Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

If you are looking for a shoulder cover or a cover of any kind, you should already be authorized to carry a hidden weapon in public. Different countries, states and cities have different legal requirements, so it is essential to bear this in mind before starting to look for the best shoulder cover for your firearm.

There are a number of different designs and materials to choose from. Your final decision will depend on several factors, including specific needs, personal preferences and budget, of course. The user must also take into account the type of firearm that he intends to melt. These items are made to suit specific types of weapons and certainly not a one-size-fits-all case.

Benefits of the shoulder cover.

The benefits of this article are obviously those that attract gun owners to this particular style.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

Some of the main advantages include:

  • Quick and easy access to your firearm while sitting. This is particularly important to consider if your daily activities involve the use of some type of safety belt. A shoulder cover still allows quick access even with a seat belt fastened in place.
  • You can grab your weapon in a much more discreet way. Therefore, it is easier to grip your weapon before revealing it and / or your intentions in a potentially dangerous or unpredictable situation. Being the fastest raffle makes all the difference!
  • Your firearm may not look that heavy, but it can exert considerable pressure on your back. This pressure and weight are emphasized even more if you carry your gun for several hours each day. By using a sleeve of the shoulder variety, it will relieve the pressure of the lower back and will be trapped with excess weight by constantly pulling on the belt.
  • This item accommodates your weapon and ammunition that makes it slip easier and faster than those that require the use of a belt. By carrying extra loaders or something useful of similar weight, you can balance the weight of the gun so it does not feel “twisted” or unbalanced.

Possible disadvantages

It would be naive to focus on the advantages without addressing the disadvantages of this type of article as well. When deciding between different weapon supports, both pros and cons must be considered to ensure that the user makes an informed decision. Some of the main drawbacks include:

  • The user must cover the support with an additional garment at all times. However, this can be said for most cases (if not all).
  • A support that is worn around the belt offers a faster tie, but this does not take into account other factors, such as how a shoulder cover allows the user to access his weapon in a more discreet manner. Your decision also depends on the type of clothing you are wearing. For example, if you wear a zipper jacket in winter, a shoulder cover will allow you faster access.
  • This type of gun stand forces the gun to aim at objects behind you. This could be a security problem. That said, the direction in which your weapon points (even in a belt holster) can be modified or changed depending on your stance and if you accidentally collide with someone.

Holster retailers

When looking for a suitable shoulder gun holder, you have several options. Most buyers these days will turn to the Internet to do research and find out what kind of price range they can expect to pay. Buying online is easy thanks to sites like, and there are also many retailers that specialize in covers and firearms that sell these accessories through their own online store. For those who prefer to shop in physical stores, it is good to visit at least a couple of stores that specialize in military and security equipment and garments.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

Compare prices and quality is part of the shopping experience. Keep in mind that you can find a great product at your local dealer, but at an even better price when making the purchase online.

Different materials

Due to the important function of a cover, it is essential that only the best materials are used. Durability is a key factor that helps ensure safety, as well as the price-quality ratio. For this reason, manufacturers choose materials that will comply with this standard.

One of the most popular materials is leather, and it has been for many years. Leather cases come in several styles and colors that can help gun owners see their case as an accessory rather than an eyesore.

Ballistic nylon is becoming increasingly popular due to its hard nature and certain molded plastics (such as Kydex) are tough but cost effective.

Best selling shoulder bags

Luxury universal horizontal shoulder cover

This product is designed to offer comfort, versatility and from a practical point of view. It is fully adjustable and suitable for right-handed and left-handed users. The soft lining of this PVC sleeve ensures that your firearm will not be damaged and will remain secure in place.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

As for the price, this item is sold in the region of $ 20, which makes it an affordable option.

According to the clients’ opinions, the adjustment capacity makes it even more comfortable to use and, with only 12 ounces, it is also wonderfully lightweight. On the downside, customers have noticed that shoulder padding does not extend fully to cover the area where the straps meet in the back, and this can cause some discomfort. Some might say that it is not well balanced, but this is really a matter of opinion. It depends to a large extent on the type of gun you are sheathing and how you balance it with ammunition and other accessories.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

VISM Horizontal ambidextrous shoulder bag.

This can be adjusted to suit left-handed and right-handed users. It is fully adjustable with a double-harness harness that attaches to the harness itself. For added security, it is equipped with double snaps to break the thumb. This item usually sells for less than $ 20, which makes it extremely affordable, and is extremely light with less than 9 ounces. The PVC material that this product is made of is grateful for keeping it as light as possible without sacrificing durability.

Customers are satisfied with the level of comfort they enjoy when using this case. However, for some, it is difficult to adjust the cover to obtain the perfect fit. It should also be mentioned that this is not suitable for larger guns, and it is important to know the size of your firearm and the size of the gun holder before making a purchase. In addition, users must enter the trigger guard or the firearm will not be properly seated.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Tactical cross shoulder bag shoulder strap-black

This article is suitable for left-handed and right-handed users. The firearm is sheathed to the left and, to maintain balance, there is a double ammo bag of loader. It’s made of ballistic fabric and weighs less than 5 ounces! It is also in the affordable price range at less than $ 20.

