Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Protect Your Sanctuary

Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Protect Your Sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you feel safe, where your family can develop in peace and harmony. However, this does not mean that he will not be put in the situation to protect his happy place from several intruders who do not like to respect the sanctity of their own home. This is where the idea of home defense shows its value. Are you prepared to defend the place that you like most about intruders and perpetrators?

You keep hearing on the evening news that someone broke into someone else’s house with the intention of stealing. They used a door or a window that the owners of the houses forgot and opened and stole their valuables. These are, in fact, some of the happiest intrusions, the bad ones that end with the fact that someone gets hurt or worse, killed. Most people see the images, feel sad for the owners for about 30 seconds and go to the next channel considering that something so horrible can not happen to them.

Nobody wants to get up in the middle of the night with a stranger standing by his bed, holding a gun and asking for money and other valuable things. This is a traumatic experience and if you are not prepared to face it, it can affect your life forever.

Doors and locks are our best idea of ​​domestic defense and, in most cases, they do their job. Still, there are cases where thieves broke the door or a window and entered the house anyway, threatening the owners. Therefore, having a door and locks does not always help; You need to know some domestic defense tactics so that you and your family can get out of this safely.

Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Protect Your Sanctuary

A wise man said that the best form of domestic defense is preparation and caution. To do this, you need to inspect your home from the point of view of a thief and identify the weak points. There are steps you can take to make sure your house is among the last ones targeted by thieves. Believe it or not, these low lives choose the easier targets and, in general, stay away from well-protected properties.

Preparation for domestic defense could prevent you from going through a traumatic experience, such as having your home stolen. It is traumatic because you do not really expect to see a stranger in the place where you feel most secure in the world; the place where you raise your children and teach them how to face the difficulties of life. Then, when the time comes, you must be prepared and kick those who have the stupid audacity to enter your house without being invited.

Preparation for domestic defense: how to avoid a robbery.

Well, as we discussed, the best domestic defense is preparation. To be prepared, start today by making your home a safer place. Try to leave your comfort zone and do a good inspection of your house. Think of access points and how to make a thief’s job as difficult as possible. Many intruders in the home look for easy targets and give up if they do not find an easy way to enter.

Follow the steps below to make your home an almost impossible goal to reach:

  • Install motion sensor lights To cover every door and window on the ground floor. In this way, if someone tries to sneak into the night, these lights can produce a change of spirit in the mind of the perpetrator.
  • Install a well-made bolt in a solid door. These are pretty hard to break and a little thief will not worry about that. They can be a bit expensive, but they are worth every penny when it comes to the security of your home.
  • Reinforce the frame of your door With plates specially designed to resist kicks. Sometimes it is not enough to have a solid door, it is also necessary to reinforce the frame because this is the first element of the door that surrenders under pressure.
  • Do not be stingy when consider your home alarm system. Consider one with sensors and video monitoring. This way, you will see who is at the door and can install additional cameras to see in other parts of the house.
  • Consider getting a protection dog. A well trained dog can be the perfect protection to prevent someone from entering your garden and alert you when you receive visitors. There are places where you can get a dog already trained for its protection. Discuss this with your whole family to make sure everyone is on board. A dog means extra responsibility in the house.
  • Secure the sliding doors. These are among the weakest points in your home, as they can be opened quite easily. Ask a professional to help you prepare your domestic defense strategy by securing those doors.
  • Leave a light on during the night. – The oldest trick in the book. For someone who looks at their house from the street, it seems that someone is still awake and most thieves will avoid entering a house where someone is still up. Also, if someone enters, they will have a light to see what is happening.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes. in front of the house. We know it’s amazing to have a shady garden in the summer, but they offer thieves the perfect hiding place. It does not matter if you have sensor lights and monitoring devices if the perpetrators are hidden by the bushes.
  • Build a safe room If you choose to go with this option, try to include the safe room when building the house so you do not have to rebuild. Anyway, this room can protect you and your family from violent intruders who thirst for blood.
  • Make a great fence – Your house will be more difficult to observe from the street. There are smarter thieves who like to observe their goals first, to know where to hit so that work is quick and easy.

As you can see, there are several methods to make our home safer and less attractive to intruders. However, these are meant to scare little thieves who do not bother stealing prepared people. For more advanced perpetrators, you need more advanced domestic defense tactics and this is what we will talk about next.

What to do when you get an assailant in the house.

The first element in your collection of domestic defense tactics should be planning. When you face an aggressor who wants to hurt you or someone in your family, there is no time to react or be creative. Most people who do not prepare for a situation in which they need to face an armed or violent stranger in their own home freeze. Before he has a chance to recover, the worst can happen and someone can get hurt. How can you live with yourself knowing that you allowed a stranger to hurt your family?

Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Protect Your Sanctuary

Then, make a domestic defense and a personal defense plan. Discuss it with your family and put together a strategy. Once you have finished the theoretical part, start the practice: try and retest the plan, develop according to the results of the tests, memorize and rehearse at least twice a year. When someone has the bad idea to invade your home, everyone will know what to do.

