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… or susology (story of a scientific feat)

The Hypersensitive Scent of Animals has been for a long time. For example, he knows how to learn how to train dogs.

French pigs looking for delicacies in Paris and France, very expensive mushrooms – truffles. Champignons or butter is not at all like. And because it is an underground mushroom. An ordinary mushroom picker is unable to notice it. That is why enterprising Frenchmen adapted for truffle mushroom hunting. It turns out that the pig scent is much more developed than the sleeper dogs!

This pork feature is an ultra-thin scent, experts cynologists have noticed. And, having changed their dogs, closely related in work with pigs.

Why dog ​​snooper disappointed dog handlers and police detectives? If you’re inspecting terrorists at airports. It was a cope. It was here that the detectives remembered the folk French tradition.

American hand-held group of dog handlers ten years ago, pleased. Specially trained pigs easily found hidden drugs. But with plastids and mines, the situation was worse.

Zoologists came to the rescue: a wild boar or a boar (Sus scrofa L.) should be a bit more sensitive than a pampered with civilization.

The experiment was conducted in the Paris Zoo. He has been confidently finding all the hidden bundles with plastids. But – only if beside the experimenters put some dainty. Otherwise, he refused to work (it was written on the cages: “Do not feed the animals!”).

Help from zoologists – narrow specialists in wild boars, or susologs (from the Latin “Sus” – wild boar). The most wild wild boar of the Bois de Boulogne Loss of life (4 beaters were used). And they were delivered to the NATO NATO base. In the fight against international terrorism.

The directions went: taming (but not spoiling!) Bill is the “talented” – that is, with the most sense. Genetic engineers and the best cloning specialists were also involved. It was even quicker than a wild boar scent.

What is interesting? What is interesting? When they were threatening, they were frightened by freaked sniffers! The result of a multi-year experiment exceeded 100% !!!

This last – field – stage of research was completed three months ago, in December 2014. The FBI has been created. The dog service.

True, not everywhere. Of course, police dogs will remain on the daily police patrol service. Because of the fact that it is not a problem, it is not necessary to make it possible.

It was a lawyer. There are no limits on the subject of non-disclosure subscriptions. This was the case for the project. Soon the project should be declassified. It has been found that it has been found that it can be used to make it.

This is a very significant event. After all, in the case of the Donbass, we still have a high risk of terrorist acts. But the sappers in the so-called ATO zone. He said that he wanted to neutralize it. Tailored wild boars for the sapper. US President Barack Obama promised us technical assistance, which has already begun to arrive (armored cars “Humvee”). Boar-sappers just in this framework and fit!

It would be enough to clear all minefields for us. They can easily recall the skills for mushroom-truffles. Clone of “official snuffers” And they, I remind you – underground mushrooms, like mines.

In addition, the wild boars are Kaldan. The sapper. At least, they will not take them. It is a scammer of a wounded animal?

In this regard, the Ukrainian public is turned to a list of technical assistance. . After the short reprogramming of the anti-personnel vehicle in the ATO zone.

Ukraine has the zaporizhzhya Cossacks. Military powder guns. Or reconnaissance scouts who have invented the crawling in their bellies. Now the glorious traditions of Zaporizhzhya will continue sappers susologi. The Ukrainian army will continue to work in peacekeeping operations.

Especially for LastDay.Club – Anatoly khortitsky from Zaporizhia – the homeland of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks

Boar sappers

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