Customers love how you really keep your firearm in place even while running and how it can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. According to the reviews, for professionals who need to use a gun stand daily and require quick access to their firearm, this might not be the best option.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

The Velcro strap on the clasp that holds the firearm in place can cause a delay in the draw, but offers greater security against someone trying to unravel their weapon without their consent.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Crosman AirSoft shoulder cover

Like most cases, clips and straps allow right-handed and left-handed users to enjoy this product. With just a few clicks, this product can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user. The quick-release retention straps are fully adjustable and include a bag that contains two additional clips. It sells for less than $ 20, which is impressive given the design and comfort it offers.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

It is essential to keep in mind that, as its name suggests, this item is designed to hold AirSoft weapons and is not recommended for sheathing real weapons. Although AirSoft pistols are modeled from real guns, there are differences in terms of weight and other design elements. On the downside, clips can cause discomfort if you plan to roll during your gaming experience.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Black nylon 5y # 8243; hidden shoulder cover

This has a design very different from the covers mentioned above. It sells for less than $ 40, which means it’s a bit higher than cheaper models, but not completely unaffordable. The most significant feature is its discrete straps. While one turns on your shoulder, the other wraps around your chest. These straps are adjustable so that the user can obtain a comfortable fit. It is simple in its design and adapts to a variety of firearms.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

However, this product is more suitable for people with a narrower frame. For larger people or even for those with wide backs or shoulders, this item may be too tight for your liking. Of course, the slim design means that it is much easier to hide under your clothes, which means that your firearm will also be much less noticeable.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Deep Hide Shoulder Case ActiveProGear

For users looking for a sturdy case that does not stand out like a sore thumb, this may be your best bet! It has been designed in such a way that it allows the user to wear a suit and other similar clothing without revealing that he is carrying a weapon. It is fully adjustable and is equipped with an additional padding to protect the gun against perspiration and, at the same time, is more comfortable for the user. In addition to holding your firearm in place, you also have room for two magazines.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

This product also keeps the mouth looking straight down in case of an accidental discharge. Some of the disadvantages reported by users is that they really need to wear a shirt under this case, or it can cause discomfort. Since it’s a deep conceal style holster, hopefully you can not access your weapon as fast as you would with another type of shoulder holster.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Leather shoulder bag Triple K Deluxe brown

Since this is made of leather, it is understandably heavier than those of other lightweight materials. It is also at the upper end of the price scale at around $ 80. Of course, leather has been used to make covers for many years, and durability speaks for itself. This item is equipped with snap closures and can be adjusted to fit. You can hold your firearm along with two additional clips and the reviewers love its balanced design. Some assembly will be required at the beginning, and users are recommended to read the instructions carefully to help with this process.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

Unlike other cases, this offers a comfortable fit even if you are stout or have wider shoulders than most. While the price may seem a negative point, it is important to understand its lasting nature and the fact that anything made of leather will cost more than a synthetic alternative.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

US M7 brown leather parachute shoulder bag

This unique design allows this item to offer each user a comfortable fit. Even if the user is larger, has a wide back or wide shoulders, it can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort.

This item sells for less than $ 40, which makes it affordable and relatively cheap for a leather case. Its design means that your firearm will remain secure in place for easy access, and reviewers really enjoy how durable and thick the leather is.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

The only real downside is that, like any holster, it’s important to make sure it fits your firearm. This is only suitable for certain pistols, but this is to be expected. The upper strap that extends over the shoulder is equipped with additional padding (such as a duffle bag or sports bag) to ensure comfort and reduce friction.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Important considerations

When choosing a gun stand for your gun, it is important to take your time and consider all your options. Even if you have a somewhat strict budget, it might be worth spending a little more to get a superior product with additional benefits. These are some important points to consider:

  • Test the product and move to feel how comfortable it is.
  • Make sure that the sleeve protects your gun when you are inserting or removing it. It must never cause the accidental movement of the hammer, the release of the safety mechanism or the accidental trigger.
  • The product you choose must be compatible for your specific brand and model.
  • It must protect the user by preventing someone other than him or her from taking out his weapon. There are many cases that have hidden retention devices for this exact reason, but they are often tailored for the particular type of weapon.
  • Make sure your sleeve and gun are easy to hide under an additional piece of clothing.
  • It should not cause any damage to the gun.
  • The user must have quick and easy access to his firearm.
  • The cover must be made of a durable material.
  • Choose a rigid case to quickly re-upholster your weapon. The flexible ones will require the use of two hands to fill.
  • Several parts of the cover must provide adjustment means to ensure a perfect fit.

Making your own choice

With so many different products on the market, choosing the perfect case should seem like a difficult task. As long as you take into consideration the points mentioned above, it can be less complicated than you think. Good advice, especially for first-time buyers, is that they must conduct a good amount of online research before placing their order.

If there is ever any doubt, it is better to try the item before buying it. It is also a good idea to consider the possibility of a money back guarantee or a change policy in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Best Shoulder Holster: Looking for Comfort, Style, And Practicality

While the price is usually one of the most important points, many will argue that you simply can not put a price on quality, comfort and safety. Both the safety of the user and those around him must be the highest priority.


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