Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

The GPS is a real blessing for all those, and that makes almost the entire population of travelers and hikers, who are tired of carrying paper maps while trying to determine where they are exactly and where to go. Instead of using a compass and a paper map, for more than 20 years we are addicted to the use of GPS to find our way anywhere we go. Now, that addiction, like any other addiction, is not as good for us as we are condemned to trust our apps and devices.

In general, there are hundreds of different GPS applications, many of which work with exactly the same functions and preferences. On the other hand, there are also some GPS applications that will change the perspective you have on GPS applications.

Some of the GPS applications that we have reviewed and listed for you are really amazing and almost impeccable, while others are free with solid features and fully functional. Many of the applications in our list of best selections work on Windows, Android and iOS, while some are only operable on Android or iOS or Windows. We present some of the best applications for Windows, Android and iOS currently available for download.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks


Any GPS application can work well and allows you access to a solid navigation system, but not all applications can also work offline. If you like hiking or travel a lot, you surely know that using GPS with most applications is impossible without Wi-Fi unless you download the map you need.

Most GPS applications do not support the downloading of large maps, but rather maps of smaller cities, which is excellent if you want to get around a city, but what happens if you are hiking or need to plan your route during all one day? If that is the case, your application will be useless. The Sygic GPS application is different, since you can use all the maps while you are offline. This function is adopted by several excellent GPS applications, but Sygic also has other interesting features that can make you choose.

In case you have trouble finding your way following the standard GPS flat map, you will love knowing that the Sygic GPS application offers a new 3D description on any map you may need. In that way, as buildings, mountains, monuments and parks are visible in 3D, you can easily find your way even if you are following a certain route for the first time.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

Speaking of routes, there are many alternatives that are offered for each destination, so you can choose the route you find as the best. This application is designed to guide you step by step, so we could say that Sygic is an easy to use application, since you can also save and adjust the route with the option of drag and drop. The use of this application is quite easy, so you will definitely have no problem managing maps and routes.

Sygic is available for Windows, Android and iOS, so all users can install it. As for the price in question, there are two plans, one of which is completely free and the other, Premium, which must be paid in order to use it. You can probably get a discount on the purchase of this application, but even if the discounts are out of option, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to pay for this application annually, the purchase is worth it for life.

The function that you obtain with the Premium account and that is not available for free is that you can drive or walk with the application that guides you step by step with the automatic relocation of your route in case you make an incorrect turn, calculating your way back to the right path Another great feature that you get with the Premium license is the voice command, where you can be guided vocally while keeping your eyes on the road.

You will also receive notices and warnings about the speed limit, as well as directions to the right lane to drive in all countries of the world. The Premium account also offers statistics so you can track all the routes you have taken, showing your outdoor activities. Sygic is in general a great application for all travelers, hikers and drivers.

Pros: 3D navigation, user-friendly design, interesting features made for travelers and hikers. The premium account offers even more than you pay. It works for you even when you are offline, so you do not need to download maps.

Cons: There are no reported errors or errors in the system.


Once known as Navfree, with a great possibility that many people still recognize this application by its old name, Navmii is a completely free GPS application. If you are a Windows user, you can skip this revision because, unfortunately, Navmii is only available for Android and iOS, so it seems that the creators do not care about the potential Windows Phone users. But, in agreement, we will forgive them since the application, together with all the available functions, is free.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

Of course, with the new name came some new features, so now with the new update you can enjoy a new user-friendly design and a more functional interface that looks great, updated maps and traffic reports in real time. New features have been created to make the orientation of the GPS even easier than it was with the previous version. All the excellent features of the active version before the update are still available, so you can still use voice navigation along with the use of your application while offline.

As with Sygic, this feature will make your trips and excursions much easier when your Internet services are not applied abroad or when you do not have Wi-Fi to log in. All maps and routes are available on your phone and in the system, working online and offline. We have also seen it in other applications, but we remind you that Navmii is completely free, while Sygic loads voice navigation along with warnings and traffic reports.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

There are many satisfied users, but although the creators and designers of Navmii say that the search for addresses and streets has improved, there are some users who say that finding the address they need is close to being a nightmare. That does not apply to the voice command function that seems to work correctly. You can download the application for free through the Google Play Store or download it directly from your website.

