Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

An unfortunate but essential part of any suitcase, emergency kit or preparation kit is a good inventory of weapons. In a catastrophic emergency situation, people react instinctively and the instinct to survive can override courtesy and ethical behavior. As we have seen in natural disasters and situations in which society breaks down, while people are self-reliant, they turn on their neighbors and do things they would not normally do in an effort to survive.

In this unfortunate side effect of the disaster, it is important to have the confidence and tools to protect yourself. Generally speaking, those who are better prepared (hopefully, like you) tend to become targets for purchase of rest and theft by those who either are not prepared for the emergency, or are simply taking advantage of the chaos to loot.

In these situations, it is very important to realize that we can not count on the police being there to help us. On a normal day, the police arrive after a crime has been committed approximately 80% of the time. In an emergency situation, where you receive hundreds of calls and things are incredibly chaotic, you will be lucky to have someone respond, much less in time to protect you and your belongings.

Take your personal safety into your own hands and prepare for the possibility of having to defend yourself. Although it’s not a good idea, having the tools to defend yourself will put you back in the driver’s seat and allow you to not only protect your food stores and your family, but also help others with any excess you may have.

Excessive and unnecessary force is never a reason to be proud, and although you have every right to defend your family and personal property, using these weapons responsibly and ethically is as important as having them in the first place. Make sure that with these survival weapons you get the proper training and respect the responsibility of what they represent.

Discrete types of weapons

The important thing to remember, especially when you are in public, is that many people may feel uncomfortable or threatened to see someone who is openly armed. You can choose if this bothers you or not, but in any case, local laws can hinder you from openly loading any weapon.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

This is where it is worth learning to use everyday objects as weapons of survival. By keeping things that seem innocent enough within reach, you can not only avoid scrutiny, but also get the element of surprise in the face of a possible threat. If your weapon of choice is a flashlight, a rolled newspaper or a ballpoint pen, you are much more likely to succeed in disabling an attacker.

Here are some ideas of everyday objects, and how, with a little technique and muscle, can become weapons of formidable survival.


This is a dual purpose tool, since it is always good to have a good quality flashlight at hand. However, try not to focus so much on the lumens, but on their size and weight. The idea here is to use your flashlight as a club if necessary.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

Look for something with a handle that has some texture to make your grip safer, with a lot of weight and, of course, made of metal.


This is one that will make you tremble, but like any woman who has had the keys to her car like a scion in a dark parking lot before she will tell you, it is a very realistic weapon. Keeping a nice metal pen in your cup holder or bag can protect you from a robbery or assault in case of trouble. By inflicting wounds on the soft and fleshy parts of a person’s anatomy, you can quickly disable them and escape.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

The tactical self-defense pen from True Swords has been marketed for this purpose, with a sturdy aluminum body that can handle the impact of impaling someone. It’s shaped like a rifle bullet, and it looks pretty cool and unobtrusive from an Oxford pocket.

Baseball Bats

This is a very common domestic defense weapon, especially for those who many do not like firearms. Although it will not do you much good if your attacker is equipped with a loaded weapon, in close quarters and with enough strength in the upper body, you can cause serious damage to a domestic invader.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

Also, there are not many criminals who at least do not retreat a little when they see an adult man attacking them with a baseball bat; the image alone is enough to evoke a headache.

Using firearms as weapons of survival.

It goes without saying that owning and knowing how to use a gun is an excellent way to protect yourself, protect your family and your property. Many times, even having a weapon as a visual deterrent is enough to keep rioters at bay. However, there are some weapons that are designed to shoot and hunt long distances, and that are not necessarily suitable for self defense.

To select a weapon that will do you well as a survival weapon, it helps to make it multifaceted. Look for something that works in tight spaces, but that also has enough power to kill an attacker or a deer. Although protecting yourself from domestic invaders is certainly a priority, you may also need your weapon to hunt, so it may also be suitable for both purposes.

The guns are excellent for self-defense and are well suited to wallets (just be sure to check your state’s gun laws and get a concealed transportation permit). Look for something that is easy to shoot, but safe to keep in your bag or bedside table. Take it to a range to see how accurate it is. Many revolvers and pistols can be difficult to shoot accurately, so look for something with a large extension and minimal recoil for the best accuracy.

If you are looking for something to ride on top of the back door, the shooting guns are an excellent option. Not only do they have a very wide distribution, which makes them excellent for defenders with poor marksmanship, but they also generate massive damage by firing them when firing at the target. They are reputed to create catastrophic bodily harm and being easy to shoot will deter anyone from trying to cross you. Not only this, but their power and scope make them suitable for both domestic defense and hunting.

If you decide to buy a weapon for the survival weapon you choose, make sure you have enough ammunition. Many websites sell it in large quantities, so you can stock up without having to spend an arm and a leg. Be sure to consider the amount of ammunition enough to allow you to bring your firearms within reach and practice as well.

Affordable DIY options

That’s right, you can even make some pretty big survival weapons. Although this is a slower route, and requires a bit of practice and ingenuity, you can save a lot of money. There are many ideas of simple weapons (and quite intimidating) that will give you an advantage in case of a social collapse. Make sure you read a lot and get a full understanding of the plans for them before attempting to build these weapons, although a construction error can be an explosive error. Literally.

