Breeding of rabbits, preparation of feed, fattening of young animals, slaughter of a rabbit and carcass cutting, dressing of skins.

and feed the young. For a wide range of lovers engaged in breeding rabbits in the farm.

Now ordinary rabbits are bred by farmers, owners of personal plots, small cottages and even balconies of multi-storey buildings. They gained such wide popularity and recognition due to their economic characteristics and biological features..

The main economic characteristic is cheap dietary meat, which contains little fat and cholesterol, and superior in taste to meat of large pets, in addition, it is highly nutritious and easily digestible (90%).

According to the content and usefulness of the protein, rabbit meat is equated to chicken meat. Harmless in the nutrition of people of any age. Contains 162 kcal. in 100 grams. The main products also include rabbit skin used for dressing in the leather industry and down, which is used in knitwear and felt production.

Rabbit skin is a valuable raw material for furrier production. It has a soft, warm, wear-resistant fur, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from expensive furs. From individual breeds of rabbits, skins are used in their natural form – without coloring and haircuts.

Experimental rabbits are of great help to humans in the fight against disease. Many drugs are being tested on them, with their help they get some vaccines and serums. Once in natural conditions, rabbits quickly mix with their wild counterparts and already their first offspring acquires the signs of wild rabbits. Protective coloring and size, which allows them to easily adapt to new living conditions.

Book’s contents.

The origin of rabbits.
Biological features.
Breeds and their features.
Offspring management.
Rabbit breeding.
Rabbit housing.
Some tips to follow up.
What is valuable in feed.
Protect the rabbit from disease.
Rabbit slaughter and carcass cutting.
Down stubs.

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Breeding rabbits, preparing feeds, fattening young animals, slaughtering a rabbit and cutting carcasses, dressing skins DOWNLOAD THE BOOK

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