Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

While camping or hiking, at some point you will have to light a fire, cook your food or boil the water. If your matches and lighter can not help (it’s rainy, foggy, too humid) you’ll have some problem starting a fire. That is why many people prefer to keep fire starters in their backpacks. They are lightweight and help you start a fire in a matter of seconds. Of course, having matches or a lighter alone would be complementary to a fire starter.

In this article we will review several popular and well-liked fire starters. We will share the opinions and opinions of the clients and all the positive and negative aspects of these products.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

It will be much easier to determine which fire starter is best for you and your particular needs. It all depends on whether you are a hiker or a camper, or if you are a true survivor.

Products of survival fire start

UST Sparkie Starter and WetFire tinder

This product is a smaller version of the popular UST BlastMatch. It can be used to make fire and smaller flames, but that does not mean it’s worth the price. In fact, the product comes with the WetFire tinder, which is useful if you expect a wet and rainy weather. You can use it with one hand (since the front is inside), which is also a great feature. Just press the button, slide the rod and place it near the tinder. The sparks will jump directly into the tinder and you will have flames in a second.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

If you run out of tinder, you can order more in a separate package of 8 pieces. According to customer testing, a piece of UST tinder can burn up to 10 minutes and can produce flames up to one foot. For the price, this is a great product and most customers like the ease of use of this starter. Some people compared it to other fire starters and are satisfied with the ease with which UST can start a fire.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife and Tinder in a bar

These two are robust and reliable products by the popular and reliable Light My Fire client. The knife has a spark rod on the handle (the blade is made of stainless steel). The reason why this combination is so good is that the tinder of a cane is made of thick wood and burns quite quickly. It is waterproof and is attached to a cord. The tinder is 80% made of resin and is actually the resin that burns (the wood is the base of the resin).

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

As for the fire starter, it has a fairly long life of 3000 strikes in general. It can produce sparks even in cold climates, different altitudes and climatic conditions.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Compact fire starter Gerber Bear Grylls

This product is a small version of similar products from the Bear Grills series. The handle is made of rubber and is easy to hold (does not slide). It is a small and compact fire starter (weighs less than an ounce), but just as reliable. It comes with a cord, which you can have as a bracelet, attach it to your zipper or backpack, etc., all depending on your preferences. The cover is made of aluminum, which means that the Ferro rod is protected in all weather conditions.

It also fits the fire starter very comfortably and safely, which means it will not come loose from the bar. The lid is also thick and durable, and provides the water resistance of the entire product.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

The fire lighter comes with a tungsten carbide, which is also a good surprise for the customers.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Exotac NanoStriker XL

This product, according to some tests and the experience of the customers, can produce very large sparks. Some people even claim that they are larger than any they saw produced by other fire starters. This means that you will have very high chances of starting a fire in a second. Most people report that sparks are very hot and stay alive longer than expected. While you have a good dry tinder, you may not even need to get special grease wood or other similar products.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

In addition, the Exotac fire starter is very small and it is better to put it on a necklace or bracelet cord, key chain, or else, you can easily lose it. Of course, it also comes with a protective aluminum and magnesium cap. In it you can find tungsten carbide for the strike. This NanoStriker has a life of approximately 3000 attacks (compared to 1000 for average fire beginners).

If you want to pair this fire starter with a manufactured tinder, you can reuse the Exotac tinderTIN. The only thing to consider before buying this tinder product is that the tin is very small and some customers claim that it is better to buy tinder wood to shave, instead of using it. The product works as expected, but the quantity is too small and can be disappointing when you open the lid for the first time.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

The flint forward of Coghlan

This is another great product in the fire start category. The Coghlan flint and fire initiator has a longer life than the previous ones, some 4000 strikes, which is impressive. You just need to push the rod down to ignite the sparks. It also works well in different climatic conditions and can still produce sparks in humid climates. And if you have water resistant tinder, you will not have problems starting a fire. Most people report that to start the fire they make two strokes. That’s all it takes for the flames to explode.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

If you try to light some other material such as pine needles, paper, etc., you may have to hit a lot more (up to 50 times), but it depends on the material. To keep the product usable for longer, just use construction wood or resin-coated tinder, as they ignite immediately. The only drawback, according to most customers, is that the striker is not as good as, for example, the Super Scraper. For some customers it takes several strokes to light a fire. If you combine the Coghlan flint front with a Super Scraper, you will have a great combination for a fire starter.

