Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Many people do not even know what an EDC knife really is. You may have never heard the acronym and now they are just trying to find out if they have one or if they should have one, right? Well, an EDC knife is actually a daily transport knife. That’s all it is. EDC. Every carry day. But just because it’s simple does not mean you do not want to make sure you have one.

You definitely want to get a quality one because that everyday knife could be the difference between life and death someday, although you may not realize it. Finding the best EDC knife only takes some time and some knowledge about what you like and need.

What is good for

Of course, before buying an EDC knife, you’ll want to know why you need it. What will he do for you? How will it be useful? The truth is that an EDC knife can be one of the most important things you carry with you at any time. It is good to help you in normal situations and in situations of survival.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

On any normal day, you can use a knife to open packages or for construction assistance in your home. But when it comes to aspects of survival, you can use it for much more.


If you are forced to defend yourself, you must have something to do it with. Of course, a daily transport knife is not necessarily what you would choose, but if it’s the only thing you have, it’s really going to do a decent job. You must remember that this is going to be a very close weapon, so you will not fight against someone who has a long-range weapon, like a weapon. Just make sure you keep your own safety in mind.

First aid

When you are in the middle of nowhere and need to keep yourself and your family alive, it is important to have a way to cut splinters, cut bandages or even sterilize wounds if necessary. You may be surprised to learn all the ways in which you can use a small and simple knife as a means to stay healthy when things seem to go wrong with the infection or even with anything else.

Shelter building

Having an adequate shelter is going to be extremely important. You must make sure that your shelter is strong enough to protect it from different types of weather.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

You can use a small knife to cut pieces of wood that can be used as stakes, to cut leather strips that can be used to tie up the shelter or anything else your shelter needs. It will take a bit of work with a smaller knife, but you will be surprised at what you can really do if you keep the knife very sharp to cut it quickly and easily.

Digging small holes

You do not want to waste your knife on digging holes very often, but you definitely want to have it in case you need a couple of smaller holes. You may be surprised how well your knife can do this way. You will not need to carry a large shovel just for a couple of small holes, like the ones you are going to put in play to hold your tent. Even a small furrow where you can put a fire is going to be important and can be easily done with a small knife, your EDC.

To cut wood

Surely you do not want to cut a tree with your EDC knife. But you’re going to want to have it for some small pieces of wood. Branches and sticks should not be too difficult to cut and you can use them to make those stakes or even as tinder for your fire.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

However, you need your knife to be sharp and if you are using it to cut wood and other things, you will want to make sure to continue sharpening the edge as you go. This will help you be ready for anything.

Making fire

Making a fire requires that the wood we have already spoken. You will need your knife to cut that wood. But you can also use a knife as a surface to hit on a spark and a flame. You want to make sure you always have a way to light a fire, after all. Next to a shelter, it is probably your most important piece of the puzzle. This will keep you warm when it gets colder and will definitely keep you safe from predators in the wild. Just make sure you keep control of your fire at all times.

The best of the best

There are a number of different EDC blades that you can choose from and each one will have slightly different capabilities. This is important because your specific situation is going to be different from what other people might be going through or what they might be prepared for.

Remember that an EDC knife is not the same as a survival knife. We will talk about some of the best EDC knives that will help you in general and in more basic situations instead of the survival knives you would normally use to survive, but that does not mean that EDC is not useful for survival.

Spyderco ParaMilitary2 G-10 PlainEdge Knife

This knife is probably the best of the best, no matter who you talk to. The reason? Well, there are actually quite a few of them. This knife is a basic pocket knife without extra, but that does not mean that it will not give you many benefits. It has the ability to do almost everything you want without being really surprising in anything in particular. That means that it is a very balanced knife that will allow you to do all the things we talked about earlier and more.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Available in several colors, this knife is actually made in the United States and has more than 300 comments that say the same thing, it’s a big knife. This is a lightweight option, which means it will not be difficult to transport and has a compression lock to ensure that it will not open accidentally and that the material and ergonomics of the handle make it easy to hold. With a blade of 3? “The knife itself is 8?” When open and approximately 4 7/8 “when closed.

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Pocket knife Kershaw Chill

If you are looking for something a little less expensive that still gives you a decent capacity, this is an excellent option. Actually, it is extremely economical, it costs less than $ 25, and still has great style, form and skill. It is made by RJ Martin, who is a well-known knife maker and has an easy folding sheet. It is also ambidextrous, which is ideal for left-handed users who often have to order special products to make sure they fit easily and comfortably.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

The handle of the G-10 is quality so you can get a great grip at all times, even in less than desirable conditions. With a weight of less than 3 ounces, it definitely can not be much lighter than this. Especially when you get a sheet of 3 1/8 “and a length of about 7” when it is fully opened.

