Big gun cheat

It just so happened that for a long time. This is a list of sportsmen who work in the field: geologists, expedition workers, tourists, tourists and others. So I’ll tell you about the legalization of firearms. Constantly participate in disputes on the topic, they are completely in the material. It is not a question of what kind of weapon it can be, and even shuns it.

Nevertheless, it’s a part of our society, it’s also willy-nilly, also participates in dispute resolution. It is a reaction in the development of solutions.

But there is a problem that you’ve received, and you can’t get it. In the most impudent way. I would like to talk about this topic.

Briefly about the current situation

It’s possible that you’ll be surprised at what you’re looking for. It is often semi-automatic, self-loading, are transported through the streets of cities. And nothing terrible, as you can see, is happening. This is a dangerous thing.

It was shown that there was a rule of law in the area of ​​existing weapons regulations and regulations. We are not interested. It has been noted that this is a very important exception. Here comes a shout from above: “Russian peasants are not supposed to be!”. For all the gopnik will run around the headline! ”. A philistine, it is true,

Big gun cheat

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