Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

As hurricane season approaches, you can never be too careful to think about emergency food kits a little earlier. While we talk about emergency food, you probably start to imagine an unpleasant, boring, difficult to chew and bored meal.

Well, we will disappoint you, as there are actually such good emergency products on the market that are suitable even for a breakfast, lunch or dinner at home. Food for emergencies no longer has to be tasteless and almost repulsive as in the past. There are some great manufacturers that qualify with some of the best emergency foods on the market.

We present some of the best products. For most of them you may simply need water (lukewarm – you do not even need to boil it) and then soak the food in it. In a few minutes you are ready and ready to have your tasty delicious food.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

You can pack as many products as you want, since they are manufactured in such a way that their lifespan is almost a full decade (and possibly more).

Some of the best emergency food kits.

One of the main manufacturers in the survival category is Mountain House. The company is loved by thousands of satisfied customers, including environmental enthusiasts, survivors, common families who buy emergency products, hikers, campers and mountaineers.

One of its complete kits is the 72-hour Mountain House kit. This kit has three meals per day, for three days, and is for one person. The food is lyophilized, so its shelf life is quite long. Because it is lyophilized, only warm water is needed to soften it and make it tasty and edible. Many people are quite surprised at how tasty their meals are and how much they resemble a similar home-made meal.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

For example, this kit contains granola bars with cranberries and milk, scrambled eggs and bacon, Stroganoff beef and noodles, chicken with rice and pasta Primavera. The entire kit weighs 60 ounces. (each package is 10 ounces).

The only thing that must be taken into account before committing to a purchase is that each serving of food contains approximately 250 calories. This can leave you hungry at the end of the day. If you think this will not help you through a difficult hurricane or emergency situation, you can pack more of these to make sure you have some extra meals in case you need them. So, if you need to pack more, you can get a full cube, again for Mountain House, the so-called Classic Cube. The amount is double and the price is much more affordable for the amount of food you will receive.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

The meals are essentially the same, but there are two packages of each. The total number of servings is 29. A similar product is the Cube Breakfast again by Mountain House. It contains again 29 portions, a total of 16 bags of food, with scrambled eggs and ham, eggs with bacon, granola bars with cranberries and milk and breakfast pans.

As the name implies, these meals are supposed to be for breakfast, but they can be used effectively for any meal, especially in an emergency situation.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

Some customers think that the sodium content is slightly higher and that anyone with blood pressure problems may notice it, so keep that in mind.

For example, you can buy just one package of food, such as scrambled eggs with bacon so you can have a first-hand experience with Mountain House products. You will get a general idea of ​​the flavor they achieve and whether the sodium content can be a problem for you.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

In general, you will not be disappointed if you buy any of the above options, as they are nutritious, tasty, light and will fulfill their function.

Another emergency kit is the S.O.S. Rations, package of 72 hours by S.O.S. Food laboratory. The products they manufacture have an average lifespan of approximately 5 years from the date of manufacture onwards. This particular product offers 9 food bars and, in addition, also has 4 bags of purified purified water. There are also two additional Millennium bars, each with 400 calories. The entire kit weighs 5.1 pounds.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

In addition, the meals and bars are hermetically packaged, so there is very little risk of spills. They are vacuum sealed to provide additional food protection and prolong shelf life. As a result, they take up very little space, if you are making a backpack or if you are trying to make room in your emergency room.

Another reliable food kit for emergencies are the 8-day high-performance LB1 survival tabs and food-supply meals. The shelf life is much longer according to the manufacturer compared to the previous products. This emergency kit also contains many vital minerals and vitamins, while at the same time it does not contain gluten or OGM. Again, the emergency kit is designed for a person with meals for 8 days. It contains a total of 96 tablets and includes 12 chewable tablets with 20 calories per tablet.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

One client shared that two tablets were sufficient to meet their food needs at the moment. Almost everyone we share shows 2 tablets filled them very quickly. This is an excellent way to store highly nutritious foods in small quantities, so keep the entire kit light.

If you want to experiment before committing to a larger purchase, you can try the smaller 2 day survival tabs. They are essentially the same, but offer a smaller amount at much lower prices and can test the product in safe conditions. You will have time to evaluate the tablets and determine if they will work for you.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

You may find it surprising, but the useful life of this product can reach 25 years. The tablets come in different flavors including strawberry, chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

Another emergency kit for food is the MRE of Meal Kit Supply with a useful life of 5 years. Meals, ready to eat (MRE) are very popular generally among military and air force personnel. However, they are also available to the general public, those who definitely like these packages. This particular product has 6 meals per pack, which contains about 600 calories per meal. This is much more than the products listed above, but the MRE could be a little more expensive.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

This product is also shipped with flameless ration heaters, so you do not have to worry about how to cook them. The package also contains a spoon and napkins. The product has a relatively long life, up to 5 years. All meals are 2 breakfasts and 4 lunches / dinners. The product also offers an orange electrolyte drink, in cases where you feel dehydrated. This drink will replenish the body’s water and electrolyte reserves.

