Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

If you are dealing with annoying animals or if you are interested in hunting for long-range parasites, you will want to have the best varmint rifle. The control of the vermin is important for the health of the cattle, the crops and for the prevention of diseases.

Varmint hunting is also for fun, rifle practice, and although one thinks for the first time that vermin includes rats and mice, the range of animals that are covered under the term varmint is much higher. With a suitable weapon at hand and the ability to use the weapon safely and efficiently, it will be easy to implement nuisance control or enjoy the thrill of long-range insect hunting.

Types of varmint

Since the beginning of the 1530s, the terms bugs and varmint have been used, both have been used to refer to the infestation of food with insects and / or worms. In fact, the two words, varmint and bugs, are rooted in the Latin vermis meaning worm. The formal reference for annoying infestation is bugs. The term varmint means different things and their meaning depends on several factors.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

The term is defined culturally and some states define what constitutes a parasite at the same time that they impose regulations for its control. The list of animals that fall into the categorization of an annoying animal, therefore, may differ from one country to another and from one state to another.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

Animal hunting usually involves the search for smaller mammals, and not for the purpose of consuming them as food. The animals that are most commonly identified as varmint include a variety of small game and predators:

Animal annoyance Reason hunted
· Arachnids

· Beavers

· Bedbugs

· Cockroaches

· Crows

· Fleas

· Marmots

· Lice

· Muskrats

· Doves

· Porcupines

· Rodents

· Snakes

· Squirrels

· Termites

· White ants


Undead bugs include a variety of different organisms. These annoying animals are often destroyed to prevent the spread of diseases or injuries to animals, livestock or the destruction of food crops. Sometimes, some may become an invasive species.


· Australia – rabbits

· Galapagos Islands – goats Prince Edward Islands – Cats

· Urban / suburban bugs – cockroaches, mice and rats

Locations / vermin defined culturally identified as varmint due to excessive propagation of a species. Such animals can be hunted to re-control the number of the population.


· Badger

· Bobcats

· Cougars

· Coydogs

· Coyotes

· Foxes: goshawk

· Owls: Snowy, Screech, Barred, Horned

· Raccoons

· Snakes

· Turtles

· Weasels hawks

· Wolverine

· Wolves

These animals are sometimes seen as predators, as they have a history of killing farm animals.
· Hares

· Lagomorphs

· Pikas

· Rabbits

· Rodents

Sometimes they damage pastures and crops.

Varmint rifle attributes

To a person who hunts animals, either in order to control the pest population, to deal with unwanted pests to protect the environment, habitat, crops and plants, or to challenge the hunting, sometimes it is mentioned as a varminter.

A hunter can also participate in animal hunts when it comes to protecting livestock and animals in farmland; for example, the varminter might want to protect the fox chickens, the sheep and the goats from the wolves and coyotes, or the weasel ducks and the raccoons. In some cases, animal hunting is necessary to protect domestic pets such as coyote dogs and cats, wild cats, skunks, raccoons, coydogs, foxes, weasels, fishermen and opossums.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

When it comes to hunting bugs, there are rifles that are ideal for making the deaths more efficient, effective and ethical. The types of weapons one will use will depend on the animal hunted. The animals considered varmint, not only are regulated by special laws with minimum regulations, but the parasites are defined regionally. Consider, for example, burying animals such as prairie dogs and marmots, which can wreak havoc on property, landscaping and the garden.

The animals are fast and difficult to approach before running away, so the varminter will require a precise long-range rifle for use in pest control operations: this is the case, the Varminter rifles or the best Varmint rifles will have a great specificity Features that make them better for the unique challenges posed by varmint control:

  1. Speed ​​and trajectory. The ideal varmint rifle will have the proper characteristics in terms of external ballistics, that is, the trajectory (the physical trajectory of the ejected projectile) produced by the projectile is flat and the bullet is ejected from the rifle at a high speed.
  2. Minimized projectile penetration: Regarding the characteristics of the terminal ballistics, the varminter bullets are light and do not penetrate deeply into the dam.
  3. Acidified attributes: The varmint rifle is one that offers impressive accuracy and ease of hitting small targets, either short or long distance with equal effectiveness.

