Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

Unfortunately, survival situations are not planned, so you usually do not choose a survival tool and then go out on purpose to see if you can survive in a hostile environment / situation. Therefore, do not select a tool for defense knowing that a survival situation is at hand; select the best survival shotgun as part of your general preparedness. Knowing that, if a survival situation arises, you will have carefully chosen your equipment and will be fully prepared to face the current situation.

A survival shotgun must have food collection and self-defense capabilities. At the beginning, it should be noted that, compared to other weapons, it is enough to survive. This weapon is much better at twenty meters and less. It may not be very portable and easy to hide, but historically it has proven to be very efficient for hunting.

Modifications of the survival shotgun.

Shotguns can be modified to suit all your needs in nature during a survival situation. The challenge is to find a piece of smooth double-barreled hole that can provide all basic survival needs, including food, water, shelter, signage, fires and other critical needs. Therefore, the main challenge is to include all the equipment you will need in it. The platform you must choose to make your modification should be your favorite, such as the Mossberg FLEX 500.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

There are several modifications that you can make in your piece. The modifications you can make include, among others, the following:

  • Performance improvements: this mainly involves lengthening the force cone (the part of the hole that is in front of the camera). Another popular modification of the performance that can be performed is the adaptation of the barrel, which involves reducing the elevation of the snout for faster tracking of their shots.
  • Convenience improvements: The first convenient modification you can do is add a sling. You must choose a piece that is easy to adjust and significantly long to hang. The second update you can introduce is the installation of a fiber optic front sight. Once you have completed these modifications, check if you have the following items in place.

Additional elements you will need in a SHTF situation

The shotgun is excellent, but you will also need other elements to be alive and healthy in the light of a survival situation. Next, we put together a very basic list with what you should consider adding to your BoB.


The best shotgun should not only be good for survival, but also for hunting because hunting is its main purpose. You do not have to spend weeks without eating just because you are in a narrow environment. You can use your shotgun to ensure the fastest and most nutritious meat you can find near you.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

Therefore, you must carry a variety of ammunition, which includes: slugs, fins and bird shots. You can use slug shells to shoot big game, 00 dollar shells to kill Turkey, and bird shells to kill birds, squirrels and rabbits.

Signal flashes

You need light signals to increase your chances of survival. They are rounds of unique design signal flashes that are made for 12 gauge designs. The best thing about this type of flares is that they can be fired up to 300 feet.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

Of all the things you need in your survival kit, the signal flashes are perfect for signaling solutions and can be used to start fires.

Survival knife

Having a shotgun is not enough when you are in a survival situation. You need a survival knife too. When choosing a survival knife, you must consider the following factors: spike, handle, blade, stainless steel, carbon steel, blade length, blade thickness, sheath, bottom attachment, strap and cord attachment, and belt. All these factors must be at their best.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

For example, you should choose a knife with a full tang, because it will have more strength. Be sure to choose a knife of good thickness, such as the range of 3 / 16-4 / 16 in thickness. A knife with such thickness will be extremely solid and capable of withstanding the abuse of the lever and the cutting of wood.


You need a flashlight to be able to use your shotgun to survive at night. In addition to providing the much needed low-light supply, you can use a flashlight as a signaling tool when you need urgent assistance. When you survive, you should avoid injuries as much as possible when hunting at night.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

There is no better way to avoid injuries than having a flashlight. A surviving flashlight must have a picatinny rail support that allows it to be placed on the rifle. Also, choose a flashlight with a push button based on the compass.


This is an essential part of your piece. You must opt ​​for two distinctive modifications that will provide you with at least three separate storage compartments. Start by replacing the standard material with an integrated combination of actions. The combined unit of values ​​is hollow, which allows additional storage. You can also make a unique modification when replacing the handle of the pump with a latest generation picatinny model that is mounted on a vertical handle compatible with picatinny.

Multiple tool

You will definitely need a multiple tool as part of your survival kit. Decide on a small Gerber multi tool equipped with tweezers, nail file and a small blade, a cross-tipped screwdriver, a small flat-head screwdriver, a large flat-tipped screwdriver and pliers. In addition, you will also need fire, trash bag, saw, cordage and handkerchief.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

The first thing you must decide is to make survival more convincing. This is very important, especially if you run out of the house and the only thing you can grab is your double-barreled weapon. One of the most important considerations is the additional armor. You should select a Mossberg 500 pump, since it is much easier to solve problems and work in the fields when you are in a survival situation.