Otherwise, if you use Coghlan’s product with your tinder, you can light a fire in two ways. It depends on your preferred combination. Another client reported that sometimes the Coghlan flint and fire initiator can produce very long sparks and send themselves more than a few feet away.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Gerber Bear Grylls fire starter

This Gerber product is a larger and more optimized version than the previous one. It is probably a bit more reliable since it has some additional features.

On the one hand, he still has a Ferro cane and a metal striker, but he also has a whistle. It is very well attached to a cord. All the product is kept in the same cord, so there is no risk of losing any of the pieces of the fire starter. In addition to all that, you also get printed instructions from SOS and Air Respir, all printed on the cover.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

Of course, the metal housing is waterproof, so water or moisture can not penetrate inside the tool. When you try to start a fire for the first time, you may have to hit several times, until you reach the metal, but that is only for the first uses. Later, the sparks will fly almost instantaneously.

There is a space to put a cotton ball or a little tinder in the lid, when you close the fire lighter, which is a great way to make sure it does not get wet and can be used if you are in a critical situation. situation. So, that’s a very useful trick to keep in mind.

People also report that the fire starter produces really large sparks, so they will probably have some fire quickly. And, finally, the cord may seem a bit too short for some people, so if you prefer to wear it on your neck, you can replace it with a custom cord. Otherwise, the one that comes with this fire initiator will do everything possible to keep it close to you (like a bracelet, attached to a zipper, etc.).

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Zippo emergency starter

This looks like a normal lighter, but it is not. It is lighter than a normal Zippo lighter and can produce flashes with just one hand. There is a spark wheel when you open the lid. When you turn the wheel (like a normal lighter) sparks come out. They are significantly smaller than those produced by most of the previous products.

Otherwise, this product comes with cotton and wax (4 pieces). You can store up to 3 of these tinder balls in the box compartment. Most customers report that you need to hit at least 3 times to start a little fire.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

However, one of the problems with this fire starter is that the O-ring, which keeps the product water resistant, may not give the best results, and sometimes customers had to use a little force to make sure that the lid is tightly closed. This can compromise the waterproof property. Of course, if you are camping or hiking in a completely dry area, you should not have any of these concerns and you can enjoy the Zippo fire starter.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Emergency fire starter Live Fire Sport

This is very small, and even if it comes in two sizes (5 and 8 cm), it is still small. That is why it is called an emergency start, as it can fit in small cans, compartments, bags, pockets, etc. You can take it with you anywhere and be prepared for any emergency situation.

However, if you have large hands, it may not be a good idea for you. Some customers report that, due to the small size, they believe that they can burn trying to start a fire. If size is not a problem for you, then you will enjoy this product.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

As for the product, you can burn the entire container for about 30 minutes, with the lid completely removed. Otherwise, you can control the flame by adjusting the lid. You can slide it back and forth to make the flame larger or smaller. There is also a side cover that, when you slide it, you can turn the lighter into a candle. Also, do not hold the fire lighter in your hands while it is burning, as the can can get very hot.

To use this product, you will also need a rod, so you can start the fire yourself. Some people share that their Live Fire starter came with an iron rod, others said they only received the flammable product. You may have to contact the manufacturer to get specific details about what you get when you place an order.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

UST BlastMatch Fire Starter

This fire start was initially designed for pilots and air forces. In situations where they crashed or were stranded (and perhaps injured), they could easily start a fire with just one hand. Sparks are sometimes hotter than ordinary sparks or sparks from matches. It is waterproof and can be used for thousands of hits. It will work in any weather condition.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

If you use this fire starter with a cotton ball and Vaseline, you should be able to start a fire by striking only once. It works even in heavy rain, but you will need good flammable materials like resin or Vaseline resin. In addition, you can rotate the bar, so that internal tungsten carbide and flint do not wear too fast on one side. The use will be distributed evenly if you rotate regularly. The fire starter has a waterproof housing and is reliable enough.

Some customers believe that the product is made of cheap material and could easily break if dropped or handled improperly, but for the price and money you are paying, you get a pretty decent fire starter. If you handle it properly, it should last for years.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

The windmill Trekker storm-proof

This is again a product of UST, a trusted manufacturer. This lighter uses a piezo igniter, which means it can be used more than 30,000 times. The lighter also has a tank that stores 4 grams of fuel and can be used up to 1000 times before the next recharge. As the name implies, it is a storm-proof lighter and can withstand winds of up to 80 m / h.

