Black Sea Dwellers to Watch Out For

What is summer? This is the Sea. Seriously, swim in cool water, sunbathe on soft sand? However, it’s not possible to say that you’ll be able to travel to the Crimea. Close and relatively cheap. If you want to see a lot of trouble. And now we will tell about them.


Everyone knows what a jellyfish. A gelatinous dome with long or not very tentacles. It is a common practice. Upon contact with the flagellum. there breaks through the skin and injects. Fortunately, this is a very weak feeling like stinging nettle. But if he gets it on the mucous or in the eyes – everything becomes much more unpleasant. This can cause death. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your jellyfish has not been touched.

For all the people of the sea, they need to be a jellyfish Cornerot (Rhizostomeae pulmo) and Aurelia (Aurelia aurita). It can be recognized that it can be seen at the foot of the world. It is minimal, since it is not a problem. But it is easy to accidentally step on? So, dangerous fish.

Sea ruffs or scorpions

Scorpaena porcus. Small fish up to 40 cm long prey. That is why it is regularly masked. There wasn’t been a lot of spikes from the bottom of which were poisonous glands. And the thorns themselves are also covered with unpleasant mucus. That is, you will not be stung, but it is also covered with mucus, which causes extremely unpleasant inflammation. The agglomerate of injury. If you are stung by a scorpion – immediately wash it out.

Scorpion visible or small. It is really noticeable, even a bit noisy, coloring. But it is more difficult. Oh yeah, scorpions are really tasty, so they are specially caught. Just remember to remember the poisonous spikes. It is very important to carefully keep you in the fridge.

Sea dragons

Trachinus draco. Long elongated fish up to 40 cm in length. His eyes stick out and watch the prey passing by. She loves shallow waters, so reckless bathers often attack him. Yes, and cautious – too – he really masks himself very much. Is it a rather risky thing. There are several poisonous dorsal spins on the fish cannons spans, and several poisonous spines on the gill covers. It doesn’t stop for hours. In severe cases, complete paralysis of the limb, the formation of trophic ulcers or even death is possible. If you are a woman, he wants to help you get out. Seriously, the deaths were actually documented.

Stingrays or sea cats

Dasyatis pastinaca. Actually, you can harm a person. There is a long spike, associated with an extremely unpleasant mucus. The sea cat lies in the sand And then bang – attack him. The slope has been torn and infected wounds. It is not even poisonous, but it is dangerous.

It is the zooologist who has been a zooist. No less dangerous can be injured main arteries. Fortunately, everyone convulsively swims away first. First Aid – Wash The Wash

As you can see, it’s a dangerous place where you can get real injuries. But if you’re watching, then you can watch your feet, you can’t make it. If you go to the sea “savage”? What are the conditions for survival? This is a lot more interesting than the rainbows.

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Black Sea Dwellers to Watch Out For

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