Blonde with a gun. A nightmare instructor or not so bad?

Not all survivors are harsh “lone wolves.” Many have wives, families, children. It makes it impossible to control it. Need to be trained.

Unfortunately, there are widespread stereotypes that “Baba cannot shoot!”, That “women are not interested” and that “it’s useless blondes teach “. Yes, sometimes it’s not a bad idea.” with men.) If, of course, there is an incentive and desire. AND adequate instructor, who really wants to teach another blonde the basics of firing.

By the way, yes. From the adequacy of the instructor depends very, very much. And here is a simple example of a crap job:

A very famous video of the program.Military review»Vera Kiriyenko shoots a machine gun for the first time.

That is, the girl doesn’t seem to be a fool, even though blonde, interested in military topics, since she became the leading such a program. But … Behavior “instructors“It makes it possible to make it a rule.” It is a “confirmation” of the stereotype about “blonde with a gun“. Is the girl herself to blame? Only in part.

And here is another one “Military reviews»Irina Ortman. The same “blonde”, the same tasks. But the execution is totally different.

Blonde with a gun no less than any average man. And with further training, the devil is not joking, maybe even surpass someone. And all because Instructor knows his business and knows how to captivate a person. Well, he understands the rules for your girlfriend / wife.

They consist in the following:

1) Reliable hearing protection – headphones and earplugs for them. The blonde doesn’t want to be in the process.

2) Reliable eye protection. In her glasses, she wore glasses. In the extreme cases, it is not too dark.

3) Excess space and time. The process can be delayed. Again psychology …

4) Lack of neckline. Believe men, hot sleeve, flown THERE – an extremely unpleasant thing. If the lady is still ignored, there is an interesting and attractive area.

5) No heels. Seriously, it is important. Hell

6) Terms of photography. Yes, “Blondes” This is not a hot shot. It is not necessary to prohibit it (psychology, psychology …), it is not necessary. If you’re not in a special case, you’ll tell you what to do.

7) Availability of adequate clothing. Adequate – means “according to the weather.” It’s not a bad thing. In short “Blonde” should be comfortable.

8) Tell about the rules in advance. So that the lady could not understand. Seriously, it saves a lot of time.

9) Share your impressions after the shooting. Take her to some nice place. Well, almost like sex, you’ll be spoiled. We must also talk.

10) Make sure that “blonde” she wants it all. If you are not willing, then you will This is not the situation when the appetite during the meal comes.

Can be easily supplemented and updated. But the knowledge of these 10 points will greatly facilitate your life.

In the middle of the first time should not be comfortable. It is clear that you will regularly hang out here. And at the best – also will join you.

Blonde with a gun. A nightmare instructor or not so bad?

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