Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Although it seems incredible, there are applications that can be very useful for the enthusiastic hunter. After all, in today’s technological world, you can do almost anything you can think of today with your mobile device. And if you can use the benefits of that, why not? One may wonder what makes an application one of the best possible, among the hundreds and thousands of hunting applications.

The most important criteria are for the application to be unique and informative. It must be memorable and have a profound impact on you. Another important thing that we must keep in mind is that the application is intuitive and easy to use. You must be able to quickly understand and follow the flow of the application with ease.

Finally, if an application is not useful, it will simply waste your valuable time. The application should help you with all the environmental conditions, such as the wind, the temperature, should tell you correctly when to hunt or not, or if the conditions are ideal for fishing, etc. With all that said, let’s see what are the best hunting applications. we recommend you try it.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

This small application offers you the knowledge gathered by thousands of people around the world, who have the option to buy and sell what is called a and a # 8216; Fishing access point, using GPS systems and locations, and this is intuitively integrated with Google Maps. . What this means is that, suppose you have experience in fishing and want to earn some extra money, you can share your fishing spot or even # 8216; Honey hole with other fishermen through the FindMeFish app.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Or if you are a guide, you can offer more information about the area you know as the palm of your hand. This means that you, as a buyer, will not spend hours looking for the ideal place to fish, but will immediately find what you are looking for, because another fisher or guide will help you.

Hunting Predictor

This application is one of the most popular and valuable you can find. Thanks to this application, you will know what time is good for hunting and what is not. Climatic conditions can be predicted by integrated GPS and weather forecast data, to give you the best results. You even have the option to choose which animal you plan to hunt, so that the correct data is collected.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Thanks to the easy-to-understand design and graphical interface, quickly navigate the application. When it comes to getting the information you need, you have a linear chart that will show you everything you need to know: if the weather is bad, you do not even have to get out of bed. The data is delivered directly to your smartphone or device.

iHunt magazine

Once you open this application, you will notice how clean and understandable the design and user interface is. It is among the best and most intuitive applications currently available. You can track all your trips and hunting adventures, and you also have a wide variety of animals that you can score.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

In terms of functionality, you will be pleased to know that you will have an observation mode, a GPS, a record for the harvest season and its maintenance in the history. You can use this application to keep a journal and keep track of your record over time.

The hunting of the onxmaps

This application is useful due to its function to provide you with information about the area in which you are currently. This means that if you plan to hunt in a specific area where you have not been, you can find out if it is a private forest / land, you will know if it is public or not. If it is your property, you will know by whom.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Such confidential data is extremely important for those serious hunters, who like to explore new areas, but need to spend a lot of time to find out if it belongs to someone or not. Now you can do it in minutes using and # 8216; Hunt ‘, from OnXmaps.

Attitude of nature

This application is highly recommended because its main purpose is to let you know if you are pointing to someone or someone’s address. This is especially important, as it can hurt someone involuntarily. This can happen if you are hunting on land near houses and buildings, or private clubs and public lands. Therefore, you can avoid unpleasant or even fatal accidents. Thanks to GPS, the application locates people and their geographical location. You will receive a warning and some information when the application locates someone near you or near the area you are looking for.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

With this application, you will be sure that you will not accidentally shoot someone’s location. As an added benefit, you will have access to sunrise and sunset data, and you can also take photos and record videos.

Follow-up point

Now this is an application that you will definitely appreciate if you are a shooter. This is a revolutionary application that is unprecedented in the app store. You can aim the animal with your rifle, but you can be sure to lock it on the screen of your mobile device thanks to the Tracking Point application.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

What is great is that viewers can see all this in real time. While this application only works with a rifle and a range of Tracking Point, it is one of the most sought-after technologies by hunters.

Sports tracker

This could also be considered one of the best and most reliable hunting applications. To begin, you can track the different weather conditions that you need to consider, such as atmospheric pressure, temperature, sun and moon activity, weather (whether it is changing or not), speed and direction of the wind. , and finally the seasonal and specific patterns.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

As for why it is the best application. Well, you can track almost anything that moves. Any animal that likes to hunt or fish, can be tracked by the application. Not only that, but the creators of the application have a collaboration connection with Navionics, which builds the database of several lakes. You can see the specific contours of the lake and then navigate to an ideal access point or the perfect fishing spot. The precision is impressive.

