Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

Hunting is one of my favorite survival skills. Not only does it bring you closer to nature, it also forces you to compromise your primordial instincts. Instead of being surrounded by the constant distractions to which we are all accustomed: televisions, traffic, gossip, you are in the heart of nature, and all your senses are forced to be absolutely clear.

As you establish each step with the care and deliberation of a gymnast, listen to the soft blow of the helmets. You feel the wind blowing in your direction, raising the hairs on the back of your neck. When you look at your prey, you forget about your clothes, your sweat, the blisters on your feet. Your rifle and your body are a unit, and together you move towards your prey. Instinct takes over stalking, but finely tuned marksmanship skills and the skilled manpower of your weapon are what will inevitably cause them to kill.

The question is: does your rifle have what it takes? Is your weapon a rival for your body and hunting techniques? The most expensive rifle in the world will not help in inexperienced hands, so you have the training and skills to use that hunting rifle safely and effectively?

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

The truth is that we are all sellers these days, and there are hundreds of rifles to choose from. While there is definitely no one that is better suited to work, some rifles are better than others in terms of efficiency and affordability. Here I will review some of the best ways to buy a rifle and finish it with what I think is the best hunting rifle on the market.

Looking for the perfect hunting rifle

Do not sell yourself short. Even if you have the best tracking skills, when it comes to this, a reliable pistol that will give you a lot of power without having to charge you is what will make a successful hunting trip. With stores full of salespeople looking for the highest commission, it’s hard to know what you really need and what rifle will do the job. Here are some parameters to consider when making your decision.


Number one on my list! I do not care if you have all the money in the world: in the end, a gun is a tool and you want one that gives you results without breaking the bank or that is an expensive club. While it is true that you usually get what you pay more, sometimes you end up paying more than you need. Buy intelligently and do not be fooled by flashy features you do not need.

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

However, when you buy your hunting rifle, be sure to take into account the cost of a scope with your budget. Although many hunters are left without him, he will not want to be caught without the money to get one if his rifle is difficult to aim.


I can not tell you how many exhausted hunters I’ve talked to who carry massive, elaborate rifles for something as simple as white-tailed hunting. Sure, you want a sturdy rifle, but if you weigh more than ten pounds, seriously consider how you will feel after a day walking through the woods with him. If by the time you put your eyes on your prey, you lack energy to hold your rifle firmly, it is too heavy to be practical for the job.


An important factor when making a decision to purchase a hunting rifle is to determine the type of action you prefer. All have their advantages and disadvantages, but usually the most preferred by rifle hunters is the action of the bolts. These rifles offer the highest precision in longer ranges because they have less recoil than semi-automatic weapons. They also support a greater variety of ammunition, make less noise when in cameras and are much easier to maintain due to their simple design.


Although the definition of this term can vary, generally caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet that will accept the rifle barrel. Whatever you do, do not buy a weapon that only accepts a caliber of a bullet that is almost impossible to find or that is tremendously expensive. When buying a hunting rifle, sometimes it’s better to start by buying ammunition first, just to see what’s on the shelves, and how affordable it is. From there, you can return to a compatible rifle.

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

Although it definitely varies a bit from one region to another, some of the most common and affordable ammunition gauges are 7mm REM and .270 WIN. Both are big enough to handle medium and large games, from sheep to moose and bears. Select a few calibers that are in your price range, then check the rifles that are available in that size.

This may seem like a lot to assimilate, but once you analyze it, it’s really very simple. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options and specifications that are out there, start with the basics. Work backwards by first asking what type of game you will pursue. Then, it evaluates the bullet caliber necessary to finish with that prey.

From there, it is really a matter of preference to determine which weight feels better in your hands, the type of action you prefer and, finally, how much you are willing to spend. By using this process, you do not have to be an experienced professional to select the perfect hunting rifle.

The best hunting rifle for (almost) any job.

And here we go, the box of Pandora hunting themes, whose hunting rifle is better for the job. This is a hotly debated topic, so do not go crazy in the comments that tell me how wrong I am, everyone has a preference and an opinion. What we are looking for here is the most accessible (that is, easy to find and affordable) rifle that does the best job, even in inexperienced hands.

Perfection in the basics: the Mauser 98.

This was not an easy choice to restrict, and I’ll be honest, it was very close between this rifle and the Mosin-Nagant. Both are excellent rifles, with a bolt action and a long history of some really happy shooters. However, the Mauser wins by its simple and efficient design that has not only withstood the test of time, but has inspired many other rifles in its path.

These rifles have existed for a long time, since the 1870s. They were originally designed for the German army, but were quickly adopted as a popular hunting rifle in the 19th century. Originally, they were single-shot shooting action, but since then they have been adapted for repetitive shooting, which makes them excellent for beginners (it is not necessary to stop and recharge when the target moves away).