The good thing about this product is that it weighs very little, occupies very little space in your backpack or emergency equipment and, as the name implies, is ready to eat. The heater works perfectly (according to most users) and will have a good meal ready in minutes. This product is a small version of the 12 MRE package.

When it comes to the package of 12 units, each meal includes 1300 calories, which can definitely last much longer and eliminate the hunger you may have had. It also comes with heaters and has 12 unique menus. The packages are vacuum sealed and no rodent or parasite can break a hole in the package.

It is waterproof and even impact resistant, to protect the contents. The full product of the 12-pack weighs 20 pounds, but is ideal for larger families who expect strong storms or hurricanes. It has 4 breakfasts and 8 lunches / dinners. You can hold up to a week during a disaster / emergency situation and you will not be disappointed.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

Each meal contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal body function and health for the day. In addition, this product is among the main products with such a high calorie content. It also has cocoa beverages ready to be mixed with water (since they are in powder form). You will also get coffee, sugar, salt and even pepper. Together with them you get a spoon, napkins and wet handkerchiefs.

Almost all customers commented that they were quite surprised by the great taste of these foods. Most of them could see the raw content, before cooking it in water, and thought that this simply could not taste good, but they were wrong. Almost everyone enjoyed these meals and would buy the manufacturer again.

One person, who used to be in the military, shares his experience that these MREs know much better than the military versions (it is illegal to sell MRE to civilians) and since he had consumed military MREs, he is very happy and surprised by the high quality of this product. He highly recommends it.

Another competitor of the brand in the field of MRE is the Sure-Pak. Your complete individual meal is an excellent way to start and explore foods and tastes. It is always best to start small and when you have determined whether you are satisfied with a certain product, you can commit to a larger amount.

Best Emergency Food: Kits And DIY Packages for Dark Times

Each meal in this package contains 900 to 1250 calories (depending on the food, you can read the label of each package). In the product package you will find a main dish, crackers, sandwiches, propagation type (peanut butter or cheese). You will also find dessert, powdered drink and also a spoon.

There is also the typical flameless heater. You also have the option of ordering different types of meals, you do not have to limit yourself to beef or pork. If you prefer one, you can ask for it. It is easy to customize the product before buying it.

To maintain maximum life, keep the product stored at no more than 60 degrees F. Higher temperatures will shorten its life. On the other hand, the manufacturer does not recommend freezing, as it can make it difficult to use the heater in food after removing it from the freezer.

General consideration on emergency food.

You can assemble all of these pre-packaged kits that we mentioned earlier. For example, you can set aside some products that have a really long lifespan. A great example of this are peanut butter, cookies (the brand you like), nuts, cereals, granola bars, protein and energy bars, dry foods, fruits and / or herbs , canned food (fish, beans, tuna, chicken, peas). ), soups in powder, etc.

All these can remain perfectly edible for several years if they are kept at low temperatures (but not necessarily freezing). You can compile your own list of favorite foods, keeping in mind that freeze-dried, canned and canned foods are your best option. Dry and powdered foods are very light and can be packaged in bulk.

As long as you have prepared water (make sure it is clean or purified / filtered) you will almost always have a meal ready to eat. Just keep in mind that you will need a portable stove to boil the water or at least to heat it, since powdered or lyophilized foods need warm water to dissolve more easily and become an edible food.

You can also pack instant coffee, cocoa powder and sugar to increase energy, including milk powder. You can also pack salt, pepper and other favorite spices. It increases the morale to have meals, spices and drinks that you are used to every day. Preparing your emergency food kit can give you that freedom of choice so you know what you will find in your kit and enjoy it.

Do not forget to also pack multivitamins and supplements. They can support your health throughout the emergency situation and keep you healthy on the road. After all, these emergency foods can not keep you healthy for a long time, since most contain less nutrients than fresh foods, fruits and vegetables.

And again, all this can be a complete package, which you can trust. You can store everything you need, and also think about emergency situations when you need to take the kit immediately and run for your life. Consider also keeping such a kit in a safe room or shelter (or even in your basement) in case you need to protect yourself during severe hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, etc.

Preparation basics

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