Bitten by a dog: first aid measures and procedure for compensation for harm

Cases of animal attacks on humans, unfortunately, are not rare. No one is insured against such incidents, but children are especially often affected by them. If it was not possible to prevent the accident and the situation got out of control, it is required to have the ability to provide first aid to the victim. You need to know how to protect yourself and your child from dangerous consequences. So what to do if the dog bit? Let’s try to understand this difficult question.

  • What is dangerous for a person bite an animal
  • 2Types of bites
  • 3 Bite Algorithm
    • 3.1 Bleeding
    • 3.2 Psychological shock
    • 3.3 Infection
    • 3.4 Rabies
  • 4Compensation by law

What is dangerous for a person bite an animal

The greatest danger lies in experiencing a fait accompli. The person begins to feel a sense of helplessness and fear of a possible repetition of the situation. Some people subsequently become afraid of dogs and try to avoid close contact with them. The infliction of physical injury makes a person disabled for a long time.

If the dog just sniffs through his pants, then it can be considered that the individual got off with a small fright. Bitten people almost always have to seek medical help. In severe cases, immediate hospitalization is indicated. In addition, there is a risk of becoming infected with rabies and other infectious diseases.

If the dog bit the child, then it is necessary to act immediately. The fact is that the children’s body is most susceptible to the development of infection. If the necessary measures are not taken in time, the result can be quite deplorable.

dog bite

Bite Algorithm

It is necessary to understand in advance that at home dog bites do not cure. This is too serious damage related to physical injury. Otherwise, you can easily lose the prokushennoy part of the body. Careless attitude often leads to additional problems.

bandagePsychological shock

A dog bite is a difficult psychological test for the psyche. After the event, a person often feels depressed, confused, unwilling to communicate with others. These are manifestations of psychological shock. When a familiar picture of the world collapses, the individual is left alone with his anxiety and does not know how to live on. At the same time, oddly enough, it does not matter how much the dog bit.

By itself, the fact of a bite breaks the usual stereotypes, makes us experience a significant emotional shock, which sometimes becomes not so easy to cope with. Along with physical pain comes the awareness of their vulnerability, pursue the darkest thoughts. Such experiences can even lead to depression, to form a person’s avoiding behavior. That is why after a dog bite along with outpatient treatment, it is recommended to seek help from a psychologist.

Infection infection

If a dog is bitten on the street, then any person should remember that the most serious is not so much the injury itself, but the uncontrollable consequences. Infection during a bite is a serious consequence, which can be avoided only in rare cases. This happens for the reason that they are mostly prone to attacking people with dogs infected with the rabies virus. A calm and prosperous animal does not even think about throwing himself at a person.


A person injured by a dog bite cannot know how healthy the animal was. It is likely that it will be infected with rabies or some other infectious disease transmitted through blood. Rabies is a real threat to human life. For this reason, do not treat the bites yourself. If you are bitten by a rabid dog, you should immediately seek medical help. At the hospital, doctors will take appropriate measures and prevent the spread of infection. The bitten dog is likely to be caught. This is done for the safety of other citizens.

Rabies vaccination

Compensation of Harm

Russian legislation establishes a certain degree of responsibility for such incidents. According to the law, if someone was bitten by a domestic dog, then all responsibility falls on its owner. He will have to provide the police with a certificate of vaccinations, to prove that the pet is not infected and has no health problems. The owner of the animal must fully pay the victim treatment, as well as pay a certain amount separately for moral damage.

Thus, knowledge of first aid to the victim can never be redundant. If a person is bitten by a dog, you need to gather the will into a fist and act immediately. It is impossible to succumb to panic: this can only spoil everything. Confusion and tears rather hurt than help. Sometimes the life of a particular person depends on the reaction rate of others, their elementary ideas about security.

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