Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

Most of the time we spend outdoors is done with an electronic device in our hands, possibly with the exception of excursions or camping. These electronic devices make our natural thinking very difficult, but they can be useful in a survival situation. Electronics plays an important role in our society these days, especially in phones, tablets and computers. Those electronic devices seem to distract most people, and people do not enjoy being outside so much because of that distraction. Perhaps the only thing we do not use enough is our mind.

However, when we are presented with a situation that does not allow the use of electronics, at least for a prolonged period of time, we must rely on our human instincts to carry us out.

Human instincts allow us to survive in some situations outlined, and also allow us to embrace the desert and get in touch with the forest. Because we live in a world where we are never far from our devices, devices, etc., we neglect almost everything else around us.

When it comes to camping, the charm of wildlife and survival on their own terms become the most important parts of the trip. There is something innately human about the roughing in the forest. It is human nature merging with mother nature. Yes, it could be quite easy to go to the camp directly next to a vehicle, but actually climbing to a camping site can cause a lot of problems, without being seen by campers who do not have as much experience.

Whether humans can or can not camp without electronics is debatable, because humans never have to. At a minimum, humans have a lighthouse or lantern that keeps the camp bright in the absence of a fire.


Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

Since, as human beings, we like to be prepared, it is not surprising to see people starting to buy portable batteries for their camping trips. Most hikers have some electronic devices, other than telephones, that are necessary when walking or camping at long distances from civilization. GPS, satellite phones, flashlights, lights and other vital accessories that use electricity can become extinct in nature, and as we know, there are no stores in the forest.

For both hikers and campers to have a way to prevent their important electronic devices from dying in them in extreme situations, the portable battery has become popular among outdoor enthusiasts. These portable batteries come in all shapes and sizes, in addition to being adapted for specific types of electronics, be it a telephone, a lamp or a device.

Although most outdoor enthusiasts will have the pure knowledge of surviving without these electronic devices, it is still important to have the best portable battery, in case a dangerous situation occurs where necessary.

Choose the right portable battery

As indicated above, portable batteries are used to recharge electronic devices that have died due to prolonged use. The term does not really say much about the battery, apart from its only function, and definitely does not extend it either.

Because the portable battery is an extremely vague word, it is important to understand what it really is and what it does. In its very basic definition, a portable battery is a battery that can be used to recharge electronic devices anywhere. However, the term does not mention that a portable battery can charge virtually anything with a wall socket or a USB plug.

Some portable batteries are made specifically to charge phones, computers and tablets. Other types of laptops are made for charging satellite phones or GPS, and some even carry small used appliances during camping trips. Finding a portable battery is about choosing which devices you will probably charge and buying a battery based on that option. Once you have chosen the type of electronics that you would like to use, you have won half the battle.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

Now that the first requirement is marked on the list, we can now talk about how powerful portable batteries are. If you buy a portable battery, do not expect it to power all of our electronic components for the duration of your trip, instead, understand that each battery has a different power rating.

Some laptops have only a couple of USB ports and are used to charge the phone. Those types of laptops will not be able to produce tons of charges because they are mainly made to charge the phone. However, these small batteries charge small devices extremely fast.

Be sure to take note of this when you look at the specifications of each product. On the other hand, laptops designed to charge small appliances will allow a longer load in general, but they will take longer to charge than smaller electronics. Although the power of your portable battery may not be the most important factor in finding the best portable battery, other qualifiers will.

When buying a portable battery, there are too many options to analyze them all. There are important embellishments that each device has to mention. At the top of the list is probably the wear that each device can handle. Portable batteries can be waterproof; Shockproof, dirt proof, and can also have sturdy features, although we know that waterproofing is better than waterproof.

In addition, each type of portable battery has certain plugs that support charging. While they are mostly UBS or wall sockets, there are other plugs that may appear.

Be careful when looking at the different types of plugs that portable batteries support. Finally, the last specification that must be verified is the power that the portable battery has. Make sure that the portable battery can charge more than one device and that it lasts at least a few days, otherwise you are basically losing a purchase in a survival tool that will not be there to help you survive.

In summary, evaluate each facet of the portable battery you wish to buy, investigate a little and then make an informed decision about which is the best portable battery for you.

USB external travel battery UNIFUN

The first on the list is the UNIFUN USB external travel battery. This product is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and scratch resistant. This is the travel battery that all outdoor enthusiasts want. It has two USB output charging ports that allow simultaneous charging.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

In addition, the UNIFUN portable battery shuts down if not used, to save power in certain situations. The core of the battery is lithium and can accept up to a thousand loads. The high-speed charging ports of the UNIFUN USB battery support charging of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, as well as tablets and other large devices. The UNIFUN charger has an additional flashlight built in just in case. For only $ 20 you can have one of the best portable batteries in the market.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Levin solar panel charger

A fairly new technology in the grand scheme of things, solar panels are very useful. This particular portable battery is useful when you need to power a device without being able to sit down and charge it before you leave. Solar panels allow the battery to be charged anywhere, at any time, whenever there is sun. Another lithium battery, the Levin battery is lightweight and comes with an added polymer that makes the battery one of the safest batteries in the world.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

