Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

A survival kit is simply a package of supplies and basic tools equipped in advance to manage a survival situation. The best survival equipment does not have to be too expensive or too bulky. However, the kit must adapt to your activity, your needs and, most importantly, the climate in which you will use the equipment.

It should be an essential part of any preparation plan that comes to mind. The best kit is one that is easy to carry, especially when you are far from civilization. An ingenious and versatile kit is one that contains the basics to allow you to create a life support system.

Types of survival equipment

There are several things you must have to survive in a difficult situation.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Each gear is composed of specific items that are of great importance. The most common and popular gears you should always carry include:

  1. Water. If you think about an object of survival, water is something you can not do without. You can spend days without eating, as the body will burn your body’s fat to continue. However, your body will definitely need water to keep you moving. Having a reliable filter is undoubtedly important for your survival. In very simple words, a water filter and any other water equipment are an integral part of your survival. Without them, you will wither and eventually die.
  2. Coat. The refuge is a thing that you can not do without when you are in the forest, especially when the weather conditions are extreme. He also needs shelter to keep himself safe from animals or to have an advantageous position, from where he can defend himself. The items with the most resources you will need to build a good shelter include: tent that folds to a considerable size; garbage bags or leaves; wire saw Nylon rope and heavy duty knife.
  3. Clothing. When choosing the perfect clothing kit, you must take into account the climatic conditions, the nature of the terrain and the vegetation. The clothes you choose should be able to help you survive in difficult conditions. The most common items you need in terms of clothing should include: sturdy pants, sturdy jackets, insulated underwear, sturdy boots, wool socks, wool shirt, sweater, sun block lotion, sunglasses, hat and sun hat to mention a few.
  4. First aid. You should never be sure that you will not be injured or hurt when you are in the woods. Anything can happen and you can end up hurting yourself. Therefore, a first aid kit is a kit that you should have in your insect output bag. You can buy a first-aid kit commercially mounted or create your own.
  5. Communication and signaling aids. Before participating in an outdoor activity that can become a survival situation, you must ensure that it is accessible. It is necessary to carry a mobile phone in operation. The phone’s battery should have a long life and should last longer. You should also make sure to carry a power bank, just in case.
    Signaling aids are extremely important when your phone’s battery runs out. They can easily help you ask for help when you are stuck in an impossible situation. The popular signage aids you should have include: flares, signal mirror, police whistle, flashlight and cell phone.
  6. Weapons, archery and basic.. Certainly you need survival weapons to overcome difficult situations. When you are in the forest, you can face a difficult situation in which you have to defend yourself or fight for your life against a wild animal. Weapons are also useful when hunting a game or a predator. The best weapons equipment, archery and basics can include, among others, scissors, knives, lighter, machete, rifles, shotguns and composite bows.
  7. Food. Food is an important survival equipment, but not in the short term. In most survival situations, the food you eat before embarking on an expedition is more crucial than anything else you can look for.
    To be precise, the food should be the least of your worries, since in one way or another you will have to look for or consume small amounts of the packaged foods. The only thing you should never do is go the other way while your current eating habits are poor. You will be deprived of the much needed energy to survive in a difficult environment / situation.

You can always choose to settle for commercial gears. However, they may not provide components of the highest quality. Some kits are affordable, probably because they fit a predetermined budget. However, it is better to spend as much as you can on the individual items for your personal survival equipment.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

In general, you can depend on your equipment to survive when you are between the rock and the difficult place. The best kit is one that is designed on the basis of an individual item. This simply means that you know exactly what you have in store and when to use it.

Comments on the best survival equipment

Always prepared small first aid kit

You will be surprised by the size of this first aid kit. It is very compact, but it is completely full of everything you may need while you are in the forest. The package is unique in that it contains only the basics and nothing redundant. This is not only a first aid kit, but also a survival kit, since it is filled with a whistle, a light bar, a compass and an emergency blanket.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

The complete kit should include:

  • six pieces of antiseptic cleansing wipes;
  • ten pieces of alcohol preparation pad;
  • Two pieces of butterfly closing strips;
  • a piece of extra large adhesive bandage;
  • twenty pieces of adhesive bandages;
  • two pieces of knuckle adhesive bandage;
  • two pieces of adhesive bandage of the fingertip;
  • three pieces of hyssop gauze;
  • a disposable cold compress;
  • a roll of first aid tape;
  • ten pieces of cotton tip applicator;
  • a piece of plastic clips;
  • a piece of CPR mask;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • a piece of disposable raincoat;
  • one piece of emergency blanket;
  • a piece of triangular bandages;
  • A piece of moleskin embossed blister;
  • Compass;
  • a piece of thin howling whistle;
  • a pair of disposable vinyl gloves;
  • One piece of abdominal pad.

