Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

As any hunting enthusiast knows, there are a number of aspects that determine its success. Choosing the best waterfowl shotgun is an important step in the hunting process. The conclusion is that the quality of the gun you use will have a significant effect on the rewards that will be obtained.

That said, for those who are new to this form of hunting, it is important to understand exactly what to look for when choosing your firearm, as well as the other equipment and supplies that will be useful. This, together with the mastery of some techniques, will help you make the most of each hunting trip.

The best hunting grounds for waterfowl.

The first step towards a successful hunt is to take the time to investigate several nearby areas. Obviously, you do not want to travel too far to get to these lands, but you do not want to settle for a mediocre location when a better one is a few miles away. Do an online search and read several hunting forums to find out where the best grounds are. Your local wildlife agency should be really useful in this regard.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

Outdoor recreation resources can also be really useful in this regard, since they should have all local listings on hand. Another option is to ask your friends, if any of them enjoy hunting, and discover where they have enjoyed their best hunts. If the land is several hours from your home, many hunters choose to vacation, either camping or renting a nearby cabin. This will allow you to make the trip and rest before leaving early the next morning.

Make the most of an entire hunting day by spending the next night nearby and return home the next day. Waterfowl will always be attentive to bodies of water that offer abundant sources of food. So, where is the food, this is where you’ll find other wild animals.

Tips for a successful hunt.

Once you have made your selection of the best shotguns for waterfowl hunting, it is time to work on your hunting skills. Excellent results can be obtained by following these useful guidelines:

  • When you hunt from a boat, remember to hide the outline of the boat using camouflage ropes. In the same way, if you are hunting from the mainland, you must hide your human form using a camouflage poncho.
  • If you are hunting at the end of the season, you can create water wells in the ice to attract your prey.
  • Some of the best fighters occur later in the morning if you are hunting later in the season.
  • Make sure the shotgun cartridges are easy to identify by tagging them with a permanent marker. The original markings can wear out and cause confusion between the loads of the geese and those of the ducks.
  • Your call can get dirty with time. Several particles of dirt, food and even tobacco can accumulate on the sides. Be sure to keep your call clean for better results.
  • Be patient, calm and silent. Too much noise will scare your prey and, in some cases, even stationary lures may be less useful, while the correct call is much more effective.

Safety in hunting waterfowl.

If you are a new or experienced hunter, there is nothing more important than safety. Novice hunters often make rookie mistakes. Even expert hunters with the best waterfowl shotguns can slide. Either way, there are some essential safety guidelines that should never be forgotten.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

First of all, you should always carry supplies such as a waterproof fire kit. If it gets wet, you’ll be happy to have a way to get warm and dry. If you plan to use a boat, make sure it is completely repaired and in perfect working order before leaving. Keep flotation devices on your boat at all times as well.

Always tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be away. You may also want to register from time to time. It should also have other provisions such as a multipurpose knife, a flare gun, a blanket, first aid supplies, etc. Always practice strict gun safety.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot and always treat each weapon as if it were loaded. Never point your weapon anywhere except your prey. Keep your mobile phone in a waterproof bag in case it gets wet. Must be able to communicate with someone in case of an emergency.

Important material and supplies.

In addition to your weapon and your survival kit, you will also need some other essential supplies.

  • The first thing you need is a quality call or two. Having a spare is always a good idea, just in case!
  • Decoys can be useful if used correctly. In some cases, if their lures remain immobile for a long period of time, they may end up chasing most waterfowl.
  • Stay comfortable and dry with the help of hunters and do not forget to stock up on the proper loads for the waterfowl you plan to target.
  • You should also make sure all your supplies are packaged in the correct type of bags. The bags must be able to keep everything organized, but they must also consist of a camouflage exterior to blend in with the rest of their surroundings. A bag of bright colors will be a clear indicator for waterfowl in the area, and they will stay away.

Comparing different waterfowl shotguns

When choosing the perfect shotgun for the job, you will have several fantastic options of some of the most well-known and appreciated names in the business.


The 870 model is incredibly popular. It sells for about $ 400, which makes it an affordable option. No wonder that more than 10 million units have already been sold! It is known for its reliability and, for hunters with more than one firearm, this is almost always their choice in backup weapons. The Versa Max is at the upper end of the price scale at $ 1,400. It has a remarkably smooth recoil, and it is also very easy to grasp. Another great feature is its corrosion resistant finish on all metal surfaces.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

If you are looking for something mid-range, 11-87 and 1100 are excellent options. Both are known to be able to handle the second largest available shells, which is what makes them so popular with waterfowl hunters and turkey hunters alike.


The Model 12 and SX 3 are two great options. Model 12 was first launched in 1912, and is generally passed on from generation to generation. Usually, they value a little over $ 400. The SX3 is loved by everyone who chooses to shoot this gun.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

In Argentina, a 20-gauge version of this gun set a new record for pigeon hunting (in a single day). More than 16,000 bullets were thrown into the air and 15,000 pigeons were hit. The initial price for this model is approximately $ 1,000 and it is worth spending for regular hunters.


The Auto-5 or A-5 is one of the favorites among the owners of shotguns and hunting enthusiasts. It uses recoil-operated springs and the barrel slides in and out of the receiver with each shot. For the most part, this hard recoil shotgun remains popular with the older generation of hunters and enthusiastic enthusiasts. That said, newer hunters tend to opt for more modern models. The estimated value is just under $ 400. The Gold model is a somewhat thinner and younger model.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

Since this is a newer model and there have been several improvements, it sells for just under $ 1,800. The BPS offers simplicity and quality at a reasonable price.

