Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

The best portable solar panels are an important equipment for the list of all survivors. Nowadays, the same portable panels are becoming a hot item for anyone looking for a way to charge portable devices such as cameras, GPS units, cell phones, tablets and other devices when traveling, camping, hiking, cycling, cycling or not. within reach of a house where electricity is very easy to access.

The solar panel is also a green way of creating energy and many consumers seek ecological means to produce energy without destroying the earth, destroying our landscape, ruining our homes and ruining the plant for others. Below are the ten solar panels identified to choose from and why they work.

Food devices

Solar panels are capable of feeding different devices and their power depends on the amount of energy they emit. Portable devices that require recharging often include headlights, mp3 players, cell phones and other low-power requirements. However, depending on the size of your solar panels, you may charge larger devices.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

So, here are the main sizes available in the market:

  • Compact panels: the best for small digital devices such as small cell phones, PDAs, mobile devices. This item may not offer enough power to turn on large devices.
  • The medium-sized panels, which are still portable, are those that can power larger cameras, larger equipment and a laptop. If you are well informed about the use of the laptop, you can definitely get what you need to do without having to worry about a connection if you have an Internet connection.
  • Much larger panels should be chosen if you plan to make everything in a house, RV or camper work. You need a heavy duty panel for things like a CPAP machine, a small or mini fridge, televisions and video games.

No matter what size portable solar panel you buy, it is important to realize that these panels will gather more sunlight when the days are not cloudy. While it may initially take time to learn how to work with the portable solar panel and its natural energy production, you can eventually develop a smooth routine to access the energy as it is created.

The 10 best products available in the market.

#:. 20W Portable Solar Panel with iSolar Technologies.

The portable 20-watt solar panel is an impressive choice when it comes to portable solar panels. Its low price, compact design, durability and flexible use make it a fantastic investment. With a price between $ 44.00 and $ 99.00, the Solar Panel is a unit that offers an efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5 percent in terms of transmission and the unit is made of highly durable materials.

Additional features include:

  • Measures of 26.4 x 11.1 by 0.2 inches when deployed
  • 1 inch by 6.3 inch by 1.1 inch when the wallet is folded
  • The unit weighs 14.7 ounces.
  • CE, RoHS and FCC certificate
  • PowerIQ will discover and then mimic the initial loading protocol of a gadget, which allows great speed when it comes to providing green power for its use.
  • Compact, lightweight, highly portable style.
  • The unit comes with a 3-foot micro USB cable, a guide that welcomes the product and its technology, and a solar unit and an 18-month warranty on the charging device
  • Eye holes make the device easy to place on other personal items
  • Protections against overvoltages and short circuits in place.
  • Waterproof

You should also know that it will not load products such as Asus tablets, HP Touchpad, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic or iPod Nano due to incompatibility issues.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

# 2: 20W portable solar panel with iSolar technologies

X-Dragon manufactures the 20 W solar portable panel with iSolar technologies. The unit has a decent price between $ 54.99 and $ 169.99, depending on where you buy it. You can use the unit to charge smartphones, Android devices, Samsung phones, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

Additional features include:

  • A 20W carbiner / solar charger that is foldable.
  • An instruction guide
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Dark circles for easy coupling
  • 20 watts of solar energy
  • You can charge your iPad and cell phone simultaneously
  • 22 to 25 percent conversion efficiency from solar energy to energy
  • Offers up to 2.4A when it is under direct sunlight in terms of a current
  • iSolar Technologies regulates the voltage and current for the fastest possible current output

In terms of physical dimensions, the characteristics of the product:

  • The measurements when closed are 12.1 inches by 7.2 inches by 0.51 inches
  • The measurements when opened are 23.3 inches by 12.1 inches by 0.12 inches
  • It weighs all 21.9 ounces
  • Product features a worry-free guarantee

If you are interested, you can check its price here.

# 3: 14-watt, 5-volt portable solar panel

The foldable portable solar panel of 14 watts and 5 volts is a unit created by KingSolar. The unit is black, light and priced between $ 38.99 and $ 189.99 respectively. All the portable package comes complete with a product warranty of 12 months. The package has a 14-watt solar panel charger and also a user’s guide. The circuits of the unit and the materials used to manufacture the solar panel are of the highest quality.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

Additional features include:

  • It weighs 1.06 pounds only
  • Voltage regulator included to stabilize the current produced by the unit.
  • Two panels easy to fold, easy to carry, design and frame.
  • Materials resistant to scratches
  • Resistance to rain / water
  • Produces a 5-2SA USB output
  • Produces 5V for USB-connected devices
  • PET plastic surface
  • Nylon loops make it easy to hang the panel if desired
  • There are no radiant problems.
  • No pollution creation
  • A conversion rate of solar energy to energy of 23.5%.