Sure, these DIY projects are not likely to produce boards on Pinterest, but they are a practical and affordable way to keep some creative weapons out there, without breaking the bank or local regulations on firearms.

Option # 1 – the potato gun

This is a classic homemade weapon that teenagers and tactical operations have been producing for decades. The fun begins with the construction of a cannon, often outside the PVC pipe, which uses the power of compressed air, or even the ignition of flammable gases, to create enough pressure to shoot a potato at extremely high speeds.

Many of these projectiles will travel more than 100 yards, when they are fired from a well-constructed canyon. Make sure you give yourself enough space for the test and carefully read the instructions; The last thing you want is for the plastic cannon shell to explode in your arms.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

There are many tutorials and videos online. Study several of them and compare the designs, making sure to follow only the advice of the people who have built them successfully. However, once you manage to make your potato gun, prepare to be feared. This simple weapon can cause serious damage to internal organs, and at least leave a bruise bruise.

One of the main advantages of creating a weapon like this is its versatility: you do not have to worry about running out of ammunition. If you do not have potatoes on hand and you seek to do serious damage, everything from the rocks to the bean bags can be substituted in their wake, provided they have a similar size and weight.

Option # 2 – the paper brick

This is a homemade weapon originally created by creative football fans who try to introduce weapons into the stadiums. The concept is quite simple; just get a newspaper and fold it over and over on itself, until you have a brick about two inches wide.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

You can add coins to the folded end if you want to add additional weight. From there, just secure it with string or adhesive tape, and use it as a blunt weapon.

Option # 3 – the stone club

Let’s go to Cro-Magnon with this one. In a survival case, it may not always be within a convenient travel distance of a Cabela. For the desert survivor, the stone club is one of the oldest survival weapons and one of the simplest to manufacture.

First, find a suitable stone: something relatively flat, but heavy, and with a sharp edge or a heavy blunt side, depending on the effect you want the weapon to have. Find a very strong branch, still green to be flexible. Form a division of the branch, starting from the top, going about one and a half times the length of the stone down.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

Place the branch on the ground, wedge your stone in the center of the division and find the most stable position to secure it. Then, with any rope or string you have at hand, join the top of the branch to seal the rope. division. If the cut you made on the branch is a bit long, and you have an open space under the stone, go ahead and join that end of the division as well. Finally, form a x-shaped loop around the stick and the stone, crisscrossing the rope with force, then finish in a hitch and tie a secure knot to keep everything in place.

It is a crude weapon, no doubt, and it is not likely that you are knocking down a moose in the short term; but if one of those two-legged varmints tries to steal your supplies, now you have a formidable weapon to defend yourself.

Option # 4 – bow and arrow

My favorite weapon, and another that has withstood the test of time, the traditional bow and arrow is a double purpose weapon, excellent for hunting and self defense. However, this survival weapon will require a lot of practice to be effective, so if you decide to make your own longbow or buy one, be sure to go out every day and shoot some bales of straw.

I also keep in mind that this is a weapon designed primarily for long range defense, not for close combat. With that limitation in mind, always make sure you keep something close to the close combat (like that amazing club you just did), so they do not find you unarmed or forced to try to shoot at a rapidly advancing target.

Although the manufacture of bows is a highly qualified profession with many technical facets, in a survival scenario it is perfectly feasible to build your own in the desert. Just make sure you have a sharp knife and something very strong for the rope (like a partially non-woven paracord).

Start by selecting the piece of wood from which you will carve your bow. It must be completely dead, but not have sharp cracks, knots or angles. Ideally, you want something that is thicker in the middle and that is sharp on at least one end. Once you have found a suitable candidate, find out how the branch is bent by placing it on the ground and pressing it with the palm of your hand. As the branch rolls towards you, you have found its natural curve.

Best Survival Weapons: How to Prepare for Self Defense

From there, it is as simple as forming the elevator and the limbs (for those who are not familiar with the terminology, the elevator is the handle and the extremities are the upper and lower parts of the bow where the rope is attached). When carving the vertical tube, you will want to select the strongest and most inflexible part of the branch. Carve a place to grab with your hand and a small shelf for the arrow to rest.

From this point, you will have to carve the notches for the chain to adhere. Being careful not to dig too deeply and weaken the limbs, make small notches at the ends of the limbs. Once you have finished, connect the bowstring and pull the limbs toward you slightly while doing so. You will want to test the stretch length of your bow, so get some arrows and determine if the string is tight enough.

Once completed, a bow and arrow are an excellent survival weapon for stealth hunting and shelter defense. As a long-range weapon, it will give you the additional benefit of being able to attack your prey from a distance, forcing them to come to you to participate in combat.

Do you really need a gun?

It is not something that any of us like to think about. Of course, many fans love to collect and practice with weapons, but the idea of ​​actively maintaining and practicing with a weapon in case of social collapse or personal assault is not pleasant. Even when our own security and sustenance are threatened, most of us would prefer to leave this unpleasant task to the military and police forces.

However, if the story, and in general this lifestyle, has taught us something, is that in the end, the only person you can count on to take care of you, it’s you. It is not just about great weapons and to feel hard, it’s about preparing for the possibility that someday you can not get to a phone and the police do not arrive on time.

Take your personal safety with your own hands and become familiar with these and similar survival weapons, so that you have the tools, skills and confidence to protect yourself, your family and your home.


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