Betalight Torch Tritium Flashlight – Almost Eternal Light Source

Flashlight is a very useful thing for survival. It’s not a problem. Sometimes the flashlight should just shine. But – under absolutely any conditions. AND Betalight Torch Tritium Flashlight – just such a thing.

It is a problem for a person to exist. Immersion up to 3 meters. Because it shines constantly and evenly. For 12 years, damn it. And then – it just gets dimmer.

These are pluses. Relatively low light range and power tritium flashlight. Shining Betalight torch somewhere centimeters at 15. Read, however, it is already possible, albeit with difficulty. It also works lid. If she breaks away or is lost, you will have

How did all this happen? The phosphor layer plus tritium. Tritium slowly emits electrons in the process of decay, and they already make up the phosphor glow. The half-life is just 12 years. Then the power drops.

And now, for many, the thought “Shta? Radio flashlight? What are you, oh … is it there? You will get it or you! “So, nothing like that. If you’re a couple of tritium, you’ll come out by themselves.

Problems can occur in an open fire. In this case, the water will be completely absorbed by the body. But it will be small for the last 2 weeks. Seriously, it’s far better than the inhalation of radioactive substances.

This is the case with the United States State Nuclear Energy Commission. And allows to use tritium flashlights at home. Moreover, lanterns Betalight torch included in the official equipment of some NATO units.

To take or not to take such a thing? It definitely doesn’t cost it too much, almost eternal, durable and functional.

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