Pros: It has practically the same functions that work correctly, in addition to working offline like any other GPS application, but it’s free! We could say that Navmii is leveling up since he does not need to invest a penny in it to use it at any time and at any time.

Cons:  It seems that the search for directions and streets is not as simple as it might seem. Another thing is that Navmii did not think about Windows users, so they need to keep looking for the perfect GPS application that is also free.

Nokia Drive GPS

To atone all Windows users, we have chosen this GPS application alone and it is only available to Windows users who love their Nokia smartphones. If you are one of the owners of Nokia Lumia or are planning to buy one, you will not need to install and download this application, as it is pre-installed in the phone system so you can use all your benefits as is. Driving or walking Originally it is made to drive on the road, but there is no reason why you should not use it to walk too.

All users of Nokia Windows 8 phones will also have the honor of using this application, since it is already installed on their mobile devices. For a free application, Nokia Drive is in fact a solid GPS application and will undoubtedly make tracking the maps easier and easier. It has all the maps available in standard 2D map format, but you can also see its routes in 3D. As a good feature, you will have your map with the night sky and daytime sky that can enhance your experience while using this application.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

All for free, you will get maps of all the locations and lists of all the streets and street names of 95 countries, but those maps are mainly based in the United States and Europe, so if you are interested in routes, let’s say: Tunisia, you You will not be lucky in finding what you need. The navigation used is done step by step, which makes this application easy to use and can be operated by voice commands in conjunction with voice instructions.

However, if you want to operate the application offline, you can not do it, which is a big disadvantage as opposed to the previous application available for iOS and Android users and it’s also free like Nokia Drive. You can still download all the maps, for the 95 countries available and use them offline. So that this application can compete with the last two we have reviewed, although Nokia Drive is really easy to manage and operate, we would expect updates and improvements with routing and offline operation.

Pros: Very easy to operate and manage, pre-installed on mobile devices with Windows 8 and completely free for downloads.

Cons: You need to download the maps to use them and follow the routes, otherwise, your application will be useless when you are offline.

CoPilot GPS      

CoPilot is one of the oldest applications in the market and during its time it has had more than few improvements and updates, and now we have it available at the peak of its improved existence. Enough with the pomp, the creators of CoPilot have improved this application, adding a new Sand function that makes the application seem easier to use.

You can get CoPilot for free, just like Sygic offers a free version of the application, but you must pay for each additional feature. Let’s say you want to go on a trip to Europe, so you will have to buy the map for Europe since this map is not available for free. Do you want the live traffic reporting feature? You need to pay it annually. Voice command option also has to be paid. So, almost all the features that come free with Navmii, have to be paid.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

CoPilot will take you where you want to go and it is among the most qualified GPS applications, but it could be a little complicated to manage the search option used by this application. When you search for the route you need on the map you have chosen, you must first choose a category from several available categories and then use the necessary keywords to get where you want to go. This will reduce it significantly, since you will also have to search by zip codes.

Another disadvantage is that this search option, which uses browsers and Wikipedia, does not really work when you’re offline, which can be a big problem.

The reason why CoPilot can end up on the lists of best selections, is that it really has a great performance while driving on the road. The maps available in this application are very well designed and you can choose between following the standard 2D map and the 3D map. You can also change from driving mode to walking mode. When you use the voice command, which you must also pay, you will also be upset because the voice does not announce the names of the streets and that is a problem.

Will you get where you want to go? Yes, but you will have to get used to using this application if you choose it as your GPS application. CoPilot is available for Android, iOS and Windows users, which is excellent since everyone can use it.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

Pros: Reliable step by step navigation and will surely take you where you want to go. Very nice design and great interface.

Cons: The search option is too complicated and does not work without connection. Each additional feature that some applications offer for free, has to be acquired additionally. A little annoying, right?

