Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

If you take your fishing seriously, you want to be aware of your game. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you will love what you can do for yourself these days to help you with your fishing game. Do you need help learning to tie those complicated fishing knots? Not sure when the fish will be biting? Not sure what species of fish you just knocked down? Maybe you just want to relax with a classic and fun arcade style fishing game.

Maybe you’re just looking for a clean and simple way to record all your captures in an easy-to-see place. There are even realistic fishing simulation games to make you feel like you’re on the lake, even when you really can not be there.

From GPS tracking to help you find the best place to fish, to an application that has all the fishing rules and regulations you need to fish safely. For whatever you are fishing, to maximize your launch potential, we cover you with some of the best fishing applications available.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

We have compiled a list of what we believe are some of the most informative and fun fishing applications available. From sports applications to help you perfect your cast, to fun and relaxed applications of games created to help you relax on and off the ship. There are even a lot of educational applications to test and improve your knowledge about fish, so you will be sure that you will be the biggest obstacle so far.

From Android to Apple, you will find an application that suits your interests and needs. These are our best fishing applications in no particular order to help you get that 10-pound advantage so you can boast all your friends about your next big catch. With these applications, the fish will be biting in a moment!

My fishing forecast

Make sure the fish are stinging before heading to your usual fishing spot. This clean and simple iOS application is compatible with Apple Watch. Perfect for those who plan a final trip, this application allows you to see the fishing forecast up to 4 hours before at any location you choose. With its bright and fresh design, this application makes it easy and straightforward to use. Simply enter your planned fishing location and the My Fishing Forecast application will plot the forecast on a chart for the next 5 days.

You will get the best fishing times according to the weather of your GPS location. And since the app gives you updated forecasts about the time, make sure you know the ideal times of the day to launch your reel. You can even save locations, allowing you to monitor your favorite fishing spots so you can always be sure to get out while the fish are biting.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

It should be noted that the My Fishing Forecast application is on the expensive side of things. At $ 9.99, it’s a lot to ask what seems like such a simple application. But the My Fishing Forecast application has an impact that other applications of similar functionality do not have.

Not only does it use its GPS to block its location, but it is also the only application with the “best fishing time” that combines climate trends and astronomy in a single rating. With its planetary data from NASA and its meteorological data based on, the accuracy of this application can not be exceeded.

GPS Trimble fish

For Android users, the Trimble GPS Fish app is your perfect GPS map fishing companion. Using the built-in GPS of your Android phone, this application works even in the most remote places and without the use of cellular data. That means you can map your fishing route anytime anywhere. By giving you access to view the top, aerial and street maps, you can mark the waypoints along your route, such as docks, fishing spots and underwater features, which helps you track the landmarks and the trip along the way.

With a built-in compass navigation for instructions, you can track mileage, your boat drifting and routes from one location to another, all while on the water. Check out the sun and moon phases and basic weather reports to stay prepared for the next day. This application is ideal to share your best photos and boast of your last captures of the day with friends.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

The basic application is free, but you will not have access to your maps while you are offline. You can upgrade to PRO so you can see maps offline, allowing you to verify your location outside the network. You can subscribe annually for $ 29.99 as ELITE to get the best full access to offline maps such as Lake Maps, Weather Maps, Public Lands and even a trip planner.

It’s a bit expensive, but application users trust it. Users have commented that the vast functionality requires some time to get used. But once you learn it, it is an excellent application that is very useful to mark all your fishing points.

Fish rules

This is the perfect iOS app for fishing enthusiasts who like to travel to the high seas. If you have ever asked yourself, “Which species are prohibited?” Or, “What is the limit of the bag for the fish that I just caught?” The Rules for fish are the answer to all that and more. Remembering all the rules and regulations of fishing at sea can make you rethink before launching your line. That’s where Fish Rules comes into play. This clever application simplifies all recreational rules and regulations for saltwater fishing for state and federal waters from North Carolina to Texas, under control.

With this application, you will know exactly what is in season, the amount that must be maintained, its size regulated and much more. Never again will you have to ask what’s in the season. Fish Rules uses your phone’s GPS or you can manually enter your location, so you always know your precise location and exactly what regulations you must comply with.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

This application is also an excellent way to keep a record of all the fish you have caught over the years. You can even upload photos directly to Facebook to show off the latest social networks. No more doubts about what species you just hooked.

