Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

It is almost impossible to imagine almost any SHTF scenario without thinking about the need for firearms, but as preparers prepare for the worst, many forget how important it is to secure their weapons and keep them out of reach, making their ” treasure “be accessible only to you. The answer to keep your weapons safe and hidden lies in choosing a safe gun. With this solution, a new question arises: how can I know which weapon is the best for me?

Even though you are willing to take a risk with safe weapons and try it out, there are thousands of different products for safe weapons and to make your choice even more difficult to make, almost all safes look alike.

The key is in different specifications and possibilities that each safe has to offer. To put you out of trouble where you probably need to try a dozen safes for weapons before finding the best one, we’ve made a list of some of the best safes available in the market. With luck, you will find the right safe for you on our list.

Safe company table MBF6032E: digital lock rifle gun insurance

We started with one of the most popular weapons safes on the market and, thanks to the excellent reviews left by loyal customers, Mesa is probably one of the best safes for weapons for the money he has decided to invest to obtain a safe. for your weapons.

To make sure that your weapons are completely and undoubtedly safe, all of Mesa’s construction is made of steel. Once you buy Mesa, you will see that its construction is definitely thicker than most other safes, as it is quite heavy. This safe can withstand high temperatures for an hour, as it is made to be fireproof for maximum security.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

There is 13 cubic feet of storage space at your service along with a secure anchor that will maintain stable stability once you install it and find an ideal location for your new Mesa gun. This safe is operated by electric power, using a battery. It also has a security spring that locks automatically in case someone randomly guesses your password and writes it down.

What may be considered the best feature that came to Mesa’s team is the backup key: in case your electronic lock fails or breaks, you can use the backup key that was given to access your weapons . In general, security is fairly easy to use, although some customers can not confirm that; It seems that some of the products in this series are prone to malfunction.

Some customers even say that you can basically see right away that the safe, as it is made in China, is not worth the money you are investing. However, there are thousands of satisfied customers who can prove they are wrong. Since the prices of safes for firearms can reach up to $ 5000, this safe can be quite cheap, since you can also get it at an additional discount.

Pros: All steel construction, 13 cubic feet of storage, which means you can store bigger guns and an affordable price. The backup key in case your electric lock is damaged is also a great advantage.

Cons: Some users claim that Mesa Safe could remain blocked, regardless of the fact that their password is correct, so it is possible that some of the products in the series may not work correctly.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Biometric safety box for handgun: hand in hand with safe gun design evolution

Even the name: “biometric insurance with handgun” sounds promising, making you feel safe already. There are many satisfied users who confirm that this elegant elegant appearance works wonders. It works by memorizing you reading your fingerprints, which of course means that nobody, except you, can open the safe and take your gun. What may not be so favorable if you are a person with guns and has more than one gun in your home, is that you can only have a gun in your safe.

Since the price is anything but high, you can probably solve that problem by buying another safe biometric handgun. However, if you own a rifle, you can not use this safe even though you would like to try this biometric system. This weapon safe comes with USB ports, so you can charge it, and it also has a spare battery included in the package. The safe is completely portable, so you can take it wherever you go.

There are also a number of features included, such as the car adapter, the lock and the cable that must be purchased separately, but the safe can work properly even without those features included. In case the biometric system fails you, which is less likely to happen, there is a small part of the mechanism in the form of a screw that can be removed so that you can open the safe safely. All in all, this safe is useful to have around.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Pros: Portable, the design is airplane aluminum and there is no need to remember a password, since the only thing you need to access your weapon is the palm of your hand.

Cons: Since there is a security lock in case the biometric system fails you, that means that anyone who knows about this capture can open the weapon’s safe regardless of the fact that the safe can only be opened by reading your fingerprints.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

First Alert 2092DF: waterproof and fireproof solution for smaller storage

If you are not planning to reserve a prominent place in your room for a weapons safe, then this First Alert model is probably what you are looking for. What we have here is classic pistol insurance with confirmed quality and proven functionality with thousands of satisfied customers and users. Although First Alert is not entirely made of steel, but also has plastic and cement included in the design, this gun safe is waterproof and fireproof. That means that your weapon will be completely safe from fire and water in case of an emergency.

This safe can withstand fires at temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. What you might consider very favorable is that you get a 5 year warranty when you buy this safe, so in case your First Alert safe is destroyed or damaged by fire, you will get another one. The safe is operated by electric power and requires batteries.

There is a battery included in the package. To open the safe once it is locked, you will need to use a digital keypad in the gun’s safe and, in case you forget your password, a key is included that will allow you to open it safely and gain access to your gun . . As it includes a removable shelf that can also be adjusted, you can store more than one gun at an extremely affordable price and with a proven quality of this classic weapon safe.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Pros: A reliable classic safe that is very easy to use and can store more than one gun thanks to the adjustable shelf that comes in the package.

