Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

Every survivor knows that in addition to taking care of the food and water supply, one must have an error exit plan in case the possible SHTF scenario plan forces them to leave their home or shelter, a solid mistake in the plan with supplies of energy and everything you need to survive and, of course, any survivor knows that if SHTF happens, he needs to find a way to protect his home, supplies and everything else he has.

There are several SHTF scenarios where you would definitely have to use a solid and solid defense weapon to be able to use it in case the situation requires it. In order to facilitate your choice and reduce all the possibilities you may have in mind when it comes to choosing the best weapon for domestic defense, we have compiled a list of the best guns for home protection.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

You know you have to be prepared for anything and our list is here to help you prepare as a true survivor. Take a look at our list and decide which firearm for domestic defense suits you best.

Doublestar 1911 Combat 45 ACP

Almost all weapons enthusiasts appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that the Doublestar manufacturers put into the development, design and manufacture of their guns. People who are not fanatical about guns, but think that having a gun could save their lives, should know that there is a real star in this Doublestar gun. 1911 Combat 45 ACP also looks great at first glance and, if you are trying to judge the book by its cover, this gun is super large and has an extremely elegant design.

We all like pretty things and aesthetics is usually what makes us buy something in the first place, but what about its functionality? – Let’s face it – good looks will not help much when SHTF if the gun does not work properly. That is not a problem with Doublestar 1911, since its creators practically thought of everything when it comes to the functionality of the pistols.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

Even those who are not particularly, or are not familiar with the world of weapons and the way they work and are maintained, will find this weapon very easy to use and clean. That means that Doublestar Combat is ideal for beginners and experienced shooters. Even if you are one of the most demanding, you will surely love this gun, at least for its high quality design, its superior functionality and all the features that this gun possesses.

Although its firing performance is high speed, you can rely on its functional safety, since you can easily activate or deactivate the security mode. It will be noticed by an elegant clicking sound that the safety of your weapon is disabled. The gun is easy to use and is comfortable to hold because of its great design. Everything is in place and will surely be a good firearm for the local defense, as well as being a solid weapon for beginners to practice their shooting skills and learn to handle a weapon.

Pros: The gun is very well made with attention to detail and only has the best to offer, both for enthusiasts and for beginners. The design is elegant and the gun is extremely functional: high speed shooting and reliable functions with highly functional safety control.

Cons: There are no known or informed contras for this Doublestar pride. Doublestar fans will surely like this treat.

Glock 17 gen 4

Glock has been on the market for more than three decades and there is a good reason why Glock is still on the numerous essential survival lists and the best selections of handguns: since the creation of the first Glock, numerous improvements have been added. . Shooters could get the best experience there is and get the best out of their choice of weapons. Glock 17 Gen 4 is basically a show of all those changes and, as such, this gun is a great addition to your defense locker.

Starting with the Glock design, it has a sleek and lightweight gun that is fairly light and easy to operate, and yet can feel sustainability while holding it, it really gives a sense of security when used, as it is made of durable materials and of high quality. It is resistant to water and oils and, as such, is a good defense weapon even in the most stressful circumstances. The gun is really easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance.

Any Glock fan will adore it and it will come as a great first weapon for any beginner who already has to face the world of domestic defense pistols. The shot is quite simple, since it has the objective as soon as you press the trigger. All you have to do is press the trigger and shoot; You will have to release to restart and then you can re-shoot immediately, extremely simple and easy to use.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

This is a semiautomatic pistol with 9mm caliber and one touch will give you 48 rounds. It sounds like a perfect homemade defense weapon to have around. Although the frame of the gun is quite light, as we have already mentioned, the frame is really strong, which makes Glock durable and extremely reliable. After all, we are talking about one of the weapons of the Glock family.

Most likely, you like it and, precisely for having added another great gun in the list of great Glock, we have decided to include Glock 17 Gen 4 in our list of the best weapons for domestic defense.

Pros: Durable and high-level semiautomatic weapon that is easy to use and even easier to maintain. We all know that the Glock are generally some of the best pistols that exist in the market. Basically, you can not go wrong in choosing this one.

Cons: With in a Glock? Barely. No errors reported or errors.

