Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

Question: “What is the best family tent?” Using a family tent (can be better than using a car or a caravan) is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, feel the power of the wind and the heat of the sun . and listen to the sound of the rain, but a tent must be able to protect your family well.

Selecting a tent is a difficult challenge, since they come in all shapes, sizes and characteristics, but with the research you can find the right one; everything depends on your budget and priority, among other factors.

If the adventure is the backpack, then the weight of the family tent should be the highest priority, or if you have a large family, say from six to ten, you can choose a model that comes with bedrooms and living areas. Therefore, for a full explanation, we give you a clearer idea on how to choose the right family tent.

Important features to keep in mind when choosing a tent.


In most cases, the tents of three seasons are chosen for their light characteristics and their perfect design for temperate conditions in spring, summer and autumn. These types of tents come with enough mesh panels that stimulate the air flow and prevent insects and insects, although they can not filter the blowing sand. They can also keep up with downpours, but they are not the best options in terms of withstanding severe storms, heavy snow or violent winds. Its main functions are to provide privacy, protect your family against insects and insects and keep them dry during light snow and rain.

There are also more than 3 seasonal stores, which are designed and built for use in three seasons and in summer. They usually offer resistance, ventilation balance and heat retention and come with at least one pole and fewer mesh panels than the 3-station models, which makes them stronger and warmer as well. You can choose this family tent if you usually go to camps in high places. Take note, however, they are not to keep up with the harsh winter conditions.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

Finally, there are the four-season tents or the mountaineering tents that are designed and made to keep up with the harsh winter and wind conditions. They come with thicker fabrics and poles heavier than any other type of tents. They also have rounded dome designs to eliminate flat roof space. However, its thick construction can hinder ventilation, resulting in a warm and suffocating feeling in mild climatic conditions. Its main functions are to withstand inhospitable weather patterns, such as howling high winds.

Suggestion to better select: before camping, you should be able to anticipate the weather conditions by checking the forecast the day before the activity because two main enemies of the campers are rain and wind. Therefore, if you planned to camp in places where these two are always visitors, you may want to consider a suitable high-quality tent with features to withstand existing weather patterns and protect you and your family from the elements.

Weight and size

Many family tents are designed for the transport of automobiles and it is common for larger ones to be heavier than expedition tents. You can look at its compact size to see if it fits into the trunk of your car and observe its erect form (more extensions) to verify if it fits into the pitch you have chosen at the camp.

Many family tents for sale claim that they can accommodate a specific number of campers, but these ratings are usually not realistic. For example, a tent for 8 people can have a size of 180 square feet, which allows 22.5 square feet per person. However, you must remember that an air mattress can only consume 12 square feet, leaving little space for your personal belongings. So, in this case, a reasonable allocation of 30 square feet per person could accommodate only six people in this store.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

In addition, you should take note of the irregularly shaped family tents that may have a large floor area, but you do not have enough space to allow your family members to stretch out when they are in their sleeping bags. More on how to choose the size of the tent is to verify the dynamics of your family. You should imagine how all would coexist peacefully inside the store.

For example, does your husband snore loudly waking up children at night, or do your children become restless and keep everyone awake? Imagine and consider your family’s sleep habits so you can decide what size of tent to buy. Otherwise, you may have to buy two or three small tents that will separate everything.

You should find an easy-to-install tent to avoid the stress of spending too much time on it. Remember, children also love to participate in the construction of tents, so make sure that less than three people can build it.

Protection and ventilation of insects.

When choosing a tent, see if it has a ventilation function so that everyone inside the tent feels comfortable and allows the air to flow freely. However, you should see if the ventilation panels have a mesh cover, an important feature to keep insects and insects out of the store.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

You can also choose tents with mosquito nets on the door, which not only allow the entry of fresh air inside, but also prevent the entry of flying insects.


It would be nice if you selected a family tent with enough storage space to accommodate your things, including camping equipment. There should be enough space so that you can keep the main area to sleep and be free of clutter.

Doors and windows

You can consider buying a family tent with at least two doors to help the air flow freely through your tent, something to improve ventilation and to receive the breeze in the warmer weather. With two doors, you can also have the flexibility to enter and exit your store using the most convenient door and can reduce the flow of feet through a single door in rainy weather.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

You can get the most out of your store by increasing your sense of space and lightness with the windows. And for these, you can find models with built-in or pre-connected windows to block light, if desired. The windows not only give a better feeling of space, but also increase ventilation so that everyone feels comfortable when they are inside the tent.


Make sure you can accommodate the number of people in your family and see if there will be enough space to move around for everyone. Remember that it is essential to have a decent living space in the store to avoid a “claustrophobic feeling”.

It should also make everyone feel comfortable and able to stand inside the store. You should also make sure to place chairs and tables indoors for activities, such as playing board and card games and eating.


A family tent, which requires at least two people to assemble, is larger than a tent for two people, so the ease of construction is a very important factor to consider when choosing one. Do not let the difficult assembly stress you and ruin your vacations. There are tents with poles held in their sleeves, while others have clips of that skeleton. You may want to opt for the design of the case for its strength, but for the design of the clip for easy assembly.

Additional advice: do not wait until the camping trip before trying and setting up the tent. You can try to erect it in your backyard before the camp to see how to set it up.

Space for the head

There are several tent shapes to choose from, and some of them are cabin styles that come with almost vertical walls to accommodate maximum headroom and dome styles that come with less headroom but work better against the wind. So, if you are anticipating bad weather, you can opt for the dome tent or cabin style if you are looking for more headroom (especially when camping in large groups).


