Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

Spending time in the desert may require you to track time, use a GPS, have a compass to navigate in the area you are in, etc. Most survival watches offer these options and are a great way to help you on your trip.

Whether you are lost or just spinning around, having a survival watch on your wrist at all times can be invaluable. Some of these watches are useful simply because they do not require batteries and, nevertheless, keep track of time and days.

Basically, most survival watches are quartz or mechanical. If you use Quartz to power the watch, you will need batteries to keep it running. This can be a bit unpleasant because the batteries can die at the wrong time, exactly when you need it most. And yet, these watches are an excellent choice, since the watch batteries do not have to be changed as often (compared to flashlights, GPS, etc.).

Mechanical watches, on the other hand, do not require batteries, they only have to be rolled up to keep them running. They will never leave you at the wrong time, and if you take good care of them they can be useful for many years. There are also atomic clocks, which may still require some remote connection.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

Here we present the best survival watches, based on the above explanations.

List of the best survival watches.

Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Watch

All of Casio’s survival watches are among the truly reliable. With this G-Shock Rangeman watch you can enjoy a digital barometer that can detect a range of 260 to 1100 hectopascals. It also alerts you to some pressure changes in the atmosphere. The temperature range of the thermometer detects a minimum of -10? up to 60? C (14? A 140? F).

The clock also has an altimeter and a compass. When it comes to energy, the watch uses solar energy to charge, so if you run out of battery, you can use the sun to charge the watch. Automatically detects the light and the lighting option changes according to the inclination of the hand, which means that if there is enough sunlight, the lighting will not turn on and will not deplete the energy.

The glass in the sphere is made of inorganic material, which is excellent because it is a poor and extremely strong conductor of heat. Among the other features, you will know the exact time of sunrise and sunset, thanks to the accuracy of the atomic clock. There is also indication of tide, alarm, world time, timer and many other useful functions. This watch is ideal for any type of extreme survival, hiker, hiker or camper, and even for professional ecologists who can spend weeks and months in remote areas, or can be completely isolated.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

Most people are impressed by how sturdy and stable this watch is. Its substantial weight gives it a more robust look and # 8216; male. Many clients, who spend their work hours in the field, consider it extremely reliable and do not care about its functionality.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that you will receive the manual in Japanese, but if you contact the manufacturer, you can send them a manual in English. Of course, this has nothing to do with the product itself, since so far it is the only inconvenience that worried some customers.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Casio Watch GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport

Here is another amazing Casio product that offers a lot of features that can be useful anytime, anywhere, wherever you are. The watch uses a Japanese quartz movement. Again, it is as rugged as you would expect from a Casio survival watch; Resistant to shock and water; The batteries are powered by the sun and are rechargeable. The atomic clock is synchronized using radio waves.

Update sunrise and sunset, including tidal changes. The watch is black because it is mainly suitable for military personnel, so they do not stand out in the dark or if they hide. The screen is also dark and the numbers and letters are illuminated in color to help you distinguish the time and data on the screen, if you are in the dark.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

When it comes to solar charging, you’ll be happy to know that if you fully charge the battery, it can last for almost 9 months, until it is completely discharged. If you expose the watch from time to time to sunlight, the solar panels will pick up the light and complete the clock from time to time. This means that you can use the watch virtually at any time and always trust it. There can be no risk of an extremely low battery, unless you stay in the dark for more than nine months.

The atomic clock will be updated and synchronized every hour (during the night), so there is no risk of having the wrong time. The error can only be one second. As for the characteristic of resistance to water, it can submerge under water up to 170 meters. That corresponds to 20 bar.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Although its characteristics are similar to those of the previous Casio model, there are some negative reviews. Some customers shared that there may be problems updating the atomic clock, due to poor reception. Other customers experienced problems with the solar charge of the watch, even from the first moment. There are non-atomic and non-negative screen versions of this watch, so if you think you do not need the atomic clock (GR7900KG-3CR) or you can not get used to the negative screen (G7900-1 G-Shock), you may want Check these versions.

Casio ProTrek (Pathfinder) PRW2500-1A

Casio is definitely a leading manufacturer of watches for decades and here is another model of yours. It also has all the features and functions you may need in case you are in an emergency situation or just in the desert. You will enjoy a barometer and altimeter of course. The clock works with solar energy and also has an atomic clock for adjustment.

It happens automatically every night. You will have access to information such as lunar phases, sunrise and sunset, including the necessary tidal phase. The clock shows the temperature and has a chronometer, chronometer and world time.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

When it comes to the altimeter, some customers have observed that sometimes it is off and does not show the data accurately. You can show an altitude number, but the map can show another, and this can be a bit confusing as to which data is correct. On the other hand, another customer experimented with it and discovered that if you reset the altimeter at night, it will make it more accurate, since the pressure changes during the night and can compensate for the altimeter calculations.

Therefore, to avoid that, restoring it can help it work much better. This can be annoying for some users, but at least it is working. If this does not bother you, you can enjoy this watch.

Of course, it is not a model of quality G-shock, like the previous one, but its functions are equally reliable and, nevertheless, it is a precise and powerful clock. It is much lighter than G-shock. This may be preferred by some customers over the heavier G-shock models. In general, it is an ideal watch and all its important features work almost perfectly. If you calibrate them correctly, they will be extremely accurate.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Timex T49612 series Expedition Expedition

Although we’re not talking about Casio’s high quality watches, this Timex model can be a worthy competitor to Casio. The military personnel came training with Timex and still use it years later. This means that it is still a tough and durable watch.

