Brick weekdays. Note # 1: Hike to an abandoned factory

Shine. Damn it, who plays in my head? This is an abandoned factory. From my feet to the floor about 10-15 meters. It has been found that there has been a lot of movement. There is light pressure in the head. My own heartbeat. And only occasionally I hear echoes from somewhere below: “Dale @ # $ b! Come on down … are you tired of living ?! ”I am calm as much as possible. But the light … What’s wrong with it? You know, sometimes you can’t make it, a strobe light in broad daylight. This is barely noticeable, but it overlap.

What am I talking about?! Oh yeah … no, I’m not a suicide. I’m just a stalker or digger, or rufer, or urban tourist. It doesn’t matter what you want. I penetrate the abandoned I am not particularly interested in the history of the object. What really attracts your attention is penetration into hard-to-reach places. If you’ve seen a barbed wire, I’m most likely to climb it. The main thing that would climb through the shoulders and ass. Fortunately, there wasn’t much time for your baby. Drychik, if you please.

So, the iron beam. Honestly, I don’t really want it. My inflamed brain tends to forget what happened recently. I’m like an elephant fish. “How is it?” You ask. I remember EVERYTHING, but only 4 minutes. Sometimes it seems to be a real body. It is not a panic. Although what the hell, panic? For some unknown reason, I do not feel the fear of heights. No, of course, I’m trying to keep and secure myself. It begins to feel light dizziness. Most often, it is not a problem. This is where the child’s brain falls in. At 20, 50 or even 200 meters below, it gives a command: “Keep your balance, your mother!”. That is, in fact, from your fulcrum. This is where the dizziness comes from. I don’t feel it. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s a radio tower, holding only a cigarette.

And now I’m not feeling a drop of fear. I even see that my shoes are half hanging over the “precipice”, just about trying to jump down. Step, another step. I’m grasped, I’m just a little bit. Some miserable 5 meters. Where there is a danger of violence, or 20 here – at the top. In fact, I have a great balance of my own. Now I feel especially good. Like in Nirvana. And I allow myself a prank. I’m tearing off the back of a knee, pressing it to me. Thus, I repeat the “Boy karate” from the film. I close my eyes. A sigh, and another one. It is a wave of thought.

Sound. Someone turned it on again. I begin to hear deaf, but clearly, condemning voices from below. I can discern separate cries: “Fool! If you die, we will kill you! Clearly understood. This comrades turned on the mummy mode again. It is a time when I’m not given a chance to get in. It is clear that I’m not aware of it. I’m a fireman, I’m trying to make it easier for me to get there. I can go there, I can go there.

If I’m lucidly expressed my thoughts, I’m just looking forward to my experience. Of the “Brick Factory”.

Brick weekdays. Memo # 1

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