Bone and meat broth, consomme, jelly, chicken and fish broth, clear soups, simple recipes.

Bone broth.

Ingredients: 500 g of meat bones, 1 carrot, 1 parsley root, 1 head of onion, salt, 2.5–3 liters of water. 

Cooking method.

A bone broth is cooked when they want to make a second dish from the flesh (cutlets, goulash, etc.). To bones better and faster boiled, they need to be cut smaller. Put the washed and chopped bones in a pan, pour cold water and put to cook. Bone broth is cooked in the same way as meat, that is, with a weak boil and periodically removing fat from the broth. Cooking time for bone broth from 2.5 to 3 hours.

, should be one hour before the end of cooking put in the broth peeled roots, onions, and salt. Ready to filter the broth. Bone broth is inferior to meat broth in its nutritional and taste qualities, because, unlike meat, bones do not contain extractive substances. When cooking from bones, mainly glues and fat go into the broth, therefore it is recommended to use it mainly for making potato soups.

Meat broth.

Ingredients: 1 kg of beef with bones, 1-2 carrots, 1/4-1 / 2 celery roots, 2-3 parsley roots, 1 small parsnip root, 1 onion, 10-15 peas of black pepper, salt, 2 l water.

Cooking method.

To prepare a transparent broth, beef is used – the inside of the hind leg, observing the following ratio: 2/3 of meat, 1/3 of bones and a little fat. The most suitable are tubular bones. 200 g of meat and bones are usually taken per serving of soup. Cut the bones into several parts, and rinse the meat in cold water and cut into large pieces (1 kg of meat cut into 2-3 pieces). Put the bones in a saucepan, add cold water (400 ml of water per serving), put on high heat and bring to a boil. Then put the meat and bring to a boil again. As soon as the broth boils again, remove the foam formed on the surface with a slotted spoon. Salt the broth and continue cooking – at a slow boil – for 2.5–3 hours.

After 2 hours, add black pepper, carrots, celery, parsley, parsnip and onions. Rinse the roots first, peel and cut in half or put the whole. Onions can be cut across into 2 parts and baked slightly until browning on the surface of the plate. The green stalks of leek, celery tops and parsley give a very pleasant taste to the broth. Usually they are laid in the broth along with the roots. After adding the roots, cover the pan with a lid and cook the meat until soft on low heat. During this period of time, it is necessary to remove the foam 2-3 times with a slotted spoon. Let the broth stand ready (10-15 minutes), and then strain it through a frequent sieve.

Bone Broth Consommé.

Ingredients: 250 g lean meat, 1/4 onion, 1/4 leek, 1/4 carrot, a slice of parsley or celery root, 1 egg white with shell, salt, 1 liter of chilled bone broth.

Cooking method.

Stir the cold broth with minced meat, shredded roots, chopped egg shells, shaken protein and put in the cold for 1-2 hours. The mixture is slowly brought to a boil and cook over low heat for 1 hour, then strain through a double layer of gauze. To salt. Serve in cups or plates with various additives: separately cooked rice, pasta, noodles, vermicelli, mushrooms, small cubes of meat, diced or cubes boiled vegetables, meatballs, dumplings or pancakes cut into pieces. You can add several additives to the broth at the same time: mushrooms and rice, vegetables with meat and noodles or noodles, meatballs with vegetables and mushrooms, etc. You can also serve pies, salted cookies, sandwiches to the broth..

Clear Meat Broth Recipe.

Ingredients: 500 g of meat, 1 carrot, 1 parsley root or a slice of celery and onion, 1.5–2 l of water.

Cooking method.

To prepare a transparent meat broth, first-class meat is taken, for example, rump or rump. Put the washed meat in a pan, pour cold water, cover and put on fire. When the water boils, remove the foam from the surface. After 1-1.5 hours, put the roots and onions. To give the broth more flavor and a golden color, part of the roots – half the carrots, parsley and onions – fry without oil (on one side) in a heated cast-iron frying pan, then put them in the broth, at the same time salting it. The duration of cooking transparent broth is from 2 to 2.5 hours. Remove the prepared meat and use it for cooking the second dish. After the broth has settled, remove the fat on top and strain the broth through a frequent sieve or napkin.