In terms of physical dimensions, the characteristics of the product:

  • Measurements include 11.73 inches by 6.38 inches by 0.59 inches when folded
  • Measurements include 18.50 inches by 11.73 inches by 0.39 inches when open
  • Energy conservation solution

The product is compatible with Bluetooth devices, digit cameras, GPS devices, smart phones, Blackberry devices, Nexus phones, HTC models and Samsung Galaxy phones, including 3, 4, Note, S3, S4 and S5. The device will also charge the iPod, iPad, tablets and the iPhone 5, 5s and 6.

If you are interested, you can check the current offer on Amazon.

# 4: Foldable and portable 22-watt solar panel

The foldable and portable 22-watt solar panel that Vinsic puts at your disposal offers you many functions. The price falls between $ 40.00 and $ 99.90 depending on where you buy the unit. The solar panel offers the convenience of portability and can provide up to 23.5% or 25% in terms of conversion efficiency between sunlight and energy.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

The monocrystalline panel houses a conversion efficiency rating of 15%. If you invest in the industrial-strength PET solution, you get a unit with panels that are made of plastic-lined panels, each of which is sewn and placed inside a canvas.

Additional features include the following:

  • Weather resistant product
  • Simultaneous loading allowed
  • PET plastic coated panels placed on a canvas made of high wear polyester canvas
  • No additional batteries are required
  • No carbon footprint
  • There are no carbon emissions.
  • Lightweight design, durable frame
  • Dual USB port plug solutions
  • 22W solar panels with highly efficient features.
  • Product warranty of 18 months.

The product is made with smart identification features. This means that you can identify when two USB ports are in use, so you can improve the efficiency with which the unit loads the items you are charging.

It is compatible with: outdoor activities, backpackers, walks, camps, emergency preparedness, MP3 players, smartphones.

If you’re interested, you can buy it at Amazon.

# 5. 100-watt, 12-volt mono-crystalline solar case

Now you can carry your clothes in a unit that will also provide portable solar power. The Solar Suitcase is a product manufactured by Renogy. The unit is foldable, attractive, lightweight and highly functional.

The unit costs between $ 264.00 and $ 279.00, depending on the model you buy and the power you need. The suitcase also comes in a 60-watt solution and all units are equipped with a controller.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

This off-grid portable solar product is equipped with 50-watt monocrystalline panels, a power regulation display that is a liquid crystal display, and is combined with a 10-amp ViewStar load controller. The unit comes with crocodile clips so you can connect your battery with ease.

Additional features of this portable unit include:

  • Rugged construction
  • Two solar panels
  • 10 foot cable tray
  • Charge controller
  • Aluminum support with adjustable features
  • Heavy duty handle and latches

Do you like this great product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

# 6: 50W solar energy solar panel

The 50 watt solar panel from Sun is a device manufactured by ALLPOWERS. The panel is resistant to dust, shock and water and can be used to feed items in your store, cabin, boat or recreational vehicle. The cost of the unit is between $ 191.00 and $ 299.99.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

The unit provides between 22 and 25% efficiency and is made of flexible materials so you can easily use it in a crowded space while it is stored with the same ease. The back sheet curves in an arc of 10 degrees and can mount it.

Additional features include:

  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Super portable and easy to transport.
  • Easy to remove and hang
  • Structure without frame
  • Flexible solar panel
  • 7A work stream
  • 18 volt working voltage
  • Optimum power of 50W
  • 25mm impact hail
  • Resistant to snow

Do you like this product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

# 7: The 12-volt, 5-watt solar panel

The 12 volt, 5 watt, and powered ECO-WORTHY solar panel is an affordable portable option that costs between $ 17.45 and $ 39.00. The unit is easily portable and is perfect for charging batteries that belong to tractors, snowmobiles, cars and motorcycles. The unit is a product of energy saving and safe for the environment.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

Additional features include:

  • 12V battery that is rechargeable in emergency situations.
  • Good to use when working outdoors.
  • A good portable solar panel to use when camping or traveling.
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Light product
  • Dustproof
  • Rustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Drip charger capacity
  • 5W of power, 22.41 V, 17.9 Vop
  • Voltage of the 12 volt SLA battery
  • The measurements are of 8.7 inches by 7.5 inches or 220 millimeters by 190 millimeters
  • Four pieces of PVC suction cups
  • A crocodile clip adapter
  • A cable of 0.5 m
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • It can work in temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Do you like this product? Then you can check its price here.

# 8: 7 Watt solar charging panel

The 7 watt solar charge panel of Ivation is priced between $ 70.00 and $ 159.99; The panel fits a backpack with a hydration unit and a bladder bag. A great survival tool, this backpack has a flexible drinking tube and a 10,000 mAh power bank that has waterproof features.

The solar panel is removable and is a 7-watt, 6-volt recharge panel, ideal to act as a backup battery for charging items during outdoor sporting events, camping, hiking or biking. There are charging pieces for tablets and smartphones, as well as special pockets in the bag to carry the equipment.

