Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

The best survival machete can be the difference between life and death when you’re stuck in the bushes. It is simply a large, heavy knife that you can use as a weapon or to cut vegetation. Its cutting power depends on the blade, which is characteristically less than 3 mm thick and 32.5 cm to 45 cm long.

Most machetes exist in different shapes and sizes depending on the production, but hardness is a feature that all of them have followed by edge retention.

Types of survival machete.

There are several types of machetes that you can choose from. There are at least 19 types that you can buy and each of them has different leaf and mango characteristics, among other characteristics.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

These are the most common types for survival situations:

  • The bush machete. It is considered that this is a multipurpose cutting tool with a normal straight back blade, which is normally quite robust and has a uniform weighting. This piece is designed to help you manage the workload effectively while using little effort. It is the right tool to cut and clean bushes in order to maintain paths so as not to get lost.
    Unlike other types of knives, this is designed with precision sharpening to cut through shrubs and other vegetation with minimal effort. This allows you to maintain greater efficiency and less body tension. The handling is easy because the design is generally easy to use for most models.  
  • Kukri Machete. An exclusive feature of this design is the three-way blade. This type has three parts on its blade, which include: a narrow edge, a wide middle section and a pointed tip. The narrow edge is good for carving and whistling, the wide midsection is good for cutting, while the pointed tip is effective for stabbing. This design is designed to be useful and double protection when you are in a survival situation.
    The best models on the market have an ergonomic handle that sits securely in the hand. This type of grip increases your confidence when you use it, since you can cut the vegetation regardless of whether the weather conditions are dry or wet.
  • Panga Machete This is a popular weapon in the Caribbean and Africa. The uniqueness of the structure of the leaf is observed in the deep section of the belly near the tip. The total length of the leaf is generally more than 20 inches, while the length of the leaf can be more than 15 inches. In general, this design is versatile and highly ingenious in a survival situation. The handle of most models can be thick and strong and very comfortable.
    The weight behind the blade and the deep section of the belly facilitates cutting and cutting through the vegetation. If you are looking for cutting tools that are affordable, have a good finish, made of resistant material, that does not splinter the finish, that the blade does not flex and that it is very resistant; Then you should settle for the Panga models.
  • Tapanga Machete. A unique feature of this type of tool is the chisel tip swept back. You will love this pointless design. When you have this type of cutting tool, you will feel that you can face any obstacle that does not involve cutting. The models are full of life and are made of high quality material and high resistance, which makes it possible to maintain any edge. They are usually heavy and well weighted.
    If you are looking for a tool with an ergonomic handle and no tip, then the Tapanga models are what you should look for. This is so, since it does not take much to maintain grip and the impact will surely not harm your hand.
  • Hawksbill male. The Hawkbill models have a characteristic blade curved downwards, which makes them the best cutting tools to survive. In general, they are perfected in the factory in the interior curve to cut and collect vegetation. It is the perfect tool to drill because of the downward facing point.
    They are full tang and usually have a natural wood handle with at least three rivets. This design will sharpen perfectly as long as you do it correctly and the handle offers a comfortable grip that is easy to handle and maneuver. This is the kind of knives you can sharpen on both sides, apart from the inside of the curve.
  • Billhook Machete. The Billhook models are completely curved at the tip. The blade of most models is made of medium carbon steel that varies in length and weight. However, the length of the blade can vary from 20 centimeters to 25 centimeters. Unlike other designs, this particular can only be sharpened inside. The blade is adjusted with a last-minute handle, allowing you to manage the impact repeated effectively. The majority of the mangoes measure between twelve and fifteen centimeters in length.
    The Billhooks are versatile and ingenious, because their uses vary between those of an ax and a knife. Billhook models are good for survival, since they can be used to peel branch shoots, cover and cut small branches and young trees.
  • Sax Machete If you are looking for the ultimate survival cut tool outside, then the saxophone models are the best. What differentiates this type of knife from the rest is the straight edge blade with a sheep’s spine (characterized by a point inclined downwards). Most models have a blade that measures between 12 inches and 18 inches in length.
    The blade is designed for different cutting activities, such as crushing, cutting, cutting and cutting. The design is perfect to knock down a game or a fish in shallow water. The blade of most models is made of durable material, such as carbon steel 1055 along with a high quality anticorrosive finish.
  • Spearhead Machete. This design is characterized by a sharp point at the tip. It’s just what you need to shoot down a game and for self-defense when you’re on the field. It has a rugged blade with unique characteristics. Most blades measure about 23 inches in total length and the blade measures about 12 inches.
    The material used in the design of the blade is durable and ingenious, like 1055 high carbon content. Most models are equipped with a full tang for a secure grip and resistance. If you have a machete made from this design, you will have no trouble wandering through the jungle in search of survival food and firewood.

