Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

While you are in the desert or in an emergency situation, you would definitely benefit from an emergency radio. Of course, it is much more useful for those natural disaster incidents, when you may be removed from the world for days and yet you need to know what is happening. While most emergency radios have batteries and cranks, this may be insufficient in a critical situation.

What happens if you are injured and can not use the crank, or if the batteries were used up and you do not have additional batteries? This is the reason why lately many manufacturers add to their emergency radios the possibility of using the sun to recharge. It saves you a lot of trouble managing the radio and making it work continuously. While you are exposed to the sun, you will have a radio that works.

In this article we will present the best solar radios currently available in the market. Most have both the option to change batteries and the use of a crank, but mainly, our option for solar charging will be our main focus.

List of the best portable solar radios.

Portable 4-way radio Kaito KA888

At first glance, this may be another ordinary portable radio that runs on solar energy, but it actually has features that almost no other radio can boast. For example, Kaito’s radio has a built-in thermometer and even a compass. In addition to that, it is one of the few that has the option of listening to the radio using headphones. When it comes to keeping your matches and keeping them dry, there is a small waterproof compartment built into the radio. You can also put a little tinder or cotton balls in case you need to start a fire urgently.

Otherwise, the flashlight, the alarm clock and a siren will also be useful, which is not a big surprise, since most portable radios also have them. It can be an unfortunate surprise that there are no time radio channels and there is no warning of bad weather. If we think of this portable radio as an emergency radio, these missing features can make it useless. On the other hand, if you are just planning a 2-day trip somewhere close to nature, you may be just as happy with the available functions.

We must still point out that it can capture different radio channels, which can provide basic information in case of adverse weather conditions. The band tuning button shines in the dark, so you can easily tune in to any existing channel without problems, at any time of the day or night.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

When it comes to the external body and feel of the radio, you should not expect it to be strong enough. In fact, it lacks a rubber body and is not waterproof (only the match compartment), so you should keep this in mind if you want to use this radio long enough.

Another thing that can be a bit disappointing is that there is no way to put the radio in your backpack and charge it in the sun while hiking, but for the price of this solar radio, you still get the features you will need in nature. .

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

5-way portable solar radio Kaito KA500

While in Kaito’s category, you’ll be pleased to know that Kaito can offer much more than a simple compass, a thermometer and a flashing band button. The Kaito KA500 is much better equipped to operate as an emergency radio with solar charge. The price is double that of the Kaito KA888, but this also means more functions, both for the AM and FM broadcast, including the very important NOAA weather station transmission. This makes the Kaito KA500 radio much more efficient in difficult and life-threatening situations related to natural disasters.

The radio also offers you to use USB ports and charge your smartphones or mobile phones. To do that, however, you will have to use the crank. When it comes to radio stations, all are preprogrammed and numbered conveniently from 1 to 7.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

And, of course, we have to talk about the solar panels on this radio. They are adjustable and rotate 180 degrees to always collect sunlight and charge optimally. In addition, there is an LED lamp on the back of the solar panels. It helps you track the loading process.

Finally, you can also connect headphones, which is a typical feature of the Kaito series. In general, it is a quality product, although some customers did not like the cheap feeling of the radio, since some switches tend to fall and you need to reinstall them, etc., but in general, the radio fulfills its objectives . Built for and according to the majority of users, it can still withstand rough handling.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Weather Alert Radio of the American Red Cross FRX3 NOAA

With this radio you will not miss anything: you will have all kinds of charging options, plus a crank, batteries and a solar panel on the handle of the radio. It can be tuned to all AM and FM frequencies and can transmit the 7 radio channels approved by NOAA.

On top of that, you can charge your mobile phone and receive a 30-second phone call after a minute of manual start. You will also like the LED flashlight, which is not really a unique feature, but it is important in any emergency situation. The DC input is also conveniently connected with a USB for those who need to charge smartphones and other USB devices.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

When it comes to some additional features, you will receive a warranty card and a detailed manual, which includes a mini-USB cable and a hand strap, to keep it close to you. The only minor drawback is that there is no indication about the battery charge, if it needs to be charged or is fully charged.

In general, it offers everything the manufacturer advertises and, according to some customers, it does exceptionally well. The radio is strong enough and the solar panels offer the best option: charge wherever you are and make a phone call even if the batteries are very low. The sun will charge them quickly and you can make the emergency call.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Scorpion multi-purpose solar powered digital emergency radio

This is another product (like the previous American Red Cross radio) from Eton Corporation. The Scorpion radio is among the best available solar radios. When it comes to the transmission, you will have all the 7 NOAA channels required, plus the option to capture the AM and FM bands. Unlike Kaito’s products, you need to manually tune the 7 channels. On the other hand, if you have a problem getting the radio channel you need, you can plug in an MP3 device and use it temporarily.

The flashlight is not considered one of the brightest and most reliable flashlights, but if you need a good flashlight, you must find a dedicated product. As for the Scorpion solar radio, it offers the best flashlight available among other radios with solar energy.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

Another useful feature is the presence of a carabiner. You can attach the radio to your backpack, pocket, belt, etc. so you can listen to the radio at all times, or at least have immediate access to it. This also makes more space in your backpack, so you do not have to put the radio among all your other things. While it’s possible that a hanging radio does not make your hiking trip more enjoyable, it’s good to know that you have the option to cut it somewhere nearby.

