Boyish meat for jihad

It has been found. However, it’s not a matter of not getting lost. Still would. It has been a lot more clearly.

Part I

It was a question of his sensational book “Sohne und Weltmacht: Terrorism, Aufstieg und Fall der Nationen, 2003). This book has become a bestseller. The philosopher of the modern German philosopher, Karl Marx.

The author is a 63-year-old professor at the University of Bremen, a sociologist, economist and researcher of genocide. He has written a number of words about civilizations.

He gave a question of what he gave rise to.malignant demographic priority of young people “. The companion of 40–44 years with boys aged 0–4 years. Demographic failure occurs when there are less than 80 years of age. In Germany, the ratio is 100/50, and in the Gaza Strip – 100/464. Do you have any feedback?

Germany – Japan (100 men / 403 boys), Iraq (100 men / 351 boys) and Somalia (100 men / 364 boys). Around 30% of the total population. The reasons for this are violence, nationalism, Marxism, fascism, religion. There are 67 countries where you’re already a country of choice. He could not prevent him from wrestling.

In some cases, this material assistance is provided. Well-intentioned …

He regrets America’s decision to use it. It’s not worth it. It is also condemns to the Philippines and the United States. conflict. Starving people do not fight, they only suffer. It is a result of the society where it can be predicted and it can be predicted. In recent years, there has been a great deal of concern for the Muslim world, where the population has been. Within only five generations (1900-2000) The population of the Muslim world has grown from 150 million to 1200 million people, that is, more than 800%.

For comparison: the population of China grew from 400 million to 1200 million people (300%), and the population of India grew from 250 million to 1000 million (400%). Between 1988 and 2002, 900 million sons were born in developing countries. On the eve of the Taliban coup in 1993, the population of Afghanistan grew from 14 to 22 million; there were 5 million people there, despite the fact that they were still there; Since 1967, the population of the West Bank has grown from 450,000 to 3.3 million, and 47% of them are 15 years old! In the United States of America combined.

It has been the case for the Israeli “aggression” or “humiliation”. It’s simple violence in the name of violence. Admittedly, movements of Hitler and Mussolini, bolshevism demographic priority. But if the Germans had the death rate between 1900 and 1914, it would have been for the 15th and 29th now in this age group only 7 million). We can ask you for a trip to Breslau (now Wroclaw), Danzig (Gdansk), Konigsberg (Kaliningrad), in 1945 -1946

The Palestinians (there is no such a nation, there is a Arabs of Egypt, Syria or Jordan) – the most telling example: they get more international assistance per capita, than any other displaced persons or displaced, insofar as help for each family. Thus, children are not a material source of income. In the meantime, it’s not a problem. It will be the case that it’s been a “surplus”. You can “fix” the demographic failure. In 1935, in the United States of America, it was adopted “Assistance to dependent children,” If you’re trying to make it easier for illegitimate children.

But by 1965, it became a hindrance to Welfare has increased dramatically. From 1965 to 1995, their number of illegitimate children is 15% of all children. It was caused that it was not a problem. . In 1997, for five years. It has been shown that there has been a period of time. Clinton administration has been resigned around the law, thus it has been a lot of controversies around the law. Experts predicted that by 1997-1998, it would be from 12 million to 14. In fact, this prediction showed.

In fact, the girls won’t be able to count the social workers.

Part II


In the 16th century, small European countries, such as Portugal and Spain, began to conquer large regions of the world. There is an erroneous belief that this happened due to overpopulation. In fact, there was no overpopulation: in 1350 the population of Spain was 9 million people, and in 1493, when the conquests began, only 6 million. However, during this period, it was noted. It was announced that it wasnourished by death. As a result, the average age of the population was 28–30 years in 1350, decreased to 15 years in 1493.

Many of them “preferred” to become colonizers and conquerors. 95% of conquistadors were second sons were very young.

It was a clear conscience. the authorities. Heinzon calls these conquerors “Christians” and not just Christians. Heinzon emphasizes that he was in charge of his work: “It’s a good idea.” From the holy books, whether it is the Koran, the Bible, the Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, etc. But you need to know what you want. You are righteous. But he knows what to say about all the rules. However, in terms of the demographic priority and conscience. They are created by young people themselves. Consequently, they can’t be stopped by explaining that their ideas are wrong. Movements are not created by wrong ideas. In the contrary, the ideas for movement. “

Islam is not created by Muslims, but by young Muslims.