Each Krenshaw knife offers a lifetime guarantee against any kind of defect, which can help you feel confident that you have chosen something of high quality. Easy to sharpen, this knife will help you with everything you need in the desert or just at home.

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Spyderco Tenacious PlainEdge Knife

If you are looking for the high quality of a Spyderco but not the high price that usually comes with it, you will love this knife. With a cost of less than $ 50, this knife has many of the excellent features and capabilities of the larger and more expensive Spyderco knives, but without the high cost.

It is manufactured both in the United States and abroad and only comes in black compared to other color offers in higher level knives, but when it comes to capacity, it definitely recovers quickly for the price.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

The length of the blade is approximately 3 3/8 “and the entire blade weighs only 4 ounces, which makes it easy to transport with you. It has the traditional G-10 handle to provide an easier surface to hold for a long period of time. It also has a sheet-shaped stainless steel blade to improve cutting. The format of this knife is such that it can easily be stored on any side of the body and in preparation for right-handed or left-handed users with the same level of ease. You will want to keep this sharpening to use when you leave, no matter what the purpose.

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Columbia RiverKnife and tool K410KXP

If your main goal is to get a knife that is light, then this is probably the best option that exists. Even with a low price of less than $ 40, this knife also weighs just 1.8 ounces, which makes it extremely easy to store in your pocket or bag and forget completely.

It uses an IKBS pivot system that works smoothly to make the launch simple and fast. It also has an anodized aluminum handle so you have an elegant style and one that gives you a sturdy grip when you move or use the knife.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

The modified drop point sheet is also designed to facilitate the use of an 8Cr14MoV material with a satin finish. This is a knife that you can easily hide but that you can take out when you need it. Lightweight does not mean you have no strength behind, and it probably will surprise you a lot. The blade is a little less than 3 “, so it works for almost anything you might need.The whole blade is manufactured abroad, usually in China, but it comes as a high quality unit that is guaranteed to last.

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Spyderco Delica4 Light FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife

With a variety of color options and a price of less than $ 70, this knife definitely marks a lot of boxes when it comes to what you’re looking for. With a quality name behind it, the handle has a bi-directional FRN texture and features a David Boye dent with an enlarged opening hole. The clip located on the side is also designed to be multidirectional, allowing left or right handed users, as well as storing it up or down for easier and more comfortable use, according to your preferences.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Closed, the whole blade is approximately 4? “While stretching to approximately 7 1/8” when opened. This is due to sheet 2 7/8 “. The blade is a VG-10 unlike the G-10 at higher price options, but it’s razor-sharp and flat to make sure it’s easy to use on anything you need to cut.

This knife brand always comes with a high quality guarantee that protects against any defect that may exist in the composition of the blade or other parts of the knife. With over 500 comments that rate it on 4 stars, this is definitely a great option, and only 2 ounces in weight.

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Cold Steal 27TLT Recon

If you are looking for something more like a tactical knife than a pocket knife, but still small enough to carry in your pocket, this is an excellent option. It seems exactly what you would expect from a tactical knife with a dark handle and blade. The handle is made with G-10 and has an easy-to-open disc, as well as a strong clip to hold the knife to your pocket.

The blade is heat treated under vacuum and tempered below zero to protect against all types of weather, as well as against oxidation, glare and slip. It also measures 4 inches long.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

With a total weight of only 5.3 ounces, this is really a reasonably light knife in addition to having all the other features. This knife, although small, has a great cutting power and will help you to cross almost anything. It also has a Tri Ad lock that will prevent the knife from opening when you do not want it. Made with some of the highest quality materials in terms of the blade, this knife is designed so that you and your family are safe from absolutely nothing.

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Benchmade 275BKSN PlainEdge

This knife is also closer to a tactical knife but also with the same benefits as a traditional pocket knife. It is a bit more expensive, although it still costs less than $ 200. It is designed to be secure with an AXISA locking mechanism, but it also has a simple release process. It is made of high quality material from one of the best known companies for the creation of tactical and pocket knives and is made entirely in the United States. It also has a reversible clip that allows easy use for right-handed or left-handed users.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

The handle of the G-10 is of high quality and this has holes everywhere so you can easily hold a cord for a different style of transport. The black coated sheet is designed to resist oxidation and other irritants and the sand color of the handle is interesting enough, but it is also a little less ergonomic than some options.

The full knife is also a little bigger and heavier than others, about 15 ounces and with a total length of almost 9. “It’s going to be a bit more to carry, but it will definitely be worth the extra work involved.