Fish Rules not only gives you accurate regulatory information, it also helps you identify your capture by using illustrations and photos with identification clues. Best of all, Fish Rules is free. The fishermen who have used this application say that they would like the registration function to be more precise, but when combined with another application, the Fishing Rules, the rules!


FishTales is an iOS application that will help you track each of your captures. It is a fishing log and a record book that does more than just basic records. The more you manage to record your captures, the bigger the database that you create for yourself over time. That means you can look back not only to what species you captured, but also with what decoy, where, when, how the weather was and other important information.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

With this application you not only keep a fishing logbook, but you give yourself the tools to perfect your fishing techniques based on your previous performance. You can add photos of your capture and have the free will to record any other information you consider necessary. You can be as simple or as complete as you want. There is even a section to keep virtually stock of your lures from the tackle box that keeps track of the fish caught with the lure and bait that was used. Searching your database is easy and you can even search for traps by location or date.

This application costs $ 2.99 and is only available on iOS. While it may seem a little high for what you are getting, the price is worth it. Now you can spend less time registering your fish to have more time to hook your next catch. Oh, and this application comes ready with bragging rights. Every time you log in to a photo, you can automatically upload it to Facebook or send it via email, making sure everyone can see that footer you just shot down.

Ninja fishing

Therefore, it is possible that this application does not necessarily have to do with real fishing, but it is a fun way to incorporate your favorite fishing sport into a ninja game that throws action-packed stars. Ninja Fishing is the number one fishing game. It is a super addictive game that is the perfect way to relax after a long day with your hook in the water. Relax by helping a ninja with fitness problems to fish his way to victory.

Drop your hook to the deepest parts of the water and collect as many fish as you can! With fists of fury, help your ninja to cut and cut the fish from the sky. Collect fish species while you travel 6 game islands, building your ninja village as you go.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

Watch out! This application is more addictive than Angry Birds. Collect coins to unlock new islands and build your catalog of fish species. It is free to download and is available on Android and IOS devices.


Unlike Ninja Fishing, iFishing is the closest thing to the real fishing you can get on your iPhone. This fun and virtual game puts you in action. This fishing simulator is not a silly arcade game. Designed by an avid fisherman, iFishing is a realistic and deep-sea fishing game. There is so much depth in this game.

With the real life factors, such as the place where you are fishing, the bait and bait you use, even up to the speed of your reel, plays an important role in what you fish. Drive a boat around a lake and launch your line where it looks good. This game has 5 lakes to unlock, tournaments to enter and 3 levels of difficulty, you can really test your skills and fishing skills.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

Available in both iOS and Android, it will remain entertained for hours, inside and outside the ship. The true fishing enthusiasts feel as if they were in a real fishing moment with everything this application has to offer. The drawback, this game will cost you $ 2.63. But thousands of users have said that with the number of options and realistic configurations, it’s worth the price for entertainment.

Fishing time and solunar hunting.

Designed to help you determine the most accurate feeding of all types of fish, Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time is the new fishing best friend of your Android. Using the theory of the Solunar Tables, this application gives you a precise fishing forecast so that you know the best times when the fish will be stinging.

By observing the position of the moon, the phases of the moon and the position of the sun, and a forecast of 5 days, you will be sure that you will get the best moments to fish. Now you can plan your trips in advance, to make sure you have the best possible opportunities to take home the biggest catch of the day.

The application can use the internal GPS of your smartphone or you can enter locations manually. Once you have entered a location, you can save your favorite fishing holes so you can check the Solunar forecasts at any time.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

You can download the basic version for free on your Android phone or you can choose to upgrade to the Pro version later with purchases from the application. Fishing enthusiasts who use this application say it is simple and easy to use. Many customers have said that this is the most accurate solunar hunting and fishing application they have found, but it is always good to remember that nothing is 100% accurate.

The best fisherman

Designed for anglers of all levels, the Ultimate Angler app offers you a complete library of techniques to help you find fish. With a quick reference to help in the capture of freshwater species, sport saltwater fish and even deep sea fishing.

