Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

Water these days goes through many cleaning and purification processes, and some countries and states of the USA. UU They would even treat the tap water with fluoride and even add some pharmaceuticals. If we also add some factory contaminants to nearby water sources, we end up drinking a whole periodic table of chemicals and elements.

Only some of them are necessary for the body to function properly, but as we all know, there are also elements such as metals and even heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. in our water. These accumulate in the body over time and the difficulties to clean them cause health problems and deterioration, or even diseases that cause permanent damage.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

This is one of the main reasons why so many people are committed to buying water filtration systems for their home, so that their whole family can enjoy clean and tasty water, and avoid the negative side effects of the accumulation of metal in their homes. the body. Some families find comfort by installing a Ukf8001 filter, while others will not feel comfortable until the entire house is filled with clean, purified water. In this article, we have compiled a list with some of the best water filtration systems you can find in the market and trust your health. We will share some experiences and comments from clients with you, so that you have a broader vision of each product and can make a more informed decision.

Highly qualified home water filtration systems

Multipure AquaVersa MP750SB Carbon Block

This water filtration system in the home is based on carbon (active carbon) to filter impurities and elements. The filter is placed in a stainless steel container, which is placed under your sink. You can attach a tap, one that comes pre-packed with this purchase.

Carbon filters tend to clean the water faster than common membrane filters, which reduces the amount of time you wait to fill a glass of water. Activated carbon filters effectively cleanse the most regular elements and organisms found in drinking water, such as lead, cysts, chloramine, arsenic, mercury, asbestos, etc. The taste of water improves significantly, including smell and color.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

If you tend to use up to 750 liters / gallons per year, then you need to change the filter once a year. Otherwise, if your water consumption is much higher (perhaps you are a larger family), you may need to change the filter more frequently, twice a year. If you notice that the water runs slower, it is a clear sign that the cartridge needs to be replaced. The system is very easy to configure and requires little time to know the installation procedure.

The system itself is small and compact and takes up little space at your kitchen counter. You can also connect it to the fridge if you want to have ice cubes regularly.

As a customer, you will benefit from a 90-day warranty period, when you have time to test and see for yourself the qualities of this product. Otherwise, it also has a lifetime guarantee, if something does not work properly, and clearly is not your thing.

The only negative side of this filtration system is that the tap can often break, and you have to change it for another, since it is made of cheaper material. Otherwise, the quality of the filtered water is top notch and you will not be disappointed.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

WaterChef U9000 Premium

This filtration system is capable of filtering about 1000 liters / gallons per year before you have to replace the cartridge. This is more than enough for an average family. The system also has an Intelligent Monitor (TM) screen where you can see an indication of when to perform the replacement.

There is no need to guess more. It is tested and certified by NSF, with standards 42 and 53 NSF / ANSI. Essentially it has the ability to filter almost anything and has a 3-layer prefilter, which removes dirt and sediment. In addition to all this, you will be offered a lifetime guarantee, so you can enjoy this product safely. The maximum pressure that this system can offer is 125 psi.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

The whole system is not made of cheap plastic material, but of metal, which guarantees that it does not end with a broken tap. The system also takes up much less space than regular reverse osmosis units. The configuration of the system takes less than 30 minutes and no special tools are needed for the installation. Almost all customers really enjoy this product, saying they never leaked from it. And the taste of the water is clean and fresh.

Mount the filtration system under the sink and you will almost forget to be there. However, you will enjoy purified water daily.

You will also be offered customer service at a high level. Almost all the clients said that the support was very good and that the people were friendly and polite, even very useful. You will also receive an instruction manual along with the system. It is necessary to run the water (for the first time) for about 15 minutes before drinking it.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Water filter system Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3 stages

The manufacturer announces a speed 25% faster for the filtration system, which significantly reduces the waiting time to have a glass of water ready to drink. It has the NSF certification and eliminates up to 97% of all known chemical products, microorganisms and bacteria.

This product also has an indicator that shows when it is necessary to replace the cartridge and the filters. There is no need to guess when that is. The tap is made of nickel and fits perfectly on the counter of your kitchen. Like all the above products, you can install this right under the kitchen sink and keep the tap on top, so it fully fits the kitchen environment.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

While the product effectively filters metals and elements, such as chlorine, lead, mercury, etc., it also leaves some minerals that are beneficial to human health, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals also keep the taste of fresh and nutritious water.

