Boeing E-4B – Doomsday Aircraft

This Boeing E-4B (serial No. 50125 75-0125) is an American Air command point (VKP)

It is based on the aircraft. Boeing 747-200 It is a fact that the government has been redeemed from the order of the airlines.

One of four E-4B always ready for departure Pentagon It was a battle for a person to die.

It is where the war flies away from the continent. In Hawaii for this, he wakes down at the airport 200 miles from Honolulu. All E-4 carry shelling protection.

It has been the case for the aircraft. In practice, the most long time he spent in the air without landing 35 hours

It’s a bit more complicated than the first Boeings-747.

E-4 (E-4). Drive back to Davos and back.

The E-4B is not just called the “doomsday plane”. It is the “doomsday plane”, which translates as the “plane of the apocalypse”

It was $ 548 million (1973)

The crew of E-4 has 112 people (minimum composition – 48). If you are a passenger, it is a passenger boeing.

In the zurich, it was an armored car

“The owners of the world” were something super-secret …

The flight crew consists of an ASF, a co-pilot, a navigator and an engineer

Colloquial name E-4B in the USA – “doomsday planes” (doomsday planes). Four aircraft are in service USAF (USAF) and assigned to the 1st Squadron (Squadron) (1ACCS) of the 55th wing of the Offut, Nebraska base. Crews and ground handling E-4B enter into Combat Aviation Command (Air Combat Command) The United States Air Force, which interacts with the USSTRATCOM US Strategic Command.

First three E-4A built on a glider Boeing 747-200 the factory of Boeing in 1974-1978. In 1979, the upgraded E-4B was built. Externally, it has been a satellite link above the upper deck. In 1980 all three E-4A were modernized and became known as E-4B. All aircraft equipment is protected against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of a nuclear explosion. For the cabin and compartments.

The price of the aircraft was 250 million US dollars and E-4B It was $ 2,200 million dollars for one aircraft. Force.

The aircraft is equipped with tanker aircraft. With periodic refueling in the air (maybe more). It is limited to the use of engine oil systems. For full refueling E-4B in the air you need two fully fueled tanker aircraft KC-135.

Flight specifications of Boeing E-4B

  • Crew = 60-114
  • Length = 70.5 m
  • Wingspan = 59.7 m
  • Height = 19.3 m
  • Wing area = 510 m?
  • Empty weight = 190,000 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight = 370 000 kg
  • Engines = 4 General Electric CF6-50E2 turbofans
  • The thrust of each engine = 234 kN
  • Max. speed = 969 km / h
  • Flight range = 11,000 km
  • Ceiling = 14,000 m
  • Wing load = 730 kg / m?


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