You can also choose the ideal time to hunt thanks to the graphic line, which shows which days are more likely to get a better harvest. You can see several factors that will make a better prediction. If, for example, it rains, the application will tell you when it is best to hunt, before or after the rain. Of course, you must provide the application with the data on what animal / fish you plan to hunt / fish.


This application is for, as the name implies, fans of archery. It can only be run on Apple devices, but it’s worth pointing out. You can do several things with this application, you can record your progress over time and help you improve your skills. To begin with, you can begin to calculate the speed of your arrows, the kinetic energy produced by the arrows at the moment of impact. In addition, you will learn if your arrow, when firing, will produce the ideal result or if you need to change something about the arrow configuration. It is important to record your progress. This will help you improve.

The application also offers graphics, which can be used to keep a regular record of the placement of the arrow, with a simple tap on the screen. You can also track your accuracy over time and trends judging by the placement of the arrow. It is impressive that the application can also recognize its maximum range of deaths to give it a boost of confidence.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

You will have unlimited access to access points, in addition to the option to add yours. Doing that can be done manually or automatically. Finally, you can ask how the application will work at night. You can use the Night button to use the green light to navigate and remain invisible to animals.

Cousins ​​wind

This small and modest application can be incredibly useful. It may have happened to you before, but hunting an animal and making it escape within a second makes sense because the wind changed direction and brought your smell to the animal. It is crucial to be able to use wind direction data to avoid such unpleasant situations. The application will also give you data about the speed. Whenever you know the speed and direction, you can plan your hunting trip much better and efficiently.

The graphical interface is very simple and intuitive and you will not have to click several times to get the data you need. Simply touch the screen and you can see the wind direction on a graphic map.

Hunting for recognition by Cabela

This application will provide you with the best and most appreciated mapping tool. You can use the map for color-coded areas that are private or public. This is considered one of the strongest features of this application. Otherwise, you have the unlimited option of tracking animals and wildlife, discover hunting hotspots, take pictures of your game as a trophy and then navigate back home. And if you think that this is all, you will be wrong.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

You can still obtain invaluable data such as sunrise and sunset, moon phases and even ballistics data. What is really impressive is that Cabela created the application thinking about the battery of his smartphone. Such applications tend to drain the battery too fast. This application, however, has the option of preserving your battery by monitoring your use of the application. Thanks to this tracking, you can be sure that the application knows how to save battery power for a longer use.

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that the application does not necessarily need a wireless connection to work as it should. Even in areas with little or no reception, the application will deliver what it promises.

SAS Survival Guide

After all the applications so far, we have to say that having a survival guide in your pocket is a great opportunity. You will have access to a wide variety of guidance tips in different weather conditions, specific weather, sea or land, etc. This guide will help you survive no matter where you are in the world.

You will also have access to a free book by John and # 8216; Lofty ‘Wiseman (who wrote this application and the book, and was a former SAS soldier), 15 videos on survival, a list of various edible and poisonous plants. You will learn important Morse code signaling. You can also spend some time doing the built-in quiz that will test your knowledge. You will also have a solar compass.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

You can perform a search in the book in case you need to find specific information. You can use extreme climate survival, which will improve your knowledge and skill set. You will learn how to survive in the desert, the polar regions, the sea and the tropical climate. And finally, you will learn more about first aid techniques in the first aid section of the book.


This application focuses on the weather. While you may think that you can simply download a weather app, we can assure you that ScoutLook is much more advanced. It is made by hunters for hunters. It is geographically coded and linked to its precise current location and provides a wide variety of activities and measurements, from radar, wind direction, lunar and solunar phases and activities, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, etc.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

By using the ScentCone and SetZone maps for wind direction, you will have a visual representation of the map. Then, you can touch the screen in the area you plan to hunt, and the application will show you the direction and wind speed during the next 72 hours.

When it comes to helping waterfowl, this application offers the possibility of marking a duck blind and the SetZone function will give you detailed information on where the possible duck flocks will land. All this thanks to the wind direction and data. This information again covers the next 72 hours. As you can see, this application is very useful and worth using before you start your next hunting trip.

