Blackwater. World scarecrow involuntarily

After reading the story of a nice organization Dyncorp This is a reasonable and moderately curious person.
– If a Dyncorp – this is such a pizdets, then they are not talking about Blackwater? And what is a pizdetsa degree mercenaries should have done Blackwater, to outshine Dyncorp?

If you answer this question very briefly, then:

Nothing like that Blackwater and did not. They behaved a little worse than regular american army. Just once they were in plain sight at the wrong time and place. After which they became universal scapegoats. Ever since, if contractors otbechuchivayut somewhere, then Blackwater. From such garbage.

In general, now talk about Blackwater – a thankless job. Already obmusolili everything and wherever possible. And now it’s shabby. It’s a tradition to do so.

So, the great and terrible Blackwater

Herself Blackwater was founded in 1997 by completely unknown citizens Eric prince and Al clark. Especially nots, it’s not worth it. Actually, for some time, White house, and then after college navy turned up in US Navy Special Forces. He didn’t have his work in White house, citizen John carrie, What was the best way to contribute to their development? Despite the fact that he was a terrible peacemaker and opponent of the war. However, in modern history PMC John carrie – the figure is extremely curious, and associated with very ambiguous both characters and events.

Clark, life in the second partner, except that he was a pretty good instructor in applied shooting, did not stand out.
It has been …

Initially, the idea itself Blackwater was little PMC activity – mercenarism. It was a concept. PMC.

It was not a problem. I wouldn’t have to think about it. However, they are ambitious guys, maybe they thought. Especially since “we have a country of people“- (c) Shooter. Moreover, all three components of success: grandmothers, connections, skills – the guys had. And they really did it.

Blackwater. In the service of the state

A little about the office itself. Contrary to popular opinion, popular among the mass specialists, Blackwater never received a major profit from operations by mercenaries. Approximately 70% of orders for training policemen divisions, special groups Fbi and regional offices Secret service. It is not to mention PMC North America. Add to this a wide range of study programs for individuals. Supplement it with orders from various departments within themselves. USA.

Anonymous fact, but in the training center Fema (this is American Mes – a strange choice of courses for the “rescuers”, will you agree?). Yes USA turned it in Blackwater maintain order in New orleans after Hurricane Katrina, while the National Guard showed uselessness and incompetence.

Just do not forget that in the composition Blackwater the so-called MRAPS) and unmanned drones. Their prices are much lower than those of the same Lockheed-martin, therefore, they bring a lot of money.

The units that deal with “consulting services” in the field of security, It is also provided in the form of a group of companies.

It is not so great. And since the company has been PMC (aha, that very long suffering Greystone ltd), generally became quite small.

In general, here we must pay attention that large PMC It is practically non-existent. The market is certainly large, but not infinite. It is very difficult to exist. It doesn’t give a shine about this. They were not taught. Small PMCs, usually small The educational center (least shooting range), available to the public for, try to have a coin. We will not take into account.

So. Since its inception Blackwater very thoroughly USA. This is not surprising. The unit begins to form. PMCsecurity and personal safety.

It is protected by death or was injured. And they had to visit not only completely calm. Iraq with Afghanistan, but also work in Latin America and in South-east asia, and there the situation is more serious.

So with the preparation – Blackwater doing on bodyguard skills in terms of free fire (roughly sounds like “free fire zone“). And in this matter, they are masters and professionals. No wonder the current Greystone ltd US embassies and missions in dangerous regions.

Of course, they have been assigned the task of guarding and escorting convoys. Meet the unit Blackwater missionary mission is impossible. In the end, it’s not a problem. Just basically, try to observe the reputation. And always tried, but …

Blackwater has become a common scarecrow after 2007

Before the event PMCs, and the functions they perform. In essence, the operators were not very guilty. State Security Department vehicles, which were rated as dangerous. Analyzing that case, it cannot be said that they were wrong.

Iraqis traditionally covered themselves with civilians, and operators Blackwater They didn’t disassemble by leaving God. In the end – they shot civilians, including women and children. It was filmed by journalists, and the scandal turned around.

It couldn’t have been opened. military or Secret service employees, but it surfaced that the shooters were employees private military company, and the whole world was horrified: “How so? It is also impossible! The government of the “most democratic country” uses mercenaries! What happens to you, then you can just kill people ?! ”, Well, other liberal-human rights nonsense. In addition, it has been “overclocked” Executive outcomes), Blackwater even the license was suspended for a week, but then everything was resumed. The laws of the United States.

But the hype has already risen. There are no problems with drivers US Army. Finite pop shit Blackwater Shot on drunk bodyguard Vice President of Iraq.

There is really one funny moment: after US government has withdrawn its iraqi contract Blackwater he was handed over to an old competitor of the watermen – Triple canopy. So there are no scandal.

Blackwater. “The King is Dead, Long Live the King” …

Let’s think a bit. It’s not a problem. Dyncorp. So it turns out that from Blackwater just made a general scarecrow, especially since PMC, the press private military, According to tradition, it has been a rule.

Not just the unit PMC managed to distinguish themselves. Smuggling of weapons, distinguished their aviation unit Aviation Worldwide Services. Well, a little less intsindenty associated with the transport of drugs from Afghanistan. But again, let’s be honest, before PMC, The CIA did the same thing with the support of the US Army. It is a way of not getting in it themselves.

As for Blackwater It’s clear that it’s been a scandal. Heading PMC now deals with the notorious Greystone ltd, and they still work in the security market. It has been a separate revision, especially since the State Department. PMC). it Academic, thanks to the intellectual fabrications of citizens, again becomes a universal scarecrow.

The funny thing is that Academic NEVER DOES WORK ON THE MARKET mercenary contractors, and works exclusively on the domestic market. By the way, the name itself, namely – Blackwater, retained equipment and drones. There are few other less significant ones.

Here is such a funny story. By and large, nothing so terrible and demonic in Blackwater No, it was not. In fact – pretty good PMC, even quite a good one, in its segment.


Blackwater. World scarecrow involuntarily

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