Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

With so many shotguns available for purchase, it can overwhelm you when you first face the task of searching for one of the best shotguns for local defense. There are many factors that play a role in what makes a good shotgun for the local defense. Also, while the weapon may be perfect for one person, another shotgun may be better for another.

The characteristics of a gun and the ability of one to use it should be taken into consideration and, no doubt, your budget will play an important role in the type of gun you buy to protect you and your home.

Shotgun considerations

There is a lot of foresight that you have to go to find and choose the best shotguns for local defense. By considering the different options you face, you will be an empowered buyer who can make informed decisions about your investment in weapons. Once you have a solid knowledge of shotgun options, you will be a safer buyer.

When you are looking for the best shotguns, there is a lot to consider. While you already know the purpose of why you are investing in a shotgun, you will still have to consider things like the length of the stock, the length of the gun barrel, the choke, the length of the pull and the caliber of the gun. The pull length is the measurement between the pistol stock and the trigger.

You will definitely want to make sure to invest in a weapon that you will feel comfortable with. You must hold the weapon in your hands, put it in the firing position and see how the weapon feels when you hold it. To do this, consider the weight of the gun as well.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

There are shotguns for left-handed and left-handed people, and while some people are ambitious and no matter which hand is dominant, for others, it is important to obtain a weapon based on the use of the dominant hand. However, additional considerations include the brand of the weapon, the size and which of the four basic types of shotguns you want to use for local defense, each of which has associated advantages and disadvantages.

Security considerations

Today, about a third of all Americans own a weapon of some kind and, according to recent statistics, almost 300 million people have privately owned firearms. Of course, owning a weapon will definitely give you and your family the feeling of being safe and secure in your house, but it can also have the opposite effect on some family members by making them nervous that there is a weapon in the house. home.

This fear is not only genuine; In reality, it is a legitimate fear because owning a weapon creates the environment where it is more dangerous to live in a weapon: accidental shootings can occur and occur. In fact, in the process of trying to defend yourself and your home, the probability of an accidental shot quadruples.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

If you are looking for one of the best shotguns for local defense, you will also want to think about where you will store the weapon when you get it. This is particularly true if you have children in the home.

When considering that the chances of an accidental firing are four times higher with a weapon in the home, and that in more than 20 percent of the cases in which the parents believe that their children have never been in contact with a weapon, the children in question have shown that they are wrong. Considering where you will place a gun is imperative. You will want to keep a gun locked, but also easily accessible to you in an emergency situation.

Shooting and bomb action shotguns.

Single shot and pumping action shotguns are two types of weapons you should consider. Below you will find information about the single shot and pump action options you have when looking for a weapon for the local defense. The pros and cons of each are listed. Keep in mind that single shot and bomb action weapons are two of the four options you have when you buy a weapon.

Weapon Advantages and disadvantages
One shot This type of weapon only contains one bullet at a time.

Pro: The weapon is often one of the cheapest weapons on the market.

Pro: Since these pistols fire a single shot at a time before requiring recharging, they are considered a bit safer than guns with a need for less immediate recharging.

Fraud: It may not be excellent in a situation of anxiety or in a condition in which you defend your life or your home.

Fraud: A single shot shotgun is less effective if you need multiple shots for a moving target.


Pump action A shotgun that allows more than one bullet to be fired, but also requires that the weapon be pumped before each shot is made. Pumping the weapon causes the spent projectile to come out of the shotgun.

Pro: Affordable.

Fraud: It is not a very silent weapon, which can alert a domestic intruder to your presence before you want to.

Fraud: The pumping action will slow it down in a situation that requires fast or fast repetitive firing action.

Self-loading and double barrel.

Just like the single shotgun and the action bomb are two types of shotguns to think about when looking for the best shotguns for home defense, you’ll also want to think of two more types of weapons: the shotgun with automatic loader and the double shotgun. canon.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

Below you will find information about each weapon and the advantages and disadvantages of its use in local defense:

Weapon Advantages and disadvantages
Automatic loader An automatic loader is a weapon that depends on the action of an automatic system to force the spent bullet out of the gun and load the new bullet so that it can be fired. The automatic loader is called a semiautomatic weapon.

Pro: If you are looking for a weapon with a low recoil factor, the automatic loader offers an impact that is approximately 30 percent less than other weapons. The weapon is cyclical and absorbs part of the impact in doing so.

Fraud: The automatic loader is more expensive than other weapons.

Double barrel The double-barreled shotgun is one of the best shotguns for domestic defense because it is a very powerful weapon: it has two bullet projectiles simultaneously. The barrels are one on top of the other or side by side, depending on the weapon in question.