Simply choose what fish you are looking for, what the current conditions are, where you are fishing, the time of year, the time of day, the wind conditions, the clarity of the water and the Ultimate Angler application will give you the most likely results based on your information. provided.

The results will tell you where and how to launch your line, recommend the best bait to use and much more to help you have the best possible chance to catch the fish of your dreams.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

You can get the Ultimate Angler for iOS for $ 2.99 and have access to a large library with more than 50 species of common sport fishes, as well as fishing techniques to help you out and fish correctly. With a section to record your last catch, you can see not only when, where, but also its weight, length, what bait has been used and much more. Although the users of the application were impressed with the type of information, many users have said that the list of species could be more specific, so keep this in mind if you are the type of fisher that is hunting for a particular type of fish.

My fishing advisor pro.

Here is another application to get out and enter the boat at the right time to ensure the best opportunities to catch the catch of the day.

My Fishing Advisor Pro shows you the optimal fishing times according to the time of year, weather and water conditions, and then helps you choose the bait or the bait and the appropriate technique to better adapt to what is happening that day . This application does all the divination work for you. Now you can know when the fish will be most active and feed, giving you the best possible chance to hook.

Like most applications of this type, you can save locations and your favorite fishing spots to monitor over time. With each location you add, My Fishing Advisor will select the best of the group, giving you the most promising fishing experience. The application will even recommend which lure to choose, the rod, the line, the correct hooks and much more.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

Available in a free version with most functions available to you, there is the possibility to use Pro to unlock all functions. Beginners and casual fishermen will feel confident in their abilities with the ease of use of this application. It will make newbies more successful and avoid the frustrating difficulties of learning to fish for the first time. Most users have found that the option to save their fishing spots is very useful, while others want them to save their custom fishing plans to come back later.

Fishing knots lite

Knowing how to tie the right knots in your fishing line is of utmost importance to fishermen. But learning to tie all those annoying knots and knowing which nodes are best for which application can be difficult to remember and execute correctly. Fishing Knots Lite is the solution to your problem. This application eliminates all the conjectures and errors of your line out of the equation. By putting detailed step-by-step instructions with bright, clean illustrations accompanied by a step on the road, you will be tying nodes at any time.

The best part is that you do not even need an Internet connection to access the extensive database of available nodes. And that means you can be anywhere, even in the middle of an extensive lake without service and still have access to the knot library of Fishing Knots Lite.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

The basic application is free and offers an extensive library of knots to navigate. But you can buy the Pro version for $ 2.00 on your Android phone. Fishing Knots Lite is very easy to use and there is almost a knot for each application in its extensive library.

Users love the clean and simple display of Fishing Knots Lite so much that almost 5,000 users have given it 5-star ratings. You will never get caught wondering which node to tie on your fishing line when you have Fishing Knots Lite by your side. You’ll be so sure of your knot-tying skills, the fish will practically jump into your boat by themselves.

Ridiculous fishing – a story of redemption

This fun and hilarious arcade game is an excellent way to laugh after a strenuous and perhaps unrewarding fishing day. Play as Billy while embarking on a sea search “for glory and gills.” Travel the world to different continents and fish in a silly and extravagant way.

Change your fishing rod by unconventional fishing methods, such as guns, chainsaws, bowling balls and, yes, even toasters. This game will attract you and keep you playing while you try and collect as many fish to use as hats as possible.

Ridiculous Fishing- A Tale of Redemption is available on Android and iOS devices and you can buy it for $ 2.99 in your app store. This game has been described as a unique fishing game and has received an average rating of 4.5 stars by users. Your humorous style and its forms will keep you at all times. You might even be tempted to try to catch it the same way that Billy does.

Best Fishing Apps for Your Smartphone: Overview

Although these are just some of the hundreds of applications of fishing available in the world of applications, we believe that at least you will find one that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple and direct way to document all your fishing conquests and catches as in FishTales, or ways to improve your launching technique as in Ultimate Angler, we have it covered.

Now you will never be left wondering when will be the best time to launch your line when you have applications such as Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time or My Fishing Forecast at your side. If saltwater fishing is your type of fishing, be sure to invest in the Rules of Fishing so that you know what recreational seawater fishing rules and regulations you should use.


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