The battery can charge two devices together and will allow about one thousand charges in its lifetime. These two devices can be charged via USB ports on the portable battery. While it is resistant to rain and shockproof, I would not recommend placing it near water. The solar panel allows a charging time of approximately eight hours for the battery. For this reason, it would be good advice to use this portable battery only for occasional trips. In addition, the battery has a LED flashlight connected in case of emergency. This product can be purchased at Amazon for $ 25.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

EasyAcc power bank

If there was ever a portable battery that looked like the part, the EasyAcc power bank is the one. With its mainly black color, combined with deep blue details, the power bank feels as if it belonged to the forest. It is resistant to dust, shock and water, making it one of the most durable portable batteries on the market.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

The power bank can charge almost any smart electronic device extremely fast. The power bank says it saves consumers half the time they charge their phones. The charging is done via USB cable. A built-in flashlight, carabiner and compass come standard with this device, and are specifically recommended for mountain climbers. The EasyAcc power bank can be found on Amazon for approximately $ 24.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Solar panel power bank E-Age Dual USB

This E-Age power bank sports a solar panel that will charge the portable battery within an appropriate period of time. The design of the power bank is simple, but it also looks good. It can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and is made with a thin aluminum alloy. The actual battery is made of lithium ion, and it is supposed to make the charging of electronic devices easy and fast. The power bank is equipped with an overload protection that, in turn, extends the life of the portable battery.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

The manufacturers of the product advise that the consumer charges the battery through the wall the first few times, and make sure it will work better after these instructions have been followed. On Amazon, the E-Age Dual USB portable solar panel power bank can be purchased for $ 12, considerably less compared to the other portable batteries on our list.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

HAPPYCOCO solar panel portable backup power.

The Happycoco portable battery is characterized by a simple and sophisticated design. The combination of black and blue colors works wonders for those who seem unable to choose the right color. The power bank comes in a multitude of sizes and two forms. The consumer can choose an elliptical or rectangular shape depending on the user’s preference. In addition, the portable battery can be purchased in blue, yellow, green and army.

It fits most bags with ease and is perfect for short camping trips or hiking adventures. The portable battery has an LED flashlight for emergencies, as well as a carabiner that can be used if necessary.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

While the Happycoco power bank may seem quite fragile, it is just the opposite. In fact, the power bank is non-slip, shockproof, resistant to rain and environmentally friendly. The portable battery is so resistant to shocks that it does not turn off or turn off when dropped. Another lithium polymer battery, this battery is one of the safest in the world and will not explode when heated to extreme temperatures.

The Happycoco battery has a lifetime of around thousands of charges. It can be found on Amazon from $ 10 to $ 30 depending on the options chosen.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Poweradd Apollo 3

The Poweradd Apollo 3 is known for its ability to charge a wide variety of devices. Whether it’s iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberries, tablets, etc., Poweradd does the work. The Poweradd is a USB-based charging system that is compatible with many devices. You can charge two devices at the same time at the speed of lightning. With a small portable battery, the Poweradd can be placed in almost all transport cases, and it will not charge it either.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

The built-in lithium polymer battery allows a high quality battery that lasts a long time. The Poweradd can maintain more than five hundred charges in its lifetime. While compatibility and lifetime are also excellent qualifiers of a power bank, this particular portable battery has a strong solar panel charge that is useful when in a dangerous survival situation. The Poweradd Apollo 3 portable battery sells for $ 30 on

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Which battery would be the best for you?

In short, portable batteries can save lives when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts. While most avid hikers have the human instincts and presence of mind to survive in the most dangerous situations, the camper may not be so gifted. This is where portable batteries come in. They can be purchased almost anywhere, at a good price, and they make sure that the precious electronic devices that are necessary for inexperienced (or experienced) hikers allow a quick charge so that their devices can be charged. Ignited in times of need.

Although having a solar panel is extremely useful when you are in the woods, the USB UNIFUN external travel battery is the best portable battery you can buy. It combines security, durability and ease of use to form a stellar product that will carry with it for a long time. There are many excellent products with many qualifications, so be sure to check and research any portable battery you find.

Best Portable Battery: A Way To Keep Electronics Going

Look for products that come with attached warranties, so you can get another one if the product is not efficient enough. As with any survival accessory, it is key to choose the best product to work when you need it the most.

The casual camper will use portable batteries for their smart phones and anything else they consider worthy of charging, but in reality, it should be the critical devices that receive the load. If it is a GPS, a satellite phone or anything else, then do not leave it, just do not let electronic devices like the iPhone make your choice. Choose a product that works for a lot of electronics and a product that also lasts for a while.

As with any survival situation or just camping in general, always be prepared. Buying the right equipment at the right time will allow you and your fellow travelers to have a trip without drama as long as you are prepared.

One of the worst things you can do is buy something because it is the cheapest or easiest when it comes to outdoor activities. As most consumers have already realized, sometimes the most expensive product works best, and if that is what you need to make you and your fellow travelers feel safe, so be it.

There is no excuse to take the cheap outing when camping or hiking. Only problems of survival equipment manufactured at low cost will arise, especially if you are in a serious and dangerous situation, and problems are something that you can not have when trying to survive and return to society.

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