Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Home is a sacred place for anyone and anyone with real concern for their safety will find ways to protect their loved ones from the negative elements of our society. It is no longer enough to double the number of locks and install high security fences to keep them out. These days, you need to have a good and reliable residential security system to help you sleep better at night.

But before going to the nearest hardware or electronics store, here are some important things you should learn and consider before making such an important purchase. Reviews of the entire website have reduced the main factors that are based on the user experience and the reputation of the brand.

Factors to consider

  • Performance – The most important factor of all, performance. Knowing how well a model has performed in the past is a good indication of how well it will perform in the future. A good home security system should be able to meet your minimum protection requirements without compromising the other factors in this list.
  • Reputation – It is true that not all famous brands of home security offer the best quality, the best systems are those whose reputation goes beyond the brilliant manuals and paid reviews. Even in this era, the reputation gained through the user experience is still the best way to know how a product works.
  • Quality – A high quality residential security system should be able to protect it every hour of every day without failing for a long period of time.
  • Warranty – the warranty is more an optional factor, but most manufacturers offer it and it gives you some peace of mind knowing that you can contact experts if your security system gets stuck for some reason.
  • Relocation options – You are never sure if you will stay in one place for a prolonged period or not, and since home security systems cost some money, it will be better if you have the option to move it with you.
  • Automation – This is a newly added feature for home security systems and having it automated means that you can give it control to turn it off and on even if you are not at home. An automated system also alerts authorities as soon as it detects abnormal activity.

Products available in the market.

There are a multitude of options available in the market at this time and below are some details and observations about them.

Residential security system TripleShield Oplink Connected OPG2201

Product detail: Oplink Tripleshield offers the standard wireless system with the ability to monitor the entire system through your mobile phone through live streaming. The standard package comes with a processing unit, two IP cameras, two sensors for doors and windows, a motion sensor, a pair of remote controls and a siren.

Oplink offers a free service for customers that includes the basic package and a premium service for an additional $ 20 that provides the possibility to watch 30-second recordings that users can see using the mobile application.

Pros: The user experience in general stressed that the system is easy to install without the need to have a deep technical training. The entire system comes pre-programmed and automatically connects to any available Wi-Fi system you may have. The free service also includes the ability for two people to connect to the system and review the source of surveillance.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: The product has its disadvantages as some buyers have published. The number one disadvantage is that the system is disconnected several times a day and, while users can take pictures of the video images using their mobile device, they can not see the live broadcast if the alarm is triggered unless they have used the premium service. Some users have also complained that the company does not have a reliable after-sales service.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

GE personal safety alarm kit

Product detail: The GE Personal Safety Alarm Kit is probably the cheapest option on this list, but it does include some features. It is easy to install and comes with the standard keyboard to configure a security code that will arm and disarm the unit when necessary. The alarm kit also comes with a delay function in case of a false trigger. The personal security alarm kit includes a four-digit console with three window wires and some hardware to mount the system.

Pros: Alarms are noisy, very noisy and customers are satisfied with the ease of installation. The entire system is independent of each other, which means that sensors can be deactivated without the need to alert the main console to activate the rest of the alarms.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: It is a personal alarm kit, which means it is not connected to any law enforcement system, so basically it will only activate an audible alarm to warn you if there are intruders nearby and also has the potential to scare them and make them think that a connected The alarm has also been activated. Another disadvantage commented by users is that the console with the keyboard must be opened with a screwdriver that prevents access, especially if you need to turn it off due to a false trigger.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Simplisafe2 wireless security system for home package of 8 more pieces

Product detail: The standard package comes with a keyboard, a base station, a motion sensor, four sensors for windows and doors and a remote control unit. The keyboard is separated from the base station, which means that the alarm will continue to sound even if the keyboard has been destroyed.

The Simpisage 2 system also comes with a rechargeable backup battery for the base station that can provide enough power to run for 2 days, while the sensors are equipped with lithium batteries that can power them for 5 years.

