Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer’s Guide

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

If you take hunting seriously, you should know that not all backpacks are the same. Hunting backpacks usually have (and should have) properties, which exceed the ordinary traditional hiking backpack. The hunting of backpacks must be waterproof, breathable, very durable (you will be in very unfavorable conditions) and, above all, silent. As long as these qualities are met, you may have found the ideal backpack.

Of course, professional hunters will look for the best backpack there is, but if you are a beginner in the hunting field, you can buy an entry-level backpack, and your hunting skills will not suffer because of your backpack.

As experience accumulates, you can replace your beginner’s backpack with a more advanced one. If hunting is not something that you do from time to time, but regularly, you definitely need to trust a good tough backpack.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

We will present you some of the best backpacks that are in the market. You can detect the properties and qualities of these backpacks and decide for yourself which one suits your needs.

ALPS OutdoorZ pursuit bow hunting day package

As the title of this backpack suggests, this is mainly aimed at bow hunters (no pun). And yet, it can still accommodate a rifle. Looking at the price, one can believe that it is a cheap backpack, but the truth is that it is made of high quality material, like many other backpacks of much higher price.

This backpack does not weigh more than 4 pounds and this makes it ideal for day hunting. Thanks to the various options of the pockets, you can hold your bows or rifles in many different places, however, it suits you and makes it easier to take out the bow or rifle. One of the side pockets can fit snugly into the butt of your rifle. Then you can secure it with a strap, and that’s it. This same pocket can even hold the hind quarter of a deer / antelope, in the same way that it holds the rifle.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

When it comes to the inside of the backpack, the front pocket opens to 90? angle, and contains a lot of different pockets for your convenience. The interior space is not divided and, therefore, provides more space for various items that it carries during the day. Thanks to the hydration pocket you can store water in the ALPS search.

You’ll also find Velcro straps on both sides of the backpack, plus nice mesh pockets where you can store several items for quick access. There are also small pockets in the hip belt, where you can store some mobile devices, such as GPS, mobile phones, Windicator, etc.

Finally, in the lower part of the backpack, you will find an orange rain cover, to protect you from the intense rain. While the backpack is not as big as other hunting packages, it is a great value for this affordable price. It is ideal for beginners, but even advanced hunters will find it incredibly reliable and useful.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Tenzing TZ 2220 one day package

This backpack is considered one of the best hunting backpacks made by Tenzing. What will impress you immediately when you open the front cover is that the zippers and the teeth make virtually no noise when you pull the zipper. This is a very appreciated feature among hunters. In addition, the front opening will give you full access to the entire inner area of ​​the backpack. And yet, there is a huge amount of compartments throughout the backpack, both inside and out.

Thanks to the possibility of compressing the backpack (including certain pockets that have compression straps), you can use the straps to hold your bow, arrows, rifle, etc. You can use your imagination to use this function. You will also find a sleeping pocket, where you can store long and flat items, such as maps. You can access them very easily and quickly.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

The backpack itself has an aluminum frame, to keep it stable and vertical, without deforming in the back. You can store several bottles or hydration containers. It is a relatively small backpack, but it offers great value. On the subject of hydration, you will also find a hydration hose. It remains locked and stable, and will not move around your face.

Another thing that is incredibly important for hunters is that even if the backpack is relatively small, it can expand quite a lot. In addition to that, the presence of several straps in the backpack, gives you the additional option of holding your game or other items, without bothering that there is no more space in the backpack.

Another invaluable feature is the bow cube. Many hunting backpacks lack this feature, so Tenzing definitely offers quality. If you have the opportunity to try to place your arcs in the cube, you will immediately notice that all the cams and other valuable parts of the arcs are well protected. If you use the male and female outer straps for compression, the arches will remain secure and protected. It is a well-valued backpack and customers can complain only if the backpack does not fit. This is, of course, a matter of personal adjustment, and it is not the fault of Tenzing’s side.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Eberlestock Halftrack hunting pack

The benefits of this backpack are numerous, but its size is definitely a plus point. The relatively small backpacks are even more preferred than the large and bulky backpacks you can find on the market. Eberlestock is suitable for a 2 day hunting trip. Its capacity is about 35 liters or 2150 cubic inches. According to the experiments, you can trust a little more than that: you can optimize up to 46 liters / 2800 cubic inches.