Cons: There are some complaints about the manual that comes with the First Alert safe, where many errors are reported when changing your password and choosing the new one. The manual does not highlight that you must first enter your password, before pressing the reset button and then write your new password twice. In short, for the money you are investing in it, this safe for weapons is a perfectly solid option.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Winchester Silverado Premier 49-7-E: massive capacity and maximum safety

If you have more than 5 pistols, including rifles, then you probably will not find much use of the previous safes that we have listed, since in that case you need to buy more than one that is neither practical nor economical. effective.

That is exactly the reason why Winchester Silverado Premier gun safe is on our list; With a capacity of up to 54 pistols and 49 cubic feet of storage space, this gun safe also has additional brackets on the inside of the safe’s doors, so you can keep your ammunition together with your guns. As the capacity of this safe is enormous, naturally, the safe is much heavier than the alternatives mentioned above.

Unlike most other safes, Winchester can withstand fire for 2 hours at a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes this safe stronger. The increase of the durability in extreme cases is due to the presence of a fireboard extended in the doors and inside the body of Winchester.

The safe is protected by a vaulted handle with five spokes and eighteen screws made of solid steel, which can really convince you that everything you lock in your Winchester safe will be safe and will stay out of your reach. The lock is, of course, electronic and battery operated. Although this safe is quite good, the chances of you having to store 54 guns are extremely low, so it is better to look for another safe for weapons.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Pros: Large storage space, 2 hours of fire resistance and locking system for solid steel bolts. Since the safe is massive and extremely functional, if you decide to buy Winchester, you will surely buy the best safe weapon for the money you are investing in it.

Cons: With this safe for weapons is at the same time one of its main advantages: massive storage space. In case you do not need to store 54 guns, there is virtually no need to buy such a large safe box.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Sentinel safe home defense center vol. 2.1: Genuine home defense stash

At the price, just a little over $ 500 and the free shipping option for almost all parts of the US. U.S., Sentry Safe is the type of safe for which you can say it is affordable, but it is designed to fit at the top of the list of safes. Sentry Safe is specially designed as a center for domestic defense and there is virtually no need to say that this design could fit into any SHTF scenario. It has an electronic lock, enabled to be programmed to choose and change your password and in case the system fails, there is a cancellation key available for your service.

This safe for domestic defense weapons is extremely elegant, since it does not require much space to place it and can be stored in the corridor of your home or anywhere where you can easily reach it. Unlocking and locking are silent, so you could operate silently during the most extreme situations, that is, if your house is invaded, you probably do not want the intruders to hear the sound of unlocking your weapon safely. It has enough storage space for a rifle and a gun.

There is a very well designed storage space specially designed for the rifle and a small shelf above where you can store your gun and ammunition. No batteries are required and corner bolts and lever-resistant doors are part of the Sentry Safe design for added safety.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Pros: A real example of a safe for home defense weapons that will help you have your firearms available when you need them most.

Cons: This safe for weapons is not fire resistant, unlike all the safes we have listed above, so it could be a deciding factor if you are looking for a safe that protects your firearms. According to some users, if you put too much pressure on the lock, it will break easily.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

GunVault NV200 NanoVault: budget and reliable

We have decided to put the Vault of weapons on our list for several reasons, even this weapons safe is a little different from the weapons safes we have listed above. The first reason to let this safe reach our list is its simplicity. Why do we think this was so important?

Well, reviewing customer comments for different weapons safes, we have noticed a small pattern regarding the electrical system used for safe weapons: whenever there was a problem with a safe, the fault would work by testing the nerves of the users with the failure of the digital keyboard. The next solution to open the safe would be to use an override key that usually comes with each safe. If this is the case with most weapons safes, why not try a weapons safe that can only be opened with a key?

GunVault has no batteries or electrical system as part of its design, but it is extremely easy to use and safe to hold your gun. As a great advantage, it is light so you can place it anywhere and take it with you.

Of course, if you need a safe weapon for your rifle, you can not use it. In case you have a gun that needs to be protected, kept safe and out of the reach of children, then GunVault may be the perfect solution. The inside and the bottom of the gun safe are covered with memory foam and, because the foam is thick, your weapon is safe from possible causes of damage. The key lock is extremely easy to operate and will not fail you in a way that the digital keyboard can often do. It is made of steel, so it is unbreakable and safe for your weapon.

For added security, a security cable is included and what you would most like if you are buying within the budget, this safe for weapons is available for less than $ 100, which makes it the safest economic option in the market with thousands of satisfied users. GunVault can be the best safe weapon for the money you have to invest in buying a safe.

Best Gun Safes: Gun Safes Top Picks for Maximum Safety

Pros: Extremely easy to operate, portable and cost effective.

Cons: It seems that the security cable included in the package is not as reliable as you would expect, unlike the GunVault safe.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

There are several reasons why you would want to keep your guns locked in a safe and really make sure that your gun is out of reach for anyone other than you, so you need to buy a strong gun safe.

According to your preferences and the type of weapons you have, you can go ahead and choose one from our list to fit your budget and your requirements, since we have chosen something for everyone. Some of the most important factors to help you decide which safe is right for you are: storage capacity, fire resistance, water resistance, reliable locking system and probably the price. After finding the best safe gun to meet your needs, you will surely feel more secure knowing that your firearms are also safe.


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