To obtain an even stronger and completely transparent broth, it is additionally necessary to carry out the so-called pulling (clarification). To prepare a guy, take 300 g of meat, pass through a meat grinder, put in a separate pan, add egg white, a glass of broth, mix and leave it in this form for 20-30 minutes in a cold place. Then pour all this into a hot broth, cover with a lid, put on a fire and continue boiling for 30–40 minutes with a weak boil. When the guy curls up and settles to the bottom, carefully filter the broth. Ready-made clear broth can be served with croutons, pies, cornflakes or used to make clear soups. From the meat remaining when pulling, you can cook minced meat for casseroles and other.

Egg white broth.

Ingredients: 1 egg white (you can take half), 100 g minced meat, 2 l of broth.

Cooking method.

If the broth is not transparent enough, it needs to be clarified. To do this, cool the broth to a temperature of 60 degrees or lower; shake egg white (but do not beat); mix the minced meat with a small amount of cold water and put in a cold place for 1 hour, then combine with the shaken protein. Put the protein or a mixture of protein with minced meat in a chilled broth and bring the broth to a boil, then put on the edge of the plate and remove the foam, strain through a cloth or gauze folded into several layers.

Fast Meat Broth Recipe.

Ingredients: 500 g of meat, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 parsley root or a slice of celery, 1.5–2 l of water.

Cooking method.

Rinse the meat of the 3rd or 4th grade, cut the pulp, pass through a meat grinder, chop the bones. Put everything in a pan, pour cold water and leave it in this form for 20-30 minutes, and then, without changing the water, put it in a cook. Add peeled and cut roots at the beginning of cooking, some of which should be pre-fry without oil in a pan. 20 minutes after the start of cooking, put salt. Cook the broth with a gentle boil for 30–40 minutes, then strain and use as a regular meat broth. Boiled meat can go for mince pies or casseroles.

Meat Jelly.

Ingredients: 3 kg of beef (thighs or rump), 2 veal legs, roots, 1 cup of white wine, 2 onions, 1 celery root, several peppercorns, 3-4 protein for delaying, salt, 6 l of water. Optionally, add chicken or any other poultry.

Cooking method.

Jelly is a concentrated meat broth obtained from the cooking of cartilaginous parts (piglet, calf or rooster). Making jelly requires a lot of attention. In order for the gelatinous substances to dissolve, the meat must be set to cook in cold water on low heat. Cut the bones in length. Add roots and salt only after the water has boiled for some time. Pour meat with large amounts of water immediately, so that during cooking there is no need to add it. If nevertheless the broth is too short, add only boiling water. Cook in an open bowl over low heat. Jelly can be considered ready when the meat is easily separated from the bones, and the decoction becomes sticky. To check, take a little broth on your finger and try to see if it has become sticky. By the time of readiness, the broth should cover the meat and bones by about 10 cm.

Delay (lighten) jelly.

To make the jelly transparent, you should make the so-called delay. For this, 2 proteins and dried crushed eggshells from 1 egg are taken per 1 liter of jelly. The pulling is done as follows: beat the whites in the foam, mix with the crushed shell, pour into the broth and continue to whisk with a broom on the edge of the plate. Put the pot of broth in the oven and hold until the squirrels are curled and browned. Remove the pan from the oven and carefully strain the broth through cheesecloth into another enameled pan.


If there is not enough meat to cook the jelly or if the jelly should be ready quickly, you can add gelatin to the broth at the rate of 10-12 leaves per 1 liter of liquid. Dissolve gelatin in a cup of hot broth. Strain and pour into the pan with jelly. Toss the jelly frozen in the forms onto the dish, having previously dipped the forms in boiling water for a second. Jelly is used finely chopped to decorate a variety of cold dishes or pour cold dishes on it. Jelly should be firm, transparent and taste good..

Chicken bouillon.

Ingredients: 1 chicken, 2 onions, salt.