On the outside, on the front of the backpack, you will find 6 rows of PALS straps, which include Velcro straps and ID patches. Beside, two different hydration systems / bottles can be placed. You can also place other items, such as binoculars. These are the pockets for quick access. At the bottom of the backpack, of course, you’ll find a waterproof case.

It has a hook, which makes it really useful, because in case of strong winds, the rain cover would not fly and expose your backpack to heavy rain. In case you do not want to keep the cover against the rain, you can remove it and thus make more space inside the backpack.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

Another important thing to deal with is the suspension system. The aluminum frame (can be removed) keeps the backpack straight, and also creates the hip belt so that the weight is easily transferred to the hips and does not load your shoulders in the long term. The outside of the back is heavily padded, so make sure that the back does not sweat too much and provides good ventilation. The pads also make it very comfortable to use in the first place. The pad where the back rests against the lower back is very thick and will protect it.

Finally, inside the backpack you will not find as many compartments as with Tenzing, but there are a total of 8 rows with PALS tape, so if you have hooks or carabiners, you can use them to separate your items. Almost all customers are incredibly happy with this backpack and have tested it in real combat conditions, and can swear by it. It is absolutely worth the price.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Badlands clutch backpack

To begin with the review, we must say that this backpack weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces and its capacity is 2800 cubic inches. It has the typical for Badlands products and wings # 8216; bat ‘on each side of the backpack. The use of these flaps is that you can compress the backpack and meet your specific needs. You can also, if you wish, attach meat to the fins.

Inside, you will find the option of having a small backpack that can be arranged with some of the straps. It is basically a removable backpack, and could give more space inside the main backpack. By giving you plenty of extra space, you can fit in a 2-liter bottle or hydration bottle.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

Thanks to the lash straps that are right at the bottom, you can place other items, such as a sleeping bag, a tent and a pad too. There is also a removable rain cover too. If you need to compress the backpack, you will have a total of three horizontal straps.

The main opening is made on the basis of double access. The zipper is made with a three-quarter system, and the main access at the top, are the two ways you can access the inventory inside the bag. Thanks to this rack system, you will have access to the front and top loader.

Finally, the inside of the backpack; It has two mesh pockets, plus two zip pockets. You will also have a hydration bag, which is a typical feature of the addition of the Badlands series. The hip belt and back pads are made of a very comfortable foam, to provide better support and comfort. You can also use the removable hip pockets to store smaller items and even a gun.

In general, this backpack is ideal for hunting and even for some days of outdoor hiking. Thanks to its flexibility it can be used in various situations. All customers are completely satisfied and happy to own this product.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Badlands Diablo pack

This backpack is suitable for one or two days of hunting. It is much smaller and weighs much less than the Clutch backpack. Its capacity is also smaller: 1900 cubic inches, and therefore, it is considered an ultralight bag.

However, it is considered an update to the Badlands Pursuit model. Although the Devil has the aluminum frame and the hip belt, it weighs a little over 2 pounds. According to Badlands, the bag can accommodate up to 40 pounds, which is more than enough if you plan a one-day hunt. If you just want to go out for a deer or an elk, this backpack is perfect for you.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

The back of the backpack is made with a mesh and # 8216; Hypervent ‘and if we add the aluminum frame (which is added to the suspension), you can be sure that the backpack will stay away from your back. This will eliminate any unpleasant sweating. It seems that for most customers this is the most appreciated feature, which makes Diablo so competitive in the market.

On both sides of Diablo, there are supports for water bottles, but not exactly pockets. As for the compartments, there is one in the back and another just below the main compartment. Otherwise, next to it, there are several pockets and small and large bags for items like binoculars, mobile phones, GPS and anything else you might need for quick access.