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Knife and tool for the Columbia River 2903 Hissatsu folding knife

The black coating of this knife is designed to avoid reflection, so you do not have to worry about anyone seeing it when you’re using it and the Samurai’s design is to increase ease of use. With a cost of less than $ 50, this knife is a mix of tactics and low cost that you will definitely want. It uses an opening assisted by outbursts with an Auto-LAWKS security to make sure you can open it easily and quickly when you want, but it does not open when you do not want to.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

With only 5.8 ounces, this is a reasonably light knife for what you can do and especially with the 3.88 “blade. Due to the security and locking system, this blade is a virtual fixed blade, making it much easier to use when you are in more complex situations.

With over 200 comments that rate him with almost 5 stars, there are a good number of people who are definitely more than impressed. The automatic raptor ability can be eliminated by adding a set screw according to the rules and regulations of your area. This is a true tactical knife designed by a soldier for quality and safety.

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Leek knife Kershaw

This knife may not look like much, but it’s definitely a great tactical choice. With less than $ 45, it has a good price for the cost and it also seems interesting. Instead of being used for defense, this knife is designed more for hunting or fishing or even for working around, but it has an extremely sharp and thin blade that will also take care of defensive needs. Able to use and open with one hand with either hand, it unfolds smoothly with a complete stainless steel body and blade.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Manufactured abroad in Japan and China, as well as in the United States, the blade is very thin to provide a good cutting capacity, but not so much as to leverage. To keep it open when necessary, there is a frame lock and to keep it closed when necessary, there is a sliding lock so you can be sure it will not open or close when you do not want it.

There is no jagged edge on the blade, but that definitely does not take away the utility of the knife. Includes a space for the cord accessory to add a new option for transport and works like a spring-loaded blade for easy opening.

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Griptiliano Benchmade knife

Made for left-handed users, this blade offers a serrated edge and a price below $ 100. You can choose between different colors and leaf styles if you prefer, but the knife is definitely one of the best available for a left-handed user. Actually, it is considered ambidextrous, so you can change it in any way. Unlike many ambidextrous knives, this is actually ambidextrous in both opening and storage. It also has an AXIS locking mechanism and a corrosion resistant blade for use in any condition.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

Made in the United States, this knife is approximately 8 “long when unfolded and approximately 4.62” when fully closed. The blade itself measures 3.45 “long to cut anything easily. A fast drawing style blade has no locking mechanism when the blade is really closed and a quick movement of the wrist can easily dislodge it. This is good in dangerous situations where you need a quick release, but it is not as safe as it could be in other situations. Even reasonably light with only 3.25 ounces, it’s definitely a good option for anyone, especially for those who are left-handed.

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Knife Benchmade 940 Osborne Design

Another knife ambidextrous, this is still below $ 200, but a little more quality than the previous one. Manufactured with a stainless steel blade, it has a modified inverse design Tanto and a green handle. The full blade is a little less than 8 “long when fully extended and has a 3.4” blade.

The pocket clip can be installed the way you prefer, making it easy to store for a right-handed or left-handed person. It is also made to open easily with the pressure applied on both sides of the double thumb buttons. Intended for opening with one hand, it is also easy to open when necessary.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

The AXIS lock prevents it from being damaged by the opening of the blade by itself or by being defective. Designed to be resistant to corrosion, this knife can withstand the damage of water and sweat, which is important if you are heading to the desert and do not know how long it will be outside, or what you may need. this knife for. Be sure to clean it frequently and you will be ready to use it whenever the need arises. The rough texture is also designed to be easier to hold regardless of what you are doing or what you may have on the handle.

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Knowing what knife you specifically want will not always be easy. You want to make sure that it will work for whatever you need and you definitely want to have a strong product. Verifying the sheet itself for the correct length, as well as a good amount of thickness, will be important. A thinner blade will work well for cutting, but you will not want to use it for prying, which can also be a good use of an EDC blade. Make sure you know what you are really looking for and what you want to use it for.

Best EDC Knife: How to Choose The Best One Around

If you are looking for something simple and small, you may also want to remove smaller knives. On the other hand, for survival purposes, something that is a little closer to a tactical knife may be even more important. Find a good balance between the two and think about what else will be in your package.

Do you have big survival knives that go with you too? If you do, then you can probably get away with a smaller knife for your EDC because you have others to make up for the slack.

In general, the key is to look at several different options when you are ready to choose. You do not want to choose a knife because it has excellent reviews and capabilities, but you will find that it is not really good for what you really wanted it to do in the first place. So how do you make sure that does not happen?

You need to take some time to look at some knives and try them. See how they fit in your hand and think about the things you are going to do with them, that will give you a great start.


A knife will be one of the most important tools you have when you head to the desert on your own.

You can use it for different purposes and you can definitely stay safe. In normal situations, a good pocket knife is enough, but when you are potentially going to be alone in a survival situation, nothing more than the best EDC knife will do. So make sure it is the knife you are receiving, but remember that the best knife is the best for you.


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