The rifle uses an internal magazine with a capacity of five assaults. This is a manually operated rifle, so the mechanisms are much easier to clean and maintain, as there are fewer moving parts. This rifle uses 8 mm Mauser ammunition, which are relatively easy to find, although they can be a bit expensive since they are so large. However, given that it is a military rifle, you can often find the ammunition in bulk quantities at a discount through the surplus and bulk ammunition sites, just do some online shopping before going to your local store outdoor.

This is also a great rifle for all skill levels. It’s not too much, but it has enough weight to stay in place during the shot. Around nine pounds, it will not slow you down too much on a hike, but it also adheres to my rule for impressive rifles: that they are heavy enough to be used as a stick when you do not have ammunition. This rifle also has two swivels, so you can add a strap to facilitate the packaging.

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

Sure, it has some kicks, but not enough to throw you too far from your goal. However, in my experience, it has the perfect balance of weight and power, which makes it easy to shoot accurately for people who are not so expert in the competition. The iron sights facilitate the alignment of a shot, with two front sights and a curved tangent rear site. You may want to consider looking for some targets to fly like the white-tailed deer, or if this is your first hunting experience with a stronger rifle.

The design of the Mauser rifle is one that has been used to create countless other rifles. If you look at several other designs, most of them are based on this. This rifle has earned a reputation for safety and reliability, with a design that is meant to last. It is a rifle easy to shoot, which has a lot of power without overloading an inexperienced shooter.

What I like most about the Mauser 98 is that it is not only an effective weapon, but it was designed with the safety of the shooter in mind. There are two gas relief holes punched in the bolt sleeve. In the event that a cartridge jams and the hammer strikes the primer on the cartridge, the holes provide gas relief, while keeping the cartridge within the action. Basically, this prevents the gun from being destroyed by trapped gas, and prevents cartridge debris from hitting the shooter in the face. Fairly attentive to those Germans, huh?

Another great feature of this rifle that really makes it ideal for both experienced hunters and beginners is that the trigger is loosened. This rifle was designed for soldiers, many of whom were nervous and full of adrenaline in the middle of combat. The two-stage trigger was made with considerable acceleration, so a nervous soldier can prevent a premature firing. It is difficult to calculate the exact amount of donations, but in my experience it feels close to a quarter of an inch.

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

These guns are usually manufactured with a walnut stock: very strong and completely beautiful in a rack for guns. There is also an internal design that distributes the recoil produced when firing to reduce the kick. Everything about this gun is simple, robust and bright.

As for the accessories, believe it or not, this rifle was originally designed to be used with a bayonet. If you get an old Mauser 98 model, be sure to compare some amazing antique accessories. The good thing about the Mausers and their accessories is that they are not just pieces of history, but they were absolutely built to last. This is never an antique that simply sits on a shelf, these beauties are made to shoot them. During the First World War, even grenade launchers were launched for these rifles!

Finally, these rifles, despite all their efficiency in the field and their rich history, are extremely affordable. Typically, you can get a standard M98 Mauser for between $ 200 and $ 400, depending on your condition and age. However, the oldest and most collectable models can reach the $ 1000 range. It’s all a matter of how much you have to spend and how important the nostalgia of your hunting rifle is.

There are dozens of brands of these rifles out there, since it has been in production longer than almost any other firearm out there. Investigate before making a purchase and make sure you are familiar with the specifications and characteristics of the rifle. Since many of these weapons are ancient or ancient, you will also want to take some of the necessary precautions when buying used firearms. Make sure there are no visible cracks or deterioration on the outside (and inside, if you can see it well enough) of the muzzle.

If you can not see how things look inside, the general rule is that a gun that shows signs of poor maintenance and wear on the outside will be just as rough, if not more, on the inside.

Best Hunting Rifle: How to Choose The One for You

If after all this they boast of them, you are not really sold in the Mauser, then check everyone else’s favorite, the Mosin Nagant. It has often been touted as the Russian version of Mauser, with similar style and power, and a comparable reputation for handling and precision. They can be a bit more expensive than a Mauser, but they generally stay in the $ 400- $ 600 range. Depending on the Mosin you get, it usually takes the same cartridge as the Mauser, with a repetitive bolt action.

I will not go so far as to say that a hunter is as good as his rifle, but surely it is good to have a good shooter by your side. In an era where guns are being demonized, and the sources of our food become increasingly uncertain, hunting should be at the top of everyone’s list. The healthiest food in the world exists in nature, with lean free range meat that you can put in your hands, all for the price of a good rifle and a round.

I like to see my hunting rifle as an investment to feed my family with a healthy meal that, honestly, I can say that I know it was raised without antibiotics, CAFO and all the other junk that enters standard food these days. Of course, the purchase of rifles is quite addictive, but it is also a very serious matter. This is the tool that will put meat on your table and, hopefully, save money in your wallet.

Do not buy something that only looks elegant on your wall: buy something that does the work, ultimately, for the least amount of capital. It is an investment and you want to ensure the highest possible return.


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