In many cities, water can be contaminated with chlorine, which is filtered with success, but chloramine is an element that very few systems manage to eliminate from water. Aquasana is this product, which can definitely leave the water without this element.

As for the installation, although it is easy to install the unit following the instructions, you still need to know that to tighten the faucet on the counter, you will need help. Two people can perform this installation: one holds the key under the sink and the other turns the tap on the counter, from above. This may take some time if you are alone, so keep in mind that you will need a hand with the installation. That does not make it difficult, just that you need additional help. Optionally, you can call a technician to install it himself.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Brita 10-cup daily water filter jug

The small filtration system can be used daily and does not require any configuration or installation. Simply fill the jug, which contains 1 liter / gallon of water, and when you pour it into glasses, finish with clean, filtered water. The plastic jug is also free of BPA, so you should not worry about the plastic particles in your water.

There is also a way to track when you need to change the filter. The label in the filter explicitly shows when to replace it. Because the filter is small, you may need to change it quite often.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

The steps to configure the launcher are the following:

  • Take out the filter, but make sure your hands are clean.
  • Then place the filter in the jar, aligning the notches just where the slots of the jar fit with those of the filter.
  • Secure the filter and press it firmly into place
  • The first three times you fill the jar you can see some carbon dust, so you can discard that water. Use the water after filtering the jug three times.

The jar is made of recyclable material, which is eco-friendly and offers a sustainable option for a filtration system.

In general, people are happy with the resulting taste: it is clean and fresh and eliminates unpleasant odors and, as some people say, it also eliminates the taste of tap water. Another person with arthritis claims that the jar may be a bit heavier to pick up, but after all it is a liter of water, which is about 1 kg.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

APEC Top Tier Premium filtration system with 5 stages RO

By using reverse osmosis, this filtration system ensures that you will drink pure and clean water with more than 98% of the elements and contaminants removed. It will end with the fresh and sweet taste of your water, the sediments and impurities will be eliminated, the smells and odors will be eliminated, and the water will be safe for anyone, you, your family and even your pets to drink.

This system is certified by WQA, which guarantees that there is practically no noise, that it lasts a long time and that it is highly reliable. You will be offered a customer service, which is located in California (the company’s headquarters). The machine is easy to set up and is hidden just below your sink. You will have only the tap, on the counter of your kitchen. APEC products are very popular and trusted all over the world, thanks to the unbeatable quality offered.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

You will also receive a manual with instructions on how to configure the system. They are very easy to follow and you do not even need additional help to do it. With its five stages of water purification and filtration, it will guarantee good health and quality for the price you paid.

Virtually no dissatisfied customers, since they all got what they needed to get the money. They are happy with the final result, with the system easy to configure, they did not report any leakage and recommended this product.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

The best water filtration systems for the whole house.

Aquios Full House

This is a product that fits a large family, living in a house. It will make sure you have clean water for the entire house. It helps to decalcify and soften the water, and not only to purify and eliminate contaminants. The product does not require anything special from you, nor maintenance, electricity or programming of any kind. Simply installed it in your home and it will work on its own.

The cartridge that is shipped with the filtration system offers 40,000 gallons / liters of filtered water. The company also offers a 20-year warranty, including customer service in case you need help. A cartridge will have to be replaced every 6 months for an average home.

As mentioned, the filtration system ensures that it will remove sediment, calcium, chlorine and magnesium. In general, these tend to accumulate in the pipes of your water system, so they pollute your drinking water more and more. If you use the Aquios system, you will eliminate this accumulation effectively and leave your pipes clean while you use it. The system behind this is that it uses polyphosphate (also known as Siliphos), which can help reduce flake deposits and protect your pipes, faucets, fittings, showers, etc.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

Along with this, you will have a carbon block in the filter, which guarantees that you will always drink and use fresh, clean water. The pressure used for water production keeps the water loss at a minimum, without the filtering speed suffering. On the other hand, the pressure almost never changes and nothing could affect it. It can happen so that it reduces when it is necessary to replace the filter, so it is an indication to do so.

You could install and do the configuration yourself, but some customers prefer that they trust a skilled plumber. Most people want to make sure that the installation is configured correctly, so they do not risk damaging the system.

