Body armor

Body armor, or, in a simple way, body armor (armor, platecarrier, etc). What is the armor? Next, we’ll choose when we want to choose a reservation.

The basics of the body of the armor

You are faced with the shape of body and armor. armor plate. Strong sitting body armor – one of the frequent mistakes.

It is easy to get lost. It’s like ordering clothes or shoes in absentia. There is no shop to try.

Forms of armored plate

There are several known forms of armored plate:

  • simple rectangular trauma plate or rectangular
  • for shooters cut shooters
  • for swimmer

When choosing body armor need to rely on needs. Will you actively fire and change weapons? Will you mostly shoot from a prone position? Maneuver.

It becomes a harder. Unfortunately, it is not taken into account until it is too late. This is personal endurance.

Protection area

Armored plates. They are designed to save bulletproof throughout the body. They are designed to protect the lungs and heart. Ideally, the plates should not be covered.

For unloading the side plates. Usually 15 * 15 or 15 * 20 cm in size, they cover the bottom of the lungs. Although they are available and provide babouttheir use is usually refused.
If provided, it should be noted that the size of the body of your body is not limited to. For maneuver ability

What affects armor landing?

It is a good idea to wear it. Here are a few lessons on the trail of such tests:

  • armor shifts aiming point. Although it doesn’t matter of the shooter, it doesn’t affect the butt. It is your choice. Like any other skill, it requires practice.
  • need a good case for the plates. Bad cover provides a bad fit and complications life.
  • It is a little bit different. The armor is always ready for use.
  • hitch should be reasonable. Add a double-row of water and a curtain of water and a curtain of water and a curtain of your equipment. It can even distribute the weight over the body.
  • Be prepared for extra weight. If you take a reservation for training – train with it in advance. Do not expect that you will carry 6-10 kg more than usual.


If it’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of money. An ordinary person in general, most likely, will never need it.

It’s not a bad thing. Moreover, they are much cheaper than a bullet wound.

Train as much as possible.


Body armor

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