In addition to these features, you can also consider the store’s material. For example, you can buy one that is made with aluminum and polyester to make sure it will stay dry and strong. Moreover, remember that nylon is also an excellent option to be the material for the sides of the store because it allows moisture (exhaled by everyone in the store) and breathes.

However, keep in mind that heavier nylon socks are more durable than lightweight ones. And for the rain fly, which is the separate piece of cloth that holds the rain and goes through the tent, choose a polyester fly that not only covers the roof but covers the entire tent to repel rain.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

When it comes to posts, you should choose a tent with poles of aluminum material that is more resistant than fiberglass. In addition, you may want to find models with tapered floor joints and a tub design that wraps around the carp wall by a couple of inches, making it water resistant and sturdier than those that are only sewn each.

Cloth of earth and stakes

You will need a good stake to keep your tent firm against the wind, and remember that the larger your tent, the greater the surface area for the wind to hit. You will also need a floor cloth or a piece of plastic that covers the back of the store to prevent moisture from entering the store.

Sleeping capacity

When selecting a family tent, you may want to select a model that is based on the number of family members, as well as the number of people who join (for example, friends, close relatives …). However, there is no specific industrial standard to define the dimensions per person of the store.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

Therefore, when assessing the capacity capabilities of the carp, you must assume that it fits well, and if you were considering more space, you can choose to increase the capacity of the carp in at least one person, especially if the people who join They are big, claustrophobic, when you would sleep and take a dog or a small child.

Sleeping compartment inside the family tent.

What is your favorite sleeping arrangement? This is something you can decide depending on the age of your children. There should be flexible compartments for the bedroom and a central zipper to separate at least two cameras, which means that you and your spouse can sleep in the small compartment and your children in the big one.

Or you can also check if you can divide the compartment for privacy if you have older children. And for this, most families choose the family style tent vis-a-vis where there are two sleeping areas at both ends of the tent, with the living room in the middle of them.

Porch and extension.

A tent with an optional or integral porch is important so that you and your family can take off your clothes and boots outdoors before entering the store’s living room. In addition to a porch it is an extension, something worth considering for family tents, as they offer flexibility and add space as your family’s needs also grow.

The choice of a tent with or without extension may also depend on the duration of the camping trip you are making. In addition, you can choose a model with awning or awning to protect from the sun and create a shaded area to enjoy the outdoors. You will find tents for camping with larger extensions, especially if your family loves to have a separate space for cooking, a larger living area or an additional storage space.

Additional characteristics

If you and your family are looking for the best possible comfort, you can also choose tents with more features, such as hooks for lanterns (which allow you to make lighting easier at night) and electrical connections (which allow the charging and operation of electrical elements by telephone).

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

On the other hand, there are tents that come with carpets or floors that can make everyone feel comfortable, while it also works as an insulator, although it is not a main feature.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

If you want to have this function, you can get a custom carpet that is designed to fit within the tent you have selected. Alternatively, there are types that come with sewn earth leaves, a common feature in most family style tents that keep insects and water out. The design features can also be invaluable if you are looking for additional features. For example, you can select a family shop with large windows to ventilate better.

A list of 10 tents that you can consider

  1. The Coleman Sundome store has a capacity for six people, can be set up and dismantled in 10 minutes with its instant clip posts and has the WeatherTec waterproof system.
  2. The Coleman Montana tent has a cabin design with angled windows to keep rain out when it opens and is ideal for family car campers, extended camping trips and scout leaders. It has an electric access port, door awning and swing door.
  3. The Coleman Red Canyon store is available in black, blue and red; It can house up to eight campers; and has a divider to create separate rooms. It has posts with shock cable and an easy-to-follow instruction manual for easy configuration and disassembly.
  4. The Wenzel Klondike family tent for 8 people is made of weather-resistant polyester and polyurethane lining and offers a full mesh option. It has a protected area function for a bedroom or a sun room.
  5. The Coleman instant tent for 6 people comes with a spacious interior to accommodate two Queen beds and has preassembled poles for quick and easy installation in less than a minute. It also has a built-in rainfly for protection against the weather.
  6. The breeze of Coleman Prairie offers a comfortable residence for the family in the desert and can accommodate up to nine people. It has a system of fans with LED light to offer a comfortable environment for the family.
  7. Kodiak Canvas Flex-bow features a duck canvas 100% resistant, breathable and waterproof. It also has two D-shaped doors and two flow ventilation ducts.
  8. EUREKA! Copper Canyon has a capacity for four people and has a six-post cabin style and a full mesh roof. It also comes with a large D-shaped door and half a window to facilitate entry and exit.
  9. Standing room 100 is a family-style hanging hut or tent with two separate doors for easy access and comes with four storage bags for your accessories, such as extra batteries, cell phones, etc. It can be set up in minutes with its cover hooks and easy-to-follow instruction guide.
  10. Ozark Trail is a large family tent with 3 rooms to accommodate up to 10 people, with two side doors and a central door for privacy and can accommodate up to three Queen beds.

Definitely, choosing the right tent is essential because a tent can indicate the level of comfort, protection and security that you and your family will experience in the camp.

Best Family Camping Tent: How to Select The Right One for Your Needs

Therefore, you may want to consider the factors we have listed above to decide which tent is working and which best serves your family. Happy camping!


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