Pros: It is equipped with unique items, as well as updated. The kit is light, durable and efficient, which facilitates its transport. It is the best pack for different outdoor activities.

Cons: The kit is too compact, which makes it a challenge when accessing the elements.

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Survival backpack for disaster preparedness.

If there is a consideration that is very important to consider when preparing for a survival situation, it is a survival backpack. This is a survival backpack essential to get out alive in the forest. You may be wondering why you need a bag of this type, but the truth is that you never know when you will be cornered by circumstances and your only way out depends completely on how well you are prepared for the unexpected.

The best backpack to survive must be completely filled with all the essential elements. The bag should be spacious enough to accommodate the things you need most. This is the best backpack because it is made of high quality 600D polyester. The bag is not only durable and resistant, but it is completely filled with essential elements of survival, which include: food, water, first aid package, small dynamo, radio, water purification tablets and biological bags, glasses, mask and leather gloves.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Pros: It is a spacious bag that allows you to carry extra clothes, as well as supplies, and is the best piece to take off your clothes.

Cons: It may not be conveniently great for some people.

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Highlander Thermoelectric Survival Blanket – Silver

The Highlander thermos is more than a simple blanket, as it is soft and can be folded and stored easily. You will be amazed with the performance of this blanket, as it is uniquely designed with a soft black edging on the edges, which ensures that the blanket will not tear. This is the perfect complement under your air mattress in your store. It will keep you warm and protected from the cold, as it adds insulation under your sheets.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Pros: It is made of reflective sheet to keep you warm all night and the foam padding offers you comfort.

Cons: May be easily damaged if not maintained properly.

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Camping tent for 2 people Camp Solutions

This is the perfect tent to survive at any time of the year. It is the ideal refuge for when you go on an expedition. You will definitely admire this store, as it allows you to have a clear view of the stars while you breathe fresh air and have a good night’s sleep. The comfort is the same when it rains because the fly offers full coverage.

The tent is well structured and the poles are made of aluminum and are ultralight. If you need an easy-to-install shelter that takes you as little as possible, then what you should look for is a camping solution for 2 people.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

This is a heavy duty shelter for maximum protection against dry and humid weather. Factory sealed seams and fly seams provide the best possible shield against bad weather. It is equipped with a lobby for more protection against weather and storage. Adequate ventilation is ensured with the ventilated mesh walls (full nylon b4). With a base that measures 6.9 inches by 4.6 inches and a height that measures 3.6 inches, this is the best store for an area of ​​thirty-two square feet.

In addition, it is equipped with double doors for greater comfort. Two-way zippers allow you to seal the store effectively and conveniently.

Pros: it is highly ingenious and versatile, since you can use it in three different stations. It is easy to configure.

Cons: Lobbies are not large enough to accommodate full-size packages.

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The StarFlash signal mirror from Ultimate Survival Technologies

The StarFlash signal mirror is the best implementation you can buy. For a number of situations, this signaling device will help you send the perfect signal. Actually, you will not have to do much for the patch of light to light up in the sky, since you can use the grid to aim. The device is lightweight and conveniently small to add to the signaling equipment. It is the best equipment to gear because it is tested in the field and is of high quality. The surface of the mirror has a scratch-resistant coating, which protects the mirror from damage.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Pros: It is equipped with a scratch-resistant coating to protect the mirror from scratches.

Cons: You can only see perfectly when you use the mirror correctly.

