BP? Drop the Kalashnikov, grab the shotgun!

The weapons of the AK family are reliability and durability. It is designed for use by recruits, yesterday’s teenagers, who have undergone brief training or without it at all. It is not aimed at protecting the family after a natural disaster and is hardly suitable for this task. If under the conditions of the task appear ease of operation and simplicity, its solution is a shotgun.

Everyone has their own ideas about weapons, this is part of the way of life. There are different opinions about the accuracy, destructive power, and the size of the store. I will share with you my. In your will to disagree – this is your God-given right.

I have been to bad places in the world and have seen bad things happen. When I lived on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, I went through the effects of several major hurricanes.

Now I live in the countryside and have a wide range of weapons on hand. When I hear noise in the night, I take it shotgun.

Shotgun simplicity

AK designed for production during the war. The elimination of the shutter lag function saved three details. In Soviet Russia the shops scarce and valuable, so you have to keep the store when you actuate its latch. That means you are holding the shops, instead of allowing them to fall freely, as it will remain in your hand until you insert a new store. Sights require a tool to install. This prevents recruits from damaging normal combat. weapons, to which it is given factory gunsmiths.

Semi-automatic rifles have the right to exist. In the right hands, with quality ammunition and components, they can shoot a lot and at a sufficiently long distance. Shop rifles (they are bolt rifles, bolt action rifle, rifles with longitudinal sliding bolts are not self-charged – approx. ed.) are also not discounted, but the relatively low rate of fire dictates their use from some distance. At a distance, even Lee-Enfield (Lee-enfield) or Mosin-Nagan (Mosin-nagant) are quite effective.

My choice for home protection? All-American Choice Remington 870 (Remington 870). This pump shotgun is amazingly simple. Governance? Fuse and movable handguard. Work your forearm and shoot. Are you stuck? Work your forearm and shoot. Repeat as many times as necessary and recharge.

It’s funny how people come to specific weapons. My godfather enjoyed Remington models 870 in Vietnam. He advised me to buy it. The 870th was always convenient for me. I do not decry Mosberg (Mossberg) and other pump shotguns, but I like the 870th. If my godmother was armed Mossberg, probably he would have been with me.

The 870 has excellent ergonomics, and the butt from Magpool (Magpul) makes it even better. The shotgun has a modern, modular design with plenty of tuning options available. I recommend a flashlight and tritium sights for use in home defense.

No store or ammunition stock AK becomes a clumsy cudgel. If you seriously plan to use it, stock up of stores and cartridges more than you think you might need.

Pump Shotguns as simple as bricks and reliable. There are no stores that can be lost, and, with minimal care, they can be transferred in working order to their grandchildren. They need to be cleaned and lubricated every 10,000 shot cartridges, but even this is not necessary.

Shotgun vitality

AK rarely fails, but it can. I had broken battle springs and stuck cartridges that could not be released without special tools. Parts are not designed to change when repairing or replacing with similar ones. Changed sometime trunk on AK? Russians will make you laugh. They never expected that the Russian soldier would live long enough to wear out the barrel. Despite wide technological tolerances, each country producing AK, added something of my own. I met machines in which the parts were modified with a file before assembly. Better to have spare machine, than spare parts.

Have AK hard descent and inferior sight. If the place where you live ever darkens, you need to think about how difficult it will be to consider sights at night.

AK mainly produced under two patrons: 7.62×39 and 5.45×39. If you plan to use AK in america if it breaks out BePe, look for a caliber version .223 – it is very useful.

Shotguns can shoot an amazing variety of available ammunition. Even in the period of severe shortage of cartridges, I could buy 12 gauge.

Shotgun capabilities

Because of their 12 gauge, such shotguns are treated by US federal law as a Destructive Device. There is a certain exception about “sporting purposes”, which allows them to be sold without a special brand. The famous model “Street Broom” (“Street sweeper“) Was post factum removed from the exception.

Typical cartridge 12 gauge, equipped with a canister 00, contains nine pellets and maintains spread within the human body at a distance of 25 yards (22.5 meters – approx. lane). Causing multiple wound channels produces a devastating effect. Even a fraction for a small bird in the distance shootout Indoors strikes like a pool. A bullet weighing ounce (almost 30 grams – approx. Lane) just hits a hundred yards, if you know what you are doing. Think about how far you can shoot from your yard. Scientific considerations require you to place a video with a ballistic gel below.

My favorite canister – Remington Reduced Recoil with eight cartesins. They removed one cartilage and conducted a magical rite deceiving Newtonian physics, preserving the harshness of the battle with a good spread, while producing much less return.

A 18-inch shotgun with a shotgun barrel or an “improved cylinder” shoots a canister with a cone-shaped sheaf, diverging approximately one inch from each section of the barrel for each yard passed. Knowledge of the spread and the use of cartridges with a narrow range allows you to put all the cartilage in the target, and not in your relatives and neighbors.

Buckshot and bullets pass through eight to ten layers of drywall, so you can not just shoot in all directions. Shot in the air, the contents of the cartridge will fall to the ground from the sky within a few hundred yards.

Funny historical fact: the Germans in the First World War well versed in effective weapons. They used flamethrowers, poison gas, machine guns and explosives. In 1918, they met with the Americans, armed with 12-caliber Model 97 Trench Gun shotguns, equipped with 00. Then they sent a diplomatic complaint that shotguns cruel and illegal weapons, not in accordance with international agreements. When the Americans laughed at this, the German army threatened to execute the soldiers captured from shotguns in hand. Challenge accepted! General Pershing replied that the Germans taken prisoner with flamethrowers and sawtooth bayonets, will be shot.

Pump Shotguns reliable and fast, but equipped with a relatively small amount of ammunition and slowly recharging at their expense. My 870th holds nine rounds. If there are more than nine people I plan to kill at one time, I will call a friend or go to the gun when I am empty of ammunition.

Vice President Joe Biden – a big fan shotguns. He advises shotgun as the best choice for home protection. His famous saying reads:

“You do not need an AR (AR-15, it’s also the famous m4 rifle – ed.), You do not need thirty cartridges for self-defense. Buy one shotgun. If you want to protect yourself, buy shotgun“.

Attention! Specific joke, not understandable to everyone =)

I will give almost the same advice …

“Jill, if a person appears who wants to rape and kill you and the children, just go to the balcony … and let two charges in his chest. Then recharge and call the neighbors for help. ”

Have you trained in handling AK, or have something in common with draftees, yesterday’s teens, think about shotgun in the house. They are legal in 50 states, workable in adverse conditions, and tolerant of inappropriate treatment. Quality shotguns and ammunition 12 gauge inexpensive and their choice is extensive, after catastrophic events accessibility may decrease. Buy a pair of shotguns and make friends.

Mark Miller, LoadoutRoom.com


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