Boker Plus Toucan: Cervical Knife – Multitool for EDC

A good neck knife should be light, inconspicuous and functional. The enemy does not assume that his opponent has a trump on his neck, which can dramatically change the course of the battle. The sausage does not even realize that instead of breaking it with its hands, they will start cutting it with an inconspicuous “shayniki” until now. Boxes and envelopes do not expect such a meanness from a person at all – that he will suddenly have a small but sharp razor-like knife in his hand.

Even if you put the jokes aside, its main advantage – the neck knife is always “on the body”, that is, with itself. And this moment can be vital in a critical situation. And if the situation with sausage, envelopes / boxes and other chores cannot be called such, then the self-defense scenario is quite an emergency in which a knife on the neck can play a key role.

And so, for this reason the qualitative cervix should possess the qualities described above. All other advantages – a pleasant, but completely optional addition. Alas, in the knife Toucan from Boker plus This is partly forgotten.

The problem is that use neck knife Toucan as a self defense weapon is impossible. You can quietly carry, if necessary, to tear off the neck and take it in your hand. And then what? The self-defense knife does half of its work due to its size and impressiveness, which the creature Boker plus obviously not enough.

The unreliable grip (two fingers!), The impossibility of applying tychkovy blows (blade “cliff hook”), a short cutting edge – all this only prevents the use of a knife in a real combat situation.

But as a small universal tool for EDC – neck knife Toucan relatively good Special thanks to the creators that they tried to turn the cervix into a small multitool – the user gets not only a knife around his neck, but also a bottle opener, a crowbar and a screwdriver in one piece of 440C stainless steel. True, we doubt that the opener will have enough lever length for opening the beer. But the attempt is counted.

Boker Plus Toucan Cervical Knife Specifications

Material stainless steel 440C
Length, mm 77
Cutting edge length, mm 26
Thickness, mm 47
Hardness 58 HRC
Weight, gram 38
Scabbard material kaydeks
Knife price 36 euros

What can I add? Honestly – there are more effective ways to spend 36 euros. It is possible that most ways to spend 36 euros will be more effective than if you buy this neck knife. Boker Plus is surely reliable, well-known, in its own way cool, but not this time …

On the one hand – too little good, too much pretentiousness. On the other hand, if you are a fan Boker or just want a high-quality mini-multitool for EDC and a knife on the neck – Toucan will suit you.

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