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Military Multi-functional Optical Lensatic Compass of Eyeskey Metal View

It is extremely important that your survival kit has a reliable observation compass. You never know when you’ll be lost while you’re in the woods. Having this compass with you should motivate you to go on the adventure of your life. You can choose to climb the mountain, through thick vegetation and streams or along the path through the valleys and still not lose your way. This unique piece uses an excellent observation optics that makes it easier to read the compass.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

You can never go wrong reading the compass because the vertical lubber line allows you to use the 1 ° resolution used on the compass card. You can also measure the differences in slopes and heights with the inclinometer. Weighing only 287 grams, Eyeskey is a military all-purpose compass that can be used to escape any difficulty while stranded in the forest or deep in the mountain forest. It is stable, firm and useful for any impossible situation when it can not find its way.

Pros: It is versatile, since you can use it to measure latitude, longitude and direction among other parameters. It is also waterproof and shockproof, making it the perfect compass for dry and wet weather.

Cons: The structure of the user manual is not suitable for a novice user or a person with poor eyesight.

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Personal water filter LifeStraw

This is the perfect water equipment you may need in regards to preparation and survival. Having this water filter with you will guarantee access to safe drinking water when faced with a survival situation. It has a simple design, it does not wear out and never disappoints. This small device will eliminate 99.999% of the bacteria found in water. You can use it to filter up to a thousand liters of dirty water without the need for chlorine or iodine.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

This is the right water filter to carry if you like outdoor expeditions. Bringing the desired amount of water to such trips may not be possible due to the weight factor. However, that does not mean that you will run out of water. There are several sources of water in most survival situations; Although the water is not always clean. With LifeStraw, you can turn any dirty water into clean, healthy water for drinking. This lightweight, well-designed water filter allows you to drink from lakes, streams, etc.

Pros: It is light and easy to carry. Kills 99.999% of bacteria transmitted by water, providing clean drinking water.

Cons: You will have to suck to start, as well as to maintain the flow of water.

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Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit [30-000601]

When you have no choice but to survive the current situation, you must take this final package with you. It is a definitive kit because it is equipped with seven tools, including: an epic knife, a DMF folding knife, a Parang machete, a Camp II ax, an LMF II infantry knife, a Gator Pro machete and a Gator machete. All these cutting tools can help you overcome any form of difficulty. This may include, among others: foraging, shelter construction / construction, fuel harvesting and vegetation cleanup for greater visibility.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Pros: The knives and machetes included give you more than one way to survive. In reality, you can use the tools to do anything from foraging to building / establishing a shelter.

Cons: It can be an incredibly annoying kit for a person who is not fond of knives.

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Emergency ration ER 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar

It is true that you can not miss something of foraging while you are in the woods. However, it is always advisable to bring enough survival foods. The best food should have a packaging with state-of-the-art technology and this emergency food has a very resistant lid and vacuum sealed, ensuring that the food is kept in good condition. The food bar is easy to swallow because it has marks that separate the portions. This allows you to easily break the pieces for consumption.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

The flavor is well defined by a mild lemon flavor. You will definitely like this food bar when you have nothing else to eat. It is also a good product to manage thirst. This is mainly due to the fact that the food bar consists mainly of oils and fats. Once you have finished eating, your thirst will decrease significantly. You can call it in many ways, but it’s a short, thick, slightly sweet dessert that fills and delicious.

Pros: Food bars can withstand extreme weather conditions. The content of the food does not contain tropical oils, cholesterol or Tran fats.

Cons: This may not be the perfect food for people who concentrate too much with the taste.

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Disposable Rain Poncho with Hood

You never know when it’s going to rain while you’re outside and you can not possibly stop to build a shelter. This is the time when you will need this unique disposable rain poncho. Not only is it light but it is extremely easy to pack and transport. It is a disposable and affordable rain poncho; therefore, you should not worry about it getting damaged. For a single trip, you can buy several of them. Once the rain is over, he eliminates it and continues with his business.

Best Survival Gear: Types of Gear and Top Survival Gear Reviews

Pros: Easy to pack and transport, and you can always discard it once the rain is over.

Cons: It is not the perfect rain kit for heavy storms.

If this is the ideal poncho for you, search and buy at Amazon.

In conclusion

Staying alive is the most important thing when faced with a survival situation. However, you could end up dead if you are not equipped with the correct survival equipment. The best kit is defined by what can be useful when you have no other option but to survive.

Therefore, whenever you are planning the worst, consider all the essential elements. In most cases, you will have to add a lot of survival items to your shopping park. You must make sure that the size of the kit you prepare or modify is easy to transport. You should not create a package that needs a lot of energy to transport it.

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