Cooking method.

Pinch and gut the chicken. Wash and put cook whole. Old chicken is cooked longer, but the broth from it is tastier. Chicken broth is prepared in the same way as meat, with the difference that in the chicken broth, in order to preserve its specific taste, roots are not put, but only onions. Chicken broth is served hot, with dumplings, pasta and flour products, rice, etc. Chicken broth with rice can be seasoned with yolk and lemon juice. Seasoned chicken stock with rice tastes better than uncooked and richer in vitamins.

Fish broth.

Ingredients: 400-500 g of whole fish or fish sweeps (head, skin, fins, vertebral bone), 1 carrot, 1 parsley root, leek or 1 small onion, stalk of dill, 3-4 peppercorns, 1 / 2 bay leaves, salt, 1 l of water.

Cooking method.

Put prepared fish or fish strippers in a saucepan, pour cold water, close the lid and bring to a boil. Add chopped roots, salt and cook over low heat for 30–40 minutes. From a strong boil, the broth becomes cloudy, with prolonged cooking, its taste deteriorates. Spices should be put to the end of cooking. Remove the fish with a slotted spoon, allow the broth to settle, then strain it through a double layer of gauze laid on a sieve, or through a piece of cloth moistened with cold water, as sometimes small flakes form during cooking in the broth.

Filter through carefully so that the flakes settled on the bottom do not rise from the bottom of the pan. Transparent fish stock can be served in bowls, like meat or chicken stock. Fish patties or other baked goods are suitable for fish broth. You can put boiled rice, pieces of boiled fish, dumplings, etc. into the broth. Sprinkle with chopped dill on top..

Bone Fish Broth Recipe.

Ingredients: 1 kg of fish bones, 50 g of parsley and onion, 1 bay leaf, 1-2 peas of allspice, salt to taste, 3–3.5 l of water.

Cooking method.

Fish bones (head without gills, tail, fins, spine and costal bones), as well as rinse skin with scales, put in a pan, pour cold water and cook over low heat. After 30-60 minutes, add trimmed or stalks of parsley and onions, allspice, peas, bay leaf and cook for 1-1.5 hours with a slightly noticeable boil, occasionally removing foam. At the end of cooking, pour the broth to taste with salt. Filter the prepared broth through a sieve, napkin or cheesecloth and use it for cooking various soups, cabbage soup, borscht, pickles, salted salads, sauces and other things. The head, bones and skin of sturgeon fish should be washed in warm water before cooking. The fresher the fish, the less spices (bay leaf, pepper, onion, parsley) put in the broth.

Clear Soup Recipes.

Omelette Soup (Italy).

Ingredients: 5 glasses of clear meat broth, 2 chicken eggs, 1 tbsp. spoon (with a hill) of wheat flour, 4 tbsp. tablespoons of milk, vegetable oil, grated cheese, a pinch of salt.

Cooking method.

Heat the broth. Beat eggs with flour, milk and salt. Grease the bottom of a large frying pan with butter and put the obtained egg-milk mass into it. Fry the omelette for 1 minute, put on paper, roll and roll into large noodles. Strips of omelet put in boiling broth, add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of grated cheese. Serve hot.

Eclair Soup (France).

Ingredients: 1.5 l of broth, 150 g of vermicelli, 2 eggs, 1 glass of milk, 1 tbsp. a spoon of salt.

Cooking method.

Put vermicelli in boiling salted broth. When it is ready, beat 2 eggs with milk directly in a soup bowl and pour vermicelli with broth into it, stirring thoroughly.

Soup with croutons and egg.

Ingredients: 200 g of wheat bread, 10 g of vegetable oil, 200 g of processed cheese, 4 raw eggs, 1/2 liter of meat broth, parsley, salt.

Cooking method.

Fry slices of bread in butter. Put slices of cream cheese on them and bake. In each plate, put two fried slices of bread, release raw eggs on them and pour boiling broth. Sprinkle soup with parsley.

Based on the book Thousand Soup Recipes.
Roshal V. M.

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