Choose a machete

A reliable cutting tool must be indispensable for a survival situation, which includes cutting fuel, searching and preparing food, killing and skinning a game and building a shelter. The best tool can have a long and heavy blade that is ingenious to cut a path through the thick vegetation in the bushes.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

The best compromise between the special blade and the true multi-purpose blade is the blade. When considering the weight of a blade, a good blade must be reasonably well balanced to cut, slice and balance. Basically, you should choose a blade with respect to the way you will use it, including cutting, cutting and punching.


The best cutting machete should have a very thin edge and a considerable curvature of the cutting edge. A good model should have a significantly thin blade with respect to the material used and long enough to allow maximum cutting while concentrating on movement in one direction. The blade should be as narrow as possible to minimize friction when cutting. Choose a piece that is wider for a larger cut that allows for repeated longevity and sharpening.


The main force in working with the cut is the momentum, which means that the machetes for this particular task are heavy and thick. The spatial shape of the edge must be thick to maintain the cutting beats, this will ensure that the edge does not fail during the hack.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

The best chopping knife should be heavy enough to provide you with the thrust you need to get through the vegetation. Most models on the market are heavier and thicker than normal, allowing them to withstand any form of abuse. However, you should choose models that are moderately thick and heavy.


A common feature of a piercing machete is that it needs to have a blade with a narrow cross section near the tip. And it should be progressively thicker and wider with length. The most appropriate perforation sheet should have a point of excellent sharpness, generally in a straight line with the handle and in the natural direction of movement. The form should need less effort to drill a game or specific object. Generally, the piece you choose must be strong enough not to break when you are stressed.

Steel sheet

The tasks mentioned above should guide you into the steel material of the blade to choose from. In most cases, specific blade steel can be ingenious in certain survival situations, but it may not excel in different activities.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

The material of the blade simply determines the effectiveness of a machete in a survival environment. Select the type of steel sheet with respect to the following characteristics: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, initial sharpness, ductility, strength and hardness. The popular steel used with most blades constitutes the following:

  • Stainless steel with high carbon content: this material combines the robustness of carbon steel with the oxidation resistance of stainless steel. It is the best material for survival knives; However, it is more expensive.
  • Stainless steel: this is the most ideal material for resistance to deformation, which requires minimal maintenance compared to carbon steel. However, the material is more expensive than carbon, the edges soften more quickly and is softer than carbon steel.
  • Carbon steel: if you need an economical model, choose one that is designed with carbon steel blade. The blade generally retains edge sharpness and is harder compared to stainless steel. When compared to the other materials, this is particularly versatile and ingenious for the survival machete.

Leaf shapes

The shapes of the blade determine the type of machete you can buy. There are several forms of blades as discussed earlier in the types of machete. The most popular include: straight, three-way back (narrow edge, middle section and pointed tip), deep belly, chisel point swept back, curved down, fully curved tip, straight edge with a downward inclined point, and sharp tip .

Handle material and design.

The machete handles have been made using different materials. A good contemporary piece that you can choose should be specific to each handle to work effectively. The best handle should be ergonomic, resistant and one that does not crack. The handle of the model you choose should have a comfortable grip. It should not cause you any discomfort after a repeated impact.

Handling and maintenance advice.

Sharpening a machete

It should maintain an angle of 25 to 35 degrees on the blade. Hold the blade with a vise while the edge is up and the tip points towards you. Then, use a 12-inch bastard file to sharpen and remember to wear heavy leather work gloves for protection.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

Carefully push your file on the sheet at the desired angle. With precision on one side, turn your piece and repeat. Finish the edge of the blade with a sharpening disc.

Finish your sheet with a leather cord.

A strip of leather will help eliminate the microscopic rolled edges, notches and small burrs left by the sharpening tool. To polish the edge of your blade with a leather strip, you must be quite interested at first. Once you have finished and your piece has reached the desired sharpness, clean the blade with a few drops of burnishing oil.

Use a sharpie when sharpening

Sometimes it can be difficult to know for sure if it maintains the correct angle and is really sharpening the exact edge.

To avoid any guess, you can use a marker to mark the progress. You should look closely to see if the ink has been removed. If the ink is not there, then you are sharpening the edge. If the ink is removed, then it is reshaping the edge to match the original angle. Using a Sharpie is, in fact, the correct way to monitor your progress.

