Bitcoin for $ 1,000,000: Apocalypse, which was not expected

In the yard in 2018. Silence, beauty, a little time has not been invented … At your service scary information!

Four years ago, someone published a reddit website. With the ends. It has been seen. It was a state of the situation ..

Luka writes about the cost of bitcoin has increased tenfold annually since 2010. In 2010, it was $ 0.1, next year – a dollar, then – ten, a hundred … 2015, in 2017 – ten thousand, 2019, bitcoin cost a thousand dollars, million dollars.

And that dollars are over. As a fact. They are no longer printed. There are only two types of material goods: cryptocurrency and land. Nineteen million bitcoins in circulation, seven billion people in the population, 0.003 bitcoins per person – theoretically. In fact, since there are rich people, and there are poor people – 0.001. A couple of years ago, a couple of years ago, he was logged on a tip of 0.01 Bitcoin. What did he do in the end? Bought a plane ticket and flew to the citadel!

In the citadel …

Where where? This Luke also explains. The bitcoin has been begun, in full. Approximately like Yevgeny Yevtushenko in his famous poem “Mom and the Neutron Bomb,” for the Nobel Prize. If you’re not sure, you’ve been the one who has lost it. moved to the citadels. There is a high degree of robotization. Bitcoin machines. And even ASICminer has ceased to be a company, becoming a city!

If you are completely anonymous, what does it mean? Bitcoin helped hide wealth from the government! Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg were sent after them. But in the case of bitcoin couldn’t think of anything! Of course, the government has also tried to buy bitcoins. But it is still useless, but it is not allowed.

The largest bitcoin assets were: Seventy-one-thousandth tenths, it was one hundredth and tenths. Totalitarianism won in short. And economic growth is two percent a year. There is no reason to invest objectively. Since it was 2025: 0.01 Bitcoin! But it’s not a bit of a problem.

He was also involved in the development of cryptocurrency. And financed their operations – note – bitcoins! It’s not a problem. Since many people have been hosted today, they actually snatched …

Luka clarifies that society, of course, wants to use it!

Bitcoin made people greedy in the extreme

In Africa, the seventy percent of the population of the population of the invention of the devil. The mention of bitcoin among Africans is called exclusively tragedy. It would be possible to get it in the middle of a civilian …

And then a criminal organization appeared, moreover, most likely from Russia. Sixty percent of all savings in Africa! Thanks to North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Totalitarianism won, we have already said. These two states are quietly divided by Africa worshipers!

The nuclear apocalypse will come in 2025

A nuclear conflict may well happen in the world. They are preparing for an Internet infrastructure. Twenty nuclear submarines must damage submarine cables connecting continents. And then there will be a nuclear strike. Of course, it’s hard to understand how to work. But they are willing to pay this price.

And Luke wrote it! And, yes, it’s a funny, funny, wonderful, fantastic story, no one argues. But four (four!) Years ago ?! When no one has ever shouted about mining cryptocurrency ?! It could be done with it?

Thus, we can only think: hello, and if this is true? If by 2025 we get cryptocurrency ?! Unhappy seven years later ?!

In a word, we will see, we will see. If it is still a person, then it would be a very intelligent person. Who is able to clearly predict what will happen in a few years. Guess the word “mining”. Do not believe him in the rest? ..

However, Yevtushenko threatened with bunkers, but for now something is not visible. But maybe just for now? …

Bitcoin for $ 1,000,000: Apocalypse, which was not expected

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