There is an O-ring, which makes the starter motor waterproof. The case is made of rubber to ensure that its grip is stable while holding it.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

The only thing you should keep in mind before buying this product is that the fuel is butane. This means that, since butane does not vaporize below 30 degrees F, it may not be able to start any fires (or even sparks) in cold climates. It is true that it supports strong winds, but the low temperatures will keep the butane liquid tanned and there will be no sparks.

In addition, some customers shared their experience at higher altitudes, where the starter did not work as well. In general, temperatures at higher altitudes are always lower than at sea level. Some users thought about keeping the lighter close to their body, so that they are always in a warmer environment before using it in colder conditions. This can be one of the solutions.

Otherwise, if you are planning a casual trip at sea level or in warmer conditions (not winter), this lighter will not fail you. And, after all, this is what the manufacturer announced: a windproof lighter. When it comes to that, it works perfect.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Starter Aurora 440C

This product is designed and manufactured by Solo Scientific, USA. UU The percussion blade is made of fully hardened steel. It is very strong and strong to the touch, so it is made to withstand heavy conditions. There is no risk of breaking it, if you let go. There is a loop hole, which you can use to attach the lighter to a cord or key ring so that it is always within arm’s reach.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

It fits perfectly to a Paracord 550 through the hole. Also, it’s waterproof (as long as you keep the lid on).

Many people report through a small fault in the execution of this product and it is the case. It is made in a cross-hatching pattern, which could improve grip, but some users explained that some of the sharp edges of the cross-hatch are really sharp and they had to file a bit over these edges until there is no risk of cutting them. your hand, pocket, etc. They think that the price is a bit higher for this product, but when it comes to producing sparks and starting a fire, it will not fail. Many people had used it for more than a few years and were satisfied with the ease of use.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Magnesium starter

The product contains a magnesium fire starter, flint and a percussion tool, which together will produce the sparks you need for a fire. It is waterproof and works in any weather condition. It is packed in a small and comfortable box, and the product itself is light and compact and can fit in your pocket without problems. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The reason why this product is so good is that it is made of magnesium. It is highly flammable and even if it is wet it produces sparks. It must be in the form of a shave to start a fire. In addition, you use the flint and the front, which produce eight hotter sparks compared to matches.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

The edge of the file, which comes with this package, also has a saw. You can use it to shave some remains of tinder or wood. In general, the users are very satisfied with this product and the majority affirms that, however, many times they tried it, the starter always worked and never failed them.

A client experimented soaking the magnesium for 10 hours and when he took it out of the water and tasted it, he immediately created sparks, without drying or fuss. Since the price is affordable and low, the feeling is that you receive quality for the money you pay. Almost no customer was dissatisfied and everyone recommended this product.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

FastFire FastStrike MAXX fire starter

It is shipped with a Ferro rod and a carbon steel saw blade. It can be used for up to 10,000 strikes. The hacksaw blade can also be used as a cutting tool. The sparks generated are very hot and can reach up to 5500 degrees F. This means that there is no way you can not start a fire in any weather condition, at sea level or high in the mountains; In wet and humid conditions or hot and dry.

There is no material in this product that can break (like plastic parts), so the risk of failure is minimal. The product size can fit a pocket knife or antlers sleeve.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Which to choose?

So, in general, if you need a reliable fire lighter and do not like sophisticated tools, this product will meet your expectations.

With all the elements mentioned earlier in this article, we strongly recommend that you try them at home and get used to them. Also, choose some of them with different properties and feel so you can better judge which one best suits your needs. You can try the cheapest product before deciding if a more expensive item would be the best one for you. If you already have experience in caravans or survivors, you probably know that having a backup element, such as a second lighter or a lighter, is a must.

For example, if you are camping in a cold climate, the Windmill fire starter is not for you, but if you go on a dry summer day, the same fire starter would need a spark to start a fire. Therefore, planning where you are going and what time you will do will be better before committing to a purchase.

Best Fire Starter: Various Fire Starters for Survivalists

And again, do not buy a product, which you will use the next day; try it before going camping and make sure it works so you can trust it.

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