GPS TomTom

Which application allows you to choose the voice of Darth Vader to be your voice of navigation? You can only do it with TomTom and that explosion of creativity is precisely the reason why we have chosen this application to be on our list of top choices.

In addition to choosing Dart Vader as your navigation voice, you can also choose between Mr. Burns and Yoda. This service must be purchased additionally and it is not as expensive as you can always change from one voice command to another available voice character. Quite clean and exciting if you’re a fan of science fiction and epic cartoons.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

Now, the price of this application is not more expensive than the price to be paid for other applications that are not as free as Navmii or Nokia Drive, but the cheaper version does not seem to work as well as the more expensive version. This is probably a strategy to make users want to buy the most expensive package, but the cheaper version is also operable. TomTom is available for Android and iOS, but again we must tell Nokia and Windows users to skip this revision.

On the positive side, you’re not losing too much, because TomTom is not perfectly thought out and, according to users, sometimes it can have errors. The buggy part that we mentioned comes from an inefficient street search, since TomTom does not seem to recognize all the streets, although there are all the streets available in the map storage.

Now, the price is a bit complicated and, well, expensive. You will have to pay additionally for the step-by-step instruction function and if you are only testing the application for a period of one month, you will not be able to use this option. Once you finish your month, you can buy a package of one or three years; Only then can you use simple step-by-step instructions that naturally come in a basic package for most GPS applications. We are a bit confused by this plan of prices and police functions, but that voice of Dart Vader bought us.

Now, what is also worth TomTom is that the search for addresses and points of interest is much easier than with CoPilot, which charges even more than TomTom. You can even add addresses and routes to your contacts and save them, so whenever you want to use that route again, you can easily access it and follow the instructions. Another great thing with TomTom is that, unlike most competing applications, this application does not charge traffic delay warnings.

That means you can get traffic reports for 111 maps for free and at any time. Well, not at any time, since TomTom maps can not work without connection like this service. You need to download the map you want in case you want to use it offline – that can be a problem sometimes, especially if you are traveling to a country where you can not get access to a network of work.

Best GPS Apps for Windows, Android And iOS: Reviews And Top Picks

TomTom also offers 2D and 3D maps for navigation and you can also change the colors of the maps if you wish. You can also change the accent of your navigation voice command, so you can get it in Irish, American, British and Australian accents. This option is free, which is pretty good.

If you want to use this application for free, you will get a value of 50 navigation miles per month and, if this is enough for you, it is fine, since you can use almost all functions for free. If this is less than enough for you, you will have to pay additional options and unlimited miles once in a year or once in a period of three years.

In general, TomTom is a good GPS application that will undoubtedly take you where you want to go and it is still much cheaper than CoPilot. While driving, TomTom is quite easy to use, as you will be notified about traffic delays and have access to all the routes you need. The voice browser is there to make things even simpler. This application will also help you choose a cheaper route and save you a couple of coins that you would spend on gasoline. Especially if you are an Android user, you will surely like this application, since it has been improved with respect to the version used for the iOS operating system.

Pros: You get the function of traffic reports for free. The voices of Darth Vader, Mr. Burns and Yoda, along with several accented voice navigation options are a very good addition. Easy to use and very functional route search option.

Cons: A slightly strange price will make you want to choose a free option where you only get 50 miles of navigation for free. Usually, this is not enough, so you should buy a one-year package or a three-year package. However, TomTom is quite cheap for all the functions you get.

Which application to choose?

When choosing the best GPS application for Android, Windows and iOS, perhaps the most important thing to look for in GPS applications is to have all the functions you need with an easily operable navigation. It is always good to have comprehensive features, so you may want to download an application that offers everything you need in a single package without the need for additional purchases.

Another important feature that we like in some GPS applications is the feature that you can use navigation and get turn-by-turn directions even offline – this is a very useful addition since you can use the maps without having to download them even when you are not You can use Wi-Fi or your network pack.

If you are planning to hike, it is best to make sure that your GPS application can work offline; otherwise, it’s pretty useless unless you download the maps you need. Think of all our best options and choose and try the one you think meets your needs.

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