For only $ 600, hunters can enjoy Browning quality. The shells are fed and ejected in such a way that they fall at your feet instead of flying all over the place.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

The Super Black Eagle II is responsible for popularizing the system driven by inertia. This gun is based more on the momentum generated by the recoil and spring compared to the gas of each shot. This is a favorite among Benelli fans and is valued at $ 1,800.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

The Vinci looks quite extreme and can be divided into three pieces to facilitate cleaning and transport. This model, like other Benellis, is known for its speed and reliability. The recovery time between shots is also reduced thanks to carefully adjusted balance and action. For less than $ 1,400. This is a quality shotgun that is within a reasonable range of affordability.

Beretta Xtrema 2

This is one of the most reliable of all automatic gas loaders. It does not come with a stock of wood. The outer layers consist of rubber and synthetic materials. All metal parts are protected thanks to the use of corrosion resistant materials.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

While this may not be the most beautiful of the group, it more than makes up for it thanks to the various properties that guarantee it will stand the test of time.


It is possible that the 835 is not the type of weapon that you will show to your friends and family, but it is a weapon that you will love to have by your side when you go hunting. It performs particularly well later in the season and in snowy conditions. With less than $ 482, this is one of the most affordable pump shotguns on the market.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

The 935 is very different from the 835 and, less than $ 700; It is still reasonably affordable. There are a number of configurations to choose from, and its gas action helps minimize shoulder bumps. It is also easy to use in the cold. Even thick gloves will not get in your way!

HandR Topper

The Venerable Topper from HandR first appeared in 1893. Compared to many other shotguns on the market, it has a really reasonable price at less than $ 200! The price and reliable nature of this shotgun are the two reasons for its continued success. It is a particularly popular option for beginners and young hunters.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

So, if you have a child who shows great interest in hunting, this is a great reliable shotgun to start with. Similarly, if you are still learning to hunt, this is an option you can trust without breaking the bank.


The ammunition you choose is also another important consideration. There are a number of different types and manufacturers out there.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

There are variations in terms of size, weight and composition. The ammunition you choose will depend on your personal preferences, budget and the type of weapon you are using. The caliber of the gun determines that of the ammunition.

Important accessories

Adjustable waterfowl shell belt Tanglefree

This belt sells for less than $ 40 and has 25 shotgun shells. This accessory is ideal to keep organized and avoid making unnecessary noises when recharging. You can keep your cases handy when you need them most in this easy-to-use belt. The high strength straps also guarantee durability, and you can adjust the strap for maximum comfort.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

TrijiDot Shotgun Fiber Optic Bead Sight

This sight sells for less than $ 80 and is designed to help you pocket your target more easily and accurately. The green fiber optic light is distributed evenly thanks to the sapphire jewel, and this view can even be used in tactical situations. This view is designed to withstand the increase in barrel temperature and recoil.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

This particular view is designed to fit shotguns like those made by Beretta, Benelli, Winchester and Browning. Many users agree that they work very well, although there have been some concerns regarding quality and durability. If this view does not fit your particular model, there are other options available that could be better adjusted.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Cousins ​​Final Approach X-2 Blind, Realtree Max-5 Camo

With less than $ 130, it’s no wonder that this blind woman is so popular! You can use it to transport your shotgun, flags and it can contain more than 200 rag lures! It has a built-in cover and the double lid system allows quick access to the shot. Stubble straps work well for concealment purposes. The closed cell foam acts as protection against elements such as water and cold. It only weighs 12 pounds and really helps ensure fantastic mobility for hunters.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can buy it on Amazon.

Floating shotgun case of final approach of Primos

This is a must for all waterfowl hunters, and it only costs around $ 40! This shotgun case is made with quality materials to ensure maximum satisfaction. It has been designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and is ideal for both professionals and recreational hunters.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

With this case, you can be sure that your shotgun is well protected and, thanks to the full zipper, it is also very easy to clean! You can even place flags and other small accessories in the outer pockets of the 12-pound box. Like many other shotgun accessories, if you find that this is not suitable for your shotgun, there are many other models to consider.

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Understanding the law

No matter what kind of game you choose to hunt, it is always important to follow the regulations and laws established by the local and national government. There is a specific hunting season and, every year, it is important to get the green light before aiming.

Ignoring the law can lead to a serious problem. Another rule to remember is the fact that you are not allowed to bait waterfowl. In other words, you can not throw food to attract it. If this happens, the authorities can close the area for hunting for up to ten days so that all the bait is consumed before the hunting resumes.

You can only hunt in designated areas as determined by local authorities. Hunting on manipulated agricultural areas is not allowed unless these areas have already been harvested. Permits are also essential, and you should never hunt without a valid license.

Enjoy the hunt

The most important part of all is making the most of your outdoor time. If you are hunting with friends or family, take some time to appreciate your time together.

Best Waterfowl Shotgun: Aiming for Fast-Moving Targets

Sure, it’s a great feeling when you reach your goal, but spending quality time with your loved ones is also incredibly rewarding. Make sure you bring plenty of snacks and refreshments throughout the day and, if your first day does not go as well as you would like, try to leave the next day.

Maybe a slight change in location will make all the difference! You can also try different calls if one does not work as well as you would like. Ask your hunting partners or other experts for their advice regarding the best options in the market.


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