Additional features include:

  • The option to buy the bag in one of four colors, including: green, black, blue or red
  • Large pockets with strong zippers for zippers.
  • Enough space to store a tablet and two cell phone devices
  • Double USB for simultaneous charging of two mobile phones.
  • A USB cable
  • Juice your devices and hydrate the solutions.
  • The solar panel is seven watts and produces six volts.
  • The panel cells are high efficiency cells.
  • Anti-scratch coating on the panel.
  • The panel is removable so you can change the direction the panel is facing

You can load Bluetooth speakers, mp3 players, GPS devices, external battery packs, tablets and smart phone devices.

Do you like this product? You can then check the current offer on Amazon.

# 9: 40-watt solar charger

The 40-watt solar charger is a Poweradd product. The unit’s price tag is at the top end of the scale and falls between $ 340.00 and $ 499.99 respectively. The high quality portable solar panel is a 5 volt + 18 volt DC USB drive. Easy to use, lightweight, portable and made with durable parts and materials to guarantee the longevity of the product. It comes with the unit, connectors for laptops, a user guide and a DC cable.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

Additional features include:

  • Made with SUNPOWER® solar panels.
  • It has a conversion efficiency equal to 23.5%
  • 5V / 2A to charge any device that requires 5 volts of power
  • DC output of 18 V / 2.2 A for charging devices that require 18 volts
  • Equipped with a voltage regulator for current stability during charging.

Solar panels that are laminated with PET fabric made of PVC for weather resistance and waterproofing. In addition, the unit comes with up to ten notebook connectors, including those that are compatible with the following notebook models:

  • Toshiba T1950, T4700 / Acer Aspire 1200
  • Toshiba Satellite A105, M35
  • Thinkpad R60, X60 and T60
  • Sony VAIO
  • Samsung N130, N310
  • Lenovo Ultrabook
  • HP Mini 1000/1100 Series
  • Dell Inspiron Compaq CQ 60, g60, 550, DV6, HP Pavilion, E1505, 1525
  • ASUS Eee 900, 1000

If you think this product might be useful to you, then you can check its price on Amazon.

# 10: 20 watt portable solar panel by SunKingdom

The 20-watt portable solar panel manufactured by SunKingdom is foldable and serves as a charger with two USB ports. The highly efficient unit has PowermaxIQ technologies, which make the charger up to 23.5% faster when it is charged.

The panel has automatic recognition of what is being loaded as well. The price of the unit is between $ 175.00 and $ 225.00, depending on where you buy. To use the portable solar panel, all you have to do is unfold the unit and place it in a place where it can absorb direct sunlight. You can place it on the windshield of a car, windows, backpacks and more. You can connect the panel to your device using the power cord.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

However, keep in mind that you can not place mobile devices under sunlight for a long time, even if we have the pocket design. Direct sunlight and overheating can damage your devices.

You should also be careful not to expose the product too much to sunlight, as this can damage the portable solar panel. With the panel, you get access to solar energy that does not radiate, that does not cause pollution.

Additional features include:

  • Scratch-resistant surface with matt polish
  • Water proof features
  • Compatible with any 5V USB device, including Bluetooth headsets, GPS units, digital cameras, MP4, personal digital assistants, Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6.
  • The panel is ultra thin for easy portability.
  • It comes with a complete user manual to facilitate its use and a product warranty of 12 months.

The physical characteristics include:

  • Measures 10.35 inches by 6.10 inches x 0.59 inches when folded
  • Measurements of 30.87 inches by 10.35 inches by 0.59 inches when deployed
  • The weight is 1.29 pounds in total, so the portability index is high

The product has a voltage regulator so that the stability of the current stays within the norms and improves the longevity of the unit.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Things to consider

Cost: At one point, the cost of solar panels was more than ridiculous, so much so that it was almost impossible to get one to use to load simple and small items on the fly. The solar panels of yesteryear were also large, bulky and were meant to heat buildings, not for small appliances while camping, fishing, walking, biking or looking for elements while sitting comfortably in their RV.

While cost is certainly a consideration for you, it is definitely not a big concern, as it was when solar panels were introduced as a form of ecological and ecological technology.

Best Portable Solar Panels: Top 10 Best Products

The current cost of solar panels is governed by the number of watts produced by the panels, the actual size of the panels physically, the material used to manufacture the panels, the guarantee that accompanies the panels and the brand you choose. If the panels are certified, they could cost a little more. The amount of panels you are receiving in a portable unit will also influence the price you face when you are ready to buy.

Efficiency:  Portable solar panels on the market today offer a transmission efficiency of between 21 and 25 percent. This seems to be the average efficiency rating, but there are panels that only give an efficiency of 15 to 19 percent. The panels that have the highest efficiency percentages will cost a bit more.

Warranty length: The longer the warranty covers, the greater the product manufacturer’s confidence in the durability, quality and potential longevity of a product. Keep this in mind when searching for the best portable panels.


The best portable solar panels are those that are economical, powerful and compatible with various devices. The greater the compatibility, the better the unit will work for you. A portable solar panel should be lightweight and its ease of use is another consideration that you should consider before buying it.

Solar panels on the market today promise a great diversity, compatibility options, and the units have a decent price. They are also a survival tool that can be beneficial whenever you need a green energy source.

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