About caliber rifle

Basically, for all purposes and purposes, a varmint rifle is one that serves as a small caliber firearm. The gun is a compressed air gun that is high powered and is actually used for the sole purpose of varmint control. If you were to compare the Varmint gun with other weapons, it would serve as a bridge between 22-caliber firearms and a larger and more powerful gaming rifle.

The most common weapon is, in fact, the .22 long rifle, it is good for dealing with parasites, but it may have a little bit of horsepower for some of the smaller predators that a Varmint rifle would do well to handle.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

You will not need heavy ammunition to chase Varmint, but you will need a weapon that shoots a quick shot: many Varmint, like the marmots and other rodents, will dive into the burrows long before you can reach about 100 meters. of the animal With a bullet that is fast and a rifle that serves the flat trajectory, there is less dependence on range or distance estimates, since this feature is less critical to get the actual shot accurately.

The Varmint rifle that will be able to do a good job will have a speed that is faster than 910 meters per second or 3000 feet per second. To that end, some rifles such as the .204 Ruger and the .220 Swift can reach a speed of 1200 meters per second or 4000 feet per second: both weapons are excellent options for a long shot. In fact, both weapons have the flat trajectory that one desires along a long distance at a high speed: that is the equation to choose an excellent Varmint rifle.

History of the use of the Varmint rifle.

The Ruger .204 and Swift .220 rifles are no more than two varmint rifles used throughout history, and they are not the only weapons that offer the desirable speed and flat trajectory when hunting varmint. The emphasis on a flat trajectory is critical and can not be overstated: a difference of just five centimeters up or down and the death of the varmint in question can be lost. These same bullets come with a higher rate of disintegration, less rebound production of particles and, therefore, offer the fastest death possible.

After the First World War, the .22 caliber rifle was becoming the most coveted weapon for the varminter. However, for those who wanted to pursue Varmint at a distance of more than 100 meters, the .25-06 Remington, 6 mm Remington and .243 Winchester rifles grew in popularity for their speed and accuracy in the long range. Several calibers do an extensive job of rounding varmint: it is never a bad idea for the varmint hunter to have a choice of weapons and have more than one caliber for hunting.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

Interestingly, when it comes to shooting different varmints, this is a hunting area where several calibers are used that are actually smaller than the 5.56 meter gun (.22). Some of the smaller caliber rifles used to kill varmints include the 4.5mm .17 caliber pistol and the Remington .17.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

The Ruger .204 is also a small-caliber option that hunters seem to have a taste for because it uses such small rounds. Alternatively, if the varmint hunter is looking for weapons that are perfectly suited for short-range shooting, and short-range one defines it as 90 meters or so, the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire, the .223 Long Rifle, and even the .17 Mach’s weapon will do well. Note that the barrel serves for a slower projectile movement that can result in both subsonic and supersonic transition: this decreases one’s accuracy.

.17 caliber weapons

Weapon Better use
.17 Remington The size of the drill of this weapon is .117 and easily exceeds the speed of alternative rifles like the Swift. Keep in mind that this weapon is based on light ammunition, and these bullets can change their trajectory due to strong winds. However, in quiet climates, the .17 Remington can reach 350 meters with ease.
.17 Remington fireball The case of this weapon is based on fireball 221. The rifle is similar to 17 Mach IV Wild, and the diameter of the weapon is .177. When a bullet is used, weighing 20 grains can reach speeds of 4000 feet per second, and if the bullet is 25 grains at 3850 feet per second, you end up conquering a field of at least 250 meters.
.17 Remington Hornet This is a midrange varminting rifle and is similar to the Hornet 22, while closing the gap between the Hornimy Magnum Rimfire .17 and the Ruger .204. You will get a quieter recoil, which means more comfort when having to make repeated shots or the death of several varmints. The Hornet .17, when used with a ballistic point of 20 grains, can get from 175 to 250 at a speed of 3550 feet per second. Due to the light gauge, again, the wind can be a problem.
.17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire This weapon is perfect for short range shooting. With a ballistic tip of 17 grains, it reaches up to 175 feet at a speed of 2550 feet per second. Use a bullet with a hollow point of 20 grains and you’ll get 2250 feet per second. The wind is still a problem with this weapon.