However, it’s not a problem, it’s not true, it’s complex questions, typical of all religious designs.


It is a very low level; It’s not a significant difference. The Germans are emigrating from their countries more than ever. Only Anglo-Saxon countries. Every year, Canada, Australia, Australia and New Zealand readily accept 1.5 million people. It is not surprising that it makes it impossible to emigrate. If we take 100, you must also contain 30 immigrants. For many, this is simply unacceptable, especially in France, Germany and the Netherlands. That is why they are running. Europe’s current criteria for accepting immigrants are as follows:

  1. Are they victims of discrimination
  2. Do they already have relatives in Europe
  3. If they entered Europe illegally, they should not be legalized
  4. The immigrant must be demanded by the labor market

Germany is due to a lack of skilled labor. There are 2 million vacancies available that cannot be filled. In France, there are two women born out there. In Germany, 35% of all newborns are not Germans, 90% of serious crimes are not committed by the Germans.. In Tunisia, there are 1.7 children per woman. In France, she can afford to have six children, because it’s a generous allowance for everyone. The canadian immigration policy is diametrically opposed to the European one. As a result, 98 out of 100 Canadian.

In Germany and France, the same indicator is only 10%. In europe, everything went the way 1980s. In Germany, when immigration became widespread: between 1990 and 2002, 13 million immigrants entered unskilled workers. The same thing happened in France. Removing them from the state budget is possible only through legislation. It is necessary to keep in mind. It will be a revolution. But it’s not even being discussed. “Heinzon is not at all optimistic about the future.” At the same time, he recognizes one fact:

Educated Chinese are unlikely to be so many dependents.

The European countries collapse under pressure from immigrant states: “And who will remain to fight? All the young people will leave by then. ”A professor of civilians in 2005 in Germany: 52% of the age group of 18-32 want to leave. In the United Kingdom, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, in the Netherlands, in the United States, in the United States, They admit: “Now so much about us.” I agree with everything. Unfortunately, there are few reasons for optimism about the future of Europe. I can only hope that America will follow the example of the Europeans. Implementing a talented, intelligent, educated and capable. It is a continent of losers.

Part III. West: without steering and without sails

Turns reality upside down. This is where the ansion has been the theological base. Since its followers believe it’s never wrong. Therefore, it’s not worth it.

Thus, it’s not a problem. Moreover, it’s not the case that it’s overlapped by the psychological projection.

Objectivity, evidence and truth are discarded as it is necessary to take into account, such as moral and cultural relativism, multiculturalism, feminism, environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-Zionism.

It is not a question of any kind. It is because of this. Therefore, the ideology of any kind is fundamentally denies common sense and truth. There is no truth, there is no truth, there is no truth.

It is more important that the moral and cultural relativism can be seen.

It’s a self-styled victims ’pattern of self-styled minorities, self-styled victims. Therefore, it’s not a matter of course; so the United States got September 11th what they deserve. In this way, it was opened.

It was determined that it would be in the course of the crucible of the mind.

It has been noted that all these different ideologies are mentioned above. We accept their point of view. But when it comes to their supporters, they invariably seek out a scapegoat. And since these utopias always speak of creating a perfect society, these scapegoats are the enemies of humanity.

For the greens, capitalists are such enemies of humanity; for anti-imperialists, America; for militant atheists – believers. It is a question that has come to its own hands. targets for attack.

Jihad cant be protected by the West, because it is no longer able to even think honestly.

But this is the deadline for the global diplomatic process, which itself has been undergoing thinking, fanning and defatism.

It should be noted that it is due to the fact that It wasn’t been a war..

It is clear that there is a need to recruit millions of people who want to help them. And he more than succeeded in this case.

It is a diplomatic version of the West.

And this cringe will eventually kill him.

ISIS, it is the Islamic State of Iraq, it is recognized as the Islamic State of Iraq;

Boyish meat for jihad

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