CZ 85 B

CZs are some of the oldest pistols that are still available in the market. As in the case of our previous selection, there has to be a good reason for that. This is also probably the most copied gun in history, which can tell you a lot about CZ. The locking system in CZ is Browning type and with a double action mechanism that will surely make you feel grateful to have this gun in your defense locker.

In addition to maintaining its tradition of manufacturing high quality reliable weapons that will not fail you and are therefore used in sports, military and carried by armed police officers, CZ 85 B is made to impress you as well. When we say “impress”, we really mean that this gun looks really good and you can even choose between several models where you can get a nickel, satin nickel, bright blue and black polcoat finish. Most of the available models come in two shades of finish: really elegant and modern look.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

It seems incredible, yes, but modern shooters will also find that CZ is one of the best domestic defense pistols they have ever used. The grip panels, the steel slide and the frame make this gun quite easy to use, as it gives you the extra support you need to make the gun feel natural and comfortable.

The lever made for the gun is placed on both sides of the gun so you can be sure that it is safe and protected, knowing that your gun will not fire when you do not need it, after all, safety always comes first. The barrel and slider in CZ are made to be placed in a low place so you can be sure that your weapon will last for a long time and will be durable and reliable, which is another good thing in the CZ design improvements.

You will also get a rear sight that is fully adjustable and, ultimately, functional. You also get 2 magazines of 16 rounds. This is a perfect combat pistol that is fairly easy to use and indeed reliable. That is precisely the reason why we would see more improvements coming from the CZ manufacturers.

Pros: Considering all the excellent features you get from having a CZ, the initial retail price is very low and is fully operational, the combat weapon will be a great addition to your domestic defense plan.

Cons: Experienced shooters imply that the weapon would be better with a magazine bumper and visors fused, but the lack of those mentioned can hardly be considered as a major flaw.

Smith and Wesson MandP9

As soon as you hear the name of Smith and Wesson, the first thing that comes to your mind as an association is a weapon, of course, because Smith and Wesson have never failed us. It seems that MandP9 is one of the weapons that can be particularly proud.

Starting with some features, here is one that can be particularly useful: the frame of the gun is made with three back straps so you can adjust it to fit the size of your hand, which is more than good, as you can be sure that the gun fits comfortably in your hand, that is very important to aim.

Smith and Wesson also thought of left-handers, so the firing control is done for both right-handed and left-handed users. Not many weapons manufacturers think about this problem when designing weapons, so we thought about paying homage to the MandP9 designers. . It’s basically a 9mm caliber pistol, but there are several more calibers that will fit perfectly. You are also receiving 2 17 round magazines.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

When it comes to appearance and aesthetics, the weapon seems fairly common, but still elegant. It is not too heavy, so it fits perfectly in your hand, but you can still feel its coexisting mass, which gives it a sense of security. The gun is made to allow the installation of laser sights and flashlights, so you can also add them if you need them and the sliding block is easily accessible from both sides, which leads us to mention that the gun is also perfect for lefties.

To make this gun even more pleasant and functional above all, there is a gauge-shaped feature that allows you to see the loading chamber without having to move the slide bar. The indicator works very well, so you can see the camera charging even when there is not much light around. It also has a safety trigger that is fairly well designed and easy to turn on and off.

Pros: Lefties will not be disappointed with this gun, as all controls and features are equally accessible for right-handed and left-handed users. The back straps on the gun handle can be adjusted to almost any size, so the gun easily adapts to any hand size.

Cons: There are no reported failures or failures. The weapon is almost perfect.

Springfield Armory XDM 4.5

This is a great looking tactical weapon that can be used for local defense, but you could also find your purpose in the field as part of your error elimination plan. This gun has a sleek and sharp design, and it really gives a feeling of a fully operational tactical gun that you can use even in the harshest environments, which is completely true and accurate.

This weapon is basically a part of the history of the United States, since this caliber has served the troops quite well in a couple of wars, including World War II. If the army used it and still uses it, that can only testify in favor of its functionality, capacity and reliability.

