BitzBlade 2.0 – multitool, which is always with you

It’s a little bit different. It is not realistic. It is a good practice for the EDC, which will be cope with it. Kickerter multitool BitzBlade 2.0 just claim to this role. This is an extremely compact set of multi-purpose tools.

Thoughtful design BitzBlade 2.0 It allows you to completely revise the set of EDC. Interchangeable modules. The first is a knife. And, unlike most similar multitools, this is not “to be”. This is a sharp blade of stainless steel, which is by sharpness and hardness.

The second module is a paper cutter. It is made of 440 steel, which is much easier to sharpen. Well, the third module – directly multitool – wedge, wrench and bottle opener.

LED flashlight that runs on standard watch batteries. It is a carbide, ideal for action in an emergency. For screwdrivers and replaceable screwdrivers. The multitool itself is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, therefore it is rather light. It is a substitute for self-defense.

Company “StatGear“States that BitzBlade 2.0 because it will fully satisfy all your requests. And it is very possible that this will happen.

It is planned 85 bucks. It is not necessary to complete the set, including 9 bits, all bits and all the rules. If this is the first option, then all this is even nothing. Let’s just say it’s clear. Considering that they are “fired”, this is not a very interesting thing.

Well, the presentation video.


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