Top 4 survival machete comments

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

This is an excellent survival machete for the money. You should buy this model if you are fed up with the standard size ones, which are too long and uncomfortable to transport when traveling off-piste. It is quite short and moderately heavy and comes out of the box sharpened well. This is a heavy-duty cutting tool that is useful for cutting small branches, cleaning a place for camping and cutting weeds among other tasks.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

With kukri blade shape, 20 ° edge angle, 1085 carbon steel, hollow grinding, blade length of 11.5 inches, total length of 17 inches and the Kraton G handle, the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 is a highly versatile survival tool.

At first glance, you may not appreciate the hidden power behind the blade, but once you put it to use, you will discover how powerful the blade can be. It may seem a little smaller than you expected. However, when you maintain the grip, you will appreciate their ingenuity regardless of their size. As a survivor, you will find that this knife is quite useful in more than one survival situation. In general, this piece is built solid and its blade is well weighted to cut branches and young trees in one fell swoop.

Pros: It is comfortable to cut with this cutting tool than with a standard size. It is also the ideal piece to clear the light when you are in the forest.

Cons: The blade may fracture after several rounds of use if it does not hold well.

Do you like this product? You can then check the current offer on Amazon.

Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie

If you are looking for a fast, lively and quick piece that feels comfortable in your hand, Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie is the ideal tool for hooking. This is just the tool to drill thanks to its trimmed point. The blade is excellent and you can pass it through the sharpener on your belt (sharpened). You can use the blade to cut buds 1 to 2 inches in diameter and you can use it to clean bushes. It is equipped with sanity sheath, plus rivets fitted along the edge. There is also a pressure retention in the handle, as well as a reinforced plastic tip on the end.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

It is not just a cold steel by its name, but by its design, because the blade has an impressive edge and is incredibly sharp. It is equipped with a high quality polypropylene handle, which is milled in a Bowie. You do not have to worry about damaging the blade because it is sturdy and utilitarian. Like Bowie, it is designed to have its weight in the back, which makes the blade easy to maneuver in a survival situation. It is the perfect design for strength and the blade will not break easily as you could have imagined.

Pros: Can penetrate through any obstacle and can be used in service tasks similar to knives.

Cons: Sometimes, the blade may come out of the box not well sharpened.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it here.

Ontario SP8 (Black)

This is not just a simple cutting tool, but an ideal survival machete for the money you can use to do what seems impossible, like building a log cabin. It is a multipurpose tool in the sense that you can use it to clear roads and prepare fuel for bonfires. It is moderately light, which makes it easier and more comfortable to wear. It is the ideal tool for raking small limbs and splitting logs, and you can also use it to cut two-inch lumber on a single swing. You can start a friction fire using an arc drill on the rounded tip of the device.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

This knife is larger than the historical one, as well as an excellent craftsmanship. It has a unique design case that is made of ballistic nylon, treated leather and steel hardware. It is equipped with a strong and resistant handle made with Kraton polymer. The handle provides the perfect grip that is durable, solid and very comfortable. With 1095 carbon steel, 15-inch open length, 4.06-inch closed length and 10-inch flat edge blade, Ontario SP8 is what you need to survive in adverse conditions.

Pros: It is a multipurpose cutting tool that is designed to clear roads, prepare firewood and cut, among other tasks.

Cons: It is not the best cutting tool to drill.

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Gerber Gator JR [31-000759]

Gerber Gator JR is an excellent product for money. This model is unique to other models in terms of features and the tasks it can handle. With a weight of only 1.5 pounds and measuring 22.8 inches by 6.5 inches by 2.4 inches; It is a light, resistant, versatile and ingenious tool that can help you to survive the difficulties while you are in the forest. With a high performance saw blade that measures 9.5 inches, the HC steel blade and Gator grip handle; This is the ideal tool for sawing and cutting. The Gator grip handle is easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Best Survival Machete: How to Choose The Best

This is a strong piece that can cut through small branches, shrubs and bushes. It is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh environments, as well as treatment. The blade is designed to survive in both wet and dry conditions. Therefore, it can not be easily destroyed, unless you deliberately destroy it. In general, its size is perfect, it fits in its package nicely, the edge of the blade is sharp, its grip is comfortable to the touch and its cuts are precise.

Pros: It is highly capable and versatile for sawing and cutting. Its exclusive Gator grip offers maximum grip in dry or wet conditions.

Cons: The steel blade is too soft to maintain a sharpness for a long time after sharpening.

If this is the best model for you, then search and buy on Amazon.

In conclusion

As you read the article, choosing a survival machete is not as challenging as you would have imagined. Your choice should always be guided by the following: the type (shape of the blade), the material and the finish of the blade, the length of the blade and the total length, and the design and material of the handle.

If you can select a model with all the specifications mentioned above that fit your cutting needs, then you can easily buy the best cutting tool on the market. However, this does not mean that you have to limit your choices to a specific piece. You can always try different models for different survival situations.


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