This gun practically offers everything you need, where you also get an elegant and ergonomic weapon. When you hold this gun, you may feel that it fits perfectly in your hand and, since its construction is made of light but strong materials, you are getting a domestic defense gun that is light and easy to hold but reliable. and durable.

Even the oldest series of SA XDM have large capacity magazines, like the gun we are talking about, which is great because the gun does not gain weight but gains more capacity. As for the functionality in question, here we have a real combat pistol that is made for domestic defense and is extremely operational even in competitive sports.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

The restart of the trigger is not perfect, but it is quite well done while the blow is long and predictable. This is a unique action gun that has a safety lock that is easy enough to turn on and off. SA XDM will fire at the point of aim when you pull the trigger and it is extremely reliable and easy to use and operate. You will also realize that maintaining this gun is as easy as using it. You will definitely fall in love with Springfield Armory after trying this gun.

Pros: This is a functional and great looking combat weapon that makes it a perfect domestic defense weapon. It is functional, durable, has great capacity and clear visions for a clear orientation and a precise shot.

Cons: If you are a Glock fan and a loyal user who wants to try something new, you may have to get used to a different design safety lock, although Springfield Armory XDM 45 has a truly functional and elegant safety lock with a metal pin for indicate when it is security. On and when it turns off. The views are not so easy to use with less light, which can be considered a defect.

Taurus Slim 740

As the name suggests, this is a small pistol, but what you could not have deduced from its name if you are not familiar with Taurus pistols is that this pistol is a small full-power pistol: the Taurus Slim 740. It is smaller than the standard pistols. , but that only makes it easier to hold and the case in which the gun is too small even for larger hands is not a real problem.

As this gun is smaller, the rounds are also smaller, so instead of the 17 and 16 round magazines as with the previous weapons on our list, you will get 7 rounds. The slide of this gun is made of steel, while the frame is made of polymer. The gun feels good in the hand and is light but solid as expected. The views in the Taurus are also very well done, and although the views are low profile manufactures, you can still get good use of them, though not exactly in the dark in low light.

The safety lever is really easy to operate and operate, and it is not likely to turn it on or off accidentally, which is excellent since it has its safety in your own hands.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

What is interesting about this weapon is that Taurus is really a simple action and a double action, both. That means that this pistol will fire individual action shots later, but if the case is that the gun fails to fire, you will see that a double action works: the pull of the trigger action is activated and you can fire your second shot.

When you use the gun as a single action, you will use this gun as a firearm. Although Taurus Slim is quite large due to its light construction and ergonomic design, this gun has a couple of faults that could prevent it from being considered a perfect gun to have around. One of those flaws is that the recoil is a bit too severe and there are some actions done with Taurus that will make you feel that this gun is not as reliable in less-than-perfect conditions, and SHTF is anything but perfect, right?

However, we still believe that Taurus deserves the opportunity to be tested; There are many satisfied shooters who would not change this gun for a different one.

Pros: The weapon is smaller than the normal guns for domestic defense, which makes it a great drag weapon for the error exit plan and local defense. The gun is well made, it is beautiful and it is made of solid and solid materials. The price you can find at is affordable. Although the weapon is small, it is not too small and fits well.

Cons: The views are not as perfect as you probably would like them to be, so you will not have much use of them when there are no high lights around, in the dark, those are practically useless. The recoil also seems to be a bit harsh, but only in comparison to other weapons listed among our best selections of handguns.

When choosing the best gun for domestic defense, you must make sure that the gun you are buying is the one that will serve its own purpose: protect your home and what it has hidden for a possible SHTF scenario.

Whatever the SHTF case, you must be ready and make sure it is ready: you must choose a gun that is reliable, durable, has a good solid capacity and excellent features that give you an adequate shooting experience. – There may be a situation that requires you to use the gun you choose, so think about buying the perfect one.

Best Handgun for Home Defense: Best Reviews

Consider our suggestions and keep in mind that all shooters have different preferences when it comes to weapons, but what is generally worth will suit everyone’s needs.

It’s smart to first consider the features and performance you’re getting in a gun and then compare its price to your budget. Remember that at all times you are investing in your security and that security does not have a price, unless, of course, we identify security with the best gun for domestic defense.


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