In general, customers are very happy and satisfied with the product, they report that they get everything they expected, from clean drinking water to fresh taste without odors, including fresh and crystalline color. There is no lack of pressure, there is no need for electricity and people are more than happy to use it. Most recommend it.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000

The manufacturer Aquasana is among the most trusted companies, creating filtration systems. This can filter up to 1,000,000 liters / gallons of water and the quality of the filtered water does not suffer a bit, although a large amount of water passes through it. The filter is effective because it works with a pre-filter, and also has a copper-zinc KDF, which includes a carbon / activated carbon block. It also has a back filter.

In addition, by purifying and filtering the water throughout the house, you can be sure that no chemical vapor will come from the bath shower and the water stream.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

This system kit also has brass accessories, shut-off valves (without the risk of accidental flooding) and also the best supports. Some water softeners may require electricity, but this one does not. It also does not need salt or any pressure washing to produce fresh, clean and high quality water. As the tank can process 1,000,000 gallons of water, this would mean that you will not have to change anything for the next 10 years after installing the system.

Customers are happy to drink and use clean water without unpleasant odors. The water is practically colorless after passing through the filter.

Otherwise, a customer warns that it is good to be prepared with O-rings for accessories and pre-filter candles. Otherwise, it can cause some leakage, but the O-rings will solve any problem that may arise.

Also, when you need to change the pre-filter candles (which should be done every 6 months), you should also make sure to close the inlet valves and then open the cold water faucets. This will empty the water pipes, thus preventing the air pressure through the pipes from blocking the unit. Still, changing the candles can leave you with some wet floors, so be prepared. You are managing your water pipe system after all.

A client shares that he, his whole family and even his dog and his fish seem to be happy with the filtered water and their flowers are thriving even better than before.

Otherwise, another customer experienced an adjustment break and was disappointed to discover that Aquasana is a different standard and it is virtually impossible to find a replacement quickly, so he had to call the manufacturer to replace it. They were happy to help him and they sent him one. Even so, the system offers the quality it promises: clean water, no smell or color, no accumulation of scale, no bad smell after showering, etc. Most people recommend this filtration system.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

DuPont WFPF13003B

The DuPont product can effectively filter 15,000 gallons / liters before it has to replace the filter. It can be set up in a house or even offices. It has a universal polyethylene block cartridge of the 500 series. If you need an update, you can do it, without interrupting your already installed DuPont system. The installation is very easy and almost anyone can do it. It is shipped with a 3-year warranty.

The product also includes a key if you need to replace something or update your system. A customer reports that when he needed to replace the filter, he did not even need the key, just as simple and easy it was. He also shares that it could be better to have a transparent filter housing, so that you can observe it when it needs to be replaced. This is by no means a big drawback, but may require improvements by DuPont.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

The manufacturer is not among the most popular companies, but they definitely offer quality products, since more than 80% of their customers are more than happy to use their filtration systems.

They have a way to become fair competitors for Aquasana, but offer their products at a lower price, so they are targeting a clientele that may not be able to afford the high prices of some more prestigious products. Overall, DuPont delivers what it promises, which includes clean, fresh water, simple operation and system maintenance, simple configuration and a durable unit.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Aqua-Pure AP903

The product has a stainless steel head, with virtually no risk of corrosion. Give the opportunity for an installation and # 8216; sweat in place ‘. This filter also uses activated carbon, to improve the quality of the taste and odors of water. The product is also approved by the FDA and complies with CFR-21.

The pressure is so good that during one minute of water flow you can have 20 liters / gallons of clean, fresh water. You do not need special tools, items or keys to remove the filters. They are super easy and simple to remove and set in place: simply turn the cartridge over and over again, and voila.

Best Water Filtration System: Choosing a System for The Entire House

It may happen that the filter clogs too early, approximately a few weeks, so you will need a replacement. Depending on the amount of water you tend to use, this period can last about one month. Otherwise, some customers have used this filter for many years without negative side effects.

Some may even have extra filters and cartridges to help this filter for longer than expected. Other customers have bought two of these filters to have a complementary effect and also last a long time.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Which one to buy?

In general, you should know that since this filter is smaller than some of the previous ones, it can clog quickly. This is due to more sediment and dirt in the water. If the water in your faucet or well water tends to be dirtier, dark and smelly, you may have to change the cartridge more frequently. Do not be frustrated by this, since it is a small system and depends on what type of water leaks.

For all the above products, you may need to read more comments and experiences from the customers to get an even better and deeper understanding of the products. We give you a general description of these, as they are some of the most popular and best rated among the clients.

Water purification

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