Shooting hours

We promise you will like this incredibly simple application. Vibrate when the time is ready for you to shoot. There is no need to take a look over and over again at your device. With Shooting Hours, you can focus on your target and shoot when it vibrates.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

The application measures and calculates a certain amount of data. It will take into account the hours of sunrise and sunset. This is important since at dawn you will be given the signal for y # 8216; Open ‘. You do not need to remember the exact time of sunrise or sunset, as it changes every day. The application will do that for you. You will see and # 8216; Closed ‘when the shooting time ends.

Shot simulator

This application is different from the previous one, because it can show you, as the name implies, a simulation of the shot you are planning. You can use this application to improve and perfect your shooting skills. You can play the simulation and then make shot placements in different areas of the deer (the default animal in the application) and see how that affects the shot. The application will also help you to better locate the shooting target after hitting it.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

With the application, you can simply place a shot and then see the result in the simulator. You can get detailed instructions regarding your placed shot. You can even use the application to see the vital organs and which of them is affected by the shot made. You can also configure the temperature data, the type of wide head and also the angle, all after placing your shot.


This application is considered the best among all those that provide camera administration and a road search tool. It will help you organize all your available cameras, including all the photos and images that you have collected, until now. With the help of this application, you can track each of your camera locations, set them, write notes and save them as a historical record, and then tag images / photos as well.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

The application makes it much easier to choose the photos you need, without all the hassle and search in your computer’s database. You can upload your hunting photos (the ones you tag inside the application) to the Huntforce servers. In the long term, Huntforce is useful because it will allow you to track other animals and also help you discover your hunting pattern and improve your harvesting skills.

Pocket Ranger

This is not a single application, but a series of applications. It is useful if you live in the USA. UU And you need specific information about your area, state and also the national park. Hunters have full access to any current information about the national park, including important phone numbers, hours, different trails, even camps, plus an interactive terrain map with GPS.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

Thanks to some applications that are in the package, you can quickly find more information on your favorite hunting location, some of the rules and regulations in this area and, most importantly, obtain licenses and also allow information. You can find all that for each national park and state.

In general, the various functions and applications within the package are useful for both hunters and hikers.

Light jacket and blood tracker.

While it may sound strange, but this application gives you some light. Both are useful enough for us to consider this application as a worthy competitor of the above. The hunting light is a strong flashlight. Thanks to the different and # 8216; filters or modes, you can be sure to use it even in less favorable weather conditions. The four colors are: red, green, blue and the standard white. You’ll even have an SOS light.

The red light is useful if you want to stay in hidden mode. The green light will help you see better in the dark. Blue light helps make bright objects look green. White, as we said, is standard and has nothing specific.

When it comes to the blood tracer, you can track a wounded animal and bleed. Thanks to the game ID of the built-in game, you can learn from the photos and images more about the tracks and trails of the animals, including the characteristics on how to better and successfully recognize a specific track and identify which animal it belongs to.

Phone skope camera

This application captures a screenshot using your mobile device, while watching the game through your hunting optics. These can be binoculars, rifle and telescopes. This is not a totally unknown practice, but it is relatively new. It’s called digiscoping. So you can use the best of your application, use the built-in stabilizer on your mobile device. Therefore, you can see your prey much better and as a result have a better goal. Your shot will be much clearer.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

You can also connect your mobile device to a tripod and make a good shot of the camera. The application does not necessarily have to be used for hunting, but it’s really perfect if you want to have a clean shot.


This application is a calculator that, as you can guess from its name, is ideal for measuring your ballistics. It also measures atmospheric changes and wind. The library is filled to the brim with approximately 5,000 projectiles, including a rangefinder and a super-advanced spindle screen. The wind function can calculate and measure different wind conditions, since it uses up to 8 sources, which provides precise wind measurements. Some of the functions (range registration) can be easily and quickly synchronized with other mobile and intelligent devices.

Best Hunting Apps: Various Features And Uses of The Best Apps for Hunting

All the above applications require some testing in the field. We hope we have presented you with the best hunting applications, but now it is time for you to try them yourself. Happy hunting!


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