Among the many Badlands Diablo customers, almost none have serious complaints about this backpack. It is a durable and reliable backpack, which can be used for different purposes.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

ALPS Outdoorz Commander Freighter

Here is a backpack for those hunters who prefer to spend weeks outdoors. This huge backpack has a capacity of 5250 cubic inches and weighs impressive because of its size of 2 pounds and 3 ounces. It will have two side bags on one side and a larger one on the other, a rifle compartment / holder, two front pockets, a total of ten zippers, a separator in the center area. The large front pouch has a durable zipper and can hold almost everything you need for easy access.

Zippers are made to be water resistant, so they do not allow moisture or water to enter. Even if the zipper is resistant, it is actually very easy to pull, do not pull with force or force to move it.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

One thing that can be considered an inconvenience is that, just when you open the main compartment, you will notice that there is a metal frame, which unfortunately limits the total opening space. This means that if you want to push a larger object inward, the metal frame can make it very difficult to do, or even impossible.

However, if we look at the positive side, you will realize that this ensures that the backpack maintains its pleasant shape. Since it is a large backpack, this is crucial. This metal frame also ensures that you can transfer the load equally throughout the backpack, and it dissuades you from filling it with items that can top the balance.

Otherwise, the shoulder straps have a sternum strap to add more balance and comfort. You will also have comfortable back pads and hip straps. Thanks to a mesh back function, your back will not touch the back of the backpack, so it will keep it ventilated at all times. This keeps any possible overheating at bay.

The lower compartment is quite large at first glance, but it is very comfortable and easy to reach even when the backpack is on your back. Finally, the bottom has a very useful shelf to suspend a sleeping bag or a pillow. It can also be used to prop up meat. You can use the straps to secure it in place.

In general, this backpack is not visually attractive with anything or in any elegant way, but it serves exactly as announced by ALPS, and you will not be disappointed. For the price, this backpack comes almost free.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Tenzing TZ 5000 backpack

Here is a high quality backpack that offers almost the same capacity of cubic inches, but at a much higher price and value. Tenzing is among the leading manufacturers of quality backpacks, and even if you are committed to one of its products, you will know that you buy products of very high quality.

This particular backpack has a minimum capacity of 4160 cu. in. and can be extended up to 5620 cu. in. The torso suspension system is fully adjustable for your specific needs and the shape of your body. The hip belt and the back area have all the cushioning you need to keep you comfortable in the back and hip area. The rear padding provides enough space for ventilation and prevents overheating and excessive sweating. Thanks to the large number of compartments (20 in total), you can also keep a sleeping bag, a pillow and other items a little more bulky.

Best Hunting Backpack: Best Options Reviews, Buyer's Guide

While the TZ 6000 model is created to fit a large (male) body, the TZ 5000 fits a slightly smaller torso. This is the main difference between the two models. TZ 5000 is ideal for people of lower height.

If you need to keep a sleeping bag, the ideal place, designated for it, is the lower compartment. It has a total capacity of 2,400 cu. in., and provides massive storage room. When it comes to storing water, you can do it using the special hydration compartments, which can store a total of 3 liters. Because the backpack is quite large and spacious, there are organizational compartments, so that all your items and inventory can be stored without creating a mess inside.

Finally, 7 compartments and belts are specially designed for hunting equipment. Right at the bottom of the TZ 5000, it has straps with a pocket to place and support bows and rifles. In the lower part there is also the rain protection compartment for protection against rain.

It’s the most expensive backpack on our list, but if you plan on hiking for many days or need to use it militarily, the Tenzing TZ 5000 is your ideal choice.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

The verdict

All the backpacks on top have their strong side, and we hope we have helped you find the ideal one for your needs. The smaller backpacks are definitely excellent for short hunting or one / two day trips. The larger backpacks are perfect for much harsher conditions and even military and combat situations.

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