The watch is resistant to water and shock, and can withstand rough handling. Of course, using it with care and attention will not hurt you, you can still be sure that it will remain as reliable as it was at the beginning. The watch is based on quartz for movement and has a reliable compass. The housing and the hand band are made of resin. The watch is suitable for use up to a maximum depth of 200 meters (660 feet).

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

What can be considered unique to this watch is that the company uses a lighting technique called Indiglo, created entirely by Indiglo Corporation, which is owned by Timex. The backlight uses different electroluminescent lamps to provide different levels of illumination. Only the numbers on the dial will light, although the screen is completely LCD. While you can expect the entire screen to light up, the lighting effect on the numbers is achieved by a special film, which creates an inverted illumination on the LCD screen.

Finally, we must say that, according to some customers, this Timex watch is better in terms of shock resistance and durability compared to the Casio G-shock models. Most of these clients are in military service and undergo intensive training, so you should expect the Timex watch to go through some difficult and driving conditions.

In general, very few people find problems with Timex and one of the most common is that for some people the light is a bit dim. And yet, in general, this watch is among the best and most durable of all, and considering the price, it almost comes as a freebie.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Clock

One of the best things about this watch is that it is full of features. It has the usual barometer, the altimeter, the timer, the world time, the compass and many more functions. Measures temperatures that vary from -5? to 140? F and the altimeter can measure altitudes of -1,500 to 29,500 feet.

In those cases in which you ascend or descend too quickly, or if the Hector Pascal changes too radically in a few minutes, these measurements will be automatically displayed without you having to do anything. All other functions work as expected and are provided for survivors, mountaineers, climbers, hikers who spend days there and must know all the climate changes and plan their route accordingly.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

Otherwise, the watch can not withstand water deeper than 100 feet, and also the resistance to shock is a bit in doubt according to some customers. This is because it is not as strong as the previously reviewed watches and is a bit lighter for a survival watch. Another thing to keep in mind is that some customers report problems with the wrist band and have to change it from time to time.

For some reason, the original wrist band may not withstand some unpleasant weather conditions and fail over time, which requires a replacement. This may be the only serious drawback, but in general, the clock itself works perfectly and is also beautiful.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Citizen Nighthawk Eco-drive BJ7000-52E watch

Citizen’s wonderful high-quality watches are something anyone may want to use someday. It employs the Japanese quartz movement and has a traditional analog screen. The sphere window is made of mineral crystal glass to be virtually unbreakable and non-reflective (to maintain a low profile in nature). It is ideal for diving because it remains resistant to water up to 200 meters deep. Not only that, but the construction of this watch also makes it suitable for pilots or aviators, because it has a sliding rule bevel ring and a crown located at the eight o’clock position.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

With the slide rule, you have the options to calculate and track fuel consumption (or any land or air vehicle). You can perform complex calculations or convert different measurements from one unit to another. For those users who need to perform even more complicated calculations (either nautical or with aircraft), the calculation rule can be invaluable.

The only feature missing from this model is that it does not have a stopwatch. According to a client who turns out to be a pilot, this is a great inconvenience for this product. Also, the sliding rule lacks backlighting in case you need to see the readings at night or in the dark. This can be quite unpleasant. If we have to give this watch a general rate, it will get 9 out of 10 due to the calculation rule. It is an incredibly useful feature that few wristwatches have, and is ideal for survival situations when you need to calculate certain things.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Seiko SUN007 kinetic wristwatch.

Here is a watch that is automatically charged thanks to the kinetic technology used for this product. The clock is recharged using the energy created by the movement of your hand. This kinetic energy is transformed into electricity and keeps the charge on the clock. Therefore, there is virtually no need for sun exposure, manual winding or battery replacement. In addition to that, once the battery is fully charged, it may take up to 6 months before recharging is needed.

Best Survival Watches: List of Watches with The Highest Quality

According to some customers who owned the watch for more than 10 years, the battery (called and capacitor) will need a more frequent charging movement to keep it charged. You could even replace it if you wish, and all by yourself.

In general, while making your regular movements during the day, the battery will remain charged and the watch will work just as well even after ten years. It begins to charge almost immediately when you put it on your wrist. Even if the battery has been completely discharged, only the smallest movement will begin to charge the watch.

It is true that the watch does not provide you with some additional features besides the date and time tracking, but the automatic charging battery is definitely a great advantage, which is also ideal for nature lovers who tend to spend months in isolated areas, and Ideal for Arctic explorers who can not use the sun to charge the watch with solar energy.

A final consideration that must be made is that you should not keep it for more than a year without any movement. This is bad for the mechanism and if you want to use it after a year or two again, you may find that it will no longer be charged and, therefore, will not work at all. This is not the fault of the manufacturer, but simply by the essence of the mechanism, to prolong its life, continue to use it actively and use it every time you exercise, camp, hike, etc. It is also water. -a test that is ideal for swimming.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.


Since the above products are expensive and of high quality, if you consider one of them, you should devote some time to research. If you can try certain watches before committing to a purchase, or if a friend or family member owns one of these watches, ask them if they had any problems and how the watch behaves.

Some customers may have a negative experience that has nothing to do with the manufacturer or the product itself, but the failure could be linked to a factory failure. This can make you believe that the product is not worth it. To avoid such errors, find more information about the watch that you liked the most and consider buying.

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