As for the most important feature: the charge, it will have batteries, a crank and, of course, solar panels integrated into the body of the radio. Whenever you need to charge your phone or other USB device, plug it in and let the radio charge in the sunlight. The crank is useful when it is cloudy or at night. A customer even likes to keep the radio charged in the sun without changing the batteries or without using the crank. The radio is still functional even after several years of use.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Duronic hybrid solar charging radio

This is a somewhat surprising product, since you do not need batteries to keep it charged. It may not be suitable for emergency situations, but it is ideal for hiking, camping, fishing and spending some time in the desert.

The solar panels are of high quality, durable and reliable. The crank is also ideal for those days when the overload and the load are too slow and, finally, you can charge the radio with a USB cable to plug it into a computer. When it comes to the crank, a customer shares his experience that he had to use the crank for only 2 minutes to have 45 minutes of radio listening, which is impressive, since most of the radios of solar energy and rope average. It must be handled manually every 15 minutes with only 2 minutes of loading.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

As for the solar panels, they charge very easily and quickly and can turn on the radio almost instantaneously when the light strikes the panels.

The radio itself is small, compact and very light, no more than 200 grams / 7 oz. This makes it ideal for campers and backpackers. It will offer you exactly what you need: radio band reception, solar panels plus a crank and a long-lasting product. In general, this is one of the most loved solar radios currently available.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Ambient Weather Adventurer WR112 solar radio

The best thing about this particular radio is that it can be charged in five different ways, which makes it virtually impossible to run without power. You can use any method in a particular situation, from an excursion or a camp to an emergency situation, either with the crank or the solar panels, be sure to recharge your radio.

The radio is small enough to fit in small areas or pockets, either in your jacket or in your backpack. The crank is small and its use can be considered clumsy, but in fact the size makes it even easier to handle. The body of the radio is made of rubber, which makes it resistant and can withstand accidental knocks or falls. It is also waterproof, so there is no risk of losing contact with the world due to humid weather.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

When it comes to charging your radio, 2 minutes of manual start will feed the radio for 20 minutes of use. As for solar panels, they are definitely not super powerful (they are small after all), but if you leave them outside during the day (whenever there is sun and the radio is not completely in a shady place), you can have a Radio Fully charged within 8-10 hours of exposure. With a fully charged radio, you can continue for a total of 6 hours before the next recharge.

Of course, the radio comes with all those other extras such as a flashlight, emergency beacon, siren, etc. As for the transmission of the NOAA radio channels, they work perfectly and can easily transmit even at great distances, producing a clear and clear sound (no noise). ). In general, although solar panels can be considered a bonus, they are still powerful enough for a portable radio to charge the battery when exposed to sunlight.

A customer explained how he placed the radio next to the window and the LED indicator of the battery turned on immediately, which showed that the battery began to charge instantly and in several hours his cell phone, which was plugged into the radio, was completely loaded.

With all that said, Ambient Weather Adventurer can be a great product to spend money, get some excellent features, a reliable radio and the option to charge it with solar energy every time you have access to sunlight.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Hand-crank radio and manual Kaito Voyager Pro KA600

Here is another product from Kaito, but while Eton Corporation is a leading manufacturer, Kaito is a worthy rival.

This radio will not surprise you that it has all 7 NOAA channels, short waves and AM and FM transmissions. The average performance after one minute of manual start is 20 minutes of radio transmission at the lowest volume setting. This is also the average that is taken into account in all other radios available in the market. It is rechargeable in 4 different ways: crank, batteries, USB charging and solar panels.

While these are not again the best solar panels available, due to their small surface area, they can still be extremely useful and useful for camping, hiking or in emergency situations. The best thing about these solar panels in particular is that they can be rotated according to the position of the sun, thus trapping the UV light at the optimum angle.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

However, keep in mind that the radio is not resistant to water, so you should take care of it and keep it away from any source of water, rain or humid weather conditions. However, the Kaito Voyager is sturdy, although a little bulky, it will not suffer damage so easily. The only problem with the radio is that the crank is not as robust as possible, and could easily break if you forget to be careful with it. With children, it can be even more complicated since playing with the radio can leave it without a crank at any time.

Most customers have a positive experience with this radio and recommend it. Many of them have relied on it for several years. The receiver may not be able to select the best sound, but it should be sufficient to understand the weather and situation.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Portable solar radio Kaito KA332W

This radio from Kaito has all the characteristics of the radios mentioned above. In all areas, all standard manufacturers and quality seekers will not miss the opportunity to have these features added. After all, Kaito is popular with its quality portable solar radios. Therefore, you will have four different ways to charge your radio: AAA batteries, a DC output, solar panels and crank. Of course, you will have the 7 NOAA channels required and the AM / FM broadcast.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

While the solar panels will give the radio enough power to work, you can not charge your cell phone, which can be considered an inconvenience. Therefore, you may need to consider this radio only for camping and hiking, as it may not provide enough power for the radio to work for hours after the manual start or solar charge. However, in general, if you do not have high expectations for this radio, it will fulfill its main function: to get you to listen to a little radio and tune into the weather stations from time to time.

Although all the previous products have similar characteristics and offer more or less the same, some may issue for longer than others, and that of course implies a change in cost. While the cheaper versions are ideal for hiking and camping, if you need to trust a real emergency solar radio, you should consider the more expensive products.


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