Pro: The weapon is reliable and offers considerable firing precision.

Fraud: Poor affordability factor: this is one of the most expensive weapons compared to the four main types of shotguns in the current market.

Fraud: The power of this weapon results in a significant setback.


Shotgun barrels

The barrel type of a shotgun, particularly its length, will affect its ability to accurately fire the weapon and handle the weapon effectively. Long barrels are ideal when you have a predictable target or one that is not moving. You will find a much smoother long barrel grip when aiming at a target, but the long barrel shotgun will be more bulky and more uncomfortable to hold, aim and shoot. If you are in a confined space and are firing at a target that is not so predictable, a shorter cannon shotgun is ideal.

In terms of shooting accuracy, the longer barrel will clearly have the sights below the barrel. The longer cannon shotgun is considered more accurate than those with shorter cannons. With a short-throw gun, the alignment of the eye is a factor that becomes more important to you as a shooter.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

Another thing to consider is the appearance of the weapon itself. While, for whatever reason, a weapon looks intimidating, a longer barrel shotgun will often look even more intimidating than a short-barreled gun, simply because of its sheer size. A menacing looking weapon will definitely serve you well when you’re looking to intimate an intruder at home.

When firing a shorter gun, you can anticipate a louder noise and an increase in the flash. A longer cannon will definitely have an increase in terms of exit speed, but it is not important enough to worry about when choosing a shotgun for local defense.

What is the best shotgun?

The answer to what is the best shotgun for your needs depends on your skill level. If you feel comfortable with the weapons and have the ability to use them, a shotgun with automatic or double cannon would be ideal, but in the hands of the non-experts, those weapons can be incredibly dangerous. The problem with automatic charging weapons is that once they are fired, the weapon ejects the projectile and charges the next bullet so that it is ready to fire again immediately: this is not the case with single-shot weapons or of pumping in which its interception or action is required. Before the weapon is ready to fire again. Therefore, accidental firing is most likely with an automatic double-barrel shotgun.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

Note that you can still accidentally fire a shotgun with a single shot if you do not handle the hammer mechanism correctly. To shoot a shotgun with a single shot you have to pull the hammer backwards. If for some reason the bullet does not fire, you must squeeze the trigger and pull the hammer backward simultaneously to release the hammer.

This action must be smooth, otherwise it can be triggered accidentally. If your thumb slides from the hammer, the gun will fire automatically. In any case, it is an excellent idea for anyone not familiar with the handling of a weapon, to attend a hunting or weapons security course. Even if a person is familiar with weapons, an update course is always a good idea.

Shotgun and shock meters

When considering the purchase of a shotgun, it is important to know that the smaller the diameter of the gun, the less recoil or kick the gun has when it is in use. If you are not familiar with the use of a shotgun, you can consider a pistol as a 20 gauge because it has a lower kick than one of four, which is the largest shotgun available.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

There are many different types of shotgun chokes that determine the spray pattern of a shotgun, including full, modified, improved, cylinder, and throttling perforations. The three fundamental shocks are broken down into a full, modified and improved cylinder. To understand the best strangler for a self-defense weapon, an understanding of the fundamental types of strangulation is needed:

Strangulation type Description of the spray pattern
Full It includes a dense extension, narrow extension and a tight constriction.
Modified An extension of medium width and one of less constriction.
Improved cylinder Open dispersion, wide spread, and minimal restriction.

The most common strangler used for domestic defense purposes and used by members of law enforcement includes Cylinder Bore Choke. The same type of strangulation is used to hunt grouse and quail. The last choke has the highest spray dispersion. You can also get weapons with special strangulations that create a wider or narrower spread, depending on what you want to use the weapon for now. The hole in the cylinder creates a pattern of a group of 30 inches at 40 yards. The group contains about 40 percent pellets.

Remington Model 870 Express

The Remington 870 Express model is a 12 gauge tactical model with 2 3/4 and # 8243; to 3 “camera and 18 1/2” gun barrel. The weapon features front sights, a synthetic matte black finish on the forearm and the butt of the weapon and weighs 7 1/2 pounds in total. The receiver and the gun barrel have a bluish finish. The weapon has a capacity of 7 bullets, and a strangler Rem. The Remington 870 Express model is among the best shotguns for home defense because of its ease of use and care.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

The weapon is also ideal for use in hunting and shooting ranges. The Remington 870 Express model is prized for its rugged design, precision and compact design. At around $ 500.00, you will find the weapon affordable and the weapon comes with a number of customization options. The Remington Model 870 Express makes your ammunition work well and you will find that the weapon is reliable in serious situations. One of the disadvantages associated with the weapon is that the ammunition is a bit expensive.

