Bonfire dakota

As you know, fires are of various kinds. Today we consider the Dakota bonfire. The name speaks for itself – this fire came from North America. This fire, above all, is distinguished by its high efficiency. Simply put – a lot of money. In addition, it can be arranged in a dug hole. It was definitely not wasted.


Choosing a place for a fire and preparing the hearth. In the ground, one for the fire, the other for air traction. The first pit is 25 cm, with a diameter of 25 cm at the bottom. Cm, with a diameter of 15–20 cm, a distance of 30 cm with a slight inclination towards the first hole.

Pits below are connected by a stroke. It is a blower. Above the hearth, you can dry food and cook food. If you want to hide your presence. The depth of the pits depends on the duration of use. It is necessary to set aside the soil and turf during the digging of the pits. It is enough to fill it with a piece of turf on top.

The bonfire should not be made very large. It doesn’t show on the surface.

Bonfire dakota

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