Pros: Customers have commented that Simplisafe is easy to install and is an excellent economic alternative to the more expensive items on this list. Since the system is wireless, there is no cable to cut and the entire kit can be assembled and disarmed using a mobile phone using the manufacturer’s application. Customers also loved the idea that the system not only triggers an audible alarm but also sends a text alert to their mobile phones.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: The package does not come with an external siren but can be purchased as a complement. Apart from that, customers also commented on the terrible after-sales service, especially if you call after 6PM EST.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Security alarm system kit for the Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B wireless home with automatic dialing and external siren

Product detail: The Fortress S02-B comes with magnetic sensors for doors and windows, and these can detect any breakage or suspicious movements. The package comes with a main control panel with an automatic dialer, three passive motion detectors, ten door and window sensors, a loud alarm with an additional siren, a panic button, a keychain remote control and a panic alarm . The control unit is programmable and will automatically call six designated numbers in case of a security failure.

Pros: The product is suitable for small and medium houses and is easy to install. You can program the alarms to have an activation delay and they are also quite noisy and penetrating. Some users have praised the excellent customer service they received when they called support and resolved their problems quickly.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: Customers have commented that the included sensors are poorly designed and made of cheap materials. The sensors do not always work and some have fallen due to time and exposure. Others commented that the instructions are difficult to follow and that intentional activation would not sound at all. A residential telephone is also required to operate the unit and it is not connected to external services of law enforcement.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Honeywell Wireless Lynx Touch L5200 security alarm kit / home automation with wifi and Zwave module

Product detail: The Honeywell Lynx comes with a full color touch screen with graphic icons and has a live video capability on demand. It also comes with tornado alerts and its software can be updated with new features added for each update. The package comes with a main console unit with three sensors and a keychain remote control.

Pros: Users said that it is a well-designed system that is easy to install and can be used with older Lynx systems.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: The control panel is easy to break, which automatically deactivates the entire alarm system. Users have also commented that the software is not compatible with some WiFi systems, while some have reported that the system is not for beginners.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Professional wireless residential security alarm system kit Pisector with automatic dialing

Product detail: The PiSector PS03 provides an automatic dial function that can call up to 6 different numbers in case the alarm is triggered. Each sensor has the ability to be named differently for easy identification and the overall design of such sensors makes it elegant and unobtrusive.

The package comes with a main console, two remote control units, two sirens, a panic button, three motion sensors and ten sensors for doors and windows.

Pros: Unlike the other products in the list, the PiSector has the most sensors included in the basic package. The users have found that the system is worth it and, especially, they like the after-sales service. Some have commented that the system is easy to install without using screws and, since the sensors do not have compromising characteristics, such as the antennas, it is difficult to detect visually.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

Cons: The upper part of the product line, the PiSector offers little when it comes to disadvantages other than its cost. The sensors tend to become sensitive and the incorrect installation will cause them to fall constantly.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

DIY accessories

Having the best home security system does not mean you should depend on it all.

Best Home Alarm System: What to Watch Out For

There are some improvements you can make in your home to complement the home security system you are receiving.

  1. Lights sensitive to movement – These can be placed in strategic locations around your house and not only provide lighting to blind areas, but also have the ability to increase their brightness if someone enters within their coverage. This helps to scare the thieves and also to alert you if you notice that the lights shine more than usual.
  2. Safe Deposit Box – Getting a safe for your important items is always a good investment. Not only does it protect them from theft, but most safes now offer fireproof and waterproof capabilities, which guarantees protection against the elements and other natural disasters.
  3. Change exterior locks – You have the option to change the exterior locks of your house, especially if the ones you have now are of inferior quality and are easy to break.
  4. Solid doors – The main entry point of each house is the main protection provider and must be made of a solid material that does not decompose easily. Some wood species are tougher than others and door manufacturers now offer reinforced doors with embedded steel bars.
  5. Reinforced windows – In addition to having a very solid door, ideally, your windows are made of reinforced glass that does not break easily when hit with great force. Some owners have added steel grills to their windows, but this can be a serious hazard since the grills prevent their exit if you plan to jump through your windows during emergencies.
  6. Use landscapes – Thieves can hide in any bush or tree that is large enough to fit, with any plant or tree obstructed cut or removed and transferred if it is too large.
  7. Pets – Pets are a good addition to any home, not only because of their value as a companion, but can also give the alarm if someone unknown is in the vicinity of your home. Unless your pets are fish, snakes, spiders or some other animal without audible sounds, of course.


In the long term, having a good home security system and adding some home improvements for yourself will be worth it, especially if the worst comes along and your general security system protects you without fail.


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