Mossberg 535

Another tactical shotgun at a reasonable price, the Mossberg 535, is on the list of the best shotguns for local defense. The gun has a 20 “barrel equipped with a cylinder choke. Unlike the Remington Model 870 Express, the unit only has a capacity of five bullets. The gun features a 3.5 “barrel, ghost ring sights and a black synthetic stock that is adjustable.The pump action shooting gun is a 12 gauge gun equipped with adjustable front and front sights.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

The barrel and receiver had a matt bluish finish, and the stock and forearm have a matt black synthetic finish. The Mossberg 535 comes with a safety cross bolt and a capacity of four in the magazine plus one in the chamber. You will find the Mossberg 535 light, easy to use, easy to clean, and makes it an easy shot with excellent accuracy.

The weapon has a fierce and intimidating appearance, which confers its ability to serve as a superior weapon for local defense. The Mossberg 535 has a price tag that matches the Remington Model 870 Express at around $ 500.00.

Winchester Super X Pump Defender

The Winchester Super X Pump Defender is a shotgun action with a forearm that features a deep groove to provide an additional element of stability to the weapon in question. The gun is made of metal that has an antireflective surface, and you can use slugs or pellets with the gun. This weapon serves a broad propagation pattern due to its drowning cannon.

The forearm and the stock are composed of a resistant composite material. This 12 gauge weapon houses an 18 1/2 and # 8243; barrel, a 2 3/4 and # 8243; a 3 “camera and is lighter than the Remington 870 Express and the Mossberg 535, since it weighs 6 pounds 4 ounces. The gun is equipped with front sights made of brass.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

The barrel and receiver are matte blue, and the stock and forearm are matte black. Safety is a cross bolt unit and the gun has a cylinder throttle. This weapon has a capacity of five in the five in the magazine and one in the chamber. The Winchester Super X Pump Defender is among the best shotguns for local defense due to its price. The weapon costs around $ 390.00.

The Winchester Super X Pump Defender is easy to care for, lightweight, durable and excellent for short range applications, shooting ranges, hunting and home protection. The disadvantages associated with the weapon include the lack of a warranty or the user’s manual.

Escort MPP TackStock

The Escort MPP TacStock is priced at less than $ 350.00. The 12-gauge pistol features an 18 “gun, a 2 3/4 and # 8243, a 3” camera, and features semi-automatic action.This weapon features a ghost ring / fiber optic viewers HiViz, a cross bolt safety and a cylinder throttle The barrel and receiver have a matte bluish finish and the stock and forearm have the classic matte black synthetic finish.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

The stock of this weapon has a special carrier where you can carry two additional cases. The weapon looks threatening. The handle is easy to operate and attach. Once you shoot the final frame for the Escort MPP Tacstock, the weapon opens. The tube of the magazine allows five shells in total.

Benelli Ultralight Semiautomatic

This semi-automatic shotgun is a first-line shotgun, making it an excellent addition to the list of the best shotguns for local defense. The ultralight shotgun is available as a 12, 20 or 28 caliber weapon. It has a camera that measures between 2 3/4 and # 8243; and 3. “The weapon has a price between $ 1500.00 and $ 1600.00. It is called the lightest semiautomatic rifle on earth.

The receiver is made of a light alloy and has a stock of Weathercoat® wood. Its system driven by inertia allows an adjustment without use. The choke and the barrel are treated cryogenically to increase and improve the density of the pattern produced by the gun.

Best Shotguns for Home Defense: Choosing A Weapon for Home Protection

The Benelli Ultralight Semiautomatic has a rotating bolt head that results in a chamber pressure contained by the rotating locking head, which locks onto a barrel extension made of durable steel. The weapon has a locking lever for the bolt with three critical purposes: the first is that when the camera is empty it locks the bolt. The second function of the bolt lock lever is that it will release a cover from the gun magazine.

It also makes clear, through touch and sight, that the hammer is cocked. The bolt is placed directly in front of the gun trigger guard. The trigger guard has an ergonomic design and the trigger is plated with gold. The gun comes with a durable gun cover for easy storage. It has a mid-point and a front view of the red bar.

In summary

A shotgun is an excellent choice when it comes to local defense. Finding one of the best shotguns for domestic defense depends to a large extent on your skill level as a weapons operator, your preferences in terms of weapons and the characteristics of the weapon in question. You will have to compare the best shotguns and consider the characteristics, the operation, the advantages, the disadvantages and your budget if you are going to choose an appropriate weapon for your needs.

Do not forget to include a method to store the weapon once you buy it too. If you want a weapon for domestic defense, you must also defend your home and the people in it against accidental injuries.


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