.22 rifles of caliber and more

Weapon Better use
Varmint rifles caliber 6mm and .25 With the best wind control of the heaviest ammunition, these weapons became popular for varmint hunting. The most coveted of this group are the 25-06 and the 243 Winchester. These weapons have more recoil and noise, but offer superior performance in windy conditions.



.223 Remington A typical weapon used by military forces around the world, this is the most common weapon used to pursue Varmint as well. With the .223 Remington, when combined with the 55-grain bullet, it can cover 300 meters at 3200 feet per second. The main problem with the use of the Remington .223 is that it is not ideal for deer.


220 Swift If you’re looking for the best when it comes to varmint rifles, then the Swift 220 rifle is one of your best bets. The weapon is stronger, bigger and faster than the Ruger .204 and can conquer 3950 feet per second or more with a 55-grain projectile that goes to a threshold of 350 meters. If you want this weapon to work in the best way, you will need a 26-barrel.


.222 Remington The Remington .222 when operated with a 50-grain projectile promises the ability to reach 225 meters at a speed of approximately 3100 feet per second. Many varmint hunters still prefer the Remington .223 to .222.



.22-250 Remington The .22-250 consumes a lot of dust because it is a larger cartridge. It will move a 55-grain projectile at a speed of 3800 feet per second and easily achieve 350 meters in the process. Of course, with the increased use of dust, you can anticipate a greater recoil and much more noise.



.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire Another varmint rifle option: use this shot-fire cartridge with a 40-grain bullet and cover about 140 meters at 1850 feet per second. There are some newer 30 grain tips that can also reach 2200 feet per second.



.204 Ruger Like the Remington Magnum mentioned above, this weapon has a case that has the neck up to the size of the .204 hole. Use a V-Max 32 grain tip and you will have an amazing speed of 4225 feet per second. Use a 40-grain head and slow down to almost 3900 feet per second, but you’ll achieve a weapon of at least 400 meters, which makes it one of the best Varmint rifles in the industry.

Varmint rifle accessories

To make the weapon you choose even more efficient, there are a number of Varmint rifle accessories you can choose from. The available accessories facilitate the use of your weapon and facilitate hunting during specific hours of the day, in several places or specific predatory animals. The accessories that you can and should consider include, among others, the following:

Scopes:  The general rule when choosing a range for your varmint rifle is that the greater the range, the better it will be for you when it comes time to target your prey. For weapons up to .223 Remington, a range with a variable of four to 16 is needed for optimal results. If you go beyond the Remington .223, you can choose ranges that are power increase of 24, 32 and 40.

Best Varmint Rifle: Finding A Good Rifle for Varmint Hunting and Control

Montajes Yes, you need a mount to place the range on the varmint rifle and you want a mount that does not create a problem between range and cannon in terms of alignment. Therefore, the scope of application included is recommended for use with the varmint rifle. The mount must have a picatinny rail.

Silencers: Since the varmints are fast motors, it will only help the hunt if you decide to invest in silencers and noise absorbers. Combine your accuracy with a quieter shot and you’ll be forced to kill more bugs. The muffler you choose must be carefully selected and you do not want it to interfere with the speed of the shot.

In conclusion

Whether you choose to hunt varmint for fun, or do it to protect your property, appropriate weapons are necessary. Your weapon should cover a good distance quickly and as quietly as possible, while providing an impact good enough to kill the varmint, but the least amount of kickback so that you feel comfortable when shooting. While all these features seem a lot to ask for, there are, in fact, a number of quality rifles that fit the best bill of varmint rifles.

It goes without saying that even among the varmint rifles suitable for long-range varmint hunting, there are some great differences in the yardage that the weapons can cover and the types of varmints that such weapons are good for hunting varmint specific predators. You will have to carefully consider the weapons and accessories you choose.


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