance.

With the tip in layers of a strong piece, you can effectively draw a weight of up to seventy pounds. This is the perfect arc for an archer who takes decent accuracy seriously when firing. Its overall design looks good and is lightweight. You can easily modify the design to meet your expectations using the following: a box of parallel limbs, a shock stop stabilizer, a three point view and a mustache cookie. The bow itself is solid and the grip super comfortable.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

You will be surprised with the rest, the views and all the content that comes with the package. You can definitely eliminate the look by putting a trophy crest view on the front. Once you see it, it will exceed your expectations of freedom, which makes it easier to shoot arrows. The rope that comes with the bow is durable and can serve you for a long time.

Pros: The unit has an exceptional autumn camouflage color and compressed ABS tips for a long life. Its specific characteristics (speed of 270 FPS, weight of 55 to 70 pounds and drawing length of 26 to thirty inches) guarantee a decent precision.

Cons: Requires a series of modifications to achieve maximum performance. The new archers will need additional information from experts, since the manual is not as informative.

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Arc composed of diamond infinity edge

If you need a customizable bow, then you should look no further, since Diamond Infinitive Edge is the best option. This is the type of bow that can grow with your shooting skills. You no longer have to deal with low performance bows, as this particular model is extremely ingenious, versatile, adjustable and invaluable. With the extraction weight range of fifty to seventy pounds and the extraction length range of thirteen to thirty inches, this arc offers you the perfect edge.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

Basically, this model is a whole rounded unit. It is ultra quiet when an arrow is fired. Unlike other arcs, this has a more than sufficient penetration power, which makes it pleasant to shoot. This is a marvel of engineering, given that it has zero vibrations and has no recoil. Apart from the rubber tube and the sight, the bow package comes with everything pre-installed. It is so compact and lightweight that you can easily take it anywhere.

Pros: This is a lightweight model that is designed for precision shots. Specific characteristics, such as the length and weight of the draw, are perfect for any goalkeeper.

Cons: You will have to take the bow to Pro Shop in order to install the rubber tube and look it, since they are not pre-installed.

You can find and buy this product on Amazon.

Bow composed of black camouflage bow / camouflage

This is the best composite bow for money, since it is solid and well made. It is designed with a comfortable grip and everything is lightweight and only weighs four pounds. This is the type of arch that allows you to comfortably release the maximum value extraction weight at a more suitable value. For example, if the weight of 70 pounds is too much for you, you can easily lower it to 36 pounds.

It is easy to make such adjustments, all you have to do is turn the limb bolts and then go ahead and test it using an extraction weight gauge. It comes with an incredible view, which you can choose to use or you can settle for your own sight. You can shoot at twenty-five meters with patterns of six to ten inches after setting it with your desired peep, cookie and stabilizer. In general, this unit is very well polished; In addition to giving you an excellent performance.

Best Compound Bow: Basics, Facts, Tips and Best Reviews

Pros: Adjustable extraction weight that ranges between 30 and 70 pounds and a conveniently fast arrow speed of 310 FPS. Light and has a good separation that varies between 75% and 80% for precision shots.

Cons: You must visit Pro Shop to be informed about how to configure the view because the manual does not provide such information.   

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In conclusion

Archery has been made easier with the presence of composite bows on the market. In fact, the designs of the current models take into account the needs of the archer. For example, these arcs have been shortened with the intention of increasing the speed of the arrow and improving maneuverability.

This article has focused mainly on the information of arcs of archery composed more important, including basic concepts, characteristics and models of arcs. This information is more than enough to help you make a deep buying decision when you are buying your favorite bow. With the help of this guide, you will definitely be able to find and buy a bow archery compound with its characteristics and preferred specifications.     


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