Your plan should include the following domestic defense tactics:

  • Escape routes of the attacker – If you can evade the attack and avoid confronting your attacker, do it. Once you are safe, call the police and let them know that your house has been invaded. In this way, you let the police bodies do their job and catch the bad guys. For this to happen, always make sure you have at least 3 escape routes and that everyone knows them.
    These escape routes must be instinctive, so in case of an attack, everyone should know where to go as quickly as possible. When you hear a strange noise on the ground floor, that does not fit the usual sounds of your house, go! Why 3 escape routes? The calculation is simple: if you only have one exit, the attacker will block it and you and your family will be trapped inside.
    If you have two exits, there is only one to use because the attacker will block the other. If there are three outputs, you can choose which one to use. You also have more chances to escape if there are two attackers.
  • Meeting of places and actions after escaping. – Your escape plan can work totally or partially, which means that sometimes only one member of your family can escape. If this happens, everyone has to know where to go for help. If everything works and everyone manages to escape, but using different exits, they agree on a meeting place.
  • Create hiding places – Plan B when the escape is not possible. Teach your family how and where to hide so the assailants can not find them. Also teach them to stay calm and take advantage of any opportunities they have to escape and call the police. Teach you and your family how to make barricades: for example, how to block a door to prevent someone from entering. This could give you enough time to go out the window and let other people know you are in trouble.
  • Firearms It is not recommended to use them in any way, but in some cases they are extremely efficient. Obtain a protection gun and store it in a safe place where children can not reach it.
    You should also be able to reach it easily and load it quickly. Take shooting lessons if necessary and learn how to fire a gun when under attack. Make sure there are at least two weapons in the house and that the other adult in the house knows how to use it. In this way, when you live to control strange noises, your family will not be left helpless and at the mercy of whoever is in the house.
  • Clean your weapons – Having a defense gun does not mean buying one and keeping it in the safe so that the children can not reach it. You need to exercise it, clean it and make sure it works regularly. A firearm that does not work properly represents a greater threat to its safety than the assailant himself.
  • Improvise self-defense weapons. – Teach everyone to use a shovel or stool as a weapon of self-defense. Sometimes you can not reach your weapon (or do not have one) but this does not mean you can not be creative with what you have around you.
  • Call the authorities As soon as you identify and assault your home, call the national emergency number (911 in the US) and inform the authorities. Keep the conversation line open and listen to the operator. They can advise you until the police arrive and the 911 recording consists of strong evidence before the court (if it arrives).
  • The confrontation If there is no way to avoid confrontation with the attacker before the authorities arrive on the scene, be sure to fight with everything you have. Try to avoid hurting yourself by protecting sensitive areas of your body and try to hit the attacker as best you can. If the attacker begins to retreat after a few strokes, it is better to let go.
    He will have the possibility to give his description to the police and they will catch the guy. Even so, if he does not back up and his anger increases, this is your queue to hit him hard and well.

Do not use the firearm unless you have to do it but do not wait too long to decide. If you really feel that your life and the welfare of your family are in danger, do not think twice.

Preparation for the defense of the home – the safe room

Sometimes, when you can not escape and you can not fight your attacker without getting hurt, a safe room is the perfect (and last) solution. There are two types of safe rooms:

  • A special room with thick concrete walls and a bolted door that can not be broken.
  • A normal room in your house, where you can block the door to keep the attackers away. It is better if this room is on the top floor (if you have a higher floor) to be able to access it while you withdraw from the attackers.

Regardless of the type of safe room, it is better to have one, just in case. Include this discussion in the home defense plan and make sure everyone understands its use. Also, here you must have at least one weapon, some supplies and a telephone so you can communicate with the authorities. If you are using a normal room, make sure you have the possibility to escape through the window using a last one. An interior door will not last long, even if you build a very effective barricade.

A specially designed safe room should have food and fresh water supplies and should be able to communicate with the authorities in case it gets trapped inside. The security room is very similar, in use, with the firearm. If you keep it maintained and make sure you have everything you need inside at a given time, it will be extremely useful. Otherwise, it could be your grave because nobody knows how to rescue you and the attackers can wait in the house until you leave.

Best Home Defense Tactics: Be Prepared to Protect Your Sanctuary

There are many people out there that should revoke their human license. These samples not only break the sanctity of your home by entering and interrupting your entire life, but also feed on your pain and grief.

Many home invasions end up extremely bad because the scams that had the courage to break in were also drugged or drunk and decided to have a little more fun with the whole family. These kinds of people exist and if you do not open your eyes today, you may regret tomorrow. They can be your neighbors (you never know) or they can be strangers who follow you from the supermarket to your home. Regardless of the situation, you must be prepared and know how to react and defend what you most appreciate.

As a father and husband, you have the primary responsibility to protect the whole family, but everyone must also be able to protect themselves. That is why it is important to teach your life partner how to shoot a weapon effectively and send your children to self defense training. Every member of your family needs to know that people can be extremely dangerous (especially when they make their way into your home).

You do not have to be a rich family to find yourself in a bad situation, so do not count on the fact that thieves only hit those houses. It may be true that thieves, interested in valuable things, only address the rich, but there are other types of human rejections that do not care about money and only want to inflict pain. After reading all of this, it’s time to take action and begin domestic defense preparation today!


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