Features to consider when choosing your shotgun.

The best piece of smooth double-barreled bore must not only be modifiable, but must also have current characteristics. Popular features to look for include: versatility, modularity and ease of maintenance.


As a general rule, versatility should be one of the main considerations. Shotguns are very suitable for survival criteria and this is mainly because they can be used for hunting purposes, even in small games and birds.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

Unlike other weapons in your collection, they can be useful as combination weapons, usually with a rifle barrel on top. When it comes to self-defense, some models are the most effective weapons you can own and carry. You will need a shotgun that is highly versatile and ingenious depending on your survival environment. You can think of shooting large games in survival situations, and a versatile and ingenious shooter can be useful. However, most of the game will be moderate to small in size.


They are built with standardized units allowing flexibility and variety of use. You can get a simple model and equip it with a long game cannon instead of the original short cannon, which makes it easier for you to hunt bigger games, like the rabbit. You can choose to make considerable changes, such as changing the wood design with synthetic to make the gun lighter.

As you can see, when it comes to a modular model, you will never run out of options to modify your weapon. However, you must be careful not to interfere with the overall design. Unlike most pistols, a shotgun is the most modular unit that can be easily adjusted to meet your needs in a survival situation.

Easy maintenance

There are some things you should know so that your piece looks good and has the best performance. The things you need to know include: how to clean it, how to clean it and how to store it.

A good maintenance kit should have a set of quality screwdrivers. While screwdrivers can only be useful occasionally during routine maintenance; They are indispensable. Other things you need are brushes, patches and cleaning rods. You should also keep a selection of solvents together with lubricants in your kit. You will use each of them with respect to the weather.

The best shotguns for survival situations.

Your choice of a shotgun should take into account a number of cutting-edge features that you can not do without in a survival situation. You should definitely use models with unique features and specifications, such as those described below.

Mossberg 500 Pump-Action

This is not only a pumping action unit, but also a highly versatile and ingenious tool to survive. The design of Mossberg 500 is composed of the following: anti-jam cover, double action bars and double extractors. A constant cycle of action is guaranteed without twists or ties, due to the double action bars.

The dual extractors allow a strong grip on the edge of your cartridge. The bolt is locked securely in a barrel extension. This is achieved through an upper lug, which provides a firm lock from steel to steel. At the same time, the receiver (aerodynamic aluminum) ensures that the weight is maintained and properly balanced.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

You do not have to move your trigger finger because the safety mounted on top is clearly visible. Its simple design requires that you just touch a pin to pull the track. It has a synthetic material design consisting of a grooved ventilation barrel that is equipped with an amazing non-glossy blue finish, rotating sling bolts and twin bead sights. You can easily customize this model to meet your survival needs by incorporating the infinite choice of aftermarket accessories and interchangeable barrels.


  • Easy to pull field
  • Steel screw steel lock.
  • Dual extractors
  • Anti-jam shell elevator
  • Ventilation: ribbed barrel equipped with double-bill sights
  • Robust and reliable
  • Double action bars
  • Top safety assembly.

Remington 870 Express

This unique model is made in the USA. UU By Remington Arms. It is a pumping action unit, which uses different ammunition for diversified purposes. This is one of the most recommended survival tools. It is a 12-gauge pump action with a capacity of 4 rounds along with a unique design throttle cylinder (twenty-eight inch vent rib) with a matte black. In addition to matte black, it has the following: SuperCell back cushion, a colorful laminated wood material and non-reflective metallic finish.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

You will like the intentions of Remington Arms, because it is well designed. Your strap is well sectioned by last minute material. This should be the first model you buy, especially when you are in difficult situations that require food hunting. Each and every aspect of this model is unique and true, including its quality, smooth action, durability and reliability. This unit allows you to use different rounds.

For example, you can choose to use federal steel rounds for bird hunting. This piece is just perfect and you will admire the sound it produces when you put a shell in the camera.


  • Pump action
  • 4 round capacity
  • Back cushion SuperCell
  • Stock of laminated wood
  • 12 gauge
  • 28-inch vent with Remington choke barrel.

Maxx Action toy pump 30 “

This unique tool is designed to improve hunting and survival. It is incorporated with the BAX precision system together with integral rails for the simple addition of accessories. In general, it offers you great action and precision; therefore, you will never go hungry while you have it in your position. This is the perfect implement because the action is real and it is light enough to carry it. It has 45 spring guns, which are integrated with an easy load to load 70 round chargers. It is certain that this cutting-edge piece will introduce you to the game first.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

The complete package is the best kit for any novice user and is highly economical. The kit is equipped with enough armor, which is perfect for beginners. The gun is excellent since it can accommodate at least 75 BBs. Therefore, for the price, it is a very powerful addition.


  • BAX precision system
  • 180 bbs mag capacity
  • 365 fps
  • Spring piston action
  • 6 mm caliber
  • Integral rails for simple additions of accessories.
  • Patented settings

BBTac 688S

A unique feature of this gun is that it does not require any power source, such as gas or batteries to work, since it works with spring. All you have to do to shoot is pump your back before a shot. Its output speed of 200 FPS makes it the perfect tool to use in a survival situation. Unlike other products on the market, the design of this particular product is made of durable and lightweight plastic. It is an attractive design due to its chrome-plated metal finish. Each shot will provide a successful hunt, particularly due to its 100 rounds capacity.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

You do not have to be too careful when handling it. Its design is robust and not too fragile. You will admire its spring power, because it will make you feel good every time you take a picture. Unlike other weapons you know, your decision to consider and buy this model is correct. The gun looks good and works perfectly well, as long as you handle it very carefully. In general, BBTac 688S is a decent design for its price.


  • Replica at 1: 1 scale
  • ABS plastic construction (light and resistant)
  • 200 FPS w 6 mm 0.12 g Output speed BBs
  • Capacity of 100 rounds
  • Metallic silver chrome finish.

Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 Gauge Pump-Action

This piece offers a cutting-edge design to facilitate modifications and survival. It uses pump action technology, which is very ingenious. Weighing only seven pounds and with an acceptable barrel capacity, length and length, the Mossberg 500 persuader is highly versatile and ingenious. It is recommended to wear protective equipment when operating this model. Your box comes with a pistol grip kit and lock gun.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

It does not make much noise. Your forearm can be made of plastic and the stock can be made to measure, but the overall design is of good quality. You should buy this model if you are seriously planning a survival situation. You will not have problems because its operation is 100% perfect from the first moment. You can have more than ninety rounds and it will continue shooting perfectly. Your search for a versatile, ingenious and durable model must end with Mossberg.


  • 5 “barrel
  • Ambidextrous spray of safety operated.
  • Front view of the heel
  • 5 inch trigger length
  • Forearm with pistol grip.
  • Synthetic rear stock
  • 5 + 1 round capacity

Remington 870 Wingmaster Caliber 12

The Remington 870 Wingmaster is made by Remington Arms. It is manufactured safely from crossed bolts and double-sided sights. It is designed to fire up to 12 caliber ammunition. Basically, its maximum capacity of rounds is 4 + 1 rounds. This may be a custom design, but its ability to function as a resourceful machine is high.

Best Survival Shotgun: Tools & Tactics For Survival Preparedness

This gun gives you maximum efficiency when you are taking a shot.


  • Magazine capacity 4 + 1, 3 “camera and wood.
  • 5 ‘@ Comb and 2.5’ @ heel
  • Bluish receiver finish
  • 9 inches total length and cross bolt safety
  • Operation action of the pump with 12 gauge
  • It has a standard trigger, 28 “barrel length and twin bead sights.

In conclusion

It is important to understand and appreciate how versatile and ingenious a survival shotgun is. It may have limited applications, but it is more reliable to shoot small game birds in a survival and environment situation. Your choice should be guided primarily by the way you will use it, as well as to modify your piece.

Always make sure that the unit you are working with can be modified to your satisfaction. Most people think that having a weapon is enough to survive in a hostile